until then this is what you're stuck with

stuck in a room
  • Jumin: *moving away from Seven* Hey, can you move away from me please? I'm claustrophobic.
  • Seven: What does claustrophobic mean?
  • Yoosung: It means he's afraid of Santa Claus.
  • Jumin: No, you idiot it means-
  • Seven: *threateningly* ho ho ho
  • Jumin: ...
  • Jumin: I wanna die.

So I was thinking today about how almost everyone in ME wears translators (not just for talking with aliens)…
And about how some words just don’t translate.

What I want to consider is words that don’t translate well into one Earth language, but do in at least one other.

So whichever alien word might not come across in English, but when translated into Swahili or Chinese or German…
And vice versa, aliens getting the best overall understanding from translating someone speaking Hebrew or maybe Tagalog.

Anyways, that’s what I’m interested in, and I hope you’re all having a nice day.

Twilight preference - What They Do When You're on Your Period

My phone charger has broken so I’m stuck on my kindle and the Wi-Fi barely works so this will probably be the only post I make until I’m back but feel free to request anything really and I will get to it when I get back! Also I wasn’t sure who the requester wanted so I hope this is fine I just did 4 but you can request more for when I get back!

Jake would be really sweet with you but also probably very overbearing. He would probably be affected by his wolf senses and so would also be pretty protective. Jake would probably be really great though, getting you painkillers of course and easy more chocolate than you needed so he could pinch it all for himself. If you had pains he would probably insist on lying his arm at the least across you as a hot water bottle.

As he is also a wolf Paul would probably be very protective as well although his protectiveness would probably worsen considering his temperament. Paul would probably be the type to insist you take it easy, not really understanding that it’s not that bad. Paul would also probably be bummed out about the lack of sex but would hide it well and spoil you rotten. He would probably make jokes about how you were almost as temperamental as a wolf but quickly back down if you took it too seriously.

Emmet would probably make a joke of the whole thing, mentioning repeatedly that if/when you became a vampire you wouldn’t need to worry about the whole thing. I also think he wouldn’t mind picking up pads or whatever you needed, he’d probably take it as a laugh and tease you by asking really loudly over the phone if you needed extra large size or if regular was fine. I’m sure he would stop if you were seriously annoyed and spoil you, and despite being a vampire being scared of your temper.

Jasper would also be very sweet but he would probably slyly try and alter your emotions. I reckon he would be shy about buying you the stuff you needed but he would do it anyway and definitely go overboard on sweets and chocolate. He would not want to be too touchy with you, both afraid he might hurt you and because of the blood because although it is not very tempting to them he underestimates his control.

  • Stephanie: *trying to duct tape her thumbs down*
  • Rosanna: Do you need help?
  • Stephanie: Yeah, I could use a little help.
  • Rosanna: I played a game in college that was kind of similar... It was called, uh, Edward Fortyhands. Uh, have you ever played it?
  • Stephanie: No, what's that?
  • Rosanna: So you take a 40 and you duct tape yourself to it in both hands, and you can't remove the 40 until you've drank everything, so there's tactics. There's strategy here because, uh, if you drink too fast, you could get sick, but if you drink too slow, you're stuck all night with these stupid hands... You guys didn't play that?
  • Mat&Steph: ...
  • Rosanna: WOW OKAY UHH ME NEITHER I'VE NEVER--I've never played these games... Oh, wow, is this live?
  • Matthew: I just played Apples to Apples...

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Today I was stuck on the phone with a man who cussed me the hell out because I had the GALL to require a physical address for the hotel he was staying in. Yes, I know it's just down the road; no, I still need the address to put into the computer. Oh, you're going to call someone else for pizza? Well guess what, motherfucker, they're gonna ask for an address, too. Dude didn't hang up on me either; listened to him berate me until he outright goaded me to hang up.

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((@occasionalforcesofnature)) Thundurus: So you like to play inside of human technology quite a bit, huh? But what if a system you're in suddenly shuts down?

“It really depends on the situation, I guess. Most devices are just put in sleep mode these days. But if someone actually turns a device off while I’m in it, I’m able to turn it back on again from the inside. Go ahead, try it!”

“If a device were to run out of batteries, or lose power while I’m in it, though. Well… ahem… I’d be kinda stuck there until it got it’s power back. That’s why I always try to make sure I know the battery situation of whatever device I’m in. Or if the device is plugged in somewhere, I make sure it is securely connected.”

The Seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake
  • Daiki: Yuya, you online?
  • Yuya: Yup, what's up?
  • Daiki: Can you stop singing the little mermaid soundtrack?
  • Daiki: Specifically under the sea.
  • Daiki: If you sing that one more time I swear I'll drown you under the sea.
  • Yuya: But why???
  • Yuya: I'm not Chinen though! I sing the entire song and not just one part!
  • Chinen: Hey!
  • Yuya: And now I know Chinen, and probably the rest of the group are ghost reading this chat! Plus why in the group chat anyway?
  • Kei: Don't stop now it's interesting.
  • Daiki: That's the exact point! You won't stop, it's like a radio stuck in repeat!
  • Yuya: well actually radios can't be on repeat
  • Yabu: Okay Daichan maybe you should chill out.
  • Yuya: Actually why did you text this to me? We're literally eating lunch together right now.
  • Daiki: Because you're singing it right now. I don't want to talk to you.
  • Daiki: I won't talk to you!
  • Daiki: Promise me you'll stop singing it!
  • Yuya: ... Fine... I'll stop. Jeez.
  • ...
  • Kei: Okay so no one's going to address that he's now singing Part of That World over and over again.
  • Yuya: Everyone likes that song, that's why. ^^
  • Kei: Right.
  • Daiki: I've been meaning to talk to you about that as well.
  • -Takaki Yuya has left the chat-

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Hi!! Do you think that maybe we could pretty please have the Admirals ( and ex-admiral, lookin at you ice boy ) and the moment they realized they were in love with their S/O ? I'm a sucker for that cutest shit and you're super good at fluff ❤


Sakazuki felt love in his heart for the first time one blazing summer’s day when he was stuck doing paperwork in his office. No matter what he did, his s/o stayed on his mind. Frustration built up within him as he agonized over what the reason could possibly be until the realization hit him. The building’s temperature continually increased, only stopping when Borsalino barged into his office, covered in sweat, and prodded him to go deal with his emotions. He then makes the trip to his s/o’s house, finding them as quickly as possible and gruffly confessing his feelings.

Borsalino’s newfound feelings came as a welcome surprise. His lovely s/o had come to see him at work and brought lunch to eat together. During their meal he found himself a little more caught up than usual by their bright smile, affectionate words, and adorable body language. A rush of something overcame him as he swept them up in his arms and gave them a sweet kiss. He looked down at their flushed cheeks and grinned, picking up and holding a bite of food to their lips. They were just so cute, he couldn’t help but tease them for the rest of the meal.

For Kuzan it came as a shock. He hadn’t expected this kind of thing to happen after leaving the marines, and he especially hadn’t expected his s/o to follow him. They yelled at the top of their lungs, harshly scolding him for leaving so suddenly before they could even help him with his wounds. Their voice broke as they confessed their love and hot tears poured from their eyes. Kuzan’s heart broke as he wrapped his arms around them, muttering apology after apology for his mistake. He could never leave them behind again.

Issho felt the warm embrace of love early one spring day as he and his s/o walked and together. He went silent partway through the conversation as he thought of how lovely their voice sounded and how much he liked the feeling of their hand in his. Lost in his own thoughts, it took his s/o a few tries to capture his attention in the moment. He apologized for the uncharacteristic lack of attention, pressing a kiss to their hand and another to their forehead. A gentle smile formed on his face as they resumed walking and he thought of how best to let them know of his adoration this coming evening.

