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The  Trump administration deleted the EPA’s climate change website. So, Chicago published it instead.

  • The city of Chicago this weekend added a new climate-change page to its website, and if it sounds familiar it’s because the information on it comes from the climate page the Environmental Protection Agency used to have — until the Trump administration deleted it last week.
  • “While this information may not be readily available on the agency’s webpage right now, here in Chicago we know climate change is real and we will continue to take action to fight it,” the page reads. Read more (5/8/17)

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I’m a yoga girl – I’ve always got my yoga mat rolled up in my suitcase. When you’re doing long haul flights back and forth across the Atlantic, it’s good to stretch out. At drama school here, they get yoga in your routine very early because it helps with respiratory control. When you’re a stage actor your breathing, projection, and voice are a big concern. Yoga keeps my mind and body centered, limber, and flexible. Being an actor is more physical than people realize it is. When you go on stage eight times a week to do a show, that’s a real cardiovascular workout. You need to be fit. If you get up at 5 in the morning and go pretty much all day until 7, you need to fit otherwise you’re not going to survive very long.

With Naruto Shippuden reaching its end, dailynaruto would like to invite you all to participate in naruto week 2017! An upcoming event dedicated to the Naruto series, which will be held on April 10 to April 16.  Share your love for the series through graphics, gifs, fanfics, fanarts etc. and tag it with #narutoweek2017(within the first 5 tags and without spaces) so everyone can see and reblog it.

Each day has three options you can choose from. These prompts are meant as guidelines and you’re free to interpret them as you wish.  But remember, all entries must be your own work. Reposts will be ignored and/or deleted. So without further ado, here are the prompts:

  • April 10 || Day 1: Team 7 // Childhood // Favorite Character
  • April 11 || Day 2: Team 8 // Mission // Favorite Quote
  • April 12 || Day 3: Team Gai // Bonds // Favorite Fight
  • April 13 || Day 4: Team 10 // Growth // Favorite Arc
  • April 14 || Day 5: Sand siblings // Traditions // Favorite Media
  • April 15 || Day 6: Akatsuki // Last Words // Favorite Opening or Ending
  • April 16 || Day 7: Next Generation // Nostalgia // Free Choice

If you  need the prompts further explained or have any questions send an ask or message to @dailynaruto​! Feel free to reblog this posts to spread the word. Have fun!

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To become law, Trumpcare has to go through 4 additional steps:

1. Pass an amended version in the Senate
2. Go to “conference“ to hammer out differences between the House and Senate
3. Pass in the House again
4. Pass in the Senate again

I hope you’ll be there every step of the way, until Trumpcare collapses under the weight of its own cruelty.

Here’s what you can do:

11 days of congressional recess starts today. At this very moment, your Representatives are on flights back home to your district. Over the next week they’ll be holding fundraisers and working out of their district offices. As of today, only 5 members of Congress have scheduled town halls.

First, call on them publicly to have a town hall to explain their vote on Trumpcare. If they won’t, show up at their district office and give clear feedback.

When these members are forced to vote again on Trumpcare, they will look back to the responses of their constituents this week.

To help you make your voice heard loud and clear over the next 11 days, Indivisibleguide.com has put together an updated Trumpcare resources webpage (below). Please make use of it.

You’re needed. Now.

I just need enough of you to dull the pain, just to get me through the night until we’re twins again

Bubble Bath with Negan

For Ash’s 2k writing challenge! As you can probably guess by the title, I chose the bubble bath prompt. I hope you all enjoy reading it, and let me know what you think! Also, I’m not sure why on some, the “keep reading” thing isn’t visible. So if you can’t see it, just go to my blog. The full post is there. 😉

Summary: Negan has been stressed out lately, so you decide to give him a night of relaxation… ;)

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, Swearing, Unprotected Sex.

Characters: Negan & You

Words: 1977

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Living at the sanctuary was usually great. Most everyone here got along pretty well, with the exception of a few ungrateful workers. As one of Negan’s wives, you had no right to complain. Life was pretty much as great as it could be, given the circumstances. Negan and the Saviors had found you in the woods one day, half out of your mind and very sick. They brought you back, gave you a place to stay, food, medicine, and well, exactly what it’s called. They gave you a sanctuary.

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Wow, our February week was really great despite the late notice, thank you so much to everyone who participated, followed, and liked and reblogged our Valentine’s Day content. This blog has surpassed 500 followers and that number is growing. So as a treat, I will be hosting Tomco Week 3 in March! Rather than following a set theme, this one will incorporate a variety of prompts so we get varied content from day to day. After that whopper of a finale, I think we need some lighthearted content.

Day 1 - March 12 - Dancing

Let’s be honest, we all enjoy a good dancing scene between our favorite characters. So give our boys the time of their lives as they dance it out, whether it be at a club, or a party, or maybe even prom or a ball or something. Any kind of dance, any kind of song, up to you!

Day 2 - March 13 - Favorite AU

Got a favorite AU? Or do you want to make up your own? Either way, get creative and show us an alternate universe’s version of Marco and Tom getting up to whatever shenanigan you please.

Day 3 - March 14 - Cultural Appreciation

Marco and Tom have their similarities, but I’m sure they also have some major differences when it comes to how their people tend to do things. Let’s explore that, whether it be through the holidays they celebrate, the foods they eat, or even just how they tend to greet a loved one.

