until they lost him

I day dream often about 8th year Drarry….

Forming a friendship that is tentative to begin with but quickly deepens and they become so close. Everyone has moved on from the battle, Ron & Hermione are the happy couple everyone envies, Dean & Seamus finally admitted they’d been together since 4th year and Neville was busy training to become a professor.
Everyone was off doing their thing and Harry felt sort of lost. Until Draco found him.

It was by accident of course.

They’d both decided to go flying at the same time one night, which resulted in an awkward seekers game to pass the time.

But by the time they’d showered and eaten dinner together they both felt more relaxed than they had in months.

It hadn’t escaped Harry’s notice (because let’s be honest he notices everything about Draco) that all the Slytherins who had returned for 8th year where off doing their own thing too. Draco wasn’t followed by his minions anymore which didn’t seem to bother him but he did seem strange without Crabbe and Goyle by his side.

What started out as the odd seekers game turned into studying together, which led to sitting beside one another in classes, which then led to them walking to the Great Hall together for meals and sitting together then to.

It all just happened so naturally that neither of them paused to consider it. They were soon inseparable.

It felt comfortable and natural for Harry to rest his ankles on dracos lap while they sprawled on the couch reading in the 8th year common room. Draco didn’t hesitate to take food from Harry’s plate or even feed him something he knew Harry would love. They found an ease and a comfort with each other that was surprising but welcome.

They shared books, shower gel, even clothes. Harry’s eyes had almost popped out of his head when he found Draco sprawled out on Harry’s bed reading Quiddich Weekly in one of his knitted jumpers from Molly. It has smelt of Draco for days after and Harry had found himself wearing it with the collar pulled up to his nose inhaling the familiar scent.

Their friendship felt warm and comfortable for them both. Like everything they’d done and been through before was to get them here…..

Curled up on the rug one night, everyone else has gone to bed and Harry has his head on dracos lap, watching the fire as Draco ran his fingers through Harrys hair absentmindedly as he read.
It was the most natural thing in the world for Harry to take hold of dracos hand and pull it down from in his hair, kissing each finger tip softly.
He heard dracos breath catch and as he looked up, he could see a blush working it’s way up dracos pale neck, pooling across his cheeks. His eyes were blown wide with shock and lust and Harry knew, in his bones, Draco felt the same, that he wanted this.
So it was without fear or uncertainty that he sat up, taking dracos face gently in his hands, pulling his face close and kissed him.

And it was like coming home.


PART 11, 12, 13 and 14 of my FNAF gijinkas!

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You stood frozen as you watched Pietro walk down the street, hand in hand with another woman. You spotted them a few minutes ago but was too shocked to do anything. It wasn’t until you saw him pick up a dress that you lost it; since that was the exact dress that only a week prior  you had told Pietro you wanted. But he told you it was too expensive… and yet here he is… Buying it for another woman. 

You were about to storm over there and smack your hand across his cheek when you felt Buckys calming touch on the small of your back. You and him had popped out to get some food for the compound when you both stumbled on the horrific sight. Bucky moved his hand so he was now holding yours and spoke softly to you.

“He’s not worth it, doll.” Was all he said, but the simple words made your heart slowly return to normal paced beats. You nodded and swallowed your emotions before putting on a brave face, turning on the spot and slowly walking back to the compound. It was late at night so Bucky swiftly followed, not wishing for you to walk back alone, but that didn’t stop him giving Pietro one more quick glare as all the ways he was going to hurt him flashed across his mind.

‘He’s insane’ Bucky thought as he turned to follow you. What kind of mad man would give you up?


This might be an old issue but I don’t really like Jimin’s abs and here’s why
  • He chooses them over food
  • He feels like his self worth is tied to them
  • So many of his other beautiful physical attributes are ignored because of them
  • When he has them, it’s all people talk about
  • People basically ignored the other awesome things about him for like 2 years until he “lost” them
  • Personal preference, I think his tummy looks better without them <3 (but he’s always gorgeous no matter what)

I really hope that this post is redundant and that he’s okay with not having abs.  Because it breaks my heart that he seems to think that having defined abdominal muscles is an integral part of his appeal.  But it’s not.

