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Prompt: @whothehellisbella‘s song challenge - I’m In Here by Sia

A/N:This. Was. A. STRUGGLE!!! I wound up outlining a whole series that I felt really went with this song (yet to come), and this is the blob that I wrote for a one shot in in its stead. It’s angsty af and sooooo damn long. Idk team. Idk.

Warning: aaaangst, poor relationship dynamics.

Word Count: 6247 I’m fainting. This is the longest fic I’ve ever posted. I’m done.

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“She gonna be okay?” Tony asked, handing Steve a cup of the shitty black sludge that the cafeteria passed off as coffee. His sharp brown eyes scanning the windows for any glimpse of you through the partially closed blinds. The muffled steady beeping of the monitors was a comfort, at least.

“Think so,” Steve sighed, finally lifting his gaze from his feet to mimic Tony’s glances into the room. He’d been seated opposite your door with his elbows on his knees and his head buried in his hands since your arrival. “As long as the grafts take and she gets through the quarantine stage, she should recover alright.”

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My friend is on a diet, and she’s losing weight. She’s actually doing a healthy diet, but it was so triggering just hearing that somebody else was losing weight, because I immediately felt really competitive. She mentioned that once during a bout of the flu she didn’t eat for a straight week because she was so ill. That’s my new goal. A whole week of fasting. The last time I ate was about three and a half hours ago, so if all goes as planned, my next meal won’t be until at least next Saturday at 5 pm

Wander | Chapter I.


It all started on a tiny little island in the middle of nowhere. Hunk was used to routine, of having a set schedule each and every day with little variation unless he actively sought it out. Ever since his parents had gone off to travel, and he’d lost his friend, Lance, to the sea— he had been alone.

All it took was accidentally stumbling upon a pirate ship to change his entire life. For better or worse, as the saying goes.

There was more here for him, in terms of people and excitement, than whatever was waiting for him back on the island. 

He squared his shoulders, folding his hands across his belly as he came to his decision; one brasher than he’d ever had before. 

“I’d like to stay.”

Ta-da! It’s the pirate AU i’ve been talking about for YEARS!!! its HERE!!!

The first two chapters are short compared to literally every other chapter, but I hope you all will join me on this wild ride that are these fic is,,,

without further ado!

(Read it on AO3 here)

Hunk awoke to the harsh rain banging against the glass of his windows, threatening to burst through and slice him with sharp winds.

After shaking off his sleep and slipping into some houseshoes, he began to tack up his usual method of protection from the angry nature. A plastic sheet on each window, in case they broke, secured with a few nails hammered into place. He’d need to repair the holes later on.

That was the least of his worries, though. His roof was old and in desperate need of a repair that he’d put off since the last autumn. Now, it was leaking cold water all across his home, and he didn’t have enough bowls to catch the water that sprinkled across his bed, let alone the entire house.

He heaved a heavy sigh and began to lay out every blanket he owned to suck up the water, choosing to cover his favorite, plush loveseat first and foremost. Out of everything he owned, he’d hate to throw it because of water damage.

In the end, he didn’t have enough blankets to cover the rest of his kitchen, but that would be fine. The tile would just need to be wiped down and dried to fight against mildew. His carpet, on the other hand, would mold even if someone sneezed on it. That he covered liberally, and added a few more plastic sheets, just to err on the side of caution.

Hours later, the sun peaked through the clouds to gaze down upon the damage that had rained upon them. The town took that as their collective cue to lay out their moistened belongings, including their own bodies. Everything was laid out to air dry under the sun’s kind heat, and soon Hunk could hear the sound of an impromptu party as his neighbors shared food and brought their children over to play in their backyards, while they waited for their homes to dry.

Hunk tossed his blankets onto the back porch, shaking and wringing out the water as best he could with just his bare hands. They lined the wooden handrails until there was no room left, and Hunk laid the rest across his fence.

It always grew awfully humid in his home after every rain, so he left all of his (thankfully unbroken) windows cracked open, along with both his front and back door.