Signs as Halsey lyrics
  • Aries: " Dark as midnight sun // Smoke as black as charcoal // Fills into our fragile lungs // Cause when our demons come // Dancing in the shadows // To a game that can't be won."
  • Taurus: "Let's cause a little trouble // Oh, you make me feel so weak // I bet you kiss your knuckles // Right before they touch my cheek."
  • Gemini: "Would you lie for me? // Cross your sorry heart and hope to die for me? // Would you pin me to a wall? // Would you beg or would you crawl? // Stick a needle in your hungry eyes for me?"
  • Cancer: "You're writing lines about me; romantic poetry // Your girl's got red in her cheeks, 'cause we're something she can't see // And I try to refrain but you're stuck in my brain // And all I do is cry and complain because second's not the same."
  • Leo: "Cigarettes and tiny liquor bottles, just what you’d expect inside her new Balenciaga. // Bad romance, turned dreams into an empire. // Self-made success now she rose with Rockafellas. // Survival of the richest, the city’s ours until the fall. // They're Monaco and Hampton’s bound but we don’t feel like outsiders at all."
  • Virgo: "And I sat alone, in bed till the morning // And crying "they're coming for me" // And I tried to hold these secrets inside me // My mind's like a deadly disease"
  • Libra: "'Cause I've done some things that I can't speak // And I've tried to wash away but you just won't leave // So won't you take a breath and dive in deep // 'Cause I came here so you'd come for me"
  • Scorpio: "I don't like them innocent // I don't want no face fresh // Want them wearing leather // Begging, let me be your taste test // I like the sad eyes, bad guys // Mouth full of white lies // Kiss me in the corridor // But quick to tell me goodbye."
  • Sagittarius: "I'm a wanderess // I'm a one night stand // Don't belong to no city // Don't belong to no man // I'm the violence in the pouring rain // I'm a hurricane"
  • Capricorn: "I'm headed straight for the castle // They wanna make me their queen // And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying that I probably shouldn't be so mean // I'm headed straight for the castle // They’ve got this kingdom locked up // And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut"
  • Aquarius: "I sold my soul to a three-piece // And he told me I was holy // He's got me down on both knees // But it's the devil that's tryna Hold me down"
  • Pisces: "You were red and you liked me 'cause I was blue // You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky // And you decided purple just wasn't for you"
The Signs as Friends
  • Aries: The friend that will always be there for you. They would literally go to war for you. If someone insults you, they take the bullet and throw it back. They are very protective. And they need you to be for them what they are for you. They give and they want to receive.
  • Taurus: A Taurus friend is a friend who will protect you even if you're not there. They won't gossip about you. They wish they could protect you from all harm and they do their best to make you feel alright. They love to hang out with you and ask you to do something you both enjoy regulary. They really see you as a part of them.
  • Gemini: The friend that always has your back. They support you and stand up for you. If you're in trouble, they'll help you out and don't ask how you got into it although they are so very curious. They respect you and they know that "no" means no. They aren't mad if you don't want to hang out or something.
  • Cancer: They are A+ wing-(wo)men. They always know who you have a crush on and they have no problem with finding out more about your crush and get you two together. They are the friends you can ask to spy someone and they won't ask too many questions. You can trust them with everything. If someone treats you badly, they will punch that person in the face.
  • Leo: The honest friend. That dress doesn't look good on you? They'll tell you. They won't lie to you and that means you matter to them. They will be the first one to applaud when you win and they ask you to do the same for them. As much as they support you, they want to be supported by you.
  • Virgo: The friend that makes you a plan. They can't have it when their friends are left in the unknown so they help them out of it. Usually the friend that always asks you how you're doing and if you studied for that test. They really care about you. When you don't know what to do they will be there and guide you.
  • Libra: The friend that knows everything about everyone. If someone talks shit about you behind your back they'll tell you immediately and find out something about that person that you can use against them. They take you out to new places, show you cool new things and share all their secrets with you.
  • Scorpio: The Scorpio-friend is the friend that honestly cares. They can literally sense when you lie or when you're hiding something from them and they won't let you go until you told them what it is that bothers you. They know how to help you and cheer you up. And if you tell them to, they will destroy the person that did you wrong.
  • Saggitarius: The friend that keeps you up-to-date. They find out something new? You're the first person they'll tell about it. They know all the cool locations and the latest trends and they take you with them to explore the world. They really bring joy into your life.
  • Capricorn: The brilliant advisor. They are always by your side and ready to help you out of a situation you're stuck in. They guide you through the tough days of your life and always give brilliant advices that you actually need. They are loyal until the very end and after it.
  • Aquarius: The friend that spontaneously takes you on an adventure. Suddenly they're at your door with packed bags and ask you to come with them. They also take very good care of you and make the coolest presents because they know you better than you think they do.
  • Pisces: The friend that supports you but that will also tell you when you're talking shit. They usually know what you need and will do anything to provide your wellbeing. They will go through hell with you and give you everything they have. But be careful - they too know more than you think they do. They always know.
