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Before Flowers Bloom || Chan || Oneshot

Word Count: 974

Genre: comfort, oneshot

Summary: Chan wasn’t the best with words but he hoped his little analogy would help you feel better.

You sat on his bed, watching as he aggressively played his video game. His frustrated grunts filled the room and his back was turned to you. He was expecting you to be on your phone or reading or maybe studying like you normally did when you invited yourself over to his house. Instead, you were watching him with a pair of sad eyes, unsure of what to say or how to interrupt his intense gaming session. After he finished the round, you unknowingly let out a loud sigh.

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Hey! So I've been reading your older asks and you mentioned that US and SF Sans would propose pretty early in their relationship. That got me thinking: how long do you think the skelebros would have to be in a relationship with their s/o before they started considering proposal? (assuming the relationship goes well) UT, UF, US, and SF please.

UT!Sans: For him its kind of dependent on the person but definitely not right away. He doesn’t really rush into anything. Not to mention the reset situation makes him pretty hesitant to get other people’s lives involved. Getting married is a big risk, potentially having kids even more so, because at any moment it could all be taken away. Leaving that factor out, though, within two or three years he’ll probably have figured out if he could ever see himself marrying you. If the answer is no, doesn’t mean he’ll break up with you, just means he probably won’t propose. In the end he’ll let it develop at its own pace.  Where it goes is where it goes.

UT!Papyrus: May seem odd to have a checklist for a relationship, but he kind of does. Based on every movie, book, and TV show he’s ever consumed he’s formed a timeline of relationship milestones you have to hit before he can consider proposing. Obviously, this’ll have to adjust as he goes (especially since you’re not likely to ever get temporary amnesia or be revealed to have an evil twin). He decides faaaiiirly quickly, I think. Maybe a year. He proposes almost immediately after he’s decided. He likes to be sure of himself but once he’s committed he never goes by halves.

Although on the rare occasions when he’s drunk he has been known to propose to random strangers….but that’s a story for another day.

UF!Sans It takes him years. Like, it would almost be better if you just assume its never going to happen. First there’s about fifteen layers of emotional walls that he’s going to have to overcome to get in a relationship in a first place. After that there’s the issue of getting him to take the relationship seriously and actually let himself get invested in it. Then there’s his insecurities, anxieties, resisitance to promise making…..yeah, if you want that ring you’ve got to be in it for the long haul. Even once he finally gets the idea of marrying anybody to sit comfortably in his stomach (he wants to so bad, but the idea that its something he could actually go through with takes about as well as cats to water), it takes him even longer to work up the nerve to ask you. He’s convinced you’re going to turn him down. That he’s going to ruin whatever good thing you’ve got by taking it to a place where you’re not comfortable going. 

Be patient with him. Honestly he’s still a little weirded out that he’s past the one night stand phase.

UF!Papyrus: Figuring out that he wants to propose is the easy part. The way he’s wired Edge doesn’t ask you out unless he’s pretty sure he could see you two getting married. Six months is ample time for him to make the final decision. 

Actually proposing? Well, that’s another matter altogether. 

Honeslty Red just finds the whole thing privately hilarious. His brother, who abhors any kind of procrastination, will take any excuse not to go through with it. Any. Oh, its raining? too bad, outdoor proposals are theo nly way to go so guess he can’t do it tonight. Its too cold, he’s feeling sick, its laundry day….honestly its kind of pathetic up until Undyne gets fed up and sends you a text saying to ask him about  something important he has to say. He’s going to kill her once he can convince himself to leave your side afterwards.

US!Sans Like I said, he proposes fast. Blue trusts his gut feelings. And right now they’re telling him that you two should be together for the rest of your lives. And I mean early. Like, six months max before his first proposal. Given his tendency to date fellow romantics this may not be unsuccessful. If you’re a little more down to earth and hesitate, he’s going to be hurt, but he can get over it. He’s just extremely sure, about himself and you. He’s the kind of guy who believes that no matter what baggage you come with you can grow for each other. So why not settle down fast?