Once all of the blankets were laid out, and the buckets and bowls had been emptied of their pools of rain, Hunk stretched his arms up into the sky until his back cracked.

It would be an arduous process to clean his house as he usually did after a heavy rain. Today, of all days, he was feeling particularly lazy, though.

So, instead of doing the responsible thing that was to clean his entire home top to bottom and sweep out the sand and salt that had built up, he decided that he’d take a walk along the beach instead. It would give him ample time to relax and take in the day while he waited for the walls to dry, anyway.

The air seemed to be calling him, that morning. It never did that before.

Read the rest on AO3 here, plus chapter 2, for free! 


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Everything is Okay

Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: Just some cuss words, nothing too bad. Also short. Oops

A/N: this is the first Sebastian imagine that I’ve done! Ironic, huh? Sorry it’s short! Hope y’all enjoy!

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Your morning was a blur, you awoke to check your phone only to see your Instagram had completely exploded. You jumped from 400 followers to 20,000 overnight and you knew exactly why. 

“Sebastian Stan you better get your ass into the bedroom right now!” You screamed, staring at the picture you were tagged in by Sebastian. It showed the picture that had been his lockscreen for weeks, with you smiling into the camera as he rested his chin ever-so-lightly in the crook of your neck. His arms were wrapped around your waist and his eyes were lit up by a grin. 

You heard feet pad quickly up the stairs, only to have a sheepish Sebastian standing in the doorway. 

There was a reason you were fuming. The two of you hadn’t announced your relationship even though it had been a year. He was keen on being quiet about it which you obviously didn’t mind one bit. You weren’t ready to announce it, but he was, so he did. 

“I can’t- I literally cannot believe you did this!” You felt as though you were steaming out of your ears. 

He shrugged nervously, “It’s a really cute picture, I couldn’t resist.” 

“Did you really have to post it? Honestly? At this fucking time?!” 

Sebastian sighed, coming into the room and sitting on the edge of the bed, “You really thought that we could do this forever? We’ve had a lot of close calls.” 

“I just-” you looked at your phone again, suddenly admiring the picture, “I guess it’s fine. I just didn’t expect this much attention from it.” 

He smiled, “It’ll be fine, babe. I promise.” 

You leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. 

You wished you had gotten a bit more of a notice but it had to happen eventually. Most of the comments were positive which you were thankful for, but you still wanted to prepare yourself. 

Sebastian kissed your cheek, “Now, let’s go to breakfast. At a real restaurant this time.” 

You pulled him by his neck back down to you, your lips connecting once again. “You’re paying.” 

You pulled away completely from him, giggling and rushing to the shower. 


Former Number One Hero, All Might, climbed out of the car, thanking the driver as he shut the door. When it drove off, Toshinori Yagi straightened with a groan and a pop of his back, and approached the apartment building where Inko Midoriya lived. Three flights and a long hallway brought him to the correct door. At one time, such a trip would make for a mindless stroll, but now… Toshinori rubbed his lower back with his knuckles, kneading the ache that had formed there. Again, he found himself battling the creeping fatigue that seemed to be his constant companion since his battle with All for One and the loss of his last remnants of One for All. With a last exhausted sigh, he shook off his fatigue, put on a convincing smile, and rang the doorbell.

The weekly meetings between Toshinori and Inko Midoriya started after young Midoriya began his additional training with his predecessor in the evenings. Toshinori would meet with and update Inko on her son’s progress, doing what he could to answer any of her questions and concerns. It had actually been the boy’s idea. He could tell his mother still fretted about him despite his daily phone calls. The suggestion had been accidental, an offhand comment during a rest period. Though the boy had frantically insisted All Might not do anything that would be inconvenient, his mentor enthusiastically agreed to do it.

Toshinori thought it was the very least he could do to belay any of his student’s mother’s worries. The retired hero was, after all, the source of them. It had never been his intent, but then again he had only thought to make Izuku his successor. He owed it to Inko to ease her mind with a smile and reassurances.