Seeing their significant other in the hospital with serious injuries
  • Eren: It may take him a little while to muster the courage to go to the hospital and see his lover, since it might break his heart to see his lover all weak and vulnerable like that. Once he feels like he's ready to see his partner, he'd constantly ask about how they feel and if they need anything, etc. He would also ask the doctors/attendants if there's anything they could do to speed up the recovery.
  • Armin: He would try to lighten up the mood and show that being injured is not as bad as it seems. He'd bring lots of entertaining books that he can read to you, or some board games to pass the time. He would also entertain you by pretending to be the nurse and play around with the hospital equipment until the doctor arrives.
  • Reiner: He probably knows that it really sucks to be stuck in a room, not able to do anything until you're healed, so he'd try his best to make the atmosphere lighter. If his partner were confined for a few days, he'll make daily visits with balloons, stuffed toys, comedy movie DVDS, etc. He would also sneak in some yummy treats and junk food just to give his partner a little break from the hospital food.
  • Bertholdt: He wouldn't really know what to do or say to make the situation better, but he'd still stick around in case his significant other needs him. If it starts getting a little too awkward, he would just randomly tell a story or a joke to lift the tension. Once he's comfortable enough, he'll start asking the usual questions, then hold his partner's hand lovingly until they both fall asleep as they enjoy each other's presence in the silence.
  • Jean: He'll be flipping out when he hears the news and will only calm down when he gets to the hospital. When he's done asking about how they feel and all, he'll start scolding them for getting into that kind of situation. Halfway through his scolding, he'll suddenly stop, take a deep breath, then apologize. The reason why he would suddenly scold his lover, even if it's not their fault, is because he was worried sick and he really cares.
  • Marco: His first reaction would be to feel a little disappointed in himself for not being able to protect his significant other from harm. Of course, the dominant emotion would be concern since it probably hurts more for the person who has the injuries. If he could stay at the hospital for as much as he wants to, then he'll stay until his significant other gets better.
  • Connie: The moment he hears the news, he would be worried sick and will come running to the hospital, and pass by for a nice cheer-up bouquet along the way. Albeit breathless, he'd still squeeze in the usual questions, then try his best to comfort his partner by cracking jokes and telling light stories. If there's enough space, he'd get into the hospital bed and cuddle.
  • Levi: Even if it's his partner that's injured, he'd still be a bit cold and stoic as usual. He would even tut and tell his partner off for being reckless that's why they ended up in that state. Nonetheless, he'd still attend to their needs, and even stay with them until they fall asleep. When no one's looking, he'll press soft kisses onto their face.
  • Erwin: He'd come over with soup he prepared himself, lots of pillows, and everything else that'll would aid to his partner's comfort. The whole time, he'd tell his partner on how they should be serious when it comes to being careful in order to avoid accidents like this. He would also go on and on about what they need or want so that he can get it right away and all, until his partner sits him down and assures him they're fine.
  • Mikasa: Upon hearing the news, she'll immediately run to them. It may be abrupt and sudden, but she'll hug them tight and thank all the heavenly superiors that her partner's still alive. She would willingly be their arms and legs for up until they're fully recovered to speed up the recovery time.
  • Annie: She really does care, but she wouldn't really show it because she wouldn't wanna be much of a bother. She will visit, but she wouldn't ask too much or say a lot so that her partner will get the rest they need. What she would offer is her presence, as long as her loved one knows that she's there for them, she'll be content.
  • Sasha: She'd come running to the hospital in tears, out of fear that complications might happen during the recovery period. Once the doctors and her significant other assures her that everything will be alright within a few days, she'll be able to breathe properly. She'll proceed to scolding her partner for scaring the living daylights out of her like that, then hold them in her arms as she begs them not to leave her.
  • Christa: Upon seeing her partner like that, she might burst out in tears because she'll feel so sorry and bad for them. When she's much calmer, she'll start asking why did they do that and get her so worried. Moreover, she'd make them pinky swear that it'll never happen again.
  • Ymir: The first thing she'd tell her partner as soon as she gets to their room is that she hopes a lesson has been learned, both for them and for her. It may come off as nagging or being insensitive, but it's all because she cares. The way she shows her concern may be weird, but still, her partner will be able to feel it.
  • Hanji: She'll coming barging in then mock her significant partner for being such a baby and getting injuries. Jokes aside, she'll tell her lover how worried she's been, and that she's relieved and thankful that it didn't end up in death or what. She'd also spoil them by doing whatever favor they need her to do.
  • Petra: If she doesn't faint, she'll rush to the hospital and pray that it isn't as bad as she imagines. She'll let out a big sigh of relief when she sees with her own eyes that it's not /that/ bad at all, then cover their face in kisses. She would make daily visits with health-regaining to food to help her significant other get their strength back faster than expected.
Drabble Game: Gray & 70