Day 4 - March 15 - Cosplay

Oh yeah. Marco and Tom are a couple of dorks. Look me in the eye and tell me they wouldn’t cosplay. Who would they be? Haha, that’s for you to decide.

Day 5 - March 16 - Magic Practice

Star is a magic user. Tom seems to have magic as well. Marco is definitely getting involved in magical shenanigans whether he wants to or not. Why not have some fun and try to learn some things himself?

Day 6 - March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, of course I gotta do a prompt for this one. How do they celebrate it? Partying? Do they get drunk? Or do they just watch other people goof off while staying a safe distance away and gorging themselves on hot wings? Note: If there is any drinking involved, please use the ‘alcohol’ tag for blacklisting purposes.

Day 7- March 18 - Horseback Riding

A favorite hobby of mine (even though I haven’t done it in forever). Tom uses a horsedrawn carriage AND he’s a royal, you can’t tell me the guy doesn’t like horseback riding. Have him take Marco on a trail! Is Tom using a skeleton horse or a fiery demon one? Is he making Marco ride a similar one? How does that go? The possibilities are endless.

I’m posting this a couple weeks in advance and will reblog it in a week or so as a reminder. As usual, the guidelines:

1. Please use the Tomco tag on everything you post for a week. You may of course use main show tags, such as svtfoe and Star Vs, since they are from the show, but just make sure Tomco is also tagged for blacklisting purposes.

2. You may also want to use ‘Tomco Week’ as a tag as well, just to make it easier for me to find your work. I’ll be reblogging everything on the relevant days.

3. You may post entries early, they just won’t be reblogged here until the relevant day comes up. Feel free to shoot me a message but odds are I’ll like it so I can find it later.

4. If you miss the day, don’t worry. I will reblog them as soon as you get it posted. Again, shoot me a message if I miss it. I’ll be tagging things by day for searching purposes.

5. I’m gonna say that NSFW is allowed, but nothing too explicit, please. I’m not going to check ages but if you want to post more mature content, just make sure it’s got the proper tags. I do want this blog to be enjoyed by all shippers, and some may not want to see explicit stuff. Let’s keep it tasteful.

I’ll accept fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, videos, heck, songs, whatever you wanna share.

Have at it, guys! :D Depending on how this goes, I may do another in April. Can’t miss Easter now, can we? But we’ll see~

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm struggling with Simple Prepositions, I din't pass my exam because I got wrong all the prepositions. Do you have any advices? Thank you so so much. Waiting for your kindly reply , Best Regards.


I thought a lot about your question, and I wish there was a magic rule to get all prepositions right, but unfortunately this is not the case. :(

But I really want to help you so here are some resources and tips. :)

Be flexible

First of all, prepositions don’t have exact translations in English (or other languages), so don’t try to fit a preposition into just 1 or 2-3 translations, or into just one category, because you’ll find surprises that won’t fit in any of those, and you’ll just get more confused and frustrated.
Also, prepositions are not placed everywhere around randomly, so try to see the patterns, the similarities, the differences, make lists, diagrams, drawings, anything that helps you to figure them out better.

General uses of most common prepositions

  • a: objective, goal, indirect object
  • con: with (this is probably the easiest one)
  • de: origin, belonging, ingredient/material
  • desde: origin (focus on distance), from somewhere in place or time until here/now.
  • en: location, transportation, during
  • hasta: to, until (focus on distance), from here/now to somewhere in place or time.
  • hacia: towards, around
  • por: cause, reason, method, way
  • para: purpose, goal

Different prepositions + [place/time]


  • Voy México. - I go to Mexico.
  • Voy para México. - I’m on my way to Mexico.
  • Voy hacia México. - I’m going towards Mexico.
  • Voy hasta México. - I go to Mexico. (All the way from here to there)

  • Vengo de Bolivia. - I come from Bolivia.
  • Vengo desde Bolivia. - I come from Bolivia. (All the way from there to here)

  • Vivo en Chile. - I live in Chile.
  • Vivo por el parque. - I live close to the park. (The park is around my house)

*I made all these examples with hours, but you can use days, weeks, months, years, seasons, daytime, etc.

  • Trabajo a las 8:00 AM. - I work at 8:00 AM
  • Trabajo hasta las 8:00 PM - I work until 8:00 PM

  • Ella llegará por las 5:00. - She’ll arrive around 5:00.
  • Ella llegará para las 5:00. - She’ll arrive around 5:00.
  • Ella llegará hacia las 5:00. - She’ll arrive around 5:00.

    *In this case all these 3 sentences have the same meaning and most of the times can be interchangeable.

  • Practico de 5:00 a 7:00. - I practice from 5:00 to 7:00.
  • Practico desde las 5:00 hasta las 7:00. - I practice from 5:00 until 7:00.
  • Me levanto desde las 6:00. - I get up from 6:00.
  • Me duermo hasta las 11:00. - I go to bed until 11:00.

en + months, seasons, years (not days)

  • Tengo vacaciones en julio. - I’m on vacation in July.
  • Quiero ir en primavera. - I want ton go in the spring.
  • Voy a ir a Argentina en el 2020. - I’m going to Argentina in 2020.

**days: we use “el, los”:
Estoy libre el viernes. - I’m free on Friday.
Tomo clases de piano los miércoles. - I take piano classes on Wednesdays.