It only took a quick call for the times and dates to be set. This would be the third meeting.

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Alpha Pack [Derek Hale x Reader]

Request: Derek Hale image where he’s being a grumpy alpha and the only one that can help him relieve his stress is y/n

Warnings: None that I remember

A/N: Sorry nonnie for the time it took to write this. I did change grumpy to angry because I couldn’t find a good scenario with a grumpy Derek. Hope you enjoy!

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You were sat on the couch watching the complete the Lord of the Rings trilogy when a woman walked into the loft and Derek stepped in behind her. You felt a pang in your chest when you saw the two, thinking that he had finally got a girlfriend. Secretly, you had hoped that you would have been the one to go out with him, not this woman. With your werewolf senses, you smelled that she was something weird and unknown to you. “Great, so much for going out with Derek.” You thought. You had had a crush on Derek for approximately two years but you never gave up hope since he had never come home with a girlfriend. But, now as you saw him with that woman, all hope that you might have had was gone.

Derek introduced her to you, “Hey (Y/N), this is Jennifer.”

“Hi.” You merely said, not wanting to see the person who had taken him away from you. She didn’t really take him away from you since he wasn’t with you but it felt as though. You unpaused the movie and ignored the couple. You heard they go up the stairs, Jennifer was giggling. At that sound, you felt like you would die if you pushed through this feeling any longer so, you headed out the loft.

You didn’t really know where you were going, you were just walking where your feet took you. You were staring at the ground when, suddenly, you saw bare feet in front of you, claws protruding from her toes instead of nails. A werewolf. You looked up to see her face and your eyes met familiar glowing red eyes. The only female of Deucalion’s Alpha Pack stood before you. You looked around to see if anyone else was around you but Kali was the only one. You knew that you didn’t stand a chance against an Alpha werewolf, being a newly-turned Beta. You didn’t move, not out of fear but knowing that the odds of you be killed by her would be greater if you moved.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Derek Hale’s protégée.” She smiled viciously, “I wonder what he would do if you were to end up dead on his doorstep. What do you think (Y/N)?”

You stayed silent, partly in fear, partly voluntarily. You knew you that if you said something wrong, she would not hesitate to kill you.

“Too afraid to talk?” she mocked you, “Well, you won’t ever have to talk again since you’re going to be dead soon” she backed up, preparing to slit your throat with a spinning hook kick.

She was gaining momentum and you were still unmoving, when a deep voice yelled from behind you, “Kali, stop!” the Alpha listened to the voice and stopped running. You turned around to look at your savior and saw the newest Beacon Hills enemy, Deucalion. The Alpha smiled at you.

“Kali, this young lady is smarter than she lets on. She wasn’t moving not out of fear but knowing that talking or moving could take her life.” He told her, “She is going to be very useful for us, especially that she is important to Derek Hale. Derek is stupid for leaving you all alone.” He smiled, this time it was more devious. “Let’s go Kali, take her.” You felt a hard piece of metal bang against your neck and you blacked immediately after.

The next morning, Derek woke up next to Jennifer. He discreetly left the bed, not waking the woman next to him up, and walked towards your bedroom. He softly knocked at the door as he always did. Usually, you would respond to the knock and he would enter the room to find you working, reading a book or watching another one of your TV shows. This time, you didn’t answer. He used his wolf-hearing to see if you were sleeping or listening to music. When he didn’t hear anything, he burst into the room. Your bed was made, your desk was free of mess. It was weird, you never made your bed and your desk was always messy. There was only one thing on the table, a white piece of paper. On it, was written:

Hello Derek,

We have your little (Y/N). She is smarter than she lets on. She has the potential to be very useful to us. We will return your Beta if you kill Chris Argent. He has become a danger to us and we need him exterminated. If only this were a recording because you would be able to hear (Y/N) yelling at me to tell you not to do it. She is so sweet and loyal. She is willing to die for the greater good. But don’t worry, you have until next Saturday to bring me Argent’s head at (Y/N)’s old home. Otherwise, (Y/N) die a very long and TORTUROUS death.

