until they lost him

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<i>There are a lot of things that could’ve made ABW happen, but the fact is that our Ford didn’t wonder at all where ABW!Stan could be. Instead, he clung to another future that Stanley “stole” from him.</i> tHAnk you, this encapsulates everything that made my blood boil about the way Ford addressed Stan up until he ya know... nearly lost him. Forever. Also I love that comic, it's still fucking me up hours later D:

See, for me the journal was very cathartic, because it ended up being Ford’s entire character arc expanded and completed (the show works just fine on it’s own of course, but the journal is probably the best “supplementary” material I have ever purchased, and I use supplementary very lightly since this journal is pretty much essential for the gf story to feel complete).

Of course, for it to feel cathartic, there had to be somewhat (read: extremely) painful build-up to Ford’s moment of realization at the end of the story.

And Boy.

But hey, I’m glad you enjoyed the comic!

Poster designed by my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend @slamncram and drawn by me, for Brett Dalton to sign at Nickel City Con.

He really liked it and it was so cool to see his reaction. More importantly, Chris really likes it, and now has it signed and on her wall.

Here’s the signed version:

Please do not post these images elsewhere!

no no no no no do NOT come up with super-sad headcanons about Kes Dameron’s father what the fuck is wrong with you

you are not going to write YET ANOTHER sidebar prequel to your sidebar prequel where you talk about Lita Dameron, Brave Activist who mostly prefers the company of women, deciding that she needs a baby, and finding a pretty boy from her former hometown to have a baby with, and him knowing he could never have more than that with her and devoting himself instead to the revolutionary cause, trying to hunt down the missing ones who were lost in the collapse of their hometown, and eventually being executed by the Empire for his activities– 

no. *smacks self with rolled-up newspaper* stoppit!

(chapter six is going swimmingly, why do you ask. is that Bolt’s backstory? the people Kes’s father was looking for? ohhhhhh but that doesn’t mean I need to write it, you know? I could just allude to it.)

(oh shit that ties a lot together. DID I MEAN TO DO THIS ALL ALONG? maybe? no, I really didn’t. I honestly didn’t. But it really makes a lot of sense. Oh man, I wish I knew what I was doing, because this shit is tight.)

(It’s the scenic detours in writing that sometimes make all the difference, and I wish I knew how to get that effect without meandering around like a lost little lamb, but I don’t, I can only find these things if I’m not really looking for them.)

(also uh I’m like 150,000 words into this fucking story, why can I never figure shit like this out when I haven’t already published 150,000 words already)

yeah nobody needs another 20k words of this as-yet-unnamed dude’s vain quest for his missing kinfolk and his hopeless last holovid recorded as the Imperial soldiers came for him and hastily cached somewhere that nobody will find it– 

and nobody finds it.

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Hi! Wondering if you knew any fics with modern!steve and Shield-agent!bucky?? I know about "Captain Hot Perfect Teacher" from captainrum, but you usually find the reverse (modern!Bucky/Cap!Steve) out there. Thank you!

YES i do indeed have a few

If Wishing Made It So by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)

Modern Winter Soldier AU where Bucky is a genie who became HYDRA’s Asset.

When HYDRA found the Tesseract they also found a genie in a bottle. Knowing a genie’s wishes are a trap that will turn and bite you, they used the power of the Tesseract to enslave the genie. It cost them three wishes but it bought them an Asset with power greater than any human and for 70 years they used him to work HYDRA’s will on the world.

Until they lost him.

His bottle washes up on a beach and he’s found by a new Master, Steve Rogers. Steve, horrified at having absolute power over someone, has a very different approach to being in control of a genie. While Bucky waits for his new Master to show his true colours they’re trying to work out how to live with each other. Bucky doesn’t trust Steve, Steve’s friends don’t trust Bucky, and no one realises HYDRA has not let their Asset go so easily

Nightcall by thegrimshapeofyoursmile (major character death)

“This is good,” James says a little surprised and his fingertips rest on a white space of paper while he looks at the black lines that form his face, half-hidden by his shoulder-long hair. It looks dangerous. It looks lonely. It looks-

“I mean I can give it to you and you–wait, what?” Little guy says in confusion, then knits his eyebrows together before it eases into something quite pleased. “Thank you. It’s just a quick sketch, but–I hope you don’t mind me saying that, but this metal prosthesis of yours is quite remarkable.”

“You have a strange taste in men,” James replies without thinking and when he realizes what he is doing he hands over the sketch pad as quickly as possible. He does not flirt with people nor does he try to find out more about their tastes that easily. Not anymore.

