until leslie turns to leave and then his face just drops

Misunderstandings || Daveed Diggs Imagine

Note: Hi everyone! So I know this is out of my football imagine line but it has to do with my other obsession aka Hamilton aka Daveed Diggs. I hope you like it!

Warning:Swearing, but if you have heard Clpping, you should be used to it.

Anyone that has seen or heard of the Hamilton musical dreams of being part of the cast members, at least you did. Thankfully, you were part of it. Part of an amazing cast who cared so much for each other and were absolutely perfect. You were part of the Ensemble, but with the privilege of being able to fill in for any of the girls because you knew all the songs by heart and knew the script as well. You loved your job, who wouldn’t? Maybe it got tiring, but you still had fun and didn’t let that show, ever, until you were home.

“You haven’t met her, you haven’t had the chance” you hear Leslie sing as he recorded with his phone for social media. “You have seen her in the show, the one who can play Hamilton by herself, Y/N” he drew out your name. You were fixing your hair so you look at him through the mirror.

“You are the worst, Burr” you say in a French accent and both of you laugh as you turn around.

“Hey” he greets, kissing your cheek after he stopped recording.

“Your coffee is over there” you nod your head at the couch and he grins.

“Reason why I love you.”

“Les, have you seen- Hey” Daveed greets making you grin. So maybe you had a crush on him and the others have said it was mutual. The way his breath got caught whenever he saw you was what made them all realize such thing, but you didn’t notice it at all. Yes you guys flirted a bit too seriously sometimes but it was teasingly, or so you believed.

“Hi” you say, and right there and then you hear Alexander’s voice, being Lin’s, saying the word in Take a Break.

“I was looking for you” he starts. Leslie, in the meantime is sipping on his coffee on the couch, looking between the two of you.

“What do you need?”

He looks at Leslie briefly and then his hues turn to you. “I was wondering if-”

“Y/N, we need a big favor” Lin says as he bursts into the room making your eyes widen slightly, snapping away from the Daveed daydreaming you were in.

“Sure. What’s wrong?”

“Jas has a sore throat and won’t be able to join us. Do you think you can fill in for her?”

“Of course. I just need to get the dresses, I’ll rush now.”

“Thank you, I owe you.” Lin blows you a kiss with both hands before he leaves. You turn to the guys, Leslie is grinning up at you while Daveed…doesn’t look very happy.

“You were saying?” You ask him.

“Nothing. It can wait. I’ll see you later.” And with that he walks away making you raise an eye brow.

“What was that?”

“It’s called ‘I wish I were Alexander in 'Say No To This’ if you get to be Maria. Also known as, a hint of envy with jealousy” Leslie answers and you face him.

“No way. Stop saying that. He probably forgot or regretted whatever he was going to say…” You frown but you still wonder what Diggs wanted to say deep down.

“There’s trouble in the air, you can smell it” he sings as he starts walking out of your room.

“I guess I’ll never be freed from references to the songs, huh?” You ask before you head out as well to get the wardrobe necessary for Peggy and Maria.

To say you were nervous was an understatement. You have played small dialogues like the girls in The Election of 1800, but to sing a whole song was a big honor and a big responsibility. But then, if Lin didn’t trust you could do it, he wouldn’t have asked you to get the part for today.

You fixed your dress for Peggy and walked out of the room, closing the door behind you. Everyone was rushing, as usual, and Groff was joking with Lin, still not in his costume, as usual.

“Y/N” you hear Daveed’s voice say behind you and your heart skips a beat. Your cheeks flush a soft pink as you turn to face him. “You okay?” He looked absolutely stunning with his hair pulled back in his bun and the soldier uniform…

“Uh, yeah, I am. Why?”

“You look nervous” he says with a smirk.

“I feel like I won’t be able to pull Peggy, right. I know everything but what if-”

“Hey. Lin trusts you, you will do fine. I believe in you. Just relax” he says, his thumb stroking your jawline and you feel the warmth radiating from it, you have to stop yourself from leaning into it. You were a hundred percent sure you were blushing.

“Thank you. That means a lot” you smile at him and he smiles back. Your gaze moves to look at his lips for a moment before looking back into his eyes, noticing he was doing the same gesture.

“Places!” A staff member shouts and breaks the moment between the two of you.

“We should probably…”

“Yeah” he agrees, his hand dropping before he walks away.

“Helpless” Pippa and Renee draw out before they lock their arms around yours to lead you to your place.

“I am not…” You groan and they laugh.

The first act went great, you acted as innocent as you could master, as well as a bit childish, when The Schuyler Sisters song came up. Then you have the moment during the wedding where you walked down with Daveed which made your heart beat quite fast the entire moment.

“Still nervous I see” he says as you two walk down and you tighten your grip around his arm as a sign for him to shut up, making him smile.

Then the boys did their little dance in Story of Tonight Reprise and you couldn’t help but laugh at their failed attempts. Oak tried and at least succeeded somewhat. Anthony did his pelvic trust and laughed as always. Meanwhile Diggs…Was being Diggs, incapable of doing simple moves. It was hilarious to see that scene, especially Lin not being able to hold back his amusement and chuckle at the three all the time.

The break was up, and you went to place Peggy’s dress back in place and took Maria’s. You had to change your make up to be the seductive Maria Reynolds instead of the innocent, little Peggy. You were dressed now, applying the red lipstick before moving to work on your eye liner. There’s a knock on the door.

“Come in!”

“Just wanted to drop by to say that you looked amazing and did well” Lin says and you smile at him through the mirror.

“Thank you, and thank you for trusting me to fill the role for today.”

“Might not be for just today if that’s what you want” he says with a chuckle and your eyes widen. “Eventually we will all leave, but if you want to stay and have a bigger role, you know all you have to do is ask” he says and places his hands on your shoulders as he looks at you through the mirror.

“Lin, I would love to, but…”

“Think about it, you got plenty of time. We aren’t leaving just yet. I’d like to keep you” he says with a chuckle and pats your shoulders. “I’ll see you soon” he says, winking at you before he walks out. Then, seconds after, Anthony walks in.

“Can you help me push this in? I hate this” he says pointing at the ruffled piece of clothing on the front of his shirt just under his neck for his Philip role.

“You got frustrated?”

“I seriously don’t know what happened today that I couldn’t do it on my own. I’m a mess.”

“Hot mess” you tease and Anthony chuckles as you fix the piece. His eyes are looking at you and you try not to blush. It was a habit whenever someone looked at you for too long.

“Red suits you” he says and you look up at him.

“Thanks, I know” you joke and you both smirk. “There, that should do it.” You say as you step away from him.

“Thank you, beautiful. I’ll let you get finish, sorry to bother you.”

“Its fine, Ant. Don’t apologize” you both nod and you turn around to finish working on your make up.

Your cue is given and Leslie, Lin, and yourself get to your places. You walk as Leslie begins with the introduction to the song while Lin is writing. You can spot Oak, Anthony and Daveed looking at you from the side of the curtains so you shift your gaze to somewhere else.




You move around the stage accordingly. You totally have forgotten until the part of the song came when you had to kiss Lin. Your heart was beating out of control as you stand in your place and then you are rushing towards Lin, his head ducks a little so he is able to meet your lips. His soft lips caught yours and they move against yours slowly but with a hint of passion that you had to admit made your heart skip a beat. His hands were on your hips, and you feel the tiniest squeeze on your waist. This wasn’t how you thought kissing Lin would go, if it ever were to happen outside of the musical.

The rest of the song continues, and soon enough your hands are holding Lin’s as they travel down his chest as you stand from behind. You sit on his leg once he takes his spot on the chair and his hand moves along your thigh and up your body, head moving so your lips are a few inches away from each other. You can spot for a moment Daveed looking away and you wonder for a second if what Leslie meant was true.

The song is over and you rush away out of the stage to wait for your next cue in The Reynolds Pamphlet.

“That was amazing!” Pippa says happily as she hugs you.

“Do you think so? I got so into character I forgot…” you admit with a smirk.

“You did great. Everyone loved it” Renee assures you and you smile rather shyly, nodding your head in acknowledgement.

You watch as the others continue the act. It would be hard to meet with Daveed after your performance because he was on the other end of the stage waiting for his cue for the rest of the songs. You couldn’t help laughing at his movements as The Reynolds Pamphlet started, sitting on the desk, moving sideways, shuffling, throwing the papers, it was hilarious. There wasn’t a better cast in Broadway than this one, you were sure of that. You did your part of reading the piece of paper as they mention Maria Reynolds before you are off to hide again.

The show is done and everyone comes out and you all bow at the crowd, Lin and the others stepping back as they clap and they leave you in the front.

“Special thanks to Y/N, who covered for Jasmine as she was sick tonight” Lin says and another round of applause goes off and you bow again, cheeks a bright red and take a step back with a grin and the curtains close.

“Great job everyone! Thank you for being part of this” Lin says as he claps a few times at the others, being his encouraging self as always.

“Well done, Y/N, that was great” Oak says and you grin, instantly going to hug him. He was so huggable, like a personal teddy bear.

“Thank you, Oak. That means a lot to me” You say before you both pull away.

“Any plans for tonight?”

“Not really. Might as well go home and rest, why?”

“No reason, I might do the same.” He says and you both nod your heads before you part your ways to get rid of the dress and place it where it belonged. Everyone had come to congratulate and thank you for the performance, except Daveed.

“Les, have you seen Daveed?” You ask your friend out of curiosity.

“Not after the show ended, must be in his dressing room. Why?”

“Just wanted to know…He hasn’t told me what he wanted earlier.”

“Don’t think he will come to you right now” he blurts and you eye him, your face probably asking why since he spoke again. “He didn’t seem very happy about Lin’s hands all over you.”

“He knows it’s just an act.”

“When you are jealous, nothing is” Leslie points out and you frown.

“Should I go talk to him?”

“You absolutely should.” He says with a nod. Leslie knew what was up, besides the others, because he knew from the beginning. Stealing glances, the closeness, the teasing, the almost constant flirting. Leslie played a part in this story.

You rush to get the heavy makeup off your face and get dressed before heading to Daveed’s room. You knock on the door and Ant opens it, Oak at the end of the room, but no Daveed.

“Have you seen Daveed?” You ask as you frown.

“He left, he has a performance down in Brooklyn in an hour or so” Oak answers. “I thought he was going to tell you.”

“I think he tried, but then I was told about my role and had to rush things” you explain.

“And he was mad earlier so…” Ant says and instantly regrets it as you eye him.

“Ant…” You say in a warning tone.

“He…You know what’s up, don’t make me say it, please, he’d kill me.”

“Know what’s up?”

Ant and Oak exchange a look and you look at them curiously. “Daveed was going to tell you two things tonight, but the first one was asking you to go to his performance” Oak explains. “He…He got somewhat jealous about the whole performance, mainly the kiss” he says.

“He knows it’s just an act, but he couldn’t really let it go because he thinks there is something between you and Lin.” Ant says.

“Wait, what? Just because-”

“He heard you two talk before and it’s just a big mess. Just try talking with him, he is acting like a kid” Anthony says as he waves his hands around.

“I…Where exactly?”

Anthony and Oak decided to take you to the place Daveed would be performing. The place was crowded already.

“You think you can find him?” Oak asks as he looks around the place and then at you.

“I think so; I just need to get to the front of the stage. If he wants to acknowledge me, he will. If not I’ll try to sneak backstage. He can’t ignore me forever.”

“You have our phones, we are going home, let us know if you need anything.” Oak says and you smile.

“Thank you, both of you.” You say and hug them both before you wave goodbye at them. As soon as they leave, you start making your way forward until you are a few feet away from the stage.

It only takes a couple of minutes before the beat starts, your heart starts beating wildly. You have never seen Daveed perform before, but you did know of his music, something that not many people knew about you. You hear a couple of girls screaming and shouting that takes you away from your reverie and that’s when you spot Daveed.

His ripped jeans hung low on his hips and his tank top showed those arms that you always saw covered by his uniform or his hoodies. Your eyes wouldn’t tear away from his entire being. He looked different; he looked stunning and hot, obviously. He had started singing and you stare at him as if he were the most handsome person you have seen. A person who apparently liked you back, that got jealous for little things that were an act, someone who made you feel better when you were nervous.

At some point you start singing, rapping at the same speed as him. You had learned the lyrics after many failures and tripping over the words. You had to admit it was a big talent to rap like that naturally.

Get Up started to play next, still admiring Daveed doing what he loved the most. The way his hand moved as he rapped, the way his body just moved accordingly and his curls bouncing every time he moved had you grinning like a little kid. When the female part comes up, which he does not sing obviously, Daveed meets your gaze and you nod your head at him, but you get a smirk and nothing else because he moves to the other corner of the stage. Was he really going to ignore you? A wave or something to acknowledge you would’ve done it, right? As the final verses come, you move your way to the DJ, smiling at him. “Hey, do you have a second mic?”

“Uh, yeah? Why?” The guy questions, eyeing you curiously and so does the guard.

“I want to surprise him. I work with him on Hamilton. Part of the Ensemble” you say, hoping you gave enough information for them to stop looking at you weirdly.