Have a nice day, Deucalion.

When he finished reading the letter, Derek roared and slammed his fists on the table. He was furious at the Alpha and was ready to kill him through any means possible.

Jennifer came down the stairs, scared by the noise, “Derek?” she asked, “are you okay?”

Derek wasn’t in need of talking, he wanted to kill Deucalion, “GET OUT!” he roared.

Startled, Jennifer ran out of the loft, leaving Derek to sit on (Y/N)’s bed, his eyes glowing red and claws growing in the place of his nails. He sent a text to Scott to meet him at (Y/N)’s house.

Two hours later, both Scott’s and Derek’s pack were ready to storm into the house to get you back. Derek kicked the door down.

The Alpha pack was conversing in the living room and you were tied to a chair, gagged. The Kali immediately jumped on Scott attacking him, while Deucalion was beating Derek to a pulp. You couldn’t do anything because the chains were laced with wolfsbane, taking your abilities away. So, as you saw your love being beat up, you could only whimper through the gag. Nonetheless, that small sound of pain woke up a primal instinct to protect you. He pushed Deucalion off himself and slammed him into the wall. The twins moved to attack them but he clawed their chest, drawing blood and making them collapse. Kali was still fighting with Scott and Isaac when Derek grabbed her hair and threw her against the wall and she fell next to Deucalion.

The entirety of the Alpha pack was either unconscious or writhing on the ground in pain. Scott rushed to untie you. Meanwhile, Derek was still furious at the Alphas and at himself. He started punching the wall, his anger unstoppable.

You ran to him in hopes of stopping him, “Hey Derek, look at me, I’m alive and unharmed.”

“Yeah but they could’ve hurt you” he replied, letting his fists down.

“I was my fault, I ran off not yours.” You told him. All jealousy and love disappeared, all that mattered was Derek.

This continued as you kept comforting him. Derek was still mad when you decided that the only way to stop him was by kissing him. So, that’s what you did. You softly placed your lips on his and he responded immediately. You felt like his lips were made for yours. Derek felt that this was just right, that you were the one made for him, his mate.

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if you're still taking prompts, malcolm x clara coffee shop au!! thank you 💕

Just for you Greyscale, since I’ve already had a Malcolm/Clara coffee shop AU here.

9897 words (20 PAGES IN MSWORD); while I like the smell of coffee, I’ve utterly failed at acquiring a taste for the drink, so parts of this might be a bit more vague than most coffee shop AUs since those places are useless for me; contains some of the following: obligatory swearing, a semi-treatise on Shoreditchification, Malcolm Tucker making goat noises, gratuitous sex, yet another possible family situation for our favorite Weegie, a channel for my personal unease about glitter while not condemning it outright, semi-slow burn, and other random things; some things may change later, since I am tumblr-posting at 4am and I need to edit this with a clear mind before heading to FFN/AO3 but need this also out there too


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Peter is caught before Halloween AU

“Sirius, mate,” James began, his tone conflicted between amusement and trepidation, “A year ago, I would have agreed right away…but don’t you think this plan is a little cruel? Considering the state of everything? He asked, mussing the back of his hair before leaning back. Harry against his chest.

Sirius swatted the air, leaning back into the arm chair situated across from the Potter’s main couch. His grey eyes glinted mischievously and his lips pulled away from each other to allow for Sirius’ winning grin. His entire face was lit warmly by the hearth on the adjacent wall.

“Honestly, James, we’ve nothing to lose,” Sirius assured his friend jovially, “And besides, it’ll be good practice for Pete in case someone does come after him for your whereabouts.” He added, James unable to deny the logic.

Slowly, James nodded, smiling down at Harry, “Your Godfather will teach you terrible things, I’m sure.” He wagered, fixing Harry’s hair only for it to fall back to mess. Just like James’.

Sirius barked with laughter, slapping his knee, “You say that as if it wasn’t the sole reason for you appointing me as his Godfather,” He argued lightly, “Merlin forbid that anything happens to you, James, but if it did…someone had to make sure that he nicks the map back from Filch and uses the secret passageways with his friends.” He added half humorously and half solemnly.