You got it, nonnie :) Thanks for participating and I hope you like it!

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“I’m way worse to live with than you are,” you said.

You were sitting with Gray on a mattress in the middle of what used to be your living room. Everything else you owned had already been moved into the apartment you would soon be sharing together. It was a big milestone in your relationship, one that you had been looking forward to, but it was still daunting nevertheless. You were happy with how things were already, and though you joked about it, you were nervous that living together would change that.

Gray was laying beside you. The bottle of cheap champagne you’d bought to commemorate the occasion sat almost empty next to him. He looked up at you, admiring the way your mouth moved when you spoke, and felt the fit of drunken giggles returning.

Drunk Gray was one of your favorites. You loved the way he got so animated. How he could babble unabashed to his heart’s content in the most endearing way often to the amusement of those around him.

“Yeah?” he slurred. “Worse than leaving wet towels on the floor?”

You tapped your chin with your index finger to act like you were thinking while Gray struggled to refill his glass.

“That’s a tough one but I think I can beat it.”

“Try it.”

“Well I’m awful at doing laundry. You might end up with a bunch of pink shirts.”

Gray let out an exaggerated groan to bide time while he wracked his brain for more of his shortcomings.

“Alright I’ve got one: Never ask me to cook. I’ve been known to set off the fire alarm boiling water.”

“Yah! If you told me that I would never have agreed to move in with you because I can’t cook either.”

Laughter consumed both of you and you leaned against Gray to stop yourself from falling over.

“Don’t worry! I won’t let us starve, jagi,” he said, rolling onto his side to face you. The room was starting to spin around him but he found that his eyes fixated on the curve of your bottom lip. All he could think about was kissing you and never stopping but you were still sitting upright and he doubted he had to coordination to join you. So he let his hand gently roam across the inside of your thigh, noting the way such a simple touch could still make the breath catch in your throat, before he continued. “Even so it’s too late to back out now. I hope you can accept that you’re stuck with me until our lease is up.”

Will you accept that I am hopelessly in love with you, and that there’s nothing you can do that will ever change that?

“Accept?” He asked, finding the strength slide his arm around your waist and pull you down beside him on the mattress. “It’s what I’m counting on.”

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Craaaaaaaaaaig? Stuck on an uninhabited island for the foreseeable future,... or forced to listen to Peruvian Flute Bands until you're 30?

Craig: What do you mean? I’m Super Craig, no island can hold me.

You're The Only Place That Feels Like Home, a vampire diaries fanfic | FanFiction

Multichapter (ongoing)

Rating:  Mature

Pairings:  Bonnie Bennett/Damon Salvatore

Characters: Bonnie Bennett, Damon Salvatore

Summary: Damon was the last person Bonnie ever wanted to be stuck with. But as the weeks pass, she finds her mind changing. [Canon until after 5x22]

I’m ultimately relying on YOU guys to help me write this story. Tell me what you want to see and I’ll probably shape a chapter after it. I’m basically taking prompts for a multichapter story haha. It’s on AO3 here as well.