US!Papyrus The actual opposite of his brother. Stretch may never get married. Hell, its hard enough for him to get involved in any kind of long term relationship. Stretch likes novelty, variety, and low stakes. None of these things really work out well for a lengthy  partnership with a person. Commitment’s a hard thing for him to grapple with. Not that its impossibe, but its going to take some significant investment on both sides. But in the end, unless you two are once in a lifetime soulmates, there’s a strong chance that you’ll never end up married. Just continue dating for as long as it lasts.

SF!Sans: He proposes fast too but doesn’t take rejection quite as personally as Blue. In his mind its just a mtter of time before you accept his offer, and he’s perfectly willing to reiterate the offer until you’re ready. I’d be lying if I said early on there isn’t some creepy Pygmalion aspect to this. He sort of believes that after marriage he can mold away any issues in you that pop up. But that falls away pretty fast. In the end, he just wants to be with you. He worries too much that something is going to try and take you from him.  He knows he’s never cared as much for anyone except maybe Papyrus and Alphys before, and it files you immediately under the same fierce protection he provides for both of them.

SF!Papyrus Out of all the lazybones he’s probably the fastest to propose. Mostly because he really can’t believe he has someone like you in his life, not just as a friend or a hookup when you’re both on edge, but a long term partner. Someone who….cares about him. Someone he cares about. There’s no point in his mind to waiting around. He knows he’s never going to feel any more confident in himself no matter how long he waits, and as for the resets….well, he’d rather experience one timeline as your spouse than wait around only to get it taken away anyways. Probably around a year, at most.

A Mother’s Worry - Part 1

Just a small drabble to get back into things. Mostly angst. Part 2 coming soon hopefully! This one deals with Raine during her second pregnancy, and part 2 will deal with her postpartum depression once Aurora is born. Mostly a character study to just get back into writing again.


Raine didn’t expect to react the way she did.

She never expected to have that sinking feeling in the pit of her gut, that overwhelming fear that gripped her heart and refused to unlatch its sharpened claws. She felt the room start to get smaller, the air growing thinner as she sucked in deep breaths, trying to fill her lungs to no avail. She never thought three simple words would have her spiralling downward, or cause her mind to race so quickly that her vision started to blur.

It’s a girl.

“What incredible news,” Ignis’ joyous voice pulled her out of her own mind, one hand coming to squeeze hers as the other rested on her convex belly. Raine forced a smile and nodded at the doctor.

“Yeah. Thank you.”

The walk home from the hospital was quiet. Raine linked her hand with her husband’s, idly swinging it as they strolled, her mind lost in thought. It didn’t escape Ignis’ notice.

“My love, you seem troubled.”

Raine didn’t answer right away. When she finally found her words, she quietly replied, “I’m okay.”

They got back to the house and Raine sat herself down on the couch, hugging her knees as close to her chest as possible, though her pregnant stomach got in her way. Lucas was over at Cam and Gladio’s for the evening, the house falling prey to a deadly quiet. Ignis took the seat beside her and lifted her hand to his lips, kissing each finger before skimming the pad of his thumb along her knuckles.

“I know why you’re afraid.”

Raine lifted her chin to meet Ignis’ milky gaze through his protective glasses. “I’m not.”

He smiled ever so slightly, a gentle one that told her that she didn’t have to put up a front. “Raine, you may have forgotten, but I know you are afraid because I can feel it in the pit of my stomach as well. I know that you’re thinking of Clara.”

Raine bit her lip until she tasted copper in her mouth. “Don’t.”

“It’s alright to be scared of having another daughter,” Ignis said quietly, his thumb never ceasing its gentle movements along her skin. “I can’t imagine what you went through, and what you must still be going through. But this baby, our daughter,” he placed his free hand on the curve of her stomach, “is going to grow up and be a remarkable young woman because she has you as her mother.”

Raine didn’t realize she was crying until she felt Ignis brush her tears away. “What if I…” Her voice shook as she spoke. “What am I going to do if I lose her, Ignis? Not like how I lost Clara, but…what if…”

She set her hand on top of Ignis, pressing against her stomach to stop herself from trembling.