“Oh, yeah. I recognize your face” he says and bends down to get the microphone. “Here you go” he says.

You look at the stage as you take the mic and turn it on as you heard Daveed speaking. “I’ve been doing this musical this whole time and I’m soft as fuck” he says, making you and the crowd laugh before he continues.

“Hey, do you know which song is next?”

“Let’s see…” he pauses as he stares at the computer screen. “Body and Blood” he says and you grin. “Think you can sing that?” He questions and it makes your grin widen.

“I’ll show you” you say and walk up to the stairs where the guard is. He steps to the side with a smile which you return and stay behind until the song starts. You use the instrumental seconds to think when you should step in and as soon as he starts, you know.

The first verses come up, you sing them to yourself before your planned stepped in gets close.

She might let you fuck but she wants…” and there you step in.

Body and Blood” You sing as you join him, stepping into the front of the stage.

Daveed’s eyes widen as he looks at you surprised and shocked and you can’t help but grin, the crowd cheering.

The song goes on and you step in in certain verses which he would let you sing to test that you did knew the lyrics. He looks at the crowd with wide eyes and then turns to you as you sing your favorite part of the song, tweaking it so you it is sang by your perspective.

I got my own home, I got my own set of power tools
My own unmarked van, plan meticulously laid out
And splayed on the walls, all scrawled on dated Polaroids of severed heads plated
I got vials of ketamine, rohypnol, and promethazine, blunts with amphetamines
And whatever your pleasure be, medically, I be readily
Providing the blast sometimes to dine with the finest of wines
Try and you’ll find cut glass to get you cut fast without cuttin’
I got a diamond tattoo on my upper thigh
Another fineness walks by and cuts eyes. ”

And from there Daveed continued as you catch your breath. Soon, the song had come to an end and the crowd starts cheering at both of you. “Give it up for, Y/N!” He shouts and the applauses go off. He gives you a side hug before letting go rather too quickly for your own liking.

You step down out of the stage but stay backstage since the show was almost over.

“That was awesome! Not many girls rap at that speed” the DJ says and you grin as you return the mic.

“Thanks. Took some good days of listening to the song and tripping over my words.” You giggle.

Seconds after, Diggs is saying his goodbyes before he turns to leave. You make sure you are standing somewhere where he can’t ignore your presence.

“Still here?” He asks as he walks down the stairs, not looking at you as he keeps walking, so you follow.

“Daveed we need to talk.” You say as you trail behind him. “There is nothing-”

“Between you and Lin? Doubt it after today” he says once he gets into his backstage room.

“You know it’s an act, Diggs. You know better than that” you say and let out a huff.

“That Lin wants to keep you?” He asks and you give him a questioning expression. “I heard him saying that and after that performance I noticed what he meant” he pulls his hoodie on.

“Can you let me explain?”

“Nothing to explain, Y/N-”

“Damn it, Daveed” you tug on his hoodie sleeve and push him slightly against the wall. “Is it not obvious or are you blind?!”

“I’m not blind at all, I saw everything. First row. He wants to keep you and he made sure we all noticed.”

You smirk and pull away, “Daveed, he said that to me so I can stay as Maria” you say and his hard expression turns into one of confusion.

“Wait, what?”

“Oh so now you want to listen to me? Be happy with those news” You say and eye him one last time before you turn to leave, hoping he’d want to ask more.

Heading to the door, Daveed gets in front of you quickly, making you take a step backwards. “Y/N, what’s going on? I need to know” he was concerned now and you grin to yourself.

“Do you want to talk here or you want to go for a walk?”

“Give me a sec” he says and you nod your head, walking out of the room.

You two walked out of club, staying silent for a few moments before he asked if you had eaten anything which you haven’t. You had rushed to get here with the other boys to meet Daveed here, but you didn’t admit that to him, you wanted to get over the conversation quickly and stopping to eat it would make things more awkward.

“I didn’t know you knew my songs” he breaks the silence, you don’t look at him, but you know there is a faint smile on his lips.

“I know most of them, still catching up” you admit with a smirk.

“Didn’t know you could also sing them, I have to admit I’m impressed.”

“I said so much nonsense the first times even with the lyrics on” you laugh, “I would run out of breath or just look into the lyrics hoping there’d be a verse I could step in and continue singing” you admit.

“You did well tonight. It was a good surprise after all…All of it” he is looking at you and you look at him, your head nods for a moment before you look away to hide your blush as you two walked.

After another minute of walking in silence, he decides to speak. “So?” He questions and you frown. He still sounded so angry at you, or was it you being paranoid? But you knew what he was questioning.

“What you heard was when Lin was telling me I could stay as Maria if I wanted. Like an upgrade” you explain. He looks at you strangely and you add quickly, “That’s why he said he wanted to keep me. I guess he means that he wants someone to stick around longer in the show to guide the others” you say and look at him before you notice you are reaching the Brooklyn Bridge.

“Would you?” Daveed asks, not looking at you.

“I’m not sure…It depends…”

“Depends on Lin’s approval to kiss other boys?”

“Daveed, that was an act, you know that. You kissed Jas once and I never said anything” so maybe you let out more than you should have. Why would you have said something?

He finally looks at you, his eyes showing confusion behind his cute nerd glasses, “Said something?” He questions and you groan internally.

“You know what I mean, but it was all an act” you repeat. “Lin is my best friend, we are close, and I guess that’s why the kiss was like it was and the whole thing.” You add after a few seconds, “We have chemistry, but not like that” you say rather quickly.

“Mhm” he hums and you stop in your tracks, arms crossing against your chest as he turns around, raising an eye brow and looking to the side. “What?” He asks before looking back at you.

“Why dont you believe it? Or believe me?” You ask. “Why can everyone else see it except you?”

“See what?” He asks, his tone exasperated.

“Oh my God” you groan and take a step forward. “I have talked too much, so why don’t you tell me what was wrong with you? You were supposed to invite me here, right? But as soon as I accepted the role you left. Why?”

He almost scoffs to the side, avoiding your gaze before he leans on the rail once you had reached the beginning of the bridge. You could see New York in all its glory. The shiny lights lighting up the whole city. From where you were, in the distance, you could spot the Statue of Liberty. It was a beautiful sight…A beautiful sight to try to push words out from Daveed.

Daveed hesitates, his expression was neutral and he speaks then, “What do you want me to say? That I am jealous?” He asks and the words make your heart skip for a moment. “I was going to ask you to come with me, but as soon as Lin walked in and you agreed I don’t know what happened” he started. “I am very aware that it was all an act, but then I remembered he said he wanted to keep you, and my mind played against me and all sort of things came to my mind I didn’t know how else to react” he was still not looking at you, but out to the river.

“So you were jealous?” You say, hiding a smirk as you lean against the rail besides him. “There is no reason for you to be” you pause, take a breath, and speak, “I like you, Daveed. Pretty sure everyone knows but you” you say and he looks at you from his spot, his curls moving with the small wind.

“Do you?”

You have to roll your eyes at that and you reach to punch his arm playfully, “I swear you are trying to be stupid right now, Diggs. Do you think that if I didn’t I would’ve come all this way to clear things up? Go up stage and sing with you with the fear I’d trip over all the words?” You ask and he chuckles.

“True. You were still damn good” he says and you smile to yourself. For a moment you both stare at the city, you see him move and he goes behind you, arms snaking around your waist, his body warmth making you shiver and you let him pull you close to his chest. “I’m sorry I acted like a jerk today” he whispers into your ear and you hold back a shiver. His voice had changed completely as he spoke to you now, “I guess I was jealous that someone else I knew got to kiss you before I did” he breathes and your eyes flutter close. He was probably aware now of the effect he had on you.

“That isn’t anyone’s fault except yours” you say with a small smirk and he joins.

He turns you around by the waist, your hands moving to settle on his hips. Chocolate hues stare into yours and you feel your cheeks hot. “I can fix that…” he says and one hand moves to rest on your cheek, in the loving assuring way he did today at the theater. This time, you do lean against his big hand and he smiles before he bends down to press his plump lips against yours.

Your breath gets caught on your throat, your body tensing at the new feeling before you give in. Soft lips parted yours and you let out a small sigh of relief that it finally happened. Your lips matched his movements, slow and soft, resting the urge to bite on his lip. His posture shifts, hands moving to the small of your back and pushing you into his body which you were more than happy to obey. The hand on your cheek has started to stroke your jawline and it made you weak on the knees. If it weren’t because he was holding you, you might have slipped.

He pulls away first after a few more seconds, but as he does, he leans one more time to kiss you for a mere second, pecks your lips again and then pulls away. You slowly open your eyes but you can feel his eyes looking at you and your reaction. “Just like I imagined” you breathe out and he chuckles.

“So I wasn’t the only one imagining this moment?”

“Nah” you shake your head playfully and he laughs before kissing your forehead.

“Y/N…” he whispers.


“Would you go on a date with me?”

“Of course” you say with a grin before leaning in to kiss his lips, a soft peck, your lips lingering there for a moment before you hug him, his strong arms going around your frame and holding you close as if he’d never want to let go of you again.

supercat week 3: day 1

Sunday, April 16 – Abilities; being near your soulmate gives you abilities/takes away abilities (e.g., healing injuries, immortality, powers, etc.)



“What do you see when your soulmate is far away from you, daddy?” Kitty asks after the last page of Rapunzel turns, the hardcover shutting with a soft thump. Her father chuckles.

“I don’t see anything, sweetheart,” he says, Brooklyn accent familiar and comforting. “You mother and I don’t see through each other’s eyes like Rapunzel and Phillip. When I’m near her – not far away – my feelings are…amplified. It’s very strange – you know how daddy feels, yeah?”

“Like there’s a blanket over your head. So when you’re near mom, you can feel properly?”

“I already feel properly,” he corrects her, placing Rapunzel on the side-table. “The blanket just goes away. Everything gets very personal all of a sudden – my emotions get stronger and my physical feeling gets more sensitive. It was scary the first time it happened. Your mother was the same as me, but a little different and she always tried to run when it started.”

“And you chased her! Like Cinderella and Prince Florian!” Kitty sits up, grinning. “Mommy’s always shakes her head when she tells me about it, but it’s like what you said to me before, she shakes her head because she thinks it’s silly.”

“Mmm, yeah,” her father gently pushes her off his lap, standing. “Remind me to tell you about the corduroy incident when you’re older. Now, my little Kitty-cat, bedtime.”

“But dad-”


Cat never had any so-called ‘unusual trait’ when she was growing up. She wasn’t colour-blind, she didn’t have any sensitivity or strange tolerance that would disappear when her soulmate was nearby. She was the epitome of normal – and that grated on her. All around her, there were people with identifiable abilities or weaknesses. Only Lois was the same and they hated the world together, for a time, fucking in the privacy of their shared apartment before Lois met Superman and came to understand why she loved the sky so much.

“Being able to fly isn’t something you want to be able to do,” Cat later tells Carter, when he declares that he wants to fly like Lois Lane. “Lois isn’t invulnerable like Superman – if she flies, she has to stay side-by-side with the caped wonder in case she suddenly falls out of the sky. Also, she doesn’t have the Kryptonian strength to pull herself out of wind-currents. How do you think she dislocated her shoulder?”

Carter then, of course, gets terrified of flying, through no fault of his own. Cat sometimes wonders what meeting his soulmate would do to him. Being on the spectrum isn’t wrong – it makes him Carter and she worries. Her own parents both suffered terribly before making something of it, discovering new methods to cope. To cope. Being soulmates just made their personality disorders…for all her skills and talents, Cat can’t describe it properly. She just hopes with all her heart that being autistic isn’t something that finding his soulmate will ‘fix’.


Kara impresses something in her. Kara knows she hasn’t made a difference yet, but she wants to, she wants to find herself and do something good. That’s the kind of confidence Cat can do something with. Cat can build a person out of that, or rather, what Kara can build herself out of. She has potential.

Potential is good.


When Leslie attacks and Supergirl comes to her rescue, Cat sees it for the first time. Supergirl is brave, young and determined – much like her assistant. Cat thinks back, later, on all the instances she’s seen Supergirl up close and personal and comes to a stark conclusion, one that leaves her strangely confounded.

“I said you had potential. This was not what I had in mind,” she mutters to herself at home, Carter in bed and Supergirl’s picture on her desktop, staring up at the sky. “Really? I had an alien for an assistant and I didn’t notice? Where is my head? Has it fallen down a rabbit-hole?”

It must be fate, however, when she sees a column in The Daily Planet announcing Lois Lane’s marriage to Clark Kent.

“Clark Kent? Oh, that fox-” Cat would go on to bemoan the loss of such a fine specimen, but then she glances at her computer screen again, Kara’s picture alongside Supergirl’s. “Clark Kent. Clark…Kent.” Cat has already made up most of her mind before she manages to bring up a picture of Clark’s handsome face and Superman’s. “No. Now that is unfair.” A brief second passes, before Cat then remembers another fun fact. “Kara requested time off work this weekend – by all the Pulitzers I’ve won, no! Supergirl and Superman are cousins!”

Cat groans, putting her hands on her face.

