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Baseball Fundraiser

My sons baseball team was doing it annual fundraiser at a local comedy club, we go around and try and get people or stores to donate items for gift baskets.  This summer the team wants to go to Florida so we need to raise a lot more then usual to off set costs.  Teddy usually donates some nice piece of jewelry.  This year it seems like the economy is really tight and we didn’t get many donations.  I was telling teddy one night while cleaning up after fucking.  He said he was going to try and see what he could do.  The next time I went over to work it was a normal night i would change into a dress and give teddy a blowjob.  But them it got very different, one of his friends who owns a liquor store came in with a big gift basket for the fundraiser.  Teddy told me to show him in the back and to put it on the desk.  Teddy followed up in the back and when i said thank you teddy told me that not the proper thank you and he told his friend to sit on the sofa.  I looked at teddy and he told me to get on my knees and thank him.  I looked at teddy and then his friend got down and my knees and opened his pants and took his cock out an started sucking his cock.  When i started sucking his cock teddy went back out to the front of the store.  He came very quickly in my mouth and stood up as i thanked him for the donation.  He left and i went to clean up and when I came back to the front of the store another one of teddy friends was there.  He had 4 gift cards to his restaurant.  Teddy told me again to show him where to put them and to make sure I thank him properly.   This happened 4 more times during the night before we closed.  I got 6 great gift baskets for the fundraiser.  After we cleanup teddy took me into the back room and pulled off me dress laid me on the desk on my back and started finger my already soaked pussy.  Then he told me how wet i was and he dropped his pants and started rubbing his cock up and down my pussy lips until i was begging him to fuck me.  I came 2 times on his cock before he filled me up.  The night of the fundraiser we had a great time, teddy even made an appearance and added one more gift basket that already had a bid of $3100.  It was dinner at a restaurant for 5 with him including limo to and from restaurant.  It was the highlight of the gift baskets and not that i was surprised but no on there bid on the it.  We made a lot of money and had some laughs that night.  At the end of the night i was just cleaning everything up and counting the money.  I told hubby to go home as it was probably going to be awhile.  At the end i walked to my car and i notice that Teddy was still in the parking lot.  I walked over to his car and got in and thanks him again.  He started kissing me and felling up my tits.  I thanked him for the baskets and especially the dinner one and was surprised someone would pay that much for dinner.  As he opened his pants for me to suck him in the car he told me don’t worry, as i went down on his cock he said it will be a great night and that i will be there also.  he came in my mouth and i swallowed him all down, when i sat up he said to be ready for next Saturday dinner will be great and worth the donation.  So until next Saturday happy day

Everything is Okay

Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: Just some cuss words, nothing too bad. Also short. Oops

A/N: this is the first Sebastian imagine that I’ve done! Ironic, huh? Sorry it’s short! Hope y’all enjoy!

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Your morning was a blur, you awoke to check your phone only to see your Instagram had completely exploded. You jumped from 400 followers to 20,000 overnight and you knew exactly why. 

“Sebastian Stan you better get your ass into the bedroom right now!” You screamed, staring at the picture you were tagged in by Sebastian. It showed the picture that had been his lockscreen for weeks, with you smiling into the camera as he rested his chin ever-so-lightly in the crook of your neck. His arms were wrapped around your waist and his eyes were lit up by a grin. 

You heard feet pad quickly up the stairs, only to have a sheepish Sebastian standing in the doorway. 

There was a reason you were fuming. The two of you hadn’t announced your relationship even though it had been a year. He was keen on being quiet about it which you obviously didn’t mind one bit. You weren’t ready to announce it, but he was, so he did. 

“I can’t- I literally cannot believe you did this!” You felt as though you were steaming out of your ears. 

He shrugged nervously, “It’s a really cute picture, I couldn’t resist.” 

“Did you really have to post it? Honestly? At this fucking time?!” 

Sebastian sighed, coming into the room and sitting on the edge of the bed, “You really thought that we could do this forever? We’ve had a lot of close calls.” 

“I just-” you looked at your phone again, suddenly admiring the picture, “I guess it’s fine. I just didn’t expect this much attention from it.” 

He smiled, “It’ll be fine, babe. I promise.” 

You leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. 

You wished you had gotten a bit more of a notice but it had to happen eventually. Most of the comments were positive which you were thankful for, but you still wanted to prepare yourself. 

Sebastian kissed your cheek, “Now, let’s go to breakfast. At a real restaurant this time.” 

You pulled him by his neck back down to you, your lips connecting once again. “You’re paying.” 