Common prepositions

I made a Google document with the most common prepositions and their most common uses, and I also made as many examples as I could so you can see how we use them.

Here’s the document: PREPOSITIONS

Por & Para

For por and para visit my Google document. ↑↑↑

Read a lot

To get used to prepositions you need to use them a lot, and one way to do this is reading. Try to read everything you can in Spanish, from advertising to novels or news, depending on your level. Pay attention to the prepositions, specially to the ones that you find more difficult. Look at the context, and the words before and after each preposition, it will make it easier.

I know it’s difficult to try to understand what you’re reading and try to study the prepositions at the same time, so that’s why I leave you here some webpages where you can read the same articles or stories in Spanish and English. So you don’t have to focus on what is being said, but how prepositions are used.

You can also go to Linguee to search for prepositions in context.

Drill exercises

Do as many exercises as you need to get prepositions right.
Here, I share with you all the preposition exercises I found.

Transitional Phrases

We use Transitional Words or Phrases to link words, sentences or phrases, as therefore, nevertheless and so on.

In Spanish, many of these transitional phrases have prepositions. If you try to translate them literally they probably won’t make sense, so try to learn them just as they are.

Here are some links where you can see these transitional phrases:

I hope this was useful. Remember, the more you use them the easier it will be. :)
¡Buena suerte! Good luck!

7 Days of Heaven (Day 7 – Yugyeom)


Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Prologue Day 1-Jaebum Day 2-Mark  Day 3-Jinyoung Day 4-Jackson Day 5-Youngjae Day 6-Bambam  

Characters:  Kim Yugyeom (GOT7) X You (OC/Reader) X GOT7 members

Genre:  Smut

Warning/s:  Dom!Yugyeom, Lots of hair pulling (just because hahaha), thigh and butt smacking (hmmm), choking (mild), Bondage (light), Thigh Riding (because I love Yugyeom’s slender thighs they scream sex), Actual riding hahaha sorry about that, Dry humping???, what else?? Idk anymore jfc just read it

Length:  5,768 words

A/N:  OK!!! So this is the 7th and last installment of my GOT7 Smut Series, 7 Days of Heaven! It took me centuries to finally complete this hahaha and it’s been more than 5 months since I posted the teasers (can you believe it omg).  I wanted to thank each and every one of you who had consistently shown love and support for this series!  I didn’t really expect to receive this much love and appreciation so I really, really am thankful!!!

By the way here is the final installment, I hope it is good?  And things got a bit out of hand, as always, so I hope this makes up for the weeks rather months of waiting!

Also, please make sure to read until the end :))))))))))))))))  That’s it, enjoooooooooy!

At this point, Mark and Jaebum are already downing the rest of the soju and beers that you guys had left behind while waiting for Jinyoung to come back.  They cannot make you stop talking about their younger members and your sexual desires towards them, making them more awkward by the second, hoping that you just finish rambling and mumbling so that they can put you to bed and they can all either go home or sleep on your guest room or living room.

“_____, let’s tak-“

“WAAAAIIIIT, M’ not yet done, k?” Your voice is turning slurry and Mark just slumped on the couch and Jaebum just let out a sigh.

“Just let her finish, then we can tuck her to bed once she’s done.”  Jaebum pats Mark’s thigh and the older agrees.

“So, we’re down to the maknae of GOT7, ______, Yugyeom, what can you say about him?”  Mark asks before downing the rest of his beer.

“OH OH OH, that maknae, Yugyeom, damn!  He is so sexy when he dances.  Have you seen Hit the Stage? Hot damn!  It is the first time that I envied a fucking floor.  Can he hump on me like that too?  Huh???  What do you think?  That will be great, right?  Damn…” You giggled loudly and Jinyoung already came back.

“OK OK, so I guess we are all done, oppa’s gonna tuck you to bed, okay?  ______?”  You nodded and you barely had your eyes open when Jinyoung asks you to jump on his back, carrying you upstairs towards your room.  Jaebum and Mark just sighed before cleaning the mess in the living room as they waited for Jinyoung to come back so that they can all go home and call this a night.

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Day 2: Firsts / Unrequited

IwaOi Week one two three four 5 6 7

He’s warm, Hajime thinks, as Tooru buries his face in his chest, arm sliding around to Hajime’s back and tugging him closer, until their bodies are pressed together.

He’s warm, even though he always complains about cold fingers and toes, and always uses it as an excuse to get up into Hajime’s personal space.

Not that he minds it. It’s always been this way, and just like how, with time, Hajime learned to read, write, and not to leave jars with bugs open in the living room, he’s learned to accept these kind of things (hands linked under the table, arms around each other under the covers and sometimes during lunch breaks when Tooru needs to recharge) as part of how the world works.

And honestly, there’s so many more of these truths, universal and reassuring. Like how Tooru’s tone of voice gives away more than his smile. Like how his eyes search for Hajime before a powerful serve. Like how he can deal with Shittykawa and Crappykawa and a whole host of other almost-hurtful nicknames as long as Hajime grabs his wrist on the way home (he’ll slow if he doesn’t, getting lost in his insecurities) and lets Tooru curl up into his side when they’re on his bed watching movies, sometimes with popcorn, sometimes with chocolate, sometimes with grapes and apple slices if Hajime’s mom has her way.

Hajime knows how Tooru makes himself small sometimes, smaller than he ever should be, weighed down with doubts and fears and what if I’ll never be good enough.