“I can’t believe you, Keira! You went to Lois Lane’s wedding? I feel betrayed, Keira, betrayed.” Cat shuts her laptop, thoughts running through her mind, ping-ponging back and forth. “Kara went to Lois Lane’s wedding. Kara is Supergirl. Clark is Superman. Clark and Lois are soulmates. Kara went to Lois Lane’s wedding. Ugh…” Cat glances at her framed photo of Carter on her bedside table. “You know what the worst part is? I can’t talk to her about this. I can’t confront her in a glorious fury about attending my nemesis’ wedding. For all I know, she was just taking some time off, probably with that sister of hers.”

Cat goes to shut her eyes, but then she sees the flash of red through her open bedroom window. Sitting up slowly, Cat gets up, stalking over, raising her eyebrows.

“Are you spying on me, Kara?” There’s a long, long moment, before Cat glances a bit further up and sees Supergirl floating near the wall, clutching the end of her cape. “Get down to my level. I am not craning my neck any longer.”

Supergirl floats down, floating a little outwards, before Cat’s unimpressed look has her coming within touching distance.

“You have some explaining to do, Miss-I-Went-To-Lois’-Wedding.”

The alien grimaces. “She’s really not that bad.”

“Oh? Well, I invite her to tell you about the night that she rudely broke up with me, just because she started sharing Superman’s power of flight – oh wait, that would be Clark’s power of flight, wouldn’t it?”

“You and Lois were together?” Is the younger blonde’s reply, causing Cat to roll her eyes before she moves backwards, making space.

“Come inside.”

“I really shouldn’t…” Supergirl says, floating in anyway, lightly touching the ground, eyeing her plush green carpet. “I wouldn’t have taken you for green. White, maybe.”

“Carter chose it. It reminds him of moss.” Cat elaborates, before shutting her window, the cold breeze ruffling her silk chemise.

“Um, before we talk further, I think you have the right to know,” Supergirl starts, looking at her awkwardly…pityingly? “Lois, she didn’t- she couldn’t fly until she made out with him.”

It takes a second to process, but then it’s like a punch in the gut. “Oh,” she breathes, swallowing the lump in her throat. “Do soulmates work differently when it comes to aliens, then?”

“Y-yeah,” Supergirl brushes her hair behind her ear nervously, still holding her cape, grip visibly tightening. “Human soulmates find each other through detection of hormones each person puts out. Not all other beings have the glands to detect them. Kryptonians need to, uh…”

“Kiss.” Cat gets out, practically forcing the word to leave her mouth. “So you might have difficulty finding them then, yes?”

“Well, actually, we have our own way,” she replies, voice light and so full of nerves, Cat wonders at how she hasn’t had some sort of panic-attack yet. “We get…there’s a nicer word for it in Kryptonese, but translated, I suppose ‘obsessed’ would be appropriate.”

“Oh?” Cat blinks, thinking back to earlier times, when Clark Kent would look at Lois with recognisable longing. There had been so many bets on whether Lois would snark about it in front of him – he’d always turned red so easily – but she never did. She was strangely nice about it, too nice now that Cat thinks about it.

The “I’m sorry” interrupts her thoughts.

“What?” She snaps back to the present, frowning at Supergirl.

“I’m sorry,” the other woman repeats, “I’ve been lying to you for so long about who I am, what I am. I suppose you don’t really want an alien on your staff.”

“No,” Cat says, before taking in her expression and belatedly realising it could be seen as an agreement. “Of course, I mean, I do want you on my staff, Kara. Don’t think otherwise. You’re brilliant and I’ve never had a better assistant.”

The tension in Kara’s body visibly drops, her cape twisting back into position as she drops it, breathing a sigh of relief. “Thank-you.”

“Think nothing of it,” Cat shakes her head, before coming forwards. “One thing though, before you leave. You might call it idle curiosity.” Kara’s eyes widen as she steps into her personal space. “Also, getting back at Lois.”

“What?” Kara asks, voice worried.

Cat eyes her assistant, thinking of the implications. “This doesn’t have to mean anything, but I would like to kiss you, Kara, if you don’t mind.” Kara stares. Cat swallows. “You don’t have to. It doesn’t need to mean anything at all-”


Cat pauses, “Yes?”

Kara surprises her then, hands coming up to her jaw, cradling it gently as their lips touch. Her lips are smooth and Cat somehow isn’t surprised by the taste of sugar as her tongue dips into her mouth. Cat clutches her skirt, nails digging into the skin below, but then Kara pulls away, squeaking and putting a hand over her mouth. Cat flushes at the pink smudge she’s left behind before discreetly wiping around her own bottom lip.

“That was very…lovely, Kara.”

“I- ah-” Kara steps back sharply, looking to the window. “I gotta go! There- there’s a cat up a tree!” Before Cat has any chance to reply to her frankly strange comment, Kara rushes to the window, opening it again and disappearing into the night.

“What in the blazes…” Cat looks out the window, nonplussed. Shaking her head, she goes to her bathroom, trying not to think about…what just happened and how she had liked it far more than she should. It meant nothing and anyway, what harm can one kiss do other than inspire far more awkwardness at the office? I hate awkwardness.

Cat grimaces at herself in her mirror.


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Lin-Manuel Miranda- Help Me


You slowly walked into the Richard Rodgers Theater, trying not to freak out and keep your composure. You had just joined the cast of a musical that recently hit Broadway called In The Heights.

This was your first musical on Broadway, so you were pretty terrified. You did a full 360 spin as you took everything in. You kept spinning until your eyes landed on the stage, making you completely freeze up. You slowly walked up to the stage and placed your hand on it, a slight smile forming on your face. This was really happening, you made it.

“You need help?” you heard someone say behind you, making you jump. You spun around to see a man standing man, a handsome one at that. The first thing you noticed was his smile, which really got you.

“Yeah. I’m not really sure where to go. This is my first day.” you said.

“I can show you around if you want.” he offered.

“No, you don’t have to.” you said. You didn’t want to become a sudden burden on this stranger.

“I know.” he replied, starting to walk away and motioning for you to follow after you didn’t.

“Thank you. I’m (F/N) (L/N) by the way.” you said, catching up to him.

“No problem. I’m Lin- Manuel Miranda.” he said. You froze up again upon hearing his name. Lin stopped and faced you, confused.

“Lin- Manuel Miranda? As you creator of this show Lin Manuel Miranda?” you asked, starting to get a bit star struck.

“Yep.” he laughed.

“Okay.” you said starting to fumble with your hands. Lin laughed some more at your actions before grabbing your hand and showing you around.

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Prince of Crimson Tides (Chapter 4)

Summary: You’re a Spanish princess whose ship was raided by pirates. You come to find that the Captain of the pirate ship is none other than Captain Miranda - otherwise known as the Prince of Crimson Tides.

Pairing(s): Lin x reader (give me suggestions for other pairings!!)

Warnings: cursing, death, guns, mentions of sex (in Spanish)

Tags: @lookaroundlookaroundhowlucky @haletotheking24 @hamiltonwrotetheother51

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Erotica! // Hamilsquad x S/O


  • Can you help a girl out with a request?? I just need something really fluffy and hamilsquad-y, preferably involving blankets, fairy lights and cuPS OF TEA
  • Prompt Idea, Alex finds out about reader’s favourite adult romance novel and cannot leave her alone about it

Warning(s): erotica mentions??

Word count: 848


request here

Alex wouldn’t consider himself a heavy sleeper, but he found himself awoken from a strange light coming from under the very covers of his bed. He looked at your pillow to make sure you were okay, though when he saw you weren’t there he immediately began to panic and threw the covers off, jumping right out of bed to try and look for you.

“(Y/N)!” He cried out, waking up the other three sleeping men in the room, who all had the same panicked expression. However, it was quickly relieved when your head popped up from under the thick covers, your hair a mess.

“What?” You asked in a quiet tone, rubbing your eyes as the lamp was turned on and the room was flooded with a dim light. They all gave a sigh of relief that you were safe and sound.

“What’cha doing under the covers, sweetheart?” Alex stared at you in utter confusion – under the covers got very hot and sweaty, especially at this time of year. Your face flushed a dark red, making Lafayette’s eyebrow raise and a smirk cross Mulligan’s lips.

“Oh, do go on, Mon chaton~” Lafayette purred in his thick French accent, making you even more flustered than before.

“R-Reading!” You stuttered out, folding your arms over your chest in the hopes that they wouldn’t press on. Then again, who were you kidding? You knew each of the boys like the back of your hand and you were sure that they were going to ask - as if they’d miss a chance to mess with you.

“And what was it that you were reading?” Laurens asked, genuinely curious as he wrapped his arms around you from behind and placed a few kisses at your neck. You jumped a little and shuddered as his warm breath heated up your neck in the room that was suddenly dropping in temperature. Was it just the sweat on your nervous body starting to dry or was the temperature really dropping bit by bit? Whatever it was, it wasn’t the best and you just wanted to curl back up under the sheets. Why were they choosing NOW to interrogate you? It was 4:17 AM and you didn’t usually surface until about 8:00 AM. You had a good few hours left in bed to relax and sleep.

You were sleeping next to Alex tonight, who was a huge sleep hugger. Even if he wasn’t so affectionate during the day due to work stress and all the papers he had to sort through and write, he definitely made up for it at night with his clingy habits and small sleepy mumbles.

 “Huh? Me? Oh, I wasn’t reading anything- well, I mean I WAS reading but it’s nothing important and it was kind of boring.” You let out a nervous laugh, your tone a little higher than usual – something that usually happened when you were lying. “Well,” You began, faking a yawn. “I should really get back to sleep; got a really busy day tomorrow and…”

Hercules had your phone in his hand, reading the extract out loud. The part he was reading, the part you were getting to, was very… mature, to say the least. The smirk on his face as he read each word in that sexy low voice, his tone changing with the pace of the text. Your cheeks got redder and redder, your hands coming up to cover your face. Alex gasped.

“You were reading an erotica?!” He laughed, wrapping his arms around you so that you were now sandwiched between himself and Laurens.

“N-No!” You tried to protest and laugh it off, about to say that your friend had sent you a random link and that you were only checking it out but considering you were 9 chapters in and your history shows that you had been going back to the same site to read it for the past few nights, you knew it was futile to lie. It wasn’t something you enjoyed doing – to anyone, but especially not your boys. Besides, you had given yourself away with your high pitched voice and small squeaks. You saw Lafayette raise his eyebrow at you, making you let go out a sigh.

“Fine… I was reading an erotica…” You admitted, somewhat shameful about your actions.

“Oh, I read that one a few years ago. It was okay but I prefer the one I’m currently reading.” Laurens shrugged, looking at Lafayette who pecked his cheek and nodded in agreement.

“Oui, ‘tis not a bad book.”

You were shocked that they had read and erotica – well, you weren’t sure why. The boys were huge perverts. However, you loved them.

The rest of the night was spent in bed, fairy lights lit and cups of coffee, tea and hot chocolate warming you all up. The boys never failed to make you laugh and with every word you felt less and less embarrassed about what you had been reading, why were you hiding it in the first place? It wasn’t like they didn’t already know what you were into.

To The Four of Us (Part Seventeen)

premise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.

soundtrack song: I’ll Be Home For Christmas - Leslie Odom Jr.

full soundtrack: x

words: 2,091

warnings: swears, abuse mentions kinda

a/n: sorry somehow this got really sappy but dONT GET USED TO IT HAH // ALSO laf sexuality reveal!!!! ur welcome to that one anon who wondered

all chapters: x

tags: @heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @newyorkyoucanbeanew @lafbagxette @justafangirlwithanavy @iamgrayfox @ordinaryornate @schuylerjoon @angelica-peggy-eliza @trashyperson101 @crazydragon15 @geespilots @marvelous-hamilfan @5p00kygh05t @panda-powers @and-maria @schokoobananaa @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @aham-threw-his-shot-away @hesitantcat @lafeyettegunsandships @nonstopspook

dedication: @seas-space-and-stardust for being so supportive and encouraging all the time thank u!!!!

The mood around campus was tense in the days leading up to the official start of the winter holidays. Alexander felt like he hadn’t left his room in days, during which he studied intensely for exams. His friends insisted that he was trying way too hard and that he would be fine and why couldn’t he just go out with them to de-stress once? But every time they asked, Alexander flat-out refused.

John, Hercules, and Lafayette had begun to gather in Alexander’s room at the end of each day to hang out because they’d realized that the prospect of moving him was grim. They talked while Alexander worked, wrote, and read tirelessly. John was growing hungry for affection, Alexander noticed vaguely. Each day it seemed that he would sit a bit closer, kiss him more frequently, and whine more loudly when Lafayette made him leave for the night.

“John,” Alexander finally sighed the night before his last exam. “After tomorrow morning I’m all yours, alright? We have all day tomorrow to hang out before we fly home. But I need to study right now.”

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Until the End (Pippa X Reader)

Words: 1782

Summary: You get some difficult news and live your final days

Warnings: Potentially horrible writing, ANGST

“I’m very sorry,” the doctor said as he stood in front of you with a solemn face. You felt your stomach drop. You looked around the room, trying to find something to concentrate on as your world seemed to fall apart. Your gaze landed on the clock on the wall.