You pulled away completely from him, giggling and rushing to the shower. 

          hello, darkness, my old FRIEND

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm the anon who wrote about the real sweet gym guy ๐Ÿ˜„ last Saturday when I was sick. I'm much better now! Anywho, I went to my workout class today (Saturday) & I made sure my gym look was on point ๐Ÿ˜‰. My plan was to show out in front of him lol. Went to class & only 4 people showed up out of the 10 that signed up. He wasn't there today ๐Ÿ˜”. DAMMMNN IT!!! I was really hoping to maybe exchange numbers. Now I gotta wait until next Saturday to make my move if he shows up *fingers crossed*

He better show up next time ㅜㅜ

Contest Extension

We may have our wifi down for the next few days, which will branch into the 22nd when the Testing Maintenance contest will be ending. So, as of right now I will be extending the turn in date for the contest until next Saturday on the 29th of April.

For more details on the contest go to #TestingMaintenanceContest

I’d link but I’m on mobile using up data and very limited to what I can do. X-x

I’ll keep you posted on what’s going down.


Former Number One Hero, All Might, climbed out of the car, thanking the driver as he shut the door. When it drove off, Toshinori Yagi straightened with a groan and a pop of his back, and approached the apartment building where Inko Midoriya lived. Three flights and a long hallway brought him to the correct door. At one time, such a trip would make for a mindless stroll, but nowโ€ฆ Toshinori rubbed his lower back with his knuckles, kneading the ache that had formed there. Again, he found himself battling the creeping fatigue that seemed to be his constant companion since his battle with All for One and the loss of his last remnants of One for All. With a last exhausted sigh, he shook off his fatigue, put on a convincing smile, and rang the doorbell.

The weekly meetings between Toshinori and Inko Midoriya started after young Midoriya began his additional training with his predecessor in the evenings. Toshinori would meet with and update Inko on her sonโ€™s progress, doing what he could to answer any of her questions and concerns. It had actually been the boyโ€™s idea. He could tell his mother still fretted about him despite his daily phone calls. The suggestion had been accidental, an offhand comment during a rest period. Though the boy had frantically insisted All Might not do anything that would be inconvenient, his mentor enthusiastically agreed to do it.

Toshinori thought it was the very least he could do to belay any of his studentโ€™s motherโ€™s worries. The retired hero was, after all, the source of them. It had never been his intent, but then again he had only thought to make Izuku his successor. He owed it to Inko to ease her mind with a smile and reassurances.

It only took a quick call for the times and dates to be set. This would be the third meeting.

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04.06.16 {47/100}
Hey guys, just so that you know I’m going to be on a bit of a hiatus from tomorrow until next Saturday because I’m going away with an orchestra and there is no wifi or service where I’m going!📱
I’ll be back on Saturday, still feel free to enter my studyblr awards, send me asks and messages but just bear in mind that I won’t get round to replying until Saturday!
Hope you all have a good week!!☺️💕


As the title says, I will be taking a partial break from Tumblr since I’m going on a trip from tomorrow until next Saturday. I will still check from time to time depending on what I’ll be doing, but my schedule shouldn’t be that busy.

If you happen to have an excruating need for dank ass memes, please refer to @shifter-lines, @guyinlovewitheremika and the rest of the metafam. Peace!

April Camp NaNo Day 10

Words Written: 32
Total Words: 2159/10000

… I don’t know what to tell you. I’ve been trying to work in my research paper, and I also had work.
I just want these assignments to end.

Alright my loves โค๏ธ

As I said, Tumblr fucked up and a bunch of my asks got deleted. I’ve already messaged those of you who’s RP’s got erased. (so sorry)

Right, well I lost all my requests and a bunch of talk to daddy asks. As a show of my apologies….

Requests and talk to daddy asks are open all week until Next Saturday. (That doesn’t mean I’ll get to all of them….unfortunately.)

Requests rules

1-Only requests for the daddies will be accepted. No other characters for now.

2-No dark subjects (ex: rape, abuse, suicide, self harm)

3-Please request more than smut lol

4-I’ll decide if it’s a HC or imagine.

Talk to daddy ask rules

1-Don’t treat them as RP’s.

Ok, again, I’m so sorry for the trouble. As promised, these will both stay open until next Saturday. I’ll do as many as I can.

ooc post

hello :3

so i am going to scotland tonight (04/16 - or should i say 16/04?) anyhow, i am going to be there until next saturday (the 22nd) - and i am staying in an AirBnB which seems to say it’ll have wifi - so i am going to be on semi hiatus, as i want to be able to explore things, but i will try my darn best to be on, still! just not as much probably as i am going to be exploring one of my favourite cities in the world (edinburgh). 

i love you all lots and lots, you are beautiful beings ♡

The skelebros are back! And woops! Human spotted! :O

Are you ready for a puzzle??

You’ll have to wait until next Saturday :P

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