Hajime also knows how to fix it, better than anyone.

And maybe that’s the thought that kickstarts it. Better than anyone.

He’s never really had to think about Tooru not being there, because he always has been. And honestly, Tooru would be a complete mess without him, anyway, because he forgets half his stuff all the time? Hajime’s the one who carries two bottles of water, an extra roll of tape, a small tube of hand cream for cuts and calluses - all in anticipation of Tooru draping himself over his back during practice with his telltale drawn-out “Iwa-chaaaan” to indicate that he’s once again forgotten to pack his bag properly.

Hajime’s heard Makki and Mattsun call him “team mom” behind his back, but really, the things he does are mostly for Tooru’s benefit. It’s not weird, or special, or anything. It’s just them.

Tooru mumbles something in his sleep, incoherent with his face smushed up against Hajime’s collar bone. Hajime exhales, tightening his grip.

Plus, he sleeps better with Tooru here. It’s an arrangement that works on both ends; it’s not like he’s always giving and never getting anything in return. Tooru’s just sort of reckless most of the time, and someone has to stop him from running himself into the ground. The recharging is mutual, as is the joy they share in victory (and the frustration of defeat). And Tooru’s also more thoughtful than people give him credit for. He notices things, pays attention, remembers. He buys Hajime small things that reminded me of you; takes Hajime to that new café that sells homemade chocolate ice cream, to the shrine and to festivals, to amusement parks and aquarium dates-

Tooru lets out a soft noise that rips Hajime from his thoughts, and he finds himself suddenly holding very still, tension growing in every muscle.


Fingers clench over the fabric of Hajime’s shirt (Tooru’s, actually, because his sci-fi fan shirts are way softer than anything Hajime owns and perfect for sleeping in, even if Tooru swears by Hajime’s hoodies) and Tooru wedges his leg between Hajime’s knees, hooking in and pulling himself even closer.

Hajime might have stopped breathing.

Oh. Oh.

Tooru exhales against his skin, and Hajime feels goosebumps erupt down his neck. He reflexively tightens his grip because it’s the only thing he knows how to do, though he should probably be pulling away, should think this through, should give himself time to process the realization that just burst across every fibre of his being, shit, shit, I’m in love with him-

With a tiny hum, Tooru nuzzles his face against Hajime’s skin, and he can only imagine that his eyes are fluttering open.

Hajime is acutely aware of how his heart is slamming against his chest, and on reflex he squeezes tighter, arms clenching around Tooru’s middle.


Oh god, he’s got his ear pressed right up against Hajime’s ribcage, he can probably hear-

The hands on his back unclench, touch going soft and gentle.

“…your heart’s going crazy,” Tooru mumbles, and Hajime thinks he might be dying. There’s nothing he can do but hold on, pretty sure his knuckles are going white from the strain. And then-

“D'you have a nightmare?”

Hajime lets out a breath that’s way too shaky and tries to calm his racing mind and heart, but he’s drawing blanks and probably breathing too fast now, too, because he’s bad at lying, this is the perfect excuse but he can’t use it because it’s Tooru and holy shit he loves him so much, how did he never realize-

“Hajime,” Tooru whispers, and he’s not sure if it’s the concern in his voice, or the fact that he used his given name, or the fact that he starts rubbing his palms between Hajime’s shoulder blades - either way, it feels like Hajime’s heart jumps clean out of his chest and he knows there’s more color in his face than is probably healthy, heat rising and making him wish the earth would open up and swallow him whole.

Slowly, Tooru tries to pull back to get a look at his face, and shit, it’s too bright (even though the door’s closed, the lamps are off, the only sliver of light comes from a crack in the blinds) and Tooru will see-

“No,” Hajime manages, and his voice is so wrong - and Tooru stills.

Through everything, his own nervousness and the crushing weight of his realization, Hajime still feels apprehension rising from Tooru.

“…then what’s wrong…?” he asks quietly.

Hajime wishes he could see his face, to judge his reactions, to make sure he’s not crossing a line - but what line? Was there ever one? Was this Tooru’s intention from the start? God, does he know?

Hajime is bad at lying. He doesn’t usually see the point, and even though he’s wishing he could, some small part of him is coming to terms with the fact that he’s not supposed to. He wouldn’t want Tooru to lie about something like this.

A million scenarios are shooting through his head, possibilities, reactions, what does this mean for us?

But underneath all that, there’s a certainty, and with every second it grows.

Tooru is an irreplaceable part of Hajime’s life. They’re not two halves of a whole, but they complete each other in a way Hajime could never imagine anyone else doing. His mind jumps to Tooru’s girlfriend, the only one whose confession he accepted, and how their relationship fizzled out after only a few weeks. She wasn’t right, for him.

Hajime hadn’t worried, back then. He hadn’t given it much thought at all, especially since it hadn’t taken long for it to become irrelevant again. Maybe some part of him knew that Tooru wouldn’t find what he needed out there.

In fact, he’s pretty sure (and his confidence is growing) that maybe what they both need is here, in each other’s arms.

His heart’s still racing, what if’s churning and terrifying him, and maybe all of this is moving too fast but how did I never see this before?

“I- I just-”

And even though Hajime is fighting for words, Tooru is already pulling him close again, offering comfort and warmth no matter what. It’s honestly not fair, how easy it is to let himself go, to surrender to everything Tooru is offering-

It’s too easy to love him.