So here are some great things about Jimin (but not all of them because the full list is endless!):

  • His sunshine eye smile
  • His lips omg
  • Animals always like him
  • His amazing voice
  • The way he always puts others first
  • His crazy awesome dancing abilities
  • The cute way he stands with his feet at a ninety-degree angle
  • His soulful droopy doe eyes
  • His thighs
  • The Holy Jibooty
  • His infectious laughter
  • The way he sits with his knees together and his hands on his knees

Park Jimin is beautiful regardless of how much he weighs and whether or not he has abs and I really hope he knows that, because all of us do!

Lydia had to drown stiles and watch him die when she had just realized she loved him. Lydia had to watch, hear, feel and see Stiles slowly losing his mind and himself to the nogitsune while being in love with him. Lydia had to watch stiles slowly dying because of the nogitsune and at some point thought she lost him until he woke up. Lydia had to watch Stiles “move on” from her to a girl that he truly cared about, watch them become what her and stiles were becoming. Lydia had to watch stiles distance himself from her for Malia. Lydia was scared of losing stiles all because she couldn’t control or handle her banshee powers. All while being in love with Stiles. Lydia finally realized that stiles still and always will love her.

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Chekov is a transguy (who came out just before joining the academy) and when he first came out to Spock, Spock simply argued. Whenever it was brought up, Spock would just call it illogical, and ask for proof. Chekov began getting more and more informed, because he wanted Spock to accept his transness. (Spock stopped gendering Chekov)Chekov always lost, until one time he didn't. Spock gave him that little 'Vulcan-smile" and said something along the lines of,"Now no one can dispute you."

Also I bet that the academy helps people transition. and bones would be ALL OVER helping trans people get what they want and need to feel comfortable in their bodies. If star trek really is our ideal future I think transphobia is a thing of the past.

I’ll trade you a headcanon for a headcanon

That post about Jason weighing more than Bruce made me start thinking about him literally throwing his weight around just to be obnoxious. 

Like, when he’s working a mission with Dick and he wants to show Dick something on the batcomputer but Dick’s hogging it, he sits down hard on Dick’s lap and Dick’s like “jesus, ow, you weigh a ton,” and Jason doesn’t let him up until he’s lost feeling in his legs.

Or Cass is kicking his ass at sparring so he just lays down in the middle of the mat and refuses to move, then goes boneless when she starts dragging him off so she can keep practicing.

Tim’s doing push-ups so Jason sits on him. “Work for it Tim, work for it.”

Damian trying to physically push Jason out of the Batcave, all “don’t you have your own home?” and Jason’s basically like, “oh no, gravity is increasing on me!” like in Lilo and Stitch, and starts falling back on him until Damian just ducks out of the way and lets him fall on his ass.

There’s a rooftop batfam meeting™ during a team-up mission and the entire time everyone’s talking shop, Jason’s just leaning on Steph, and she’s trying to concentrate but he just keeps putting more and more weight on her until she finally elbows him in the kidney.

Basically just Jason using his size to be the most annoying batbro ever.

Lone Wanderer: I lost my dad. I gotta find him!

Sole Survivor: I lost my son. I will not rest until I’ve found him!

The Courier: Wait what? That all?! I got shot in the fucking head, got buried alive and now have to find some guy in a stupid checkered suit… AND your dogs are normal. Mines got a fucking fish bowl for a brain!! Pfft! You two got it fuckin’ easy if ya ask me.

it’s a rainy night… which means one thing…. bad associations™

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If Emil/Michele and Sara/Mila went on a double date, what do you think they'd do? <3

Ooh!  I was thinking an amusement park date (because I love those) and then I saw some adorable art of Michele and Emil as Mickey and Minnie and well…I just knew they all had to go to Disneyland!  Of course, they’d more than likely visit Disneyland Paris.