Sketchbooks and Spies by tea_and_outer_space

Bucky stops, remembers he is with a civilian, and grabs his badge from his jacket pocket.
“I’m Bucky Barnes, I work for S.H.I.E.L.D. I’m supposed to be bringing that suitcase to a base in California, and the people shooting at us are willing to kill both me and you to get it. For the time being, I think it’s safer if you stuck with me.”
“Oh,” is all Steve squeaks out, “Oh.”
Or, spy Bucky gets his luggage mixed up with civilian Steve’s, and winds up being stuck with him for the next two months.

hanceome abo/soulmates AU though? I really want this???


Fandom: Wrestling – World Wrestling Entertainment

Characters: Sami Zayn/El Generico, Kevin Owens/Kevin Steen, other (women’s) wrestlers are mentioned

Reader Gender: female

Warnings: use of alcohol

Request: Anon asked “Hi! I hope you’re well! I wanna request a one shot. So the female reader was in an absolutely adorable storyline relationship with El Generico back in the indies and backstage close friends with him until he went to WWE and they lost contact. It’s only after he left that she realises she had a crush on him. Some time later she gets signed to WWE and finally gets to reconnect with Sami, and old feelings re-surface? Thanks <3“

Notes: My first El Generico oneshot, please be patient with me and if you think I wrote him to OOC, please leave a message in my inbox and I’m going to fix it! And I used a translator for the few spanish words, so if somethings wrote wrong, tell me and I correct it.

With the lights turned to the centre of the ring, my skin felt flushed under the make-up that the artist had put on my face earlier that night while I watched into the dark brown orbs of the man in fron of me in silence, the only sounds that could be heard were the loud cheers of the audience all around us.

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Could you write a Mingyu scenario, please? SUPER cute & fluffy if possible. Thanks you and I love your blog by the way!!

I’m back baby!! hope this was fluffy enough for you anon. :) Minghao/Jun implied -admin izzy

Minghao sighs for the umpteenth time and swears to God that if Mingyu wasn’t going to stop rambling, he’d forcibly beat him until he shut up.

He had lost track of how long Mingyu had been going on about one of the most weirdest things in the world. Their new next door neighbour. You had moved in about two weeks ago and Mingyu had fallen head over heels for you the moment he laid his eyes on you from across the apartment hallway. 

The two boys were making their way back home from dinner one night, when they noticed an excessive amount of boxes in the hallway. They decided to take a quick peek at the boxes and realised that they were all labelled as how someone would when moving. A second later, their landlord and a girl that looked about their age stepped out of the apartment to gather up the boxes.

That’s when you met each other. Their kind, old landlord introduced the three of you, and Mingyu had made a fool of himself as he fumbled over saying his own naame when introducing himself. As they were walking away, Mingyu had even tripped on the hallway carpet whilst saying goodbye to you and the landlord. 

Minghao could tell that his friend had immediately taken a liking to the new girl. He saw it in the way his eyes sparkled and his mouth was left ajar when he, not discreetly, stared at (Y/N) when they were being introduced. It was then that he knew, Mingyu had a bad case of love at first sight. 


The Chinese boy looked up from the magazine he was reading and looked at his Korean roommate.

“Yeah?” “Did you hear what I just said?” Mingyu asked. “Nope” Minghao answered, popping the ‘p’ at the end for emphasis, and returned to the article he was reading. “I said, what do you think her ideal type is?” Mingu asked. 

Minghao sighed loudly, again. 

“I don’t know, Mingyu,” he answered tiredly, “and frankly, I don’t care.” he added. It wasn’t that Minghao hated the girl; he guesses that he probably would’ve been attracted to her too. If he weren’t gay, that is. 

“She’s just so cute,” Mingyu said, flopping down on the couch next to Minghao and  stretched out his arms and legs like a starfish; effectively squishing Minghao in the process. Much to the younger boy’s annoyance.

“Do you think she’d like me? I wonder what she thinks of me. I wonder if she has a boyfriend. Oh my god….Minghao! Do you think she has a boyfriend?! Man, that would suck. But she’s so pretty so I guess it’s to be expected. Oh, oh! And I saw she had like 3 large boxes all labelled ‘Books’, that means she really likes reading! Like me! I wonder if she’d like me.”

Minghao nodded his head lazily at Mingyu’s words, but he wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying. He just let Mingyu go on and on about how he wished he could date the girl next door. After about five minutes of Mingyu romanticizing and daydreaming of what life would be like with her, Minghao had had enough. 