“I need to get to work,” You said quietly, seeming to stumble over your words. He nodded and set up your next appointment before you made your way to the Richard Rodgers Theater.

Your eyes were glued to the ground as you walked down the streets of New York. You had always wanted to do something meaningful with your life. Yes, you got your roles on Broadway. You got your role in Hamilton. You met the love of your life. But, that’s just it. There was still so much to do. So many things to do. And, you seemed to be running out of time.  

God, there was so much. So many roles. So many things you could do. So many things you wanted to do. Your stomach fell more and more as fear crept upon you. You’d be playing your last show as Angelica soon. You’d be saying goodbye to so many so soon. You’d never be able to play another role. You’d never be able to have kids. Hell, you’d never be able to get married. Oh god. What would Pippa say?

Your gaze set upon the sign for the theater and your heart broke. You walked to the entrance and made your way backstage.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Daveed said as he and Oak walked by. You smiled in response, afraid of what would happen if you tried to speak. You greeted the rest of the company, trying to be as cheerful as you could. You made your way down to the dressing room you shared with Pippa and Jasmine.

As you stepped inside, you recognized the voice of Renee accompanying theirs.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Jasmine greeted from the couch where her and Renee sat. Pippa got up and trapped you in an embrace.

“Hey guys,” You said with a weak smile, about to start crying in your girlfriend’s arms. Pippa’s eyebrows furrowed as she looked at you with her eyes almost asking you “what’s wrong?” You gave her a small nod as if to say that you’d explain later. You gave Renee and Jasmine.

“So, Renee, what brings you back?” You said trying to distract yourself.

“Oh no reason in particular. Alexis agreed to take the kids out tonight so that I could watch my favorite sisters perform.”

Their conversation continue as your heart panged. It wouldn’t be much more time until you couldn’t perform along their sides. You looked around the dressing room, almost trying to memorize how it looked. Pippa sat down next to you and placed her hand on your knee, similar to how the doctor had done not too long prior. You turned to her and buried your head into her shoulder.

“Hey, what’s going on?” She whispered in your ear. You nodded just as you had done earlier. The thought of telling her tore your heart to shreds. How would you tell her? How could you? “Hey guys,” she said addressing the two other girls, “can we borrow the room for a moment?”

“Of course, we’ll be right outside if you need us.” Jasmine gave the two of you a small smile as they stepped out.

“Okay, what’s wrong, love? You’ve been off since you stepped in,” She said with her eyes full of concern. You looked down to the ground as you tried to find the words to tell her. She lifted your head ever so slightly to look you in the eyes.

“I-” You paused. “I went to the doctor’s this morning,” You said quietly.

“What happened (Y/N)? Are you okay?” She asked, her words laced with worry.

“Pip,” You paused, knowing that the next words would make everything so real. You looked back down not wanting to see her face. “I have cancer.”

The words seemed surreal leaving your mouth. You felt her arms wrap around you as you thought of just unreal it was. The tears came flowing down your face. Once they started, you couldn’t seem to get it to stop. She rubbed your back lovingly as you felt her own tears fall.

“Shh, I’ve got you. I’ve got you.” She whispered, her voice seeming more and more weak with every second that passed.

You sat there like that for what seemed like hours (despite only being a few minutes). She finally sat back and looked you with overwhelming sadness. You took a deep breath knowing that the next words to come would be even worse.

“One year.” Her face dropped even more despite not seeming possible.

“What?” She said breathless.

“The doctor’s estimate was one year. It might be longer, but-” You were interrupted by her arms wrapping you in a hug. She seemed even more hysterical than you both were moments earlier.

“We’ll get through this, love, I promise.” She said as she calmed down. “Do you want me to ask Lin if your alternate could perform tonight?”

“No, I- I need to do this.” She nodded in understanding as she took your hand in hers. “Let’s go see everyone,” You said with a small smile pulling her up with you.

The two of you walked outside hand in hand. The rest of the company sat outside talking.

“Hey love birds!” Anthony said jokingly until the two of you came closer when everyone noticed your red eyes and tear stained cheeks. “Are you two okay?” He asked with concern, his goofy expression turning serious in an instant.

“I actually need to tell you guys something.” You said quietly as you took a seat, suddenly feeling exhausted. Pippa rested her arm around you, kissing the top of your head. The cast turned to you with concern. “You know,” You paused, “you guys are family to me.”

“And you’re family to us (Y/N).” Chris said.

“I’m going to be, um, I’m going to stop performing soon.” Lin frowned.

“We’ll miss you a lot (Y/N). Did you land another role?”

“Better than Angelica?” Daveed continued with a smirk.

“Oh please, Diggs, what is there that’s ‘better than Angelica’?” Renee asked with a laugh causing the rest of the company to join in laughter.

“Actually, no.” You frowned. “I found out this morning that,” Your words seemed to get stuck in your throat. You put your head in the crook of Pippa’s neck trying not to burst into tears for the second time that day. Thankfully, she understood the trouble you were having.

“She has cancer,” She said in a small voice. You looked up at the cast as you composed yourself. The faces of every person in the room dropped. Jasmine almost immediately began to sob in Anthony’s shirt. Lin’s mouth dropped open. Leslie looked down as if he were about to start crying as well. Oak was the first to get up and hug you tight. The rest followed suit and joined in the hug.

That was the hardest show any of you had performed. Pippa’s scream after Stay Alive (Reprise) was especially awful. You nearly broke down as you sung It’s Quiet Uptown. Pippa and Lin could hardly stop crying as you sang. The cast rotated in and out of your dressing room as you came on and off stage.

That night, you and Pippa sat on your couch in silence. You laid in her arms as she mindlessly played with your hair. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

During your last show, you struggled. Hell, the entire cast did. You were so exhausted from treatment that someone continuously held you up, trying to seem natural. Lin stood in front of the crowd at the end of the show in his full Alexander Hamilton get up.

“As most of you know, this is (Y/N) (Y/L/N)’s last show.” He called for Pippa and you to come up to center stage. You stood there in confusion. She turned to you.

“My love,” She started. “When we first met, I instantly fell in love with you. You made me feel so… so… “

“Helpless?” She laughed lightly.

“What I’m trying to say is that I know that we don’t have our entire lives ahead of us. But, I want you to know that I’ll be right here next to you. Always. Every moment until the last.” She got down on a knee.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), will you marry me?” Your hands flew to your mouth in shock. You shook your head and wrapped her in a hug.

And, she did. After you left the show officially, Pippa took a break from Hamilton. She was always by your side. The cast rotated in and out of your shared apartment and later, your hospital room.

Most of the cast stood in your small room.

“I’m going to get some food,” Daveed said as most of them agreed.

“Pip, go with them. You still need to eat.” You told her. She nodded reluctantly and followed them out. You were left with Anthony and Jasmine. “Guys.” Jasmine put her hand on yours. “It’s time.”

“No, no. (Y/N),” Anthony started.

“Can you please take Pippa home with you two?”

“What? You shouldn’t-”

“Please, Ant, I can’t have her here. She hasn’t slept in weeks-”

“(Y/N), you shouldn’t be alone when you go,” Jasmine continued.

“Guys, please.”

The cast said their goodbyes an hour later. You hugged Lin extra tight.

“Thank you for everything.”

Jasmine and Anthony, especially, had tears running down their faces.

“I love you, Pip.”

The couple nearly had to drag her from the hospital. You looked down at your ring with a small smile reminiscing on the times you had with her. You looked at the flowers that flooded your room, knowing exactly who gave you what. Lin sent almost half of them. You looked at the giant teddy bear by your window that Chris brought with him during your first month of being there. It had his extra George Washington hat on it. Tears pricked the corners of your eyes as you smiled at everything Alexander Hamilton’s story had brought you to. You reached for your phone and clicked to the group chat.

I love you all. x

You started to text them before sleeping during your final months. They didn’t know that this would be the last they’d receive.

My love, take your time.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Things I Noticed When I Saw Hamilton

So, I saw Hamilton yesterday (the best thing that has ever happened to me) and I thought I would share some things I noticed! So, here is my list of:
Things I noticed in Hamilton:
Act 1
•There is cheering for 30 seconds when Lin comes out
•Hamilton and Laurens share a moment
•There are lampposts in Aaron burr sir
•The lighting cues are on pointe
•Laurens and Alexander have a LOT of meaningful eye contact moments
•The sisters come out when Burr says each of their names
•They walk along the revolving stage
•Angelica holds a paper in the Schuyler sisters
•Peggy is reluctantly enjoying herself the whole time
•They all grab Angelica’s hands on the last beat
•Alexander’s friends are pushing him towards seabury
•Seabury tries to block Hamilton and ignore him to no avail
•Burr pulls Hamilton off the block
•King George acts like a 3 year old
•The king points at someone when he says you’re my favorite subject
•There are cool water effects at the beginning of right hand man
•The Schuyler sisters are kind of just in the background of all of the songs in the upper level
•Burr is VERRRYYY jealous at the end of RHM
•There is pretty much no talking
•In winters ball all of the guys point to one girl with a glass at LADIES
•Angelica looks quite offended
•The candles don’t come down until Eliza starts singing
•Eliza looks real pissed at Angelica at the Harem part
•Hamilton’s victory dance is 👌
•Eliza also looks pissed at the tried to take a bite of me part
•Eliza puts all of the letters in a box that Peggy is holding
•Angelica and Laurens share a look
•Hercules Mulligan is the best flowergirl ever
•Hamilton and Eliza have a pretty long kiss
•Less glass raising than I expected
•A+ choreo
•Everyone moves except Angelica
•Feels like a rewind
•Everyone just repeats the dance moves from helpless
•Hamilton has a hand kissing thing? That’s
his trademark
•Everyone sucks in a breath and stiffs up
•Hamilton and Eliza kiss (again)
•Angelica is left alone onstage and its majestic
•Hercules makes up the dance move in story reprise
•A British soldier fires a rifle and an ensemble member pretends to be the bullet and narrowly misses hamilton
•Eliza’s pregnancy dress is pretty cool
•Lafayette sounds annoyed
•Laurens and Hamilton share a moment
•Charles Lee is a douchebag
•Laurens and Hamilton share a moment
•Ten Duel Commandments makes good use of the spinning stage
•Lee looks MAD
•Laurens gives Hamilton his note while they share a moment
•Burr is like “duh, of course he yeilds!”
•Hamilton’s voice crack is very real
•Eliza lets Hamilton feel her baby bump and it is CUTE
•Most of that would be enough is Alexander sitting on a bench and processing with Eliza comforting him
•Everyone cheers after the immigrants high 5
•The king suddenly looks very scared of everyone
•When the king says I’m so blue the lights turn blue
•Dear theodosia is just burr and Hamilton bringing out a chair each and singing
•Laurens’ death song is v sad
•"I have so much work to do"
•Angelica holds Hamilton’s hand as the stage rotates her away and Eliza starts singing
•Washington stands on a moving staircase singing to Hamilton as it moves to the center of the room
•Angelica and Eliza hold each of hamilton’s arms and he shakes them off