Can’t you just picture Emil spinning Michele like crazy in one of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups and then feeling awful and rubbing Michele’s back when he throws up after? Or Sara and Michele gripping Mila and Emil’s hands tight while in the Phantom Manor (and Mila and Emil giving each other thumbs up, haha)

At one point (probably because he gets embarrassed) Michele storms off into Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and gets lost and has to wait until Emil finds him.  Then, when the two are trying to find the exit, they bump into Mila and Sara in one of the dead ends.  Which would have been fine, except the two were taking advantage of a rare bit of privacy (just kissing, just kissing)  But still, Michele would probably turn redder than the Queen of Hearts.

Ah, how cute!  I can just imagine them on all the rides and getting cotton candy and popcorn and being adorable.

Thanks, yo! ♥


Note: Takes place after X-Men: Apocalypse, Warren has metal wings

Warren couldn’t help but pull away, he couldn’t help but close him self off from practically everyone in the mansion. Most people relayed his tendency to keep to himself to his personality, but it was truly due to his wings. Fashioned by Apocalypse himself, made up of feathers crafted from deadly sharp metal, they reminded him was the pain he’d inflicted on others and he hated it. He hated that while incredible, they could cause such torment.

He didn’t know what else to do but pull away, he knew most people felt fearful when they saw them, spread to full length comprised of dagger like feathers. He felt lost until he met you. Something about you drew you to him, your shy personality and quiet manners. The way you tucked back your hair when you were nervous, but mostly let it fall around your face. He loved watching you bite back a smile when you were excited about something, but most of all he loved your mutation.

You had the ability to grow plants on practically any surface by simply touching your finger tips to where ever you wanted them to sprout. Warren admired it, an ability so pure, that brings life, it was all he could ever want. You, like him, spent most of your time tucked away as well, but not for the same reasons. You were naturally shy and spent most of your time outside the mansion or in the greenhouse, and while you got along well with the other mutants, you were content with alone time too.

You were working in the greenhouse, caring for the plants, when Warren approached you, out of character for him, but you were more than happy to talk with him if that was what he needed.

“Um, hi there.” He had ducked through the short opening into the house, hands tucked in pockets, a nervous look painted on his face. 

“Hi.” You pulled a loose piece of hair behind your ears and dropped your gaze to the floor. 

“Need any help.” He added after a moment of silence. You looked around the greenhouse, it was small, barely enough room for one person, let alone Warren and his wings, but you’d seen the way he shut out every person he talked to, and if you were the one to open him back up, you had to try. You didn’t believe he was a bad person, his past didn’t define who he was, just who he had been.

“I could always use an extra hand.” You smiled. His shoulders seemed to ease a little, a small bit of tension escaping his rigid form, he even managed a smile of appreciation. “What can I do?” He said eagerly stepping forward, but his slightly outstretched wing collided with a watering can resting on the battered wooden shelf next to him. The metal can hit with the floor creating a crashing sound that caused you to jump a little. “Sorry. Sorry.” Warren muttered, pulling his wings flush against his body and quickly bending to pick up the can and return it to it’s original position. You were about to tell him it wasn’t a big deal when he spoke again. “I should just go.” He turned to leave and you felt sadness creep into your thoughts. You wished you could tell him no one blamed him for the choices he made. The mansion was a place for second chances.

“Warren wait.” You finally found the courage to speak up when he was halfway out the door. He turned his head slowly to meet your gaze. You could barely hold the eye contact, but willed yourself to be brave. “Maybe we could just talk a while.” You gave him a hopeful smile. He studied you for a moment before agreeing without a word. He walked back into the greenhouse as you took a seat on the floor, criss crossed, trying to relax. You weren’t normally one to initiate conversation, but if you didn’t tell Warren he had the right to forgive himself, who would? Warren took a seat across from you. Leaning his back against the wall of the shed, his knees bent, gaze trained on the damp floor. You both sat in silence for a while, not finding the words yet, but enjoying the company. 

“Thanks.” Warren finally muttered.

“For what?” You tilted your head towards him, tapping your fingers nervously on the floor at your sides, unaware you were causing tiny sprouts to rise up between the cracks on the pavement.

“For,” he lifted his eyes to meet yours, “for not getting that look that everyone gets when they see my wings, a look that judges me for who I was.” He let out a deep breath like he’d been waiting to make that statement for a long time.