Harry fidgeted against James’ chest, James moving his to his knee to bop him up and down, “Well then, what are you waiting for?” James goaded Sirius with a spark from his school days in his hazel eyes, “You’ve got a rat to catch.”

Sirius shrugged, relaxing further into the arm chair, “Remus is helping but he’s not off work yet,” Sirius revealed, “I’ve got time to waste.” He added easily.

“Alright then, we can chat.” James insisted, a mocking glint in his eyes.

They vowed to never fall victim to the traps of polite adult social dances when they were back in school. The two didn’t chat. They colluded.

Sirius narrowed his eyes in playful suspicion, “This doesn’t sound good.” He commented apprehensively.

“Do you know what does sound good? You settling down with a nice witch.”

“Ah, I’m saving myself.”

“For what? A witch you haven’t already shagged back in school?”

“A witch with firewhiskey flavoured nipples actually.”

“Padfoot.” James reprimanded his friend lightly, a lop-sided smile on his lips.

Sirius sighed, “When all of this is over… I want nothing more than to buy the house next door and find a good witch to take care of that isn’t horrified by the thought of rearing children with me.” He amended earnestly.

James simply nodded in approval, eyeing his best mate fondly from behind his glasses. Sirius was growing up. It was a sign that things were truly changing from their days back in Hogwarts.

*Time Lapse*

Sirius watched Peter apparate beside the clock tower in the town square of Godric’s Hollow. Peter was there to visit James and Lily like he usually did when he finished Order mission.

Remus was in the bushes across from where Sirius had taken refuge. He was going to bind Peter and Sirius was going to do the rest. Remus didn’t quite have the conviction to interrogate Peter convincingly enough. Sirius, on the other hand, was a Black. Whilst being far from being a Dark Arts dabbler, Sirius had the signature Black temper.

Remus’ wand tip peaked up over the bushes, barely distinguishable from the twigs of the bush that were swathed in darkness. Sirius felt Remus’ hesitation before he finally cast the spell. In the blink of an eye, Peter fell to the ground, glowing binds tying his hands and feet individually to the snowy ground.

Sirius sprung up from behind his chosen bush, his black cloak flapping behind him as he strode up to where Peter laid. He had used a glamour charm on his face and voice, it would just look like darkness beneath his hood.

Looking down at his friend, Sirius expected to see pure terror on Peter’s face. But he seemed unsurprised. Jittery. But unsurprised.

Confused, Sirius lifted his wand level with Peter’s face, “You know who I am,” Sirius’ charmed voice stated, “You know what I want.” He added.

Peter gulped “The Dark Lord said that I had until Saturday next,” He argued carefully, “Have his plans changed?” He inquired.

Sirius felt his heart fall through his feet. The blood drained from his face and he did his best to stop his wand arm from falling to his side in disappointment. Peter was the traitor. He was the one that the Order were trying to weed from their midst’s. He was the one who served them with a major blow on their last mission, there obviously being a severe information leak to the other side.

Strengthening his resolve with his bubbling anger, Sirius gripped his wand tighter, “If you don’t believe me, why don’t you call for him?” He suggested, his voice sharp in the cold night air.

Peter made a show of struggling against the binds, “Funnily enough, my arm with my mark just so happens to be bound,” He retorted drily, “Would you mind?” He asked, nodding to his arms with his eyebrows raised,

Sirius felt a malicious streak rise up in him. He wanted Peter to know that he’d been caught. Sirius pushed the hood of his cloak back, the glamour charms breaking. It was then that Peter’s eyes filled with terror. He’d worked hard to never be on the other end of Sirius Black’s wand. It was an intimidating place to be.

Although he wasn’t a pureblood-centric-Slytherin Black, he was almost infinitely more dangerous for that very reason. He had Slytherin qualities; cunning, intelligence, skill- and then he had the brazen Gryffindor audacity to carry out his endeavours with all the confidence in the world.