“Tooru,” he says, and the tension is rising again, but really, there’s no choice. Hajime can’t keep this a secret, he already feels the words pushing towards his lips, out, tell him, now, “Tooru, I- I think I’m in love with you.”

Tooru goes scarily still, and then it’s his grip that’s turning rigid, clenching tightly around Hajime’s waist.


Hajime takes a few breaths, trying to steady himself, his own fingers catching on Tooru’s shirt and staying there, tangled up and close. Like a lifeline.

“I’m in love with you,” he says again, and the relief of saying it overpowers everything else. “I’m- shit, Tooru, I’m… I’m in love with you.”

The silence around them is suddenly heavy, strong, everywhere, and Hajime’s mind races, what if-

And then there’s a sound, so small that Hajime almost misses it over the way his pulse is pounding in his ears.

It’s Tooru’s breath, hitching in his throat, followed by what might be a sob.

“…oh,” Tooru whispers, and then he starts shaking, curling in over Hajime and pressing himself close, hiding his face and he’s crying, actually crying, air catching in gasps as his hands clench into fists.

Everything else fades. All Hajime’s senses zero in on the boy in his arms, and it’s all he can do to hold him, to try and shoulder some of the weight that seems to be coming off him in waves, along with the tears that are slowly drenching the fabric over Hajime’s skin.

“I-Iwa-chan,” he chokes, pulling back so their eyes can finally, finally meet, “Iwa-chan, I-Iwa-chan, I-”

Hajime brings his hand up to cup Tooru’s cheek, staring in awe at how much raw emotion he can see in his eyes, despite how red and blotchy his face is from crying.

And it’s all there, too. Oh, oh, Hajime, I love you and I’ve waited so long and please, please be mine now.

But he wants to hear it, then, with a fierce kind of determination, needs to make sure that he’s not making a mistake, that it’s okay to move on from here-

“Do you- do you think… do you think maybe we could try… being more than this?”

Tooru lifts his own hand to cover Hajime’s, fingers slipping together like they belong. His expression softens, wet with tears and so full of hope it’s almost painful. Hajime swallows against the lump in his throat, against the thoughts screaming oh, oh, I don’t deserve this.

“I’ve always loved you,” Tooru says, barely more than a whisper, heavy with awe. “Always. And I never thought - I-I was sure you could n-never- love me the same way.”

Hajime tries to think back, to ten minutes ago, ten hours ago, ten days ago, when tonight’s revelation was unthinkable - but he finds that he can’t. Because it feels like everything makes sense now, and his previous understanding of the world, of their lives, of his feelings is falling away. All he knows is that Tooru was always most important, for as long as he can remember.

“…think I always did,” he says, blinking the disbelief out of his own eyes. “I just- I didn’t realize. God, Tooru, I’m sorry-”

But Tooru brings up his other hand and claps it over Hajime’s mouth, cutting him off.

“D-don’t. Don’t. This is perfect. I’m- y-you’re here now. You see, now.”

Hajime nods, brushing his thumb over Tooru’s cheek. “Yeah.”

Tooru holds his gaze, and despite the tears he’s never looked more certain, more resolute. Hajime finds himself falling, bit by bit and then all at once, for the fire in Tooru’s eyes and the salt on his skin, for the way he’s practically glowing, exhaustion and worry falling away in favor of a smile that has Hajime catching his breath.

It’s a little too much, and Tooru seems to think so too, because he lets out a small, breathy laugh and lets himself fall forward, back into Hajime’s arms.

He catches him on instinct, fitting him against his chest like he’s done so many times before - only now it feels closer, stronger, definite.

“Y-you mean it?” Tooru mumbles into Hajime’s skin, arms trembling ever so slightly. “…’s this real?”

And Hajime says the only thing he can think to say, because there aren’t words for the magnitude of feelings building in his chest. He squeezes him tighter and hopes that’s enough.

“Yeah. Yeah, it is.”

  • Junkrat and Hana apporach Lucio: Oi! Lucio got any plans for today? Me an Song over here was gonna blow something up real nice.
  • Lucio: I'm getting my hair done for a show this week~
  • Hana: Yeah, but what are you doing after?
  • Lucio stares at them: . .I'm. .I'm getting my hair done?
  • Junkrat: It doesn't take long to get a trim yeah? I mean its like what 5 minutes at best.
  • Hana: A good stylus will take at least an hour Junkrat-
  • Junkrat: nonsense!
  • Lucio hugs both if them really tightly: Neither of you understand true pain, until you sit in a chair for 6 hours
Arrow 5x20 Spoiler #8

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this, so I thought I should clarify for everyone. Yes, Marc will be sending me a 5x20 spoiler every week until it airs. It’s just a fun game I cooked up and he was kind enough to indulge me because he’s the actual best. Sorry if it was confusing for anyone!

So here we go with #8…

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Hello Tomco tag and followers, it’s been a while! I apologize for not reblogging things recently, I kinda shelved this blog for a bit. But now I’m back! I don’t have a full week planned, as I’m a little late to the draw and Valentine’s Day is in exactly a week. So instead I will propose only a few days rather than an entire seven days. I don’t know what the “Star Bomb” has in store for us but I think we could all use some fluffy, romantic content, right? So here we go, with sweet Valentine’s Day related prompts.