Act 2
•Everyone in the audience cheers for Jefferson and he is just a ham
•When we stopped cheering he actually raised his arms like “keep cheering!”
•His jump walk thingy is beautiful
•Madison is sick. Like he is constantly coughing into his handkerchief
•Hamilton pushes past Washington to shake Jefferson’s hand first and Jefferson is just like “this guy! HA”
•Washington is like “Sorry bout that” while shaking Jefferson’s hand
•Jefferson is trying to defend Madison
•Anthony is hilarious as Phillip
•He just wants to have a different tune
•Eliza’s beat boxing is gr8
•Phillip is kinda shy about his rap until the end
•Eliza is trying to paint Hamilton a picture
•Angelica has a parasol? Idk why
•Angelica and Eliza are really good at acting like they haven’t seen each other in years
•Again with the hand holding
•Lampposts in say no to this
•Maria walks on the rotating stage
•Maria is about to kiss Hamilton then turns away
•Hamilton and Maria have a full on make out sesh
•Sydney James Harcourt was hilarious
•Maria kneels on the ground
•Hamilton kneels down after her
•There is just a lapdance
•James Reynolds calls Maria kind of like a very strict dog owner
•Alexander looks SUPER guilty at the beginning of the room where it happens
•Alexander mocks Burr SO MUCH
•Burr ends up right next to the composer most of the time
•Phillip talks to Eliza the whole time in Schuyler defeated
•Washington has a special chair
•Jefferson holds out the mic for Madison to say France
•Hamilton pretends to grab King Louis’s head, then pretends to be him
•Burr comes in front of Jefferson after he stops talking
•Jefferson is like “who is this? Why is he singing?”
•Burr is kinda just the 3rd wheel
•Jefferson writes his resignment
•Hamilton acts like a 2-year old for “Jefferson Started It!”
•Hamilton pretended he didn’t hear Washington say he’s not running for president
•Washington almost cries at the own vine and fig tree part
•Everyone surrounds Washington at the end
•The king DRAGS his scepter onstage
•He’s like are you serious?!
•He looks at his servant like “really?” And she’s like “yeah. I know right?”
•On the last beat the king sits on his stool
•Hamilton drops a large stack of papers on the ground from the center of the balcony
•He has red lights flashing on his face on “You fat motherBLEEEPP!”
•Hamilton sounds completely unsurprised at the 3 coming in. He sounds kind of like “oh boy. I have to listen to these 3.”
•Hamilton pulls the letter out of a cabinet drawer on the side of the stage
•Jefferson kind of stops Burr from saying f*ck
•It actually looks like he’s in the eye of a hurricane
•You can see Hamilton realizing he can write his way out of this
•His mom gets spinned in the air again
•Everyone starts to move the set
•Maria hands him the pen
•Everyone starts to bring out paper
•James Reynolds is like “that’s me!” When he reads his name
•Maria looks really ashamed
•Phillip looks so saddened when he reads at his own house
•Jefferson bounces on the desk
•Angelica walks in with bags
•She pulls her hand away when he tries to kiss it
•King George does a little dance
•Jefferson hands the conductor a pamphlet when they say “have you read this?”
•Everyone starts to pick up the papers at the end
•Eliza starts to walk in with the lantern at the end
•Eliza looks off in the distance at the fist burn
•Eliza looks angry and hurt
•She lights the paper
•The fire kind of got high in the bucket
•She slides the rest of the letters in the bucket instead of dropping them
•Phillip ‘graduates’ at the beginning
•The rest of the graduates are wearing general hats
•The actors in the play watch Phillip’s fight
•Alexander is very comforting and reassuring
•There are 2 guns that are taken off the wall
•Phillip has his gun up WAY BEFORE TEN
•Seriously Eacker is just an asshole
•When Phillip is hit he kinda floats to the table
•Phillip is very good at pretending to be dying
•Eliza says noooo not ooohhhhh
•Phillip grabs Eliza’s arm
•Phillipa’s scream is HEARTBREAKING
•Pretty much everyone onstage is crying in it’s quiet uptown
•Especially Lin
•Lin is just VERY emotionally invested in this show
•Eliza is pretty much expressionless the whole number until the end
•Madison is wiping away tears at the beginning of the election of 1800
•Jefferson and Madison just hate Burr
•Burr does a little “yesss” at grab a beer with him
•Everyone shoves papers in Hamilton’s face
•Burr looks so excited and expectant
•The disappointment and hurt and sadness on Burr’s face is heartbreaking
•Burr holds out his hand for a handshake and Jefferson just leaves him hanging
•Burr and Hamilton take turns using the same desk
•Lots of letters are passed
•Alexander is sitting in a chair and Eliza comes out to the chair
•Burr really looks like he regrets his decision
•Phillip stands in the place where he died and Hamilton walks over but Phillip walks up the stairs before Hamilton can get to him
•Everyone dead is acting out things during Hamilton’s monologue about the other side
•Eliza walks onstage and runs to the middle, grabs hands with Hamilton and acts like she’s being pulled away
•Burr starts crying when he is ushered away
•Burr holds out his arms like “the world was this wide”
•Everyone changes their clothes to white except for Angelica, Eliza, and Hamilton
•When she stops singing, she walks towards the middle and “finds” hamilton
•Hamilton leads her forward and shows her the audience

And that’s it! I would sell my soul to go see the OBC again, but it’s impossible, soooo… Oh well. This is a very inspirational and amazing musical, and I love love love it

total-kylo-trash  asked:

78&79 with Kylo:)

77 and 79! LOVE YOUR BLOG ITS AMAZING !! 💖💖💖

32 and 47! Please and thank you !! LOVE U

Aw thank you so much hun! And I hope you all enjoy this! 

((this turned out way floofier than I thought it would haha))

Modern AU Kylo +  “Why did we have to have kids?” + “I thought it was a one-night-stand…and now we’re married…” + “I lost our child.” +  “That’s my shirt. So is that..wait?” +  “My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?”

Basking in the sunshine you sat peacefully at a table outside of one of the many shops in the area. With a smile on your face you swiped through photos you had taken, reminiscing on all the wonderful moments you had already had on your trip here. Your moment of quiet was soon interrupted by a voice calling out to you.


Turning your head to the left you smiled as your son came barreling towards you with an ecstatic grin plastered across his face. 

“Mom look what I got!”

He eagerly held up a stuffed plush Stitch from his bag, beaming at it as if he had bought it with his own money and not your husband’s.


AND daddy let me get a Cars cookie AND a Mickey Mouse.”

You arched a brow with a little smirk, “Did he now?”

He nodded, obviously still satisfied that he had convinced Kylo to get as much as he did. Your son turned back towards the store, following his movement you finally saw Kylo and your oldest daughter with another bag full of things swinging at her side and Kylo running a hand through his ebony locks. 

“Hey big spender, a little bird told me you got him some cool stuff.”

Kylo smirked for a second, ruffling your sons hair as he had removed his hat. Turning back to you he nodded, placing his hands on his hips. Subtly he peaked over at the two, hoping they weren’t listening as he leaned a little closer to you.

“Why did we have to have kids?”

You snorted faintly, “You’re asking that now?”

“I had to negotiate and bribe the shit out of them to get out of there. Did you know our daughter apparently thinks diamonds are a practical souvenir?”

You chuckled, “I’m not surprised. What did you promise them?”

“No bed times for the rest of the trip.”

You shrugged, “You’ve done worse.”

With a sigh you smiled as you looked over at the two talking about what they had gotten from the store before your brows furrowed.

“Where’s Leslie?”

Kylo’s brows furrowed as well, turning to the two children then to the crowd behind him. As his head turned back in your direction you watched his eyes go wide.


Your expression dropped, “What did you do?”

“Apparently…I lost our child.”

Your jaw stiffened as you stood from your seat at the table, glaring at Kylo.

“Are you fucking kidding me? You lost our child here of all places? You had one job.”

“It’s actually three…if you think about it-”

“Shut up. Where did you last see her?”

“I-in the store looking at dolls.”

You nodded as you walked up to your two other kids, “Padme, where did you last see your sister?”

Padme thought for a moment before she responded, “In the toy section.”

“Alright majority rules, come on we have to find her.”

As you walked into the store, eyes wandering around the area you nudged Padme.

“She’s wearing one of your black shirts right?”

Padme nodded, “The Minnie Mouse one…like that one over there!!”

Instantly all four of your heads snapped in that direction, sure enough to find a head of ebony hair and a black Minnie Mouse shirt much like the one Padme owned. A strong glimmer of hope beamed in Kylo’s eyes as he followed behind Padme who walked over to the smaller girl, tapping her on the shoulder.

“Leslie, there you are!”

To both of their shock the little girl turned around, and it was most certainly not Leslie. Her face most certainly was nothing like Leslie’s as well as blatantly missing the ever so adorable frames that sat upon the bridge of Leslie’s nose. 

“My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?”

Padme stuttered, taking a step back, “Oh I’m sorry I-I thought you were my sister, you have the same shirt.”

The little girl shrugged and walked off, deciding to leave Padme with no response. As Padme and Kylo watched her walk off their gazes continued to search the store.

“Come on Padme, she’s gotta be in here somewhere.”

“We just have to look for my shirt. There! That’s my shirt. So is that…wait?”

Kylo’s gut felt as though it were sinking as he realized an entire cluster of people spread out through the store were wearing the same shirt as the one Padme owned. Though it only made sense that it would be a popular shirt here, Kylo couldn’t help but feel suddenly hopeless. Taking a deep breath he ran his hand through his hair once again.

“Your mother is officially going to kill me.”

Just as Kylo’s eyes began to scan the perimeter of the store again he suddenly felt a tug at his pant leg.


“Not now.”

Another insistent tug, “Daddy.”

Kylo ignored it for a few moments, until another tug pulled at his pants.


With a sigh Kylo looked down to his side only to have a doll box shoved up into his line of sight. 

“I want this one.”

Instantly a wash of relief came over him as he smiled, realizing the little face behind the box was Leslie.

“Oh thank gaud.”

Leslie shook the box at him, still trying to get his attention on the doll she had finally decided on.

“Yeah this one.”

Kylo chuckled faintly as he patted Leslie’s shoulder. She was far too concerned with her new find to see that Kylo was concerned about where she had been. In her mind, she had hardly noticed she was apparently “lost”.

“Ok, ok we’ll buy it, come on. Stay close and hold your sisters hand please.”

Padme cheered, “Mom’s not going to kill you after all!”

Leslie arched a brow, “What?”

Later that evening, with all of your children accounted for, you sat between Kylo’s legs with your back against his chest as your three children sat in front of you, sharing some cotton candy. With a smile you tilted your head to the side, subconciously nestling closer to Kylo.

“Just look at them.”

Kylo hummed in content, “Yeah.”

Behind you Kylo looked down at you before gazing back over at your kids with a faint but genuine smile.

“And to think.”


“I thought it was a one-night-stand…and now we’re married.”

You smiled at the thought, reminiscing on when you had first met Kylo. Just as he had said, it was a one-night-stand, one after a party you had both attended. One you had certainly never imagined would end up where it would be a week after, let alone where it was now.

“Married…three kids, a house…even a dog. We’re like the unicorn couple of one-night-stands.”

Kylo chuckled as he gently ran a hand over your hair, smiling at you with admiration glistening in his eyes.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

You turned back to him, bringing your lips together tenderly for a moment before you heard an excited gasp from in front of you. Turning back around you watched as the twins excitedly fidgeted in place as Padme just shook her head.

“Guys it’s starting!!”

Just Go With It

Cam is back and so is Pietro

This was inspired by the movie “Just Go With It” so any similarities that pop up like “Devlin” is all on them. 


This also has a part two so tell me if you want it up

WARNING: Lies, Swearing, Mention of Drugs, Fake Divorce, Fake Kids, Pietro Maximoff

credits to gif owner

Just Go With It 

(Reader x Pietro Fucking Maximoff)

  “Please?” On his knees, literally, Pietro begged before Y/N. His hands clutched the hem of her shirt as he looked up at her with his lower lip jutted out in an exceptionally adorable way.

“Pietro, you know how busy I am,” Y/N sighed sadly, taking his hands and pulling him up to stand. “I would love to help with your girl problem because I’m your friend, and at the same time I’m against you lying to get laid. But either way, I can’t tonight, I’m sorry.”

“Tomorrow night then?” He begged, grabbing onto Y/N’s hand and lacing his fingers through hers. Pietro tended to do this when he was trying to make her do things, for he knew how she liked holding warm hands.

“Tony’s going to bring in the new prototype for your suit tomorrow, which I still have to modify, Mister Maximoff,” Y/N teased. “Did you say you wanted flames on your super suit?”

“Flames? You put flames?!” He said excitedly, hopping a little. “I would look hot in flames, wouldn’t I?”

“I guess it would thaw you out a little,” she smirked and walked off to another part in the lab, unconsciously tugging Pietro along with her. Pietro shook his head and pushed her lightly, preventing his laughter from erupting from his mouth.

Returning to the topic, Pietro whined again, “Come on, Y/N! You have got to help me!”

“What’s your story this time, Piet, and why do you need me?” Knowing Pietro, he never told the truth when it came to dates. Pietro’s whole life was a big fat lie, from his parents not being his parents to Stark not being his enemy— except for Y/N. When Pietro and Y/N first met, they were both naked.

Wanda had been out on a mission and she brought back a girl. She was unconscious and wounded bad, so they called Doctor Cho and she patched her up. At this period, Pietro was going through a phase of running around the house naked because (1) the air conditioning was broken it was over thirty five degrees in the tower and (2) he was too fast to be spotted anyway.

Pietro was running around, using the wind he felt to cool him down. He usually ran around the top floor but he did something different for a change and ran to the lower levels. Y/N was left alone by the doctor for a few moments, leaving her exposed yet still unconscious. Other than Pietro cooling down, he also had to get Barton’s bow from the hospital wing, and with a few wrong turns, he ended up in her room, staring at her. He forgot about everything when he did— that he was naked, that he needed to retrieve Clint’s bow— it was just her. Pietro was keen on not getting caught, but the universe just didn’t allow that, so Y/N woke up.

The first thing she felt was cold, and then she felt bare. Very bare. And then she felt eyes on her.

With a jolt, Y/N attempted to sit up, but she had restraints on. Pietro then thought it would have been better to at least have a pair of boxers on first.

“Hey, hey,” he chided, hovering above her and placing his hands on her shoulders. Y/N whimpered helplessly and stared at Pietro in fear. “You’re okay, you’re safe, no one’s going to hurt you.” It took a little bit more than those words and Pietro rushing upstairs to get dressed and returning in a split second before she calmed down. They said she was burnt pretty badly but there weren’t any traces of that on her body. At first they thought it was Helen’s work, but soon after they found out that Y/N healed herself.

“Okay, so, you’re going to be my wife,” he started off yet he didn’t get to finish for Y/N had already rolled her eyes and walked away from him again. “Wait, wait! Hear me out, dragă,”

“Yeah because nothing’s more attractive than a married man.” She said sarcastically. “She must be stupid.”

