until the stars fall

Falling slowly

So, I definitely got more out of my second read through of Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts. 

One of the things that struck me is how Viktor thinks about Yuuri, and when he does it. We know that at the end of the chapter, at the age of 23, Viktor is ‘completely in love with Yuuri’. But the bit before he says this is very telling: 'Viktor had known for a long time where the path he was walking would eventually lead’. See that? He had known for a long time.  Perhaps he didn’t think it in the words he uses at the end of the chapter, but he knew he was falling all the same.  And when I read through the chapter I just saw so much evidence of Viktor falling. He’s been falling slowly for a long time, and we can see it happen through the chapter. 

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Lance has always felt like an outcast in the small town of Wall, always bullied for his strange marks and long ears that he tried so hard to hide in order to fit in. The only one who doesn’t seemed dazed by his appearance is his adoptive brother, Shiro, the one who found him near the wall. No matter how many times he had tried to ask him about where he came from Shiro never gave any answers. Lance only knew that he came from across the wall.

Is not until a star falls to the other side and the fate of his heart depends on finding it that he decides to go against the rules and cross the wall, trying not only to get the pretty jewel to his true love, Nyma, as a proposition of marriage, but also trying to find his lost sister, the one Shiro met so many years ago. 


Favorite Final Fantasy Couples (Valentine’s Day Edition)  

When this world is no more, the moon is all we’ll see. I’ll ask you to fly away with me. Until the stars all fall down, they empty from the sky.  But I don’t mind, if you’re with me, then everything’s alright. 


MCU The Winter Soldier x Star Wars TFA AU 

On Your Left: How It All Began

Finn as Captain America and Poe as Falcon

What do you do when you’re too shy to ask out the cute guy in your neighbourhood? Get his attention by running literal rings around him every day while he’s on his morning jog! He’ll be so impressed that he’s bound to fall in love with you immediately! There’s no way this plan can fail!

(Finn’s not very good at the whole dating thing)

Prequel to this (x)

they get wine drunk and kiss each other’s rosy cheeks and laugh and slow dance around their kitchen when the buzz of the alcohol starts to fade and go out on their balcony and watch the night sky until it feels like the stars are in their veins and then they fall asleep on top of the covers holding each other close

Imagine sharing bunks with Josh. Since he likes to cuddle, you’d always sleep with your bodies in a tangled knot. In the morning, he wouldn’t let you leave the bed, but instead holds you tight against his. At night you two would have endless deep conversations until one of you falls asleep. Imagine gazing stars from the see through wall of his tiny bunk. Most of the time you’d be pressed against the thin glass, cluelessly creating a small crack. As soon as you add more pressure against it, the crack tears open even wider to the point where your body just slips out of Josh’s grip and falls right out of the enormous gap, straight onto the busy highway. The man sitting behind the steeling wheel of the truck coming your way, didn’t see you and unintentionally drives his 80,000 pounds heavy vehicle over your body crushing every bone in a snap. There you lay, with blood spread around what’s left of your body. Parts that are missing, have possibly stuck to the wheels of the truck.

Guess who’s back at it again.

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MTMTE Drift, Cyclonus, Megatron, Rung and TFA Prowl with an S/O who likes to stargaze?


  • Shares your awe. The universe is so vast and beautiful.
  • When you stargaze he looks at you the whole time. You ask him why and he says the stars are even more beautiful when they’re reflected in your eyes.
  • If you have trouble sleeping he cuddles with you next to a window so you can watch the stars until you fall asleep.


  • He stargazes with you on a regular basis. Most people think he’s brooding, but you’re really spending quality time together.
  • He often tells you about what the stars looked like where he’s from. His eyes are distant and nostalgic, but this is special so he’s happy to be able to share it with you.
  • He asks you what the stars look like from earth, and you sit together and just reminisce for a while.


  • It’s endearing to him the way your eyes light up when you see the stars. It also reminds him how innocent you are, and how he doesn’t deserve someone as good and pure as you. 
  • He’ll tell you as many stories as you want to hear about his travels. He also tells you about Cybertron’s constellations.
  • Sometimes he convinces Rodimus to fly to a particularly beautiful place so he can see how excited you get.


  • Thinks you’re absolutely adorable when you gush about the stars. He watches you with a serene smile as you stargaze.
  • He tells you stories about when he served on other ships. He holds the models up to the window to make them look like they’re flying through space.
  • When you’re feeling down he’ll help you make a blanket fort in front of the window and snuggle with you while you watch the stars go by.

TFA Prowl

  • He’s always up to take you stargazing. It’s nice to get away from the city sometimes.
  • He brings a tent so you can go camping. You build a fire and make s’mores before bed.
  • Neither of you talk much as you stargaze. It’s good to just know that the other is there, and you don’t need to say anything.
Star Fragment Candy - Spoon Friendly Instructions

Okay, so I felt like the instructions on the first post weren’t very accessible, it was long and kind of difficult to read. So here’s a more simplified version!