“There’s nothing wrong with your wings.” You shook your head in disbelief at him, “and there’s nothing wrong with coming from a dark place, we’ve all messed up, no one here is perfect.”

“Nothing wrong,” he laughed a little, tilting his head back against the wall, eyes angled towards the ceiling, “look at them, they are made up of blades.” You watched him for a moment before scooting closer to him until you were only inches away. 

“That’s not all they are Warren.” You smiled at him, “anything is what you make it.” You reached out your hand to touch the smooth metal, but he instantly drew them away from you. You shot him a look, urging him to relax. He finally allowed your fingers to press against the cool material, and you tapped your hand along the edges of the feathers. A small trail of flowers sprouted where your fingers last touched, their stems intertwining with the layers of steel. You smiled as you watched Warrens face brighten at the sight of the flowers blooming on his wings. A smile ghosted his lips. “See,” you finally said, drawing your hand back, admiring your own work, “beautiful.” You looked back at him. His eyes seemed to shine a bit brighter as if maybe he truly believed your words.

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"Sasuke and Sakura later maintain a long distant relationship while he pursues a journey of redemption. Sasuke was indecisive of whether to settle in Konoha until he learns from Naruto's letter that Sakura never lost faith in him, causing him to return to the village. They later marry and have a daughter, Sarada. As a father, Sasuke seems to be a loving and doting one, as he can never bear to see Sarada sad and is willing to do anything to make her happy" [1/2]

“However, Sasuke tends to be emotionally distant with his family for the sake of his duties, though he feels a strong connection to them when they are apart. Sasuke loves his daughter dearly, as he puts her safety before his own, and promises her to come home before returning on his traveling. While Sasuke is happy in his marriage to Sakura, he enjoys teasing her by declining to show her affection” the shit people make up on Narutopedia smh [2/2]

“He is protective of Sarada and is very supportive of her goal to become Hokage and not end up like him. Sasuke admits his mistakes as a father, but he has strong parenting skills, as he has faith in Sarada’s abilities. Nevertheless, Sasuke loves his family dearly, as he tries to spend time with them when he is able to come home, and expresses pride in his daughter’s growth and achievements” sorryyy last one 😂😂😂

They like their alternative facts, I see. 

I mean, 

isn’t this the face of someone who just loves teasing his ‘wife’? 

“Well then… I’m off.” The ultimate tease, amiright? The way Sakura reacts, so depressed and saddened, is proof that Sasuke successfully teased her and it is definitely not a rejection on his part. Sure. :D 


I’m Henry Gale from Minnesota.

Galavant Sorting

      Richard - Ravenclaw, Pureblood. Charms Professor. Unicorn Patronus.       Elder and Dragon Heartstring wand, 13¼ inches, Slightly Springy.


Calling of your heart-strings, an August Rush Fitzsimmons AU

In Another World (Ageswap Drabble)

Reigen Arataka is a child that is never at home and is always ending up in dangerous situations, staying out later than he should to avoid someone in his home life. One time, with promises of happiness and gaining abilities like his shishou, little Arataka wound up with a group with people who were smiling a little too much for comfort… Until it seemed really nice. Then shishou came and it suddenly seems creepy again. Weird.

Another time, he might have followed shishou to a weird organization. Now he may have convinced these people he was the son of their powerful leader, there to decide if it was worth keeping. It was honestly boring to see all those adults acting younger than him, but funny to see their expressions when he called them out. That is… until shishou lost it. Arataka could barely end up bringing him back to reality.

Only the small sob of his disciple could bring Shigeo to his senses. It unsettled him to no end to see him that way. He picked up the small blond, took the hand of his brother and friend, and left without another scratch to anyone. He didn’t want his student to see the violence he hated so much. 100% Killing Intent had left without a thought– all that was left was 100% Protection and the words circling through his head spoken from the child in his arms. “You never have to hurt anyone! You can keep us safe and be a pacifist! I know you can– that’s why you’re my amazing master!”

This is my first time posting a fic I hope you all enjoy!!
@watermelonstar has an awesome blog and it got my inspiration flowing, and this was originally sent in an ask to them. If you see this, you’re cool
Thank you for reading!