Sirius all but sneered down at Peter before he looked to where a shocked Remus had risen from behind his chosen bush, “I don’t know,” Sirius finally answered Peter, “Remus, would you mind loosening his binds?” He asked darkly.

Peter paled even more if it were possible. Remus came to a stop beside Sirius, his wand dangling by his side as his looked down at Peter in disgust. Sirius was capable of keeping Peter pinned beneath his wand alone.

“Y-you don’t understand!” Peter spluttered, “He has-”

Sirius cut Peter off with an acidic look, “There’s no excuse!” Sirius bellowed.

Peter looked desperately to Remus, “Remus, please!” He pleaded, “Untie me and let me explain!” He persisted.

Remus shook his head, turning and trudging through the snow to James and Lily’s house down the lane. Sirius had never felt so betrayed as he glared down at Peter in that moment.

“Untie yourself.” Sirius spat venomously, casting a notice-me-not charm on him before turning to follow Remus in the direction of James and Lily’s.

On the walk, Sirius pushed down the urge to kill Peter and instead summoned a happy memory. One of the few memories that he made at school without Peter in it. The memory of he and James practicing on the Quidditch Pitch late at night before try outs and all the laughs they shared whilst doing so almost made Sirius smile. Almost.

But it was enough to conjure his Patronus, a silvery copy of his Animagus form. He spoke his message as he walked, sending it off to Madeye. Sirius didn’t want to see Peter again, but he couldn’t be left in the snow indefinitely.

When Sirius walked into the Potter’s, Remus was talking to Lily in hushed tones by the kitchen door and James was amusing Harry with smoke rings coming out of the tip of his wand. He stood and admired the scene for a moment, feeling all of his anger slip away.

In a way, they were all one family. They were raising Harry together. Them all still feeling like a bunch of kids themselves. And now there one less thing threatening the safety of that family.

Sirius walked over to the couch, plopping down next to James and smiling at a gurgling Harry.

Voldemort would never hold a wand to Harry now. And with Dumbledore on the way to re-do the Fidelius charm, Sirius would stay as the secret keeper this time. He would rather die before he betrayed his friends. He could only be completely sure of that and the people in the room.

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Aren’t we all?

Summary: Tom’s a little bit broken right now but aren’t we all? Sometimes it just takes a bit glue to stick us back together and today, you are that glue

A/N: I will post once, maybe twice a week because I am a mess mixing work, college and my personal time love you all x

Tom rolled his shoulders for the millionth time that day, bones cracking with the rotation, neck lulling backwards at the breaking sounds. Tom didn’t know what it was but something didn’t feel right that day, the light didn’t shine right, the moon didn’t caress his hotel room anymore and the other side of his bed felt too cold this morning. His phone sits vacant in his pocket, his tugs it out before the interviewer comes back and unlocks it, clicks on your name and sees the last text was him reading ‘ring me when you wake. baby x’ That was two days ago, no text, no calls not even active signs on your social media. Tom’s heart was in a constant state of skipping a beat, his minds clogs spluttering over the last weeks conversation noting things he could have done wrong. He can’t worry though he thinks because when he worries he panics and when he panics he needs you which is why his now sitting in the interview chair in America with a clenching throat.

Now four hours later Tom sits in his hotel room with Harrison lounging around on his bed not paying attention to Tom’s giddy and jumping knee. Tom has refreshed your Instagram at least ten times, checked your twitter five, facebook page every half an hour and has even taken to texting his mum to ask if she’s seen you. Tom can’t describe what your eye colour is, he doesn’t remember what you look like and his getting worried it has been three weeks since his seen your face and been about to note physical movement over a crappy computer screen. Tom knows its hard on you, what it is like to leave you behind and jet off around the world but at least Tom had Harrison and the world at his disposal but you didn’t. You had a life that required you to stay put at home and stress you out like any other human being, Tom wished you would give up your job and stay and home curled in a blanket but maybe that was just because you looked cute in his jumpers at that fluffy blanket draped on your shoulders. He got worried when you phoned him saying work was being worse than ever and deadlines had been pushed closer together and how you just needed a break. He thought you meant from work but now he is flat out believing that it was a break from him and the thought of you being bored or tired of him breaks his heart in two. On the twentieth look at her snapchat hoping a story will appear you name with the blue love heart pops up on his screen.