“Look,” Minghao slammed his magazine shut and placed it on the couch “If you wanna talk to her so badly, then just do it! Ask her if she needs any help with moving in or something, or I don’t know, ask her what she likes. Just ask her something; ask her ANYTHING!” Minghao cried, staring at Mingyu square in the eyes.

“You don’t understand!” Mingyu whined “She’s just so pretty, and she’ll probably reject me if I ask her out.” Mingyu faceplanted himself into a cushion. “She’s so out of my league.” His words came out muffled as he spoke into the cotton cushion. 

“Whatever man. You’re loss.” Minghao said, and picked up his magazine. The light ‘ding-dong’ of their apartment doorbell rang throughout their home. 

“You could at least make yourself useful and go and answer the door.” Minghao told Mingyu. The taller boy got up from the couch, still grumbling, and dragged himself to the door. Swinging open the door, he didn’t anticipate to find the girl in the apartment next to theirs, the one he’d been fantasizing about, to be standing there.

“Hi!” you said “Mingyu, right?” Mingyu slowly nodded his head. His mind wasn’t fully aware of his surroundings as he was still in shock of finding his crush at his doorstep. 

“I’m really sorry to bother you but I was hoping if I could borrow some sugar?” you asked “I was planning on making some coffee but I  just haven’t gotten finished with all my unpacking.” You explained and smiled kindly. Mingyu could’ve sworn he heard angels singing, but he wasn’t too sure.

“Uh………” His mouth was hanging open and he couldn’t find the right words to say. “Are you okay?“ 

“Uh……..I,..I uh…….”

“Mingyu! Who’s at the door!?” Minghao shouted. He wondered why his friend was taking so long at the door. Minghao huffed and got up from his seat.

“Mingyu who’s at the-” Minghao halted in his steps when he saw (Y/N) standing in front of their door. Minghao caught on quickly to the situation when he realised his friend was just staring at the girl with his mouth agape.

“Hi (Y/N)!” Minghao shoved his way into the door frame and greeted you. “I’m so sorry about Mingyu over here, he’s just been a little slow today. Haven’t you, Mingyu?” Minghao elbowed Mingyu sharply in the gut and the Korean boy doubled over in pain.

“Yeah. Sure thing.” Mingyu wheezed while clutching his stomach. You were quite confused at what was happening but you decided to just let it be.

“Anyways, what was that you wanted?” Minghao asked “Oh! I just came here to borrow some sugar. If that’s okay with you.” You replied

Minghao looked between his best friend and his neighbour, and it was that moment that he knew, he had to play matchmaker. 

“Well we’ve got no sugar,” Minghao drawled “but Mingyu’s as sweet as can be! Bye!!” He blurted and shoved Mingyu harshly out of the apartment. He slammed the door close before Mingyu could even register what had happened.

“Wait- what? Minghao? Minghao! Open the door!” Mingyu banged his fists on the door and furiously twisted at the locked doorknob. 

“Minghao! Open up!” Mingyu pleaded but he didn’t receive any answer. He eventually just gave up when he realised that Minghao was forcing him to make a move on you. Speaking of which….

Mingyu turned around and smiled sheepishly when he remembered that you were still standing there. Waiting for sugar.

“Hehe, uh…hi.” Mingyu said

“Hi” you replied “So, no sugar?" 

"Oh, uh, sorry about that. I can get you some! As soon as Minghao let’s me back in.” Mingyu grumbled and kicked the door. He immediately regretted it and clutched his foot in pain. You thought he looked quite funny hopping around on one leg like some sort of crazy chicken.

“I’m glad you find this amusing.” Mingyu commented “I promise I’m not always this blur. Most of the time." 

Your soft laughs made Mingyu smile and he soon began laughing with you. 

A calm silence filled the air as you and Mingyu stopped laughing, but kept smiling.

"Anyways, do you maybe wanna come back to my place?” You asked “ just until Minghao let’s you in again.” Mingyu felt a thousand weights be lifted of his shoulders and he silently thanked the Lord.

“Yeah, I’d like that.” Mingyu smiled and followed you as you walked back to your apartment.

“Oh, and by the way,” you turned back around to face Mingyu “Did you know that the walls of this building aren’t soundproof?” You giggled and walked into your home.

It took Mingyu a while before he finally realised what you meant. His face turned as red as a tomato and he shyly shuffled into your apartment behind you. God, he was never going to hear the end of it once he told Minghao.


Prompto could only say ‘oops’ to the librarian. He was certain that they weren’t speaking that loud but… you never know with those librarians.

         “So quickly asking me on a date?” teased Prompto. Seeing the younge man’s surprised face he couldn’t but giggle silently. He didn’t want to attract the librarian again. “I’m just joking. Let me get these books registered and we can go.”