“But she’s pretty hot…”

It turned out that Leslie, the girl Pietro had been crushing on, and Pietro had a night out. Romantic, wonderful, sexy… but in the morning, she found a ring in his jean pocket— a wedding ring. Funny story because the wedding ring was actually from Y/N. She had picked it up in some cheap pawn shop for an experiment, thinking it was some fake iron ring that will rust in a few days, but it turned out to be white gold. Yes, white gold for ten dollars. Knowing this, she refused to use it for her project, but instead kept it for herself. Sadly, it was too big to fit on her finger so she just kept it around her neck with a chain for good luck. It worked up until Pietro’s birthday when she was too busy and too broke to get him some fancy new shoes or a sports bra— so she gave him the ring and it fit perfectly.

“I think she’s the one,” Pietro said sheepishly, causing Y/N to drop the laser in her hands. Other than seeing Pietro as a little bit more than a friend, she was against this whole “she’s good in bed, I want to marry her” kind of thing. She respected that Pietro was trying for a relationship, really, but she’s the one? Is he kidding her?

“Psh, yeah right,” Y/N rolled her eyes for the nth time and picked the laser up.

“I just need you to pretend that we’re having a divorce and that you’re a stuck up bitch!”

Y/N gasped, “Excuse me? Who are you calling a bitch, you dick.”

Pietro grinned and zoomed over to stand in front of her. He caught her face in his hands and smirked, “And that is why we are having a divorce.”

Y/N’s breath caught in her throat at the close proximity between them as she stared into his hopeful eyes. She’s loved those eyes for God knows how long, yet those eyes aren’t looking at her like hers were looking at them.

“Please, Y/N?” Once again, Pietro pouted and laced his fingers into hers. At times that he did this, Y/N would think that he thought of her as something else too— something other than a friend— but who was she kidding? She was just his mate… and ex-wife.

“Get off me, scoundrel, I never should have married you,” she sneered before she could even think of leaning in and kissing his jutted out lower lip. Pietro’s frown turned into a shit-eating grin and soon he was twirling her in a hug, “Thank you, draga mea,”

“You’re welcome, now no more touchy-feely,” she forced the words to come out of her mouth, because in reality, she liked his affectionate side. She grinned and reached up to ruffle his hair. “We’re divorced; I don’t want anything to do with you.” Lies.


“Thank you for hearing me out,” Pietro said as he held the girl sitting across from him’s hand. Leslie smiled and squeezed his hand back, “I’m glad that you can be mature about this, thank you for doing this, Pietro.”

“Anything for you, dragoste,”

Leslie bit her lip uncomfortably and leaned in closer to Pietro. She whispered, “Do you mind not calling me that?”

Confused, Pietro raised a brow, “Why not? It is love in my language. I have called you “love” for a while now,”

“No, no, love is fine,” she corrected. “Just not dragoste, it sounds weird and people might think you’re insulting me.”


“Pietro!” Pietro turned his head to his name being called and his eyes land on a stunning looking Y/N. He had never seen her in the way she was in now— her dress hugged her body in the most flattering way and her hair was let down and done, she looked like a modern day Aphrodite.


Interrupting his racing thoughts, Leslie said in disbelief, “That’s your wife?!”

Pietro blinked absentmindedly, “What was that?”

Leslie’s fingers came up to snap in front of Pietro’s face to get his attention. Pietro turned to an annoyed looking woman, “She’s your ex-wife?!”

Was,” corrected Y/N, coming up to stand beside their table. “I was his, my darling.” She then turned to Pietro who was staring at her in complete shock before he clumsily stood up and took her in for a light hug.

“Oh, Pietro, I haven’t seen you in ages,” Y/N cried out. “You never call and when you do, you ask for help.”

“Y/N,” Pietro chuckled nervously. “You haven’t changed.”

“Hmm,” Y/N pulled back from the hug and assessed him head to toe, “You have,” Pietro’s mouth fell open— that wasn’t in the script, he wanted to say, but Y/N had already turned to the girl, “You must be Leslie,”

“Yes, yes I am,” she smiled and took Y/N’s hand. “And you must be Devlin.”

Devlin?”  Y/N turned to Pietro— that wasn’t in the script. Pietro shrugged as if to say they were even and then they all sat down.

“So, Devlin, what do you do?”

“Oh, I um… I’m a scientist.” Y/N answered and took a sip of her drink. Pietro smirked and decided to have a little bit of fun, “She invented cocaine,” Y/N choked and turned to look at Pietro incredulously.

“Just go with it,” he mouthed with a playful smile. Leslie was looking at Y/N expectantly, so she cleared her throat, “Yes, yes I did invent cocaine.”

“That’s why she’s so rich,” Pietro informed Leslie. “And she has sex with every single one of her buyers.”

“Oh, sweetheart, they gave me much more of a good time than you ever did.”

Pietro gasped, “Excuse me—“

“So,” Y/N turned to Leslie and grinned, resting her chin on the back of her hand. “I heard you and Pietro had sex.” It was Leslie’s turn to choke on her drink, and honestly, Y/N enjoyed the sight of her uncomfortable. Fear me, she wanted to hiss.

“Oh, um… did he tell you that? I am so sorr—“

“Don’t be sorry!” Y/N laughed. “I’m still pretty surprised that his thing-a-ding can still ring-a-ding.”


Pietro laughed out loud. It was a fake laughter of course, as he shot daggers at Y/N. “Well, Devlin, how is the other man?”

“Hm? Oh… um, S-Steve?” They were completely off the script by now. “He’s fine, still very… very, um, fit.”

Pietro raised a brow. She thinks the Captain is attractive?

“Who’s Steve?” Leslie pitched in. Y/N turned to her and blinked, “He’s… he’s my boyfriend. Yes, ha! You didn’t think Pietro over here would be getting all the action now, would you?”

“Oh, no, absolutely not,” she said. “I mean, you’re gorgeous… how old are you again?”

“30,” Pietro grinned. “She is 30,”

Leslie gasped, “You look 23!” And that was because Y/N really was just 24. “Honey,” Leslie addressed Pietro, taking his hand, “Look, I want to be like that when I’m 30.”

“You are beautiful, my love,” Pietro assured her, bringing her hand up to his lips. Y/N wanted to gag, but other than that, she wanted to cry. Of course, lying to Pietro’s soon to be girlfriend is all fun and all that, but actually seeing Pietro with his soon to be girlfriend doing soon to be girlfriend things stung in a way that she will always hate and will never understand.

“You two are cute,” Y/N said, interrupting their moment, wanting it to come out as jokingly as possible, but having it come out with a hint of sadness. Pietro, being her closest friend, had noticed, but before he could speak, her phone rang.

“Excuse me,” Y/N thanked Odin for the caller who saved her ass from pure embarrassment. “Do you mind if I…?”

“No, go ahead,” Leslie said, making a gesture for her to go off, but Pietro told her to stay and take the call there, which was one of his biggest mistakes for the night.

“Hey, Clint,” She greeted after checking the caller ID.

“Y/N! Help me out over here! Lila has been asking for you and she won’t stop, could you talk to her for a few?”


“Yeah, sure, hand her the phone.”

There was a rustling and a high pitched scream before an overly-excited voice greeted Y/N on the other side.

“Hey, sweetheart,” Y/N smiled and covered her other ear. “No, I’m out with Pee-tee. Where are your brothers?— That’s good. Hey, baby, I’m in the middle of something—… no…—Pee-tee? Maybe next time, okay sweetheart?— Alright, I’ll see you soon. I love you too, bye-bye.”

When Y/N hung up the phone and looked over to Pietro, had wide eyes, as if he couldn’t believe what she had just done. Y/N raised her brow at him and cocked her head to the side in confusion, mouthing a “what?”. She was confused until Leslie spoke,

“You have kids?”


“Hmm? I’m sorry what?” Play it cool, Y/N, just go with it.

“I can’t believe this, when were you going to tell me?” she turned to Pietro. “I mean, were you ever going to tell me?!”

“I was, I was!” he assured her. “I swear to god, I was, um…”

“I want to meet them,” she demanded.

Y/N’s eyes widened, “N—“

“Sure, yes, of course,” Pietro nodded. “Kids. Little bundles of joy, Saturday, yes? When they have no school?”

Leslie nodded. “Sounds like a plan… what are their names?”

“Names?” Y/N choked out and looked at Pietro. Under the table, she was digging her nails into his thigh. “Names, yes, we have our little girl, um, Magda…”

“Little boy is Coco,” Pietro added.

“And the other one?” Leslie pushed.

“Other one?”

“You mentioned brothers…?”

“Oh, yes, the other one is… um…”

“Vision,” Pietro fired out, instantly regretting it as soon as he did. Inside, he was crying. “Our youngest is named Vision.”

“Oh,” Leslie nodded. “What beautiful names.”

“Thank you,” Y/N smiled and glanced over to Pietro. “We just thought of them during the heat of the moment… basically when the nurse was asking for names. We aren’t ones to prepare. Pietro thought of most of them, isn’t that right, dickhead?”

“They are my pride and joy,” Pietro affirmed with a grin. Inside, he was dying.

When Y/N said left ahead and Leslie said her goodbyes, Pietro raced back to the tower to find Y/N just getting down the cab. With a sigh, he helped her out but Y/N flinched away from him.

“What the fuck was that?” Y/N snarled and slammed the cab door before marching towards the tower.

Pietro sighed again, “Look, I know it didn’t go as planned,”

“The plan was I show my face, I tell her I’m moving to Asia so that neither of you can deal with me and then leave. Being 32 year old drug dealing Devlin with three kids who is dating Steve wasn’t part of the plan!”

“I know, Y/N, and I am sorry, but—“

“Tell her Saturday is off.” Y/N demanded. She didn’t want to be part of his lies anymore. It was too much stress to lie once to Tony about not breaking the television, but to lie to an innocent girl who’s looking for a relationship? Forget it.

“I can’t, dragă,”

“And stop calling me that!” Y/N screamed, tugging at the roots of her hair in irritation. “I can’t do this. Get some other girl to help, tell Leslie Devlin got plastic surgery in four days. Make some other lie up that I’m not part of, please.”

Pietro studied her features and frowned. “This isn’t just about the lies, is it?”

“What?” Close to tears, Y/N whipped around to face Pietro. “What are you talking about?”

“It’s something more than the lies. What’s going on?”

“Nothing, Pietro, I don’t like lying.” She sniffled and turned away to the lighted corridor.

“No,” Pietro said and ran in front of her. “What is the matter? Do you not like Leslie? Tell me, Y/N.”

Y/N looked up at him. Even in the dark lobby, he looked like an Adonis in his black blazer and jeans. He was right, of course, it wasn’t just the lies. It was him. She couldn’t take the fact that if they did succeed in lying to her, then she would be his forever. Call it sabotage, but she couldn’t take it. She can’t help the man she loves love someone else.

But what would she say? That she’s fine? He would know she wasn’t. That it was nothing? Pietro doesn’t take nothing for an answer. That she was irrevocably in love with him? Absolutely not.

Y/N took a breath when Pietro’s hand came up to cup her face once again. In the dark, Pietro could feel her damp cheeks and his chest contracted in pain. “I… I’m just tired, Pietro, it’s been a long day.”

“I need to know the problem.”

“There is no problem,” she assured him. At least, no problem you can solve. “I’m sorry, alright, I’m just tired. I’m going to talk to Clint and we’re going to borrow his kids for the weekend, okay? And then Devlin, Coco, Magda and Little Vision are going to Asia where Pietro and Leslie can never see or be bothered by them ever again. Sound good?”

Pietro frowned at her statement. He was grateful, but something was irking him. Something wasn’t right, but before he could speak, she already reached up to kiss his cheek and whisper a good night to him before turning around and walking off.

“Y/N,” Pietro called and she paused in her tracks. She didn’t turn, so he said what he had to say, “Thank you… I…”

For a second, Y/N’s heart stopped beating as the sound hung in the air. She waited.

“I… I’ll see you in the morning.”

oh my god.

Part 2…? 

UPDATE !! Part 2 of Just Go With It

More Pietro! here tho ;)

Daddy’s Little Girl.

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REQUEST: a *imagine where Jerome meets Jim’s teenager daughter please??

FANDOM: Jerome Valeska [Gotham]

AUTHOR: MK (purityimagines)

TAGS: swearing, mention of death, crime

When Y/N was young, she developed a passion for saving people and looking deep into mysteries. Observing people was a way of her to pass the time, reading into their lives. Who are they? What are they wearing? How do they feel right now? How can I get them to reveal their weakness? What goes on in their life? What problems do they face? Y/N was seven when she noticed a man snatching a wallet from a woman’s bag and afterwards the police were involved speaking to a little girl with pigtails and a pink dress, eating her summer treat with ice cream all over her face. 

She was twelve when the kids stared at her and when she was aware, she couldn’t help but stare back. Jim Gordon, her father has never known anyone so different than his own daughter. And he liked it. He loves his daughter unconditionally— possibly if she’s following his footsteps as a detective or not, or whether she is insane and murderous or not. 