“What if she ends up just like me?”

Ignis moved closer to his wife and encircled her in his arms. Raine leaned into the crook of his neck and cried, unable to stop herself. He just held her through the worst of it, a comforting hand coming to stroke along her back as he pressed kisses to the crown of her head.

Finally, after a while, Ignis quietly said, “If our daughter ends up just like you, she too will have my heart and soul. Whatever flaws, whatever hardships, I will adore her with all my devotion, and I know you will as well, because that is who you are. You are so much more than you realize, and you will pass those lessons down to your daughter, and maybe one day she will pass them down to hers as well.”

Raine sniffled, still leaning against Ignis’ chest. “I don’t want her growing up thinking she’s a replacement for Clara,” she whispered. “I want her to be her own person. I don’t want her to have to deal with my emotional baggage.”

“You won’t,” Ignis promised, his voice soothing the scars over her heart. “This is a new chapter of our lives, one that we will embark on together. We already have Lucas, our little miracle, and now we are about to have another. This is the dawn of a new day, my love. And I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our little family.”

Raine smiled slightly, and turned to press a gentle kiss to his collarbone. She nuzzled into his skin, closing her eyes and breathing in his comforting scent.

She exhaled slowly, still safe in the warmth of his arms. Then suddenly, she murmured, “Aurora.”

Ignis perked up slightly. “I beg your pardon?”

“Aurora,” Raine repeated. “It means dawn in Latin. We should name our daughter Aurora.”

Ignis smiled, and pulled her in for a tender kiss.

“Aurora, it is.”

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More on the alphabet squad and/or adoptive father Resi raising little Saru? Maybe one day he gets lost and thinks he's been abandoned and Mikoto finds him, takes him back to the bar cause outside its raining and he can't just leave the kid. Saru spends a few hours there until S4 shows up demanding the return of their little prince.

Going with this as part of the AU where tiny Fushimi has Strain powers and gets rescued from Niki by Scepter 4, the Gold King gives Fushimi like a bracelet or something to keep his powers in check but Munakata decides to take responsibility for him just in case. Of course the whole alphabet squad loves him and Fushimi is basically Scepter 4’s little prince, everyone’s always wanting to take care of him and play with him and spend time with him. Awashima likes to bring him anko sweets to eat and pat his head and Munakata’s always inviting Fushimi to come into his office to play puzzles. Fushimi’s still a bit shy and wary about all this though, like he can’t forget Niki so easily and he has a tendency to absently play with his bracelet because he knows that’s what’s keeping his powers in check and part of him is certain that if he lost the bracelet and his powers went wild again everyone would hate him and abandon him. So then maybe one day he does end up losing the bracelet, like Hidaka thinks it would be cute to take the kid out on patrol but then they get into an unexpected situation with a dangerous Strain. Doumyouji’s driving and immediately turns the van to go defeat the Strain, Hidaka’s like wait but what about Saruhiko and Doumyouji just figures this is a good chance for little Saru to see them all looking cool. The Strain ends up being more dangerous than expected, say the alphabet boys have Fushimi stay in the van where they think it’s safe but then the Strain tries to destroy the van just figuring that this will cut off communications, not knowing Fushimi’s there. The alphabet boys immediately go running towards the van, all worried for Fushimi, but they’re too slow and the van goes flying. Fushimi manages to jump out but in protecting himself he takes off his bracelet and maybe sends like some kind of giant power towards both the Strain and the alphabet boys, knocking everyone out. Certain he’s just made everyone hate him Fushimi runs off, all alone and terrified.