Day 1 - Feb 12 - Family Introductions

Marco and Tom are dating now! How does the introduction to each other’s families go? Good? Bad? Up to you! You can write about Tom’s parents, or Marco’s or both, whatever you want. Heck even Star is considered part of the family really so they could even tell her. The world is yours!

Day 2 - Feb 13 - Date Night

It’s the day before Valentine’s Day and Tom and Marco elect to spend it together. What do they do, where do they go? Are there gifts? Food? Just lots of snuggling? Your choice.

Day 3 - Feb 14 - Valentine’s Day

The big day is here. This one is entirely for you! Give me your fluffiest, cutest, most romantic ideas. Sharing chocolate, kissing over coffee, holding hands on a romantic boat ride, watching the sunset/sunrise, whatever the heck you want. Hell, maybe they get a bit flirty and seductive~ (caveat: NSFW is allowed but please tag it appropriately and put it under a read more)

Day 4 - Feb 15 - Wild Card

Whatever other V-day tropes strike your fancy. Do they wake up from a night cuddled up together? Are they sick from all the chocolate? Do they just do tired forehead kisses and arrange their next date? Does one of them propose?? The power is yours.

So ye, those are the days this time around. Next time I’ll get this together further in advance. Now for the guidelines. Same as last time:

1. Please use the Tomco tag on everything you post for a week. You may of course use main show tags, such as svtfoe and Star Vs, since they are from the show, but just make sure Tomco is also tagged for blacklisting purposes.

2. You may also want to use ‘Tomco Week’ as a tag as well, just to make it easier for me to find your work. I’ll be reblogging everything on the relevant days.

3. You may post entries early, they just won’t be reblogged here until the relevant day comes up. Feel free to shoot me a message but odds are I’ll like it so I can find it later.

4. If you miss the day, don’t worry. I will reblog them as soon as you get it posted. Again, shoot me a message if I miss it. I’ll be tagging things by day for searching purposes.

5. I’m gonna say that NSFW is allowed, but nothing too explicit, please. I’m not going to check ages but if you want to post more mature content, just make sure it’s got the proper tags. I do want this blog to be enjoyed by all shippers, and some may not want to see explicit stuff. Let’s keep it tasteful.

I’ll accept fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, videos, heck, songs, whatever you wanna share.

That about covers it. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. :D

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I’m so so sorry about the lack of updates..!
… I’ll be honest: Skyrim has once again consumed my life and my soul so I kind of forgot about everything else for a while haha 

KuroDai Week 2k17

KuroDai Week 2017 is finally here! 

Join us as we celebrate the relationship of our favorite Trash Heap captains, Kuroo Tetsurou and Sawamura Daichi.

KuroDai Week 2017 will be on May 6 until May 13. Any and all forms of work are accepted, be it edits/gifs/graphics, fanarts, fanfics, headcanons, fanmixes- anything you can think of doing, as long as it is an original work, are welcome!


Day 1: First Meeting / Next Time
Day 2: Sports Swap AU / Same High school AU
Day 3: Childhood / Adulthood
Day 4: Blind Date / Shotgun Wedding 
Day 5: Fake Relationship / Domestic 
Day 6: Distance / Travel
Day 7: Free Day
Bonus Day 8: Mythical Creatures/Super Powers

All prompts are subject to your own interpretation. Just kindly include #kurodaiweek2k17 and/or #kurodaiweek within the first five tags of your post. 

For more information, you can visit the fanweek blog. Just click the ‘message’ tab for FAQs and the ‘about’ tab for the general guidelines. Don’t hesitate to message us if you have further questions.

Please reblog to help us spread the word! We are looking forward to seeing your creations! 

Delinquent week !!

June 5th until 11th 2017

Because lil’ jerk are greats this is a whole week to show your love about that kind of characters!

Deliquent / Greaser / Furyo / Gangtsa / Punk / Hooligan / Bully

are accepted, evil or not!


👹 Day 1: Date / Rainy day / Animal(s)

👹  Day 2: Canon / Headcanon / Couple(s)

👹  Day 3: AU / Heardressing / Other clothes

👹 Day 4: Child / Hightschool / Adult

👹 Day 5: Fight / Redemption / Evil

👹 Day 6: Drunk / Injury / Drive

👹 Day 7: Free / Free / Free

OF COURSE you can check the rule here and ask for any nicety!

Hey LITs! It’s been another great year for this fandom with another amazing season gone and by. And some people have been asking if i’ll be holding the same Shipathon I did last summer, and the answer is an enthusiastic yes!

Last spring, me (queerseth) and some other LITs had the idea to spread a celebration of all of our wonderful ships over three months, since three is the magic number, and it also leads up perfectly to when the show will return in the fall! Just like last year, this year’s Shipathon will be taking place over the summer and into the fall, from the start of July to the end of September. 

Each week has a designated ship/relationship/group of relationships, and for each week you can do whatever you want to celebrate that relationship - gifs, videos, writing, edits, playlists, just posting about what you like about that relationship! We tried to be as inclusive as possible!

Just like last year, the ships are chosen based off of what is most prevalent in the show and in the fandom. This fandom isn’t very big, so trust me when we tell you, we know it like the back of our hand. But if you have a ship that isn’t included, remember that this is only a guideline for a general celebration of ships and you can post about whatever rare ship you want! Just remember to tag it with #librariansshipathon so that we can all see it, find it, and so that I can reblog it to this blog, which will serve as a kind of archive. 

