until she turns against her creator

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A thought: Blue Diamond coming back somehow, and seeing Steven for the first time. (Because I love the idea of protective momma-Blue just holding him tight and crying tears of joy)

Okay… here ya go. :D

Just so everyone knows, this piece is ‘non-canon’.

Maternal Instinct


When Blue Diamond learned of the idea, it had seemed like such a strange concept. Messy and inefficient, compared to the Gem method of reproduction. But the more she had learned, the more she had seen the beauty in it. The poetry, the magic. The ability to create: not just a copy, but something wholly new. Somebody who could be better

And she also noticed how Greg’s eyes lit up when he saw human children playing on the streets or in one the many parks around the city. And Blue Diamond began to feel something new, something burning inside herself as well.

Together, they had decided to have a child.

But… it hadn’t worked.

There had been tears after the stillbirth. Grieving. But Greg had moved on, saying at least he still had her. He had urged Blue Diamond to move on as well.

But she had refused.

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