What you need:
- A wooden skewer chopstick or lollipop stick
-A clothespin or chip clip
-Medium saucepan
-1 cup of water, charged under the moon or with cosmic energy
-3 cups of sugar
-A tall narrow glass or jar
-Flavoring (I chose lemon and orange  extracts, but you can use any extract, fruit juice or even kool-aid)
-Food coloring (I chose yellow like the Star Fragments)

How to make the candy:

  1. Lightly wet your skewer, and roll it in sugar (maybe you can use flavored sugar for this part), set aside to dry.
  2. Pour your water into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Slowly add the sugar, stirring constantly, until it stops dissolving. As you stir, visualize a falling star, its energy and light falling right into your pot. Let it continue to boil for a few minutes.
  3. Remove the pot from heat, and add your flavoring and food coloring. How much food coloring you add will determine how light the candy color is. Making the water super dark with color will make a richer color of the crystals. Let cool for 15 - 20 minutes.
  4. When it’s cooled, pour the sugar water into the jar, filling it up most of the way. Using the clip, submerge the skewer, sugared side down into the jar, making sure it doesn’t touch the sides and hangs about 1 inch above the bottom.
  5. Cover the jar with plastic wrap or a sandwich bag to keep dust out, and place it somewhere it won’t be disturbed. You should see crystals forming within a few hours.
  6. Check on your candy over the next 3-7 days, charging the jar as it grows, until it’s as big as you like. Be careful not to let it get stuck to the sides of your jar! When ready, remove the stick and let dry on a paper towel.
You are exactly where you need to be. You’ll stay there until the day my lungs give up and my heart stops beating and you’ll stay there until all the stars fall on the ground. And you’ll stay there until the universe collapses. You’ll stay there as long as I stay here on this earth. You’ll stay in my heart.
—  ck.writes (on Instagram)
tattoos of the constellations that mean the most to you. lying on your back in the grass, looking up and counting the stars, losing track and starting over until falling asleep. zooming into the andromeda galaxy until it looks like static. connecting the freckles and moles on someone’s body to create your own constellations. doing the thing that scares you the most. watching the x-files in the middle of the night, again.
—  name aesthetic: astrid // requested by anonymous
(cc, 2017)

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Hey do you have any breakup? Or sad Ziam fics? Preferably with a happy ending! Thanks x

i’m linking break up ones

clocks in our hearts were in sync (it wasn’t our time) (wip)

You Were Mine For The Summer (wip)

I’ll Never Forgive Myself

I don’t want to be without you anymore

Fancy Another Flatmate

Out of the woods


(He’s) Definitely a Keeper (girl zayn)

All Those Lightyears (I Run To Catch You)

don’t leave tonight, stay

Gotta Be You

Hello Again

Until the Stars Fall Out of the Sky

Just Let Me Know

P.S: I miss you. Like every day.


              ◜★◞ ┆ ━   OTP: poe & ben.
                                    for @lipbitc. 

arctic monkeys lyrics meme


  • they’d probably like to throw a punch at me.
  • i’ll be yours until the stars fall from the sky.
  • i’m a mad motherfucker.
  • you’re a rule breaker, baby.


  • ain’t it just like you to kiss me and then hit the road?
  • it’s not like i’m falling in love I just want you to do me no good
  • i’m trying to change your mind.
  • i wanna grab both your shoulders and shake.
  • you and me could have been a team.
  • i’m a puppet on a string.
  • satisfaction feels like a distant memory.
  • unfair we’re not somewhere misbehaving.
  • will you pour me one for the road?
  • i can’t explain but i want to try.  
  • it’s kinda strange now you’re gone
  • have you no idea that you’re in deep?
  • i dreamt about you nearly every night this week.
  • ‘cause there’s this tune I found that makes me think of you.
  • was sorta hoping that you’d stay.
  • maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new.
  • we could be together if you wanted to.
  • you call the shots, babe.
  • maybe i just wanna be yours.   
  • if i had a heart you’re the one who should break it.


  • you look like you’ve been for breakfast at the heartbreak hotel.  
  • i’m sure that you’re still breaking hearts.
  • i’m hanging on by the rings around my eyes.
  • be cruel to me 'cause i’m a fool for you.
  • that’s not a skirt, girl, that’s a sawn-off shotgun and i can only hope you’ve got it aimed at me.
  • baby, i was made to break your heart.


  • can I call you her name?
  • there’s absolutely nothing for us here. 


  • try and keep your trousers on.
  • i’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck.
  • i crumble completely when you cry.
  • it seems like once again you’ve had to greet me with goodbye.
  • take off your wedding ring.
  • do me a favor, tell me to go away.
  • stop flattering yourself.
  • perhaps 'fuck off’ might be too kind.