With 5 months until July still, I’m posting this now to give us all as much time as possible to prepare! Last year we had less time but it still went off wonderfully, let’s see what we can do this year, to fill the void of the hiatus!

NOTE: This isn’t just about romance! You can appreciate the dynamics between these characters in any way you want! Please respect everyone’s ships and interpetations, no hate here!

Week 1 -  July 1-7 -  Eve/Flynn

Week 2 - July 8-14 - Cassandra/Estrella, Cassandra/Lamia, Cassandra/Any minor female character 

Week 3 - July 15-21- Jenkins/Cassandra, Jenkins/Ezekiel, Jenkins/Jake

Week 4 - July 22-28 - Cindy/Ezekiel

Week 5 - July 29 - August 5 - Jake/Ezekiel

Week 6 - August 6-12 - Flynn/Ezekiel, Flynn/Cassandra, Flynn/Jake

Week 7 - August 13-19 - Cassandra/Eve, Jake/Eve, Ezekiel/Eve

Week 8 - August 20 - 26 - Flynn/Moriarty

Week 9 - August  27 - September 2 - Cassandra/Ezekiel

Week 10 - September 3 - 9 - Jake/Cassandra/Ezekiel

Week 11 - September 10 - 16 - Jake/Cassandra

Week 12 - September 17 - 23 - Eve/Moriarty

Week 13 - September 24 - 30 - Flynn/Eve/Moriarty

Clear Slime Recipe!

**note: you will have to wait a few days for your slime to become crystal clear. sometimes it can take up to a week, but usually around 3-5 days. 

Hello! I promised a clear slime tutorial, so here it is! 


- borax powder

- clear, PVA based glue

- 1 cup of warm water

- something to mix with/something to mix in

- a flat, airtight container

**optional: you can add food coloring, glitter, etc.

How to Make it!

Step 1: Start by taking one teaspoon of borax powder and adding it to your 1 cup of warm water. Stir until the solution is as clear as you can get it and the borax is dissolved.

Step 2. Grab another stirring utensil and your bowl. Add in as much clear glue as you want, depending on how big you want your batch of slime to be. If you want your slime to have color, add in a few drops of of food coloring and stir it in. 

Step 3. Add in your borax solution bit by bit, stirring as your pour it in. Make sure not to add in too much borax solution or it will ruin your slime! I recommend taking a spoon and pouring in small spoonfuls of borax at a time. This can allow you to achieve your desired consistency.

Step 4. Once your slime isn’t sticky, store it in a container (preferably short, so your slime can spread out, allowing air bubbles to rise and disappear quicker). Wait as long as you need to until your slime is perfectly clear. 

If you want to add glitter, now is the time to add it!

If you have any questions/comments, make sure to let me know!

🖤Drug Lord E [Part 6] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Ethan and Y/N get closer

Warnings: FOR ENTIRE SERIES: Drugs/sexual assault/Violence

A/N: Twins are older in this. So I’ve never wrote anything about these subjects before and at any point if you are uncomfortable please stop reading! Also, requests are on hold until I finish the series! Still open, just won’t be posting! Now without further ado, I present Drug Lord Ethan.

Part 5

Ethan’s POV

It’s been about two weeks since Y/N’s been here. I still haven’t gotten money from, or even seen Justin. I haven’t really said much of anything to her. I really had nothing to say. She was starting to connect with everyone else, but she would never look to me. Whenever we weren’t out, everyone would hang out in the living room and play a boardgame or watch a movie. I was typically in my room getting high to forget everything. Nate and Y/N were extremely close now. I’m pretty sure that they have probably slept together while I’ve been out or when they’ve been alone. I decided not to kill Justin, well Grayson convinced me not to. I was in a rage mode and the next day I was over it.

I was currently in my room smoking a blunt with Grayson, Angie, and Cameron. I think everyone else was in the living room playing Uno. Angie was nuzzled up against Grayson’s chest as she took a hit from the blunt. Gray looks down at her as she blows the smoke in his face. We all started laughing. Well I wasn’t. All I could think about was Sam being here. Sam lying on my chest while I smoked. She never did take a hit. She would keep me on the ground while my head was high in the clouds. She would cup my face and kiss me whenever I was being too paranoid or I just wouldn’t stop talking. For some reason, Y/N reminded me of Sam in some ways. We may not have the same connection, but I felt good around her? I don’t think that makes sense. At first, I couldn’t stand Y/N being here.

“Ethan you good?” Cameron asked as I snapped myself back into reality. I nodded showing I was okay. “Your turn.” Cameron motions towards the blunt in his fingers. I take another toke until the room is full of smoke. I pass it on and throw my head back against the bed. I could feel myself getting higher and higher. I climbed on my bed and flopped my head in my pillows. I heard everyone in the room talking as I felt my eyes grow heavy. I peeled my shirt off as going to bed high always made me sweat.


I woke up around 3:47am to a loud thud down the hall. I look on the floor and I see Grayson and Angie tangled together sleeping. I then heard a muffled shriek before I hopped out of bed on my feet. I darted down the hall before I heard a loud bang against Y/N’s door. I tried to open the door, but there was an object in the way. “Y/N are you okay?” I asked concerned through the door. “What’s against the door? Let me in.” I demanded as I punched the door.