Its Tess in front of a fire place but not at home the caption across the bottom of the screen reads ‘lonely but cosy nights alone…’ his eyebrows crease, she’s lonely he thinks. The though of you somewhere he doesn’t know on your own has his heart racing and fist clenching he rings you but no one picks up, his now in a desperate state of panic until his mum rings him half an hour after his discovery. 

“Mum.” His voice comes out shaky and confuses Harrison so he locks himself in the bathroom,

 “Hiya darling, she’s rung don’t worry! She’s safe ok? She’s gone up to her mums cottage in Scotland for the week, just wanted to get away ok?” he run a hand over his face and sits on the closed toilet lid.

“why hasn’t she talked to me then? I could help her.” He hears his mum sigh as if his said something he shouldn’t have.

“You wouldn’t have helped darling. She misses you and its bad this time, she wants to get away until you come back next Saturday best you don’t reach out unless she rings you.”

Tom’s heart shatters at the thought of you missing him so much that you can’t think of him without feeling sick. Saying goodbye to his mum he seats and slowing, creeping its way up towards his throat his realises how much he misses you. That’s why the bed feels cold because he now can’t imagine how warm you feel, the way your arms lock around his neck and plant lips onto his. Your face is blurry and Tom can’t remember where you scar you got when you were six is anymore. Soon sobs rack his body because his love seems to be fading as if you never existed, Harrison clearly seeking solace in his own room leaves Tom alone wallowing in his tears. His phone pings again and its you but he clutches it as if the Queen herself had messaged him, wiping away some of the free flow of tears he reads ‘facetime me?’ It the best news his heard since he became Spider-Man.

Jumping into bed his day gets a whole lot better when he sees you in a knitted jumper with a crackling fire in front of you, the red flames igniting the glow on your face. A new wave of missing you flashes through his mind but his gulp down nothing and focuses on scanning your face to note the light scar above your left eyebrow. Banking it for the next time he can’t register you face he also notes how tired you look, bulging bags under you’re eyes.

“Hi love,” he quakes, she grins and Tom can see the gloss over her eyes where tears are near escaping. They don’t want to be the ones who say it first but soon after half an hour of small talk he breaks the tension with,

“I miss you.” To a crack in his voice and tears now flowing quite majorly. She bites her lip and tries to hold back her own river flow.

“Look at me, your tired baby. Very tired therefore lay down and try to sleep ok? I’ll be here when you wake up alright, my laptops charging and I’ll wake you up.”

Tom finds it hard sleeping that night however you start humming a tune after opening your book and watching Tessa curl up in your lap he drifts off swearing he can feel your warmth that night…


request: Blurb 13!!

hello loves! this will be my only post this week until next saturday because I have finals all this week and have to study! but i will still be accepting requests from anything you guys want or from this blurb list as well! hope you enjoy!

Being with Harry was hard. Relationships were hard, but being with Harry was hard. There was good times, great times even. But those amazing times were often forgotten when an argument striked. It would be stupid things, things that shouldn’t matter. He would leave his socks on the stairs everyday or you would forget to pick up dinner. They were ridiculous arguments, but compared to the deafening silence that now stands in the way of your relationship, you miss the arguments.

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So what if :
Sana prayed for Vilde, Noora, Eva, Chris, Isak, Even, Elias and Yousef
8 persons
If we get one clip for day until next saturday, 8 days, so one clip for each character she prayed for. And then on Sunday it’s Sana pov again ( or maybe everyone’s pov) at this party she invited Vilde ( at sana’s house).

And each clip, the character will receive an invitation from Sana!

Edit: next one might be Chris Berg, cause she was at the end of this clip!