until they lost him


yixing never letting go of luhan

That post about Jason weighing more than Bruce made me start thinking about him literally throwing his weight around just to be obnoxious. 

Like, when he’s working a mission with Dick and he wants to show Dick something on the batcomputer but Dick’s hogging it, he sits down hard on Dick’s lap and Dick’s like “jesus, ow, you weigh a ton,” and Jason doesn’t let him up until he’s lost feeling in his legs.

Or Cass is kicking his ass at sparring so he just lays down in the middle of the mat and refuses to move, then goes boneless when she starts dragging him off so she can keep practicing.

Tim’s doing push-ups so Jason sits on him. “Work for it Tim, work for it.”

Damian trying to physically push Jason out of the Batcave, all “don’t you have your own home?” and Jason’s basically like, “oh no, gravity is increasing on me!” like in Lilo and Stitch, and starts falling back on him until Damian just ducks out of the way and lets him fall on his ass.

There’s a rooftop batfam meeting™ during a team-up mission and the entire time everyone’s talking shop, Jason’s just leaning on Steph, and she’s trying to concentrate but he just keeps putting more and more weight on her until she finally elbows him in the kidney.

Basically just Jason using his size to be the most annoying batbro ever.

Entirely self-indulgent drivel: I know Nico’s eyes are described as very dark in the books (and I still headcanon them as pitch black), but to my knowledge there was never an actual color specified so…what if green.

Imagine Person A doodling on pieces of paper and Person B using those papers as bookmarks.

I want to be Bryan Fuller when I grow up.


Calling of your heart-strings, an August Rush Fitzsimmons AU

how i explained harry potter to a coworker today: harry beat this bad guy’s ass when he was a baby, but you know, dude didn’t take that real well. he’s got a real complex over the whole thing and keeps bugging harry and being all ‘wanna fight’ and harry has to keep being like ‘fuck you bitch didn’t you get enough when i was one? twelve? thirteen? WHEN ARE YOU GONNA MOVE ON? YOU ARE EMBARRASSING YOURSELF’ and they repeated that pattern until harry finally lost his shit and killed him for real. 


I’m Henry Gale from Minnesota.

I can’t stop thinking about season 7 dean.

and the fact that he probably saw cas everywhere.

waiting in line at the store and there’s a man nearby with a gravel voice and unique intonation, and dean spins around so fast he cricks his neck. but it’s not cas.

exiting a restaurant and there’s a man on the street in a trenchcoat. and it’s not tan, but it doesn’t stop dean from staring wistfully at the figure while sam looks on with an expression of painfully vivid understanding.

hearing a rush of air by his ear, but it’s just a bird and dean kneels to the ground as tears well silently in the corners of his eyes.

always aware, always searching, constantly looking for the glimpse of the one he had loved and lost

until one day, when he finds him. he doesn’t have the same name, he doesn’t remember anything… but it’s him.

and he’ll remember dean. dean is sure of it. after all, we’ve been through much together, you and I

Beauty and the Beast || Massie (AU)

When Cassie’s family fell on hard times, she didn’t think much would change. She never really understood the value of money because she was doted on by her father. Even when he fell in hard times, he was always showering her with gifts and spoiling her rotten. But slowly, the gifts and the attention began to dwindle away. Cassie could see a change in her father and it was one that was worrying her. It was well known around the town that her dad had a gambling problem. Cassie never really thought much of it because winning made him happy. But now, he was losing more and more. Until one day, he lost what was most precious to him, his daughter. It wasn’t as if Cassie was thrilled about the idea of being owned by some stranger, a man she only knew bad things about. But in times like this, it was family that mattered. She would miss her father terribly but it was time to step up and do what was right for her family. No matter what it took.


Tom playing with his pen.

#141: He's drunk and in love with you.


Liam:“Stay.” He mumbled, his eyes betraying him as they closed slowly. “I don’t want you to leave.” He sighed, reaching for your arm and tugging you closer to him, until you were right over him on his bed, staring down at his drunken figure. “Li, you’re plastered.” You giggled, but he shook his head no and pulled you until you lost your balance, rolling over him to the other side of his spacious bed. “Stay.” He whispered, wrapping an arm around your middle and finding the best sleep he’s had since the last time you stayed over.

Zayn:“I don’t think you should be driving tonight.” He muttered, gripping your wrist lightly, afraid if he lets go he’ll lose you. “Zayn, I’m not that drunk, I can dr-” “No.” He stated strictly, already making up his mind that you weren’t leaving him to a cold bed tonight, nuh-uh, no way. And even though most of his thoughts were blurry as he sat on his couch, holding your arm, you were clear as day, staring at him with bright eyes and all he wanted was for you to stay. “Don’t leave me.”

Louis:“There are a lot of things you don’t know.” He muttered under his breath, angry that when he finally got his night out with you that guys wouldn’t stop hitting on you. All he wanted to scream was ’She’s mine, fuck off!’ But he couldn’t, because you weren’t his. “What?” You asked, your tone softening as you ducked down to meet his gaze. He caught your eyes and stared for as many beats as his drunken heart could handle, before he had to look away, smiling to hide what he was really thinking. “Nothing.” He smiled, squeezing your hand to prove it. “It’s nothing.”

Niall:“How can you not see it?” He yelled from the other side of your spacious living room. He held a throw pillow in his white knuckles and threw it to the side, knocking a mystery item over. “Can’t you see that I’ve gone out of my way for you for years? Last week I brought you Chinese at 3 in the fucking morning! You think I’d do something like that just because you asked? Fuck no!” He yelled, startling you. He took strides towards you and you cowered away. He gasped inaudibly, but took another step. “Don’t be scared. I just need you to know that I love you.” He whispered, reaching out to cup your face. “I’ve always loved you.”

Harry: “What am I supposed to do?” He sobbed into his hands, hiding his face from you. “She’ll never ever want me back.” He cried, and your heart broke a little, knowing that this girl would never be you. “Harry, anyone would want you, you’re smart and funny and handsome and-” He cut you off by grabbing your face and pulling your lips to meet his. He tasted like mint and bourbon and you were melting in your drunken state. “It’s you.” He murmured, kissing you again and again until the sun disappeared.

i once saw robin williams on the street in new york. i was 6 or 7. he was stopped on a corner, wearing a beanie, waiting to cross the street. i remember his beard. my parents urged me to say hello, and i did, and i asked for a photo with him and he took one. but the entire time he seemed sad. he didnt smile except for the picture. i have always regretted not telling him that i thought he was funny in Robots. he must have just finished the press tour for it, and i forgot to say something. maybe it would have been nice for him to hear. maybe he would have smiled. as we walked away he stood still at the corner again, and was there until we turned a corner and lost sight of him. i think i understood in that moment that a funny and exuberant person can become someone different. i miss him. i should have said something about Robots.

Galavant Sorting

      Richard - Ravenclaw, Pureblood. Charms Professor. Unicorn Patronus.       Elder and Dragon Heartstring wand, 13¼ inches, Slightly Springy.

No one in this story loves Armin more than Eren. Eren will kill for him, die for him, fight against superiors whom he respects to make sure Armin is safe. Armin is his person, his dearest, closest friend who breathed life and passion into his world, who still inspires him to live for the day where he will be free. Eren loves Armin so, so much, and I don’t even think he knew how much until he almost lost him.