He’s wandering around outside when it starts raining and Fushimi has to take refuge under the nearest overhang, which just so happens to be the doorway to Bar Homra. He’s sitting there curled up all miserable and shaking when Mikoto comes walking up the steps to the door. Fushimi shrinks back, scared, and Mikoto stares down at him for a moment in confusion. Maybe Munakata’s made Fushimi his own tiny uniform though and Mikoto’s aware that Munakata’s raising a kid so he’s able to figure out pretty quickly who this kid is. He asks Fushimi where his caretaker is, probably wondering how the hell Munakata lost sight of his kid so easily, and Fushimi kinda starts to stammer and hiccup because it’s a reminder of how much he screwed everything up and how he’s surely been abandoned. Mikoto finally just sighs and picks Fushimi up with one hand, carrying him in the bar and dumping him on the couch as he goes to ask Kusanagi if they have any towels because the kid’s soaked. Kusanagi takes one look at Fushimi and is just like Mikoto you can’t just kidnap random kids especially not ones in Scepter 4 uniforms. Mikoto shrugs and says the kid was sitting on the steps. As he and Kusanagi are discussing Totsuka comes down the steps and is all intrigued by this cute new kid Mikoto picked up, he’s all ready to ask Fushimi if he’d like to try out some new hobbies together. Fushimi is all shy and confused, like he doesn’t know about Homra so he has no idea who any of these people are or why they’re giving him hot chocolate and covering him in blankets.

Kusanagi meanwhile contacts Awashima and once the rain stops Munakata and a couple alphabet boys are immediately at Homra, Munakata just walks right in like he owns the place and Mikoto’s leaning on the counter all hey, aren’t you the guy who always talks about how it’s rude not to knock. Munakata gives him this thin smile and states that he didn’t know the Red clan were such barbarians that they would stoop to kidnapping. Mikoto says that he just found the kid, Munakata’s the one who lost him and Munakata says that was an unfortunate accident but he would like his child back now. Fushimi meanwhile is listening to the whole thing, hiding behind Kusanagi’s legs and all nervous because he’s sure that he’s in trouble. Mikoto turns to Fushimi and asks what he wants to do, does he want to go back with Munakata, and Fushimi quietly asks if Munakata’s upset with him. Munakata gives him this gentle smile and says on the contrary, he was terribly worried and everyone’s been waiting for Fushimi to come home. He holds out a hand to Fushimi and Fushimi shyly takes it, Munakata beams and says it’s time for them to go home. Fushimi kinda glances up at Mikoto as he leaves and Mikoto can’t stop himself from giving Fushimi a bit of a smile and telling him to go on home with his family now, Fushimi nods his head in thanks and hurries off to be doted on again at Scepter 4.

OTP questions

Since no one else is doing this… :3

1: Who spends almost all their money on the other?

James, of course. He spoils the hell out of Jess. Half the time surprises her with stuff she didn’t even ask for just cause he can. 

2: Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

Low key both, but Jess does it more often.

3: Who walks around the house half-naked and who yells at them to put on some clothes?

I mean…? I can’t really see either of them doing this but if they did they would p just let each other do it because they are both sexy beasts so…. XD

5: Which one tries to make food for the other but burns it all by accident and which one tells them that it’s okay and makes them both cookies?

Jessie burns the food, James makes the cookies.

7: Which one constantly wears the other’s clothes?


8: Which one spends all day running errands and which one says “You remembered [thing], right?”

James runs the errands.

9: Which one drives the car and which one gives them directions?

10: Which one does the posing while the other one draws?

James draws while Jess poses!! 

11: If they were about to rob a museum, which one does backflips through lasers and which one is strolling behind with a bag of chips?

LMAO I LOVE THIS VISUAL and Jess is most definitely the one doing the backflips. XD

12: Which one of your OTP overdoes it on the alcohol and which one makes the other stop drinking?

13: Which one likes to surprise the other with a lot of small random gifts?


14: Which one keeps accidentally using the other’s last name instead of their own?

Hehe… Jess.

15: Which one screams about the spider and which one brings the spider outside?

JESSIE and James brings it outside. Jessie isn’t afraid of much, but fucking spiders? You bet. Ofc this is assuming that regular spiders exist in the Pokemon world. Jess probably isn’t afraid of Spinarak. 

16: Which one gives the other their jacket?


18: Who’s the first one to admit they have feelings for the other?