Now she’s eighteen and she’s following her father’s footsteps of becoming a GCPD detective. Jotting notes and observing Commissioner Essen, watching Dr. Leslie Thompkins do her job with Edward and learning how to walk in heels and a fancy outfit was one of the priorities. Was she liking it so far? Hell no. The cute outfit and heels? Hell yes. 

“Y'know walking around in heels almost all day might kill you,” commented Harvey. 

“But Essen is still here,” she replies.

He widens his eyes. “Well I guess Gordon’s lucky.”

Y/N squints and he lets out a sigh. “That sounded better in my head.”

“The problem is that I can’t date yet. Wouldn’t it be surprising that my next suspect would be a maniac?" 

Suddenly she caught herself interacting with a boy that lost his mother. A tall, ginger boy that worked at a carnival and was very pale. His name was Jerome Valeska, an eighteen year old with skin pale as a ghost. His clothes, hair, skin tone and face could possibly make him a human version of Chucky from Child’s Play. But to Y/N, he was terrifying to look at. 

Jerome Valeska was the boy Y/N had to help her father interrogate that afternoon with Leslie.

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puppymish  asked:

there should just be a parks and rec au for destiel tbh *sobs* who would be leslie and who would be ben?

So I literally think about this every day.

If I were to write it, Cas would be the Ben in the relationship, a failed teen mayor-turned-fanfiction-writing sci-fi nerd with painfully “rusty” “people skills” and a penchant for terrible finance jokes. He’s a damn good accountant, though, because he can be ruthless when dealing with numbers. Budgets don’t care if he binge watches Game of Thrones; they only care that he’s a practical man and a practical man he is. He knows he won’t be in town for long so he doesn’t really bother making friends or fitting in. His role has been that of the awkward math guy for pretty much ever, and he can’t see how Pawnee will be any different. Plus, he’ll never understand all that fuss about a miniature horse. (It’s a miniature horse, okay? Not the starship freaking Enterprise.)

Cas also hasn’t dated in years, not a surprise given his constant moving. And he’s supposed to be all serious and level-headed, remember, so he stops looking - no matter how badly he wants a boyfriend to cuddle with after work.

It’s just the way things are, and Cas is satisfied, he really is. That is, until the Parks Deputy Director takes him to lunch at Ellen’s Diner because “They have the best pies, Cas. You can’t leave without trying a piece, or four.”

Dean is intense, yet warm, and loves his town to an inimitable degree. He and Cas didn’t get along at first, which was expected, considering Cas had swept in and cut a lot of budgets to fix the financial crisis. But now that they’ve made peace and Cas has a chance to observe the people of Parks instead of the spreadsheets, he’s impressed by Dean more and more every day, because he’s never met a civil servant more driven, dedicated, or passionate.

It’s a, um, perfectly platonic thing that he’s feeling, of course. Office relationships are against the rules and he’s a rational guy.

Yes, very rational.

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My mini-reviews of The Monkees

The Chaperone

  • Season 1, episode 9

Episode in a nutshell:

The girl Davy fancies (Leslie) can only attend a party thrown by the Monkees if they have a chaperone, so Micky dons a dress and wig to become ‘Mrs Arcadian’. It’s all good in the hood until Leslie’s dad develops a bit of a thing for Micky Mrs Arcadian, AS YOU DO.

My views:

Okay let me start by saying THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE EPISODES EVER!!! And it’s one of the episodes I’ve watched the most because jahdjfhjahjad. It’s Micky. Micky in DRAG. And it’s just amazing. AMAZING.

Okay first up I think it’s so cute the way Micky, Mike and Peter try so hard to get Davy close to the girl he digs. Like they’re such good friends/wingmen, it’s so cute. And almost right away we get a classic romp to This Just Doesn’t Seem To Be My Day when the boys are getting ready for the party, including Mike trying to open a bag of pretzels with a hammer and Micky riding into the pad on a unicycle with two gigantic bags of popcorn, and then crashing in a pile on the floor (I actually have a gif of this saved on my phone, lolz). OH and Micky whizzing down the banister (does this boy have nine lives or something??) and crashing his face into the cake that Mike is holding - AMAZING.

I love it when Mr Babbit turns up and the way Mike says; “Well Mr Babbit, we’re having a party tonight, and what we needed is a chaperone” and the way he crosses his fingers is so cute, oh my lord. But Babbit is mean and wants to charge the boys for his time, which the boys can’t afford. Like who would ask to be paid?? I would pay to party and hang out with them!

Right so after Babbit is a let-down the boys ask their cleaning lady Mrs Wheevers to help them out, but she is blates a raging alcoholic and ends up passing out before Leslie and her dad (General Vandenberg) even rock up. BUT FEAR NOT.

Davy and Mike rush downstairs (Peter is already down there) after there’s a knock at the door, and it just so happens to be Vandenberg dropping off Leslie and her friend. So the boys are thinking it’s game over, poor Davy is thinking he’s blown his chance at getting his leg over getting close to Leslie, but OH NO. DON’T LOSE FAITH JUST YET, BOYS.

So then who saves the day??? MICKY. MICKY IN A PURPLE SPARKLY DRESS AND BLONDE WIG. He walks down the stairs and everyone’s jaws drop, not because “oh here’s this dude in drag” but because “DAMN who’s that fine looking lady??” Like even the other Monkees are clearly stunned by how foxy Micky looks (Mike especially looks FLOORED).

So Micky wastes no time in doing what he does best and FLIRTING;

“Good evening General Vandenberg, how nice of you to come.”

MICKY you really don’t need to flirt with everyone!!!!!!!!! Someone get this boy a leash, OH MY LORD. And because Vandenberg has a pulse, he obviously thinks Micky looks amazing and is instantly smitten by him.

THIS IS WHEN it all starts getting seriously fun!! Obviously Vandenberg wants to try his luck with Micky (who Mike has introduced as 'Mrs Arcadian’ (is that the name he uses for Micky during their role-playing sessions, I wonder…??)) so he decides to stick around at the party, which wasn’t what poor Mick was expecting.

Micky: “I thought he’d see the chaperone and leave.”
Mike: “Ohh so he stays a few minutes, he’ll be gone in a minute.”
Micky: “A few minutes?! Man, he’s trying to get serious!”
Davy: “Micky, will you calm down? He’ll be gone in a minute.”
Micky: “Calm down? How can I calm down?”
Davy: “He’ll be gone any minute!”
*Micky goes to walk off*
Davy:  “Hey Micky? You’re lovely.” #quality banter

No really, watch Mike’s eyes as he watches Micky walk away. Damn.

Let’s just talk about what a good friend Micky is for a moment. The boys could’ve carried on having a party without a chaperone; the only reason they needed a chaperone in the first place was to keep one girl’s dad happy. The party could’ve gone on without her. But because this girl just so happens to be one that Davy likes, Micky decided to take one for the team and don a dress and wig. And not only that, but he keeps up the act. Like he said; he assumed Vandenberg would see the chaperone and leave. But even after Micky has to put up with unwelcome advances all night, he still keeps up the act because he knows how gutted Davy will be if their scheme gets busted and Leslie has to leave. I mean let’s be honest; it’s fairly obvious Micky has no beef with wearing that dress (and although the wig clearly irritates him, he probably has no major problem with wearing that either) because he’s Micky and it’s no stretch AT ALL to believe that Micky digs dressing in drag. But dealing with some old bloke trying it on? That’s another kettle of fish, and even though Micky almost loses his cool about it a couple of times, he doesn’t blow his cover and reveal he’s just a young MAN, which would obviously (I guess..?) put an end to Vandenberg’s advances right away. But Micky doesn’t do that because he’s a great mate and doesn’t want to blow things for Davy. If that ain’t friendship I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.

So the only part of this episode that raises serious ???? is the Take a Giant Step performance, because it appears that Micky is both Micky - playing the drums and singing the song and looking like an angel - AND Mrs Arcadian at the same time. Now my theory is 'Mrs Arcadian’ went to the loo or something, Micky ditched the dress/wig, and then performed the song. The footage of Mrs Arcadian boogying away to the tune I like to think happened earlier in the evening, and as soon as Micky’s vocals ended he legged it and got back into character again. Either that or, you know, MONKEE MAGIC.

Instead of filling this up with quotes, here’s another of my favourite Micky-almost-losing-it moments that I screen-capped. My fave part of this scene is actually when Micky is like “oh here he comes” and then runs off into a different room (I’m not sure which room? The downstairs bedroom? The bathroom?) and the look he gives those girls hanging outside the door before he opens it makes me laugh too much, oh my goodness.

BUT THEN MR BABBIT TURNS UP and does he recognise that Mrs Arcadian is in fact one of his young tenants in drag? DOES HE HECK.

Mr Babbit: “If I knew you were coming I would’ve paid them.” OH MY LORD Micky look at the affect you have on people!!!

So it’s not long after Babbit arrives (and leaves again) that it all goes wrong and Vandenberg overhears Davy telling Leslie that Mrs Arcadian is in fact Micky. Then he gets everyone to march out of the Pad (as you do?) and SPANKS MICKY (!!!!) and then tells them that Mrs Arcadian has just consented to being his wife!!! And instead of Micky being like “WHAAAT?!”, although he shows some intitial surprise Micky genuinely seems tempted by the proposal after Vandenberg says that they’ll honeymoon in Madrid before flying on to Venice and then he has that little moment of imagining himself laying back in a boat fanning himself…

gif by revychumso <3

 …but then Vandenberg reveals he knows the truth, whips off Micky’s wig and the game is up. Then comes probably the best bit of the episode which is when Micky and Mike, for NO REASON WHATSOEVER, stand ridiculously close and look like they’re about to kiss???? Like there is no reason why ANYONE would ever need to be that close unless they were about to have a make-out session, but there they are, literally standing nose to nose, and Peter is there smirking like he’s egging them on, as if before the take he’d challenged them to close the couple of inches between their faces and kiss. It is so random and ???? and I think it’s beautiful. They’re gazing into each other’s eyes as well which almost makes me feel like we’re invading some kind of private time and we should all scarper and leave them to it!

But then Micky snaps out of his moment with Mike and delivers this classic line;

Micky: “There’s only one thing that bothers me though.”
Mike: “What?”
Micky: “Do I gotta give back the ring?”

Well it’s good to see you can’t be bought, Micky.

So the episode basically wraps up with Davy out with Leslie, although instead of a chaperone her father has now given her a gigantic guard dog which is legit the same size as her and Davy. Then we have Micky and Mike out with a couple of chicks from the party, and then Peter swings in as Tarzan and…bless him.

So the moral of the story is, once again, that it’s the boys’ desperation and the lengths they’re willing to go to that end up getting them what they want, as opposed to how they actually go about it. General Vandenberg said, when confronted by his daughter, that all Davy needed to do was just say that he wanted to date Leslie, instead of having all that palaver with the party and Mrs Arcadian. This is similar to Success Story, when it wasn’t the Monkees stunts that got Davy to stay, but their clear desperation, determination, and extreme levels they were willing to go to that got Davy’s grandad to change his mind - basically by all their crazy antics they proved how much they loved Davy and that their hearts were in the right place. So it’s the motive behind the Monkees crazy solutions to problems, as opposed to the 'solutions’ themselves, that ultimately wins the deal in the end.

I honestly love more or less everything about this episode. It’s fun, easy to follow, dumb, cute, funny, sexy (what? it is!!), has a few great songs/romps, and is just overall a BLAST. And this honestly isn’t because it’s kinda Micky-central and Micky is my fave. It’s just a quality episode. But it’s no lie that none of the other boys could pull off Mrs Arcadian, and that’s a FACT. So now I’m going to delve in a little deeper as to why Micky was perfect in the role.

Obviously Davy was never going to play Mrs Arcadian, because he was the one who really needed the chaperone in the first place - so he could get close to Leslie. Could Davy have pulled off that frock and wig? No. No he couldn’t. We do see Davy in a drag role later on, but he’s certainly not even close to being as realistic as Micky was in this episode. Davy may have the height of a woman, but he’s also a lot more masculine facially. Yeah, he has a cute baby face, but it’s also quite manly.

Next up there’s Peter. Just no, no, no. We see Peter in drag only once, and it’s quite clear that’s not his bag. Pretty sure Real!Peter wouldn’t be into it either. And again, Peter doesn’t have the look or the character to pull off a dress and wig like Micky wore here. The character of Peter wouldn’t be able to sell it either.

So that leaves Mike. Now, we know from Fairy Tale that, which the right make-up and the right wig, Mike actually looks really seriously good as a woman. Like, it’s almost frightening because he’s very tall and also the most masculine looking of all the Monkees, so by rights Mike in drag shouldn’t work at all: BUT IT DOES. IT REALLY DOES. HOWEVER. Real!Mike was playing Princess Gwen. In this episode, it would’ve been Show!Mike playing Mrs Arcadian, and I really don’t think that would’ve worked at all. He’s not the right character. Again, he wouldn’t have been able to sell it the way Micky does; he doesn’t have the confidence or flamboyance. Mike is the mind, the brains - Micky is the action.