The Ark in Space: Sarah Stuck in the Vent (Episode vs. Novelization)
  • Episode
  • Sarah: Oh no I am stuck
  • Doctor: You can do it Sarah
  • Sarah: No Doctor I am stuck
  • Doctor: omg Sarah look at you stop whining you're so stupid you can't do it omg I shouldn't have let you do thing
  • *gets out of vent*
  • Novelization
  • Sarah: Oh no I am stuck
  • Doctor: You can do it Sarah
  • Sarah: No Doctor I am stuck
  • Doctor: omg Sarah look at you stop whining you're so stupid you can't do it omg Harry was right we shouldn't let girls do thing
  • *gets out of vent*
  • Nico: oko ok ok imagine Oikawa being in love
  • Nico: he's suddenly really upset and Iwaizumi doesn't understand
  • Alex: Oikawa would be so clueless because it's Iwaizumi and he's not like the girls he winks at and they blush and swoon, he hits him and scold him and takes care of him and what do
  • Alex: what if Oikawa bought him flowers but played it off like haha it was for a girl but I decided to give it to you
  • And Iwaizumi is like if you have time for this go play volleyball
  • Alex: but then gradually Iwaizumi understands what's going on but he isn't sure if he likes Oikawa back???? Like he never thought about it and it makes him lose sleep
  • Alex: and their relationship gets strained because neither knows how to treat the other and it's suddenly really awkward
  • and after a really bad practice Iwaizumi find Oikawa sulking in the changing rooms, sitting with his knees drawn up and his head down
  • Alex: and he doesn't say anything he just reaches out his hand and touches Oikawa's hair
  • Alex: and he's so self concious because his hands are hardened b volleyball and he's not good at being tender
  • Oikawa doesn't move at all, doesn't even react
  • Alex: until his shoulders start shaking and Iwaizumi just goes fuck fuck fuck he's crying
  • Alex: he tries to get Oikawa to look at him but he just burrows his head more into his arms and knees
  • Alex: so Iwaizumi just reaches out and hugs Oikawa, rubs circles into his back
  • Alex: neither had said anything at all yet
  • Alex: until Oikawa unwraps his hands and pushes him away and almost pleads "Do you have any idea what you're doing to me"
  • Alex: his voice cracks in the middle
  • Alex: Iwaizumi reaches out and starts drying his tears with his sleeves and says "stop crying you look disgusting" because what do you say he suddenly has no idea his words aren't working right
  • Alex: and Oikawa starts laughing this small pitiful broken laugh
  • Alex: that's even worse
  • Alex: so Iwaizumi moves his hands until he's holding Oikawa's face and kisses him
  • Alex: it's terrible because Oikawa's nose is running and the laugh gets stuck in his throat he sounds like he's about to die
  • Alex: and Iwaizumi hopes, prays that Oikawa gets it now
  • but when he pulls away Oikawa just says "I don't need your pity" and he's closed off again
  • Alex: Iwaizumi wants to scream
  • Alex: and he just
  • Alex: needs Oikawa to understand that's not what's going on
  • if he wasn't sure about it before he's sure he wants Oikawa now
  • Alex: and that's what comes out, in broken words and mumbles and how do feelings work this was a terrible idea
  • Alex: he's got his eyes jammed shut, can't look at Oikawa at all because he's afraid of looking at him and finding his face guarded and cold
  • Alex: until he just feels arms wrapping around his waist and Oikawa is pressing his face into Iwaizumi's chest and he's still crying and the uniform is going to be wet and disgusting but it doesn't matter
  • Alex: he closes his arms around Oikawa and buries his nose into his hair and just continues whispering he's not even sure what anymore
  • Alex: until he's done, has no more words left, explained how he felt and how he feels and maybe calls Oikawa an idiot a bit
  • Alex: Oikawa stopped crying but when he looks up at Iwaizumi in the silence that follows his eyes are red and Iwaizumi wonders what his fangirls would think if they saw him pitiful like this
  • Alex: but Oikawa is reaching up, slowly, like he's afraid Iwaizumi will run away and change his mind
  • Alex: Oikawa's eyes close but Iwaizumi can't stop looking, can't get enough of this side of Oikawa only he knows
  • Alex: they kiss again, slowly, shyly, just a slight press of lips
  • Alex: and that's it I'm done
  • Alex: don't look at me I'm t r a s h

Oh, there it is—the feeling of hopelessness and despair that sunk in after I finished A Dance With Dragons nearly four years ago. Usually, turning the last page of a book in a long series brings with it a surge of excitement. You can’t wait to find out what happens next. But if every ray of light and decency in this series gets snuffed out, why bother continuing? Yes, at this point we’ve sunk […] thousands of pages into the story. But maybe, just maybe, it’s time to cut our losses.

It’s incredibly hard to craft an epic series without getting necessarily bogged down in the middle installments. Your protagonists are usually in some long-term predicament or up against an enemy who will keep winning until some resolution is reached in the finale. That’s a lesson I learned early on, when even my beloved Chronicles of Prydain books dragged a bit after the thrilling first few.

So the need to throw in a few shocking moments for the sake of surprise and to keep readers/audiences off-balance is understandable. But there still needs to be something to keep us—and our heroes—going further. Right now, I feel like Tyrion. I’ve lost everyone I ever cared about, traveled thousands of miles, […] and for what?

—  The Atlantic