“Sure.” Meanwhile he put the book he had been glancing at back on the return shelf. If he took it home it would probably end up lost and forgotten until Nine found it and gave him a bit of a lecture. 

By the time he was done with that Prompto seemed ready to go, so with a smile he led him outside and towards his motorcycle. 

“Sorry to say that I don’t have my spare helmet with me, but I’ll be extra cautious.” He promised while swinging his leg around and starting it up. 

            reyes was silent for a long moment, his eyes glued to the television in his living room, the volume turned down low as sirens blared in the distance from what seemed like every literal direction. a quick glance out the window told him that the city had descended into chaos. the building around him seemed to be filled with constant motion, screaming and crying. so many voices mixing together until everything was lost in the din. hearing a sound behind him he turned glacial blue eyes on the girl he’d brought home the night before. “i don’t know if you want to leave, darlin’ if you haven’t noticed…shit’s kind of hit the fan.” in his hand, his cell phone was clutched tightly, several attempts are reaching his mom, dad and sister had gone unanswered until he finally started getting nothing but a recording informing him that the call couldn’t go through, the lines were too busy. on the screen a tight lipped, pale looking news anchor was reporting on the devastation of the city, and running down the public service announcement released for public safety. “–if there is no activity where you live stay inside and lock all doors and windows. civil unrest is still being reported throughout all counties. please stay tuned for information for local evacuation centers.”

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I really miss this boy I had a thing w and I did him so wrong we could've been serious but I was the one who fucked everything up and Idk if I should apologize for doing him wrong I'm stupid bc I didn't realize what I had until I completely lost it advice ?

i think you should apologize to him to be good with him and to not have that weight on your shoulders. if you’re the one who fucked up, you dont need to try to win him back because you lost him by doing shit and it’s like ya know. if he wants you back let him come to you.

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Soulmate au please, thanks (:

Soulmates, my fave :))

I ship you with: 

Michael Clifford. The name was written on your skin since you completed sixteen years old. You were eighteen now, and you still hadn’t met him yet. 

Everybody discribed the meeting as one of the most important things in life. You rolled your eyes at them every time. What was so important about meeting somebody anyway? It was just a boy, at the end of the day, and nothing in your life would change because of it. 

You had no idea of how wrong you were. 

You walked inside the bookstore, rushing cause you were about to meet your friends to study, and you were knocked to the ground. You fell on your ass, gasping, ready to kick the son of a bitch… Until you actually looked at him. You lost your breath, as you stared at his beautiful pale face. His green eyes enchanting you, his full lips making shivers dance through your skin… Your name written in black ink on his biceps. 

He was staring at your wrist, in complete shock. There he was. Finally. And even if you never even cared about meeting your soulmate, there was something inside your heart, beating so fast, with so much antecipation, like things had at last made sense. It was as if the puzzle inside your brain was complete, and you knew now what you had to do.

He laughed a little, making your chest ache even more than it was already aching, and held your hand, helping you to stand up. His touch sent lightning bolts trhough you. 

“Hi…” you said, laughing a little yourself, at how suddenly stupid you sounded.

“Hi” he answered, out of breath. 

Yeah… Maybe it was the best moment of your life. So far. Because you wanted to create loads of other, by his side. “

I love how the Well of Sorrows is even a discussion.

Morrigan wants to throw her life away, feel free love, I have a sexy Templar to come home to, knock yourself out. And don’t worry we’ll look after Keiran until Alistair stops getting lost in the wild, I’m sure him and Cousland would make great parents.

(ps. Haven’t played Tresspasser so no idea if I’m currently making a huge mistake)

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11, 26! (^ー^)ノthanks

11. Childhood

While Cor used to have a relatively normal childhood, it came to a quick end when Niflheim began the war, forcing him to grow up almost over night in order to survive. One of his motivations is to make sure that no child in the future has to go through this process the way he had to. 

26. Family

Cor never knew how important his family was to him until he lost them. From then on, he felt much colder and alone. That was until Regis introduced him to his little group of friends and they became his new family, taking care of him when he couldn’t do it himself. 

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What kind of hair style do you think the good doctor had when he was younger? Unless he's always been bald and the length of his 'stache is just compensating that is...

I like to think he started out with a fairly standard short hairstyle, and then by the time he started going off the deep end, it gradually became more and more Wily-esque, until eventually he lost it all completely, leaving him with the iconic bald cranium we see today.

I also like to think this was the same period of time in which his moustache started to grow. As if to indicate that for every hair lost on his head, an extra hair was gained for his whiskers. In fact, this may be part of why he takes his facial hair very seriously.