Which leads me onto the fact that there was only one Monkee that could’ve played this role in this way, and that was Micky. Both Real!Micky (who clearly loves dressing in drag for no apparent reason, as we’ve seen a few times in the past) and Show!Micky have what it takes to really become this character and sell it. It’s not just a looks thing; sure, Micky is by far the most feminine looking Monkee, and if he was in a better-suited wig and had full make-up like Mike did as Gwen, then damn… he really would’ve rocked it hardcore. He has a very soft and gentle face. His height is only a minor issue; there are loads of seriously tall women out there, and he’s skinny enough to get away with it. But no, it’s not just the looks - it’s the balls. Micky is gutsy and confident and naturally sassy and flirty - both Real! and Show! Mickys. He just has what it takes. And it’s also totally believable that he would pull a stunt like that as well, so everything about Micky slipping on that purple sparkly dress just WORKS.

…but the fact that he did it for a mate just makes it all the more awesome and in my eyes gives Micky about 100000 bro points.

Things I like about this episode:

  • Most of the female characters in The Monkees are annoying, but I actually think Leslie is quite cool and also a bit of a babe. Her and Davy would make a well cute couple. Look how tiny they both are! ADORABLE.
  • “I’ll be back later. Tell your mother I like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.” Smooth, Davy.
  • Micky’s “it’s cute.”
  • “What TV show was she watching?” “Ours I hope.” #qualityfourthwallbreak
  • Davy trying to sell old magazines!!
  • 'General Micky’
  • The This Just Doesn’t Seem To Be My Day romp adhjahjajfjs this is one of my faves, there are so many great moments within this romp!!
  • Micky literally climbing the walls in the romp. That boy is mad (and also seriously strong!)
  • Also during the romp: Davy jumping on the back of Peter’s motorbike.
  • “Mrs Wheevers, wake up, come on, please!….She’s stoned.”
  • The Monkees’ reaction to seeing Micky as Mrs Arcadian for the first time - what a beautiful moment!!!
  • The way Micky keeps blowing the wig out of his eyes
  • That girl in the green dress during the Take a Giant Step performance is having none of Tarzan’s shit, haha.
  • “He’s getting fresh” lmaoooo
  • The way Babbit tells Mrs Arcadian he would kick the Monkees out of the pad so she could live there instead, OMG.
  • The chick dancing by the jukebox has the grooviest trousers I’ve ever seen, wow.
  • Mike’s salute when Vandenberg approaches the boys after kicking everyone out of the Pad hjahfjajaklkdd rofl.
  • Vandenberg SPANKS MICKY there’s no denying that’s what he does he SPANKS HIM and MICKY DOESN’T EVEN FLINCH WHAT THE HELLLLLL I love this show so much I’m literally LOL'ing
  • I’m still laughing omg
  • Micky being totally into the idea of marrying a much older man just so he can be spoilt and taken to Venice. Micky do you have no shame whatsoever??!??
  • I’m still laughing about Micky getting spanked by an old man and not giving a shit, what even are you Micky.
  • Micky’s face when Vandenberg whips his wig off.
  • I love that Leslie gives her father a bollocking. “Look at what you made these boys go through just because Davy wanted to date me!” yeah you go girlfriend.
  • When Mr Babbit appears again: “I went back to my apartment but I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t get you out of my mind… Did you dye your hair?”
  • Micky telling Babbit to “get out of here” and Babbit being totally freaked out.
  • The way Vandenberg continues to stroke Micky’s wig (that he’s now holding) as he walks away is a little creepy, I’m not going to lie. God only knows where that wig ends up.
  • I think the reason Mike and Micky get so freakishly close to each other at the end there is it’s Micky’s silent way of telling Mike that he’s the only man for him. #reallove
  • Micky asking if he’s gotta give the ring back proves he was only happy to be with Vandenberg for the money, DON’T WORRY MIKE.
  • Davy hiding up the tree at the end!!!!
  • Peter as Tarzan, bless him. This is basically the only thing he does in this episode. :(
  • The You Just May Be The One romp/performance at the end. I will forever love the boys in their orange wetsuits.

Things I dislike about this episode:

  • During Take A Giant Step that old dear is looking through the telescope and there’s stock footage of like elephants and stuff?? Why???? I don’t like any of the stock footage EVER but this episode is so full of quality that I especially don’t see why it was needed in this case??
  • Nothing. There’s literally nothing else to dislike.

Choice quotes:

Leslie: “Mrs Arcadian sounds like a really strange woman.”
Davy: “She ought to be; she’s my room mate Micky.”

Vandenberg: “We’ll honeymoon in Madrid before flying onto Venice…”
Davy: “Micky, will you please tell him?”
Mrs Arcadian: “Did you say Venice?”
Davy: “Micky!”
Mike: “General Vandenberg, look, uh, you don’t understand, I uh, uh– Micky, will you please explain to him and get off the Venice thing?”

Fic: Who we want to be (Glee, Kurt/Blaine)

Summary: This is supposed to be a crisp little grown-up meet-cute. Instead it’s a) namedropping b) outfits and c) misunderstandings. But also pure sugar. 

Specs: gen rating, 3200 words, AU

Thanks: as ever, to Corinna and Stulti 

Kurt is thirty years old and tonight he’s going to win a Tony. At least, he’s 70% sure he’s going to win. If you’d asked yesterday he’d have been 95% sure, but here at Radio City Music Hall, hobnobbing with the elite of the entertainment world, it’s hard to maintain that kind of rock solid confidence.

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the if-then-alt au
  • root knows shaw. knows the look in her eyes when she steps forward and locks her eyes on the button
  • “sameen, if you even think–”
  • shaw still whips around with “for god’s sake–”
  • still rolls her eyes
  • still moves in for the kiss
  • but root fucking decks her
  • tbt to mors praematura
  • she yells at fusco to grab her and goes for the button
  • root doesn’t throw a great punch, so shaw’s not down for long
  • just long enough
  • she sees root take a bullet once, twice, three times
  • sees her run out of ammo
  • sees her toss the empty gun aside, make some quip to martine that shaw can’t hear
  • she’d told gen, years ago, that she doesn’t feel fear. she just isn’t wired for it
  • now she thinks she might’ve been wrong
  • the elevator’s moving now. she can’t see root anymore but she hears the last shot ring out out
  • she goes completely still after that. completely cold. completely calm and numb
  • just like she did in a car accident so many years ago
  • they’re all silent aside from john’s labored breathing
  • they get him back to the subway, assess the damage, stabilize him
  • shaw and fusco leave harold fussing over him and double back to the stock exchange
  • it’s swarming with cops and feds
  • fusco provides a distraction long enough for shaw to slip through a side door
  • she makes her way back to The room
  • there’s not a sign of anyone
  • there’s blood, though. a whole lot of it
  • drag marks. some bloody boot prints. but no people
  • no root
  • she’s ice cold
  • she gets back to the subway and looks finch dead in the eye
  • tells him she’s going after her
  • finch is trying to be rational. they need to regroup, they need a lead, they’ll find root, they will, but they can’t risk losing anyone else
  • shaw whips around on her heel and marches out into the street. she finds the nearest security camera and stares it down
  • “if you can see me, samaritan can too. that means you’ve got about 30 seconds to help me find her. she’s the interface, right? you know where she is, you want her back too. time to think fast”
  • it takes about 15 seconds for her phone to buzz
  • it’s the name of the mayor of maple: leslie thompson
  • she doesn’t wait for john. doesnt tell finch or fusco
  • just steals a car and goes
  • she tails leslie all throughout the festival, and as soon as she’s alone catches up to her, holds her at gunpoint
  • very coldly tells her they’re going to have a chat
  • she takes her to the local cemetery (no cameras there)
  • “got a few questions for you, ma’am. give me straight answers or this is your last stop. understood?”
  • leslie nods vigorously. she’s terrified
  • shaw knows how to spot a liar, and this woman is giving her the truth. a brunette carried into the factory just a few hours prior
  • she leaves leslie in the cemetery, trembling
  • breaks into the carrow factory herself
  • she doesn’t know much about the tech she’s seeing, but she knows enough to deduce that it’s got samaritan written all over it
  • she grabs one of the neural implants (harold might want a look, and root when they find her)
  • she finds the girl
  • the decidedly-not-root girl
  • it’s a dead end
  • still, she’s packing a decent amount of explosives and in the mood to watch a place like this burn
  • she throws the girl over her shoulder, sack-of-potatoes style
  • sets some charges, peaces out, and lights the building up behind them
  • that should set samaritan back a step or two
  • she calls finch from the car, and the relief in his voice is palpable
  • her urges her to drop off her charge at a nearby hospital–there’s a doctor there he trusts–and come home
  • she scoffs. the subway is hardly home now
  • but she’s out of leads, out of options, so she does
  • she gets back to home base and slams the implant down on harold’s desk
  • “your machine’s a real piece of work, finch”
  • “ms. shaw, i understand you’re upset, but for all we know–”
  • “how long do we have till figure out about her implant?”
  • harold won’t meet her eyes
  • “i can’t say for sure. anywhere from…..three hours ago to three weeks from now, depending on what samaritan already knows”
  • “then we’re out of time” she goes into the subway car and stares down the monitors
  • “im gonna need more than that. she’s your helper monkey, not me”
  • she waits
  • and waits
  • and waits
  • through gritted teeth “please. she’s much better at putting up with your shit than the rest of us”
  • and then 
  • “we need her”
  • her phone buzzes. a call this time
  • “CAN. YOU. HEAR. ME”
  • “that’s more like it”
  • it feeds her an address and she calls fusco on the way. he says he’ll meet her there
  • “don’t do anything stupid without me, y’hear? i ain’t losin’ another one of you today”
  • “you know me, lionel. no promises”
  • it’s the asylum
  • fusco gets them in with his badge (”we’ve had some complaints filed about patient treatment. im gonna need to take a look around)
  • tm guides them to the proper wing, and from there through the labyrinth of halls and doors until shaw catches a glimpse of martine through a narrow window
  • she and fusco hug the wall to either side of the door
  • she signals to him–one, two, three
  • they barge in
  • martine whips around
  • shaw’s bullet catches her between the eyes before she even has a chance to draw her gun
  • fusco lets out a low whistle and shaw turns to the cot pushed up against the wall
  • root’s strapped down and looks like shit
  • she’s unconscious and there are bandages wrapped around her head
  • fusco helps shaw with the straps the between the two of them they support root’s dead weight
  • “hey finch, you busy?”
  • “working on an escape route now, ms. shaw”
  • they take an old side stairwell, a handful of samaritan goons hot on their trail
  • the boys are there to meet them with a car
  • fusco covers them while john and shaw get root into the backseat
  • he takes a bullet to the shoulder in the process
  • “you should be flattered, lionel. now you’re finally part of the team” john quips from the passenger seat once they’re in the clear
  • finch is the getaway driver. he glances at shaw via the rearview mirror
  • “ms. groves? is she–”
  • “i dont know.”
  • shaw is still cold, still unsettlingly calm
  • but her knuckles are white around the grip of her gun
  • her other arm cups root’s head in her lap
  • they get back to the subway and settle root into the bed john had recently occupied
  • there’s no time to change the sheets
  • root’s still unconscious, which leads shaw to believe either 1) anesthesia or 2) brain damage
  • she carefully peels back the bandages to inspect the damage
  • finch looks on anxiously
  • john’s taking care of fusco
  • root’s head is shaved to the scalp, but there are no stitches, no incisions
  • they got there in time
  • her ear, however, is another matter
  • there’s now a wound behind the left to match the scar behind the right
  • another stapedectomy
  • “they were gonna remove the implant next” shaw says flatly
  • “samaritan wanted to mutilate the interface and then no doubt determine the machine’s location” finch says, horrified
  • he can’t seem to tear his gaze from root’s face
  • he and john both urge shaw to rest, but she just pulls up a chair next to the bed and waits
  • bear rests his head in her lap and gazes up at her solemnly
  • it’s hours before root stirs
  • shaw’s at her side the moment the sheets rustle, holding her by the wrist
  • root’s eyes flutter open and she blinks dazedly at shaw
  • shaw squeezes her wrist
  • “you’re safe”
  • root frowns, staring at her mouth
  • recognition returns with her consciousness
  • her hand flies to her ear
  • drifts over the fresh bandages
  • she sits up abruptly, tries to talk, but the words come out garbled
  • “hey hey hey,” shaw takes root’s face in her hands. makes her focus on her
  • just her
  • “it’s gonna be okay. they didn’t get to the implant, okay? we’ll figure the rest out. you’re safe”
  • root’s eyes are locked on her mouth, reading the words
  • shaw pulls root into her chest and root sinks into her, wrapping her arms around shaw’s waist and burying her head in her shoulder
  • shaw rests her chin on the top of root’s head
  • they’ll figure it out
  • and then burn samaritan to the ground
Hold, Please - Part 12

Yay!  I did it! 2 posts in one week! And I have to say… this is one of the best parts. Because everything is better when people are in formal wear. Important things get said… maybe even important conversations about feelings… anyway thanks for reading!!

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