“Ethan?” I heard her ask and then I heard her spit.

“She’s fine dude.” I recognized that voice. Nate was in there with her. I then slammed my body against the door trying to open it.

“You better not fucking touch her Garner!” I slammed against the door once more before the hinges broke off. I saw Y/N lying on the floor with blood coming out of her nose. Her shirt had been ripped to where I could see her dark colored bra. I looked up at Nate who was shirtless and his jeans were unbuttoned. That’s when I lost it. I slammed him up against the wall with my hand around his throat. I pinched him by this throat and I slammed him against the wall again, this time knocking some drywall out. “If you ever fucking touch her again I will fucking murder you with my own bare hands. Do you understand me?” I asked as I felt my shoulder being pulled back. “If you try anything like this again with anyone, I will fucking kill you!”

“Let him go E.” I heard Grayson stutter as he pulled my grip on Nate’s neck loose. Alex is on my other side pulling too. I let go and I turn around. Angie is on the ground next to Y/N. I look back to Grayson.

“Clean her up. Move her things into my room. She’ll be staying with me for the rest of her time here.” Alex grabbed some of the clothes Angie let her borrow and left the room. I walked over to Nate who was trying to catch his breath. I kneeled down to him.“Don’t you ever fucking touch her again. Are we clear?” I asked him. He looked up at me and bared his teeth at me. He spit in my face as he smirked.

“We’re clear.” He hissed. “She’s not as easy as you made her out to be Dolan.” He chuckled. I stood up and I nodded my head. I turned around to see Grayson and Angie taking Y/N out of the room. I looked back at Nate before I kneed him in the face hard. His head bounced off of the wall before he collapsed on the floor. I leaned down next to him again.

“If I find out you did anything more to her besides try to touch her, you will be out of the gang and dead within minutes.” I whispered before leaving Nate in the room alone.


I was sitting on the toilet while Angie was cleaning my wounds. “Sorry about your shirt.” I stated trying to break the silence. It was pretty late and I knew she was probably exhausted.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad you’re okay and that Ethan didn’t kill him.” I furrowed my brows confused. “I thought we were friends.” I said trying to change the subject as Angie wiped a cold rag against my forehead. I winced in pain.

“Yeah I actually liked Nate. I had no idea he would do something like this.” Angie continued to clean my face a little. “Some of these are going to bruise.” I nodded as I already knew. After some more silence, Grayson walked back into the bathroom. He had a straight face on as he looked at Angie cleaning me up. He handed me a hoodie which had a skunk smell to it.

“Thanks.” I mumbled. I slid the hoodie on.

“Did he do anything to you?” Grayson asked me. I knew not to say anything to terrible. I may have been here for a few weeks, but I think snitches get stitches applies here too.

“No. He came into my room and felt me up. When I tried to push him away is when he lost his cool. He pushed me up against the door and that’s when Ethan tried to stop it.” I halfway lied and halfway told the truth. I didn’t say anything to them about Nate kissing me or trying to get me to suck him off. I didn’t tell them about Nate punching me or choking me either. I felt the less they knew, the better off I would be.

“Well Ethan doesn’t want you by yourself so you’re going to be staying in his room for awhile.” Grayson looked up at me.

“What? No! I don’t want to stay with that jerk! He’s no better than Nate.” I argued. Ethan walked in the bathroom behind Grayson.

“Y/N this is for your own good! Just shut up and listen for once!” Grayson snapped at me. Angie stopped cleaning my face and looked at Grayson in shock. He was breathing heavily. I’ve never heard Grayson yell before, especially at me. Ethan was also taken back a little by his brother’s outburst. “Sorry. Smoking always makes me a tad bit irritable. Ethan is an asshole, but he’s trying to help you out now. Just meet him halfway on this okay?” I noticed Ethan had left the bathroom. I nodded at Grayson to which he also left. Angie put some bandaids on my face.

“I’m going to…” She trailed off, but I knew what she meant.

“Go. Don’t worry I’ll be fine.” I said and she smiled at me. She left me alone in the bathroom. I saw the time on the clock read 4:23am. I was starting to feel my eyelids grow heavy and that I needed some sleep. I stumbled out as I walked to the other side of the hall to Ethan’s room. I stood there for a second before I knocked on the know a couple times gently.

“Come in.” I heard his gruff voice say. I walked in quietly. He was sprawled out on the bed, but then he stood up and looked at me. “Hey.” He said softly

“Hey.” I responded looking around the room. Nothing had really changed except that the blunt was gone and he had a new bottle of liquor on his bedside table. I saw he made a pallet on the floor. I walked over, but he stopped me.

“No I’ll sleep here. You can have my bed.” He offered. I chuckled at his gesture.

“How noble of you.” I smiled.

“What? I maybe a drug lord, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t raised to be chivalrous.” We both laughed. I lied down on the bed and wrapped myself within the covers. Ethan was on the floor, but I couldn’t sleep. I leaned over the side and saw his eyes were closed.

“Ethan.” I whispered. “Ethan.” I whispered louder to where he woke up and locked his eyes with mine.

“What’s wrong Y/N? Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I just can’t sleep.” I admitted with a sigh.

“Scoot over.” Ethan stood up and I did as I was told. Ethan crawled under the covers with me while I lied against his body. His chest was warm against my back. This was wrong, but why did it feel so right?

Part 7