In my h/c it’s always James, but I could see both.

19: How good would your OTP be at parenting?

Although James has a natural parenting instinct, I think he would still struggle a great deal with raising an actual child given his own childhood. He would probably go on everything his Nanny and Pop Pop taught him and therefore would love and protect his child fiercely, but would struggle with discipline. Jess, the very opposite. After some trial and error, she would get good at discipline but struggle with the love and affection. Not that she wouldn’t love her child, but she would struggle with how to properly show it for awhile. Eventually, they would settle into it quite comfortably and everything would balance out, and with Meowth and Wobbuffet’s help, I think they could be great parents. :)

20: Which one types with perfect grammar and which one types using numbers as letters?

James definitely has the perfect grammar. One of things that was beaten into him as a child (possibly literally). :(

21: Who gets attacked by a bully and who protects them?

James gets attacked and Jessie protects him. 

22: Who makes the bad puns and who makes a pained smile every time the other makes a pun?

James absolutely makes the bad puns. 

23: Who comes home from work to see that the other one bought a puppy?


25: Which one competes in some sort of activity and which one does the overzealous cheering?


26: Who takes a selfie when the other one falls asleep on their shoulder?

Haha, Jess takes ALL the selfies.

28: Which one owns a pet that the other is absolutely terrified of?

I feel like Jess would own something really goddamn scary and James would not go to bed at night until he was absolutely certain that it was secure in its pokeball. WAIT SHE HAS  MIMIKYU. Only James doesn’t really…. seem to be scared of it?? So it could techincally be Mimikyu or something equally terrifying like a Lampent or a Banette.

29: Which one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?

James. <3

30: If your OTP went on vacation, where would they go and what would they do? Who would take the pictures?

ALL the shopping and ALL of the eating. Jess would take all the pictures. They’d go dancing. They would stay out late on the beach and make love in the surf. They would have a spa day and just spend the whole day getting pampered. James would pretend he had something personal to take care of and have Meowth and Wobbuffet distract Jess while he went shopping for an engagement ring. :D

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Can you do some Josh F and the reader where he offers her a ride home since its raining and her car is broken down?

The tow service has been called, but won’t have a truck available until tomorrow. Your roommate has been called, to no such luck. You would call your parents, if only they weren’t halfway across the world on vacation. Your last resort is to sit in your broken down car with locked doors and rant at Twitter until a new idea struck you.

You sit, head against the seat, groaning about how badly you wanted to just go home and relax, when the sound of tires slowing against the gravel outside alerts you. You eye the approaching SUV skeptically, until you recognize the terrible pendant hanging from the rear view.

As you get out of the car, Josh rolls down his passenger window, “hey beautiful,” he shouts. “You having some car trouble?”

You roll your eyes, “yeah a bit. You better watch out though,” you joke, leaning against the open window. “My boyfriend ought to be passing by any time now, you wouldn’t want to cross him. Big tough guy, he is.”

It’s Josh’s time to roll his eyes. “Get in the car, asshole,” he laughs, and you do, leaning across the car to kiss him. “Why didn’t you call me? I had to see from Twitter that you were stranded on the side of the road!” You try to stammer your response as he drives away, toward his apartment. He was too busy, you didn’t want to bother him, so on. “Yeah yeah,” he says, patting your knee, “never too busy for you though.”

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do you think pink guy is scared of storms? I wonder if he'd make a blanket fort to hide or just sit in the corner and cry a little (its stormy by me rn and my cat is very scared)

Pink Guy might try to argue with the thunder until the lightning flashes and then he’s under the blankets of Frank’s bed. Frank tries to coax him out but it just doesn’t work. Slowly, Sal joins him because it’s really pouring and Frank won’t let him go out and play in the rain so he comes cuddle with Pink and pouts. 

Lemon squishes between both of them because he has a headache and the loud noise isn’t making it better. Saf eventually drags Frank to bed with him and they all just lounge around on each other. How long does the rain last? All day if the cuddle pile is anything to go by

Entrée (J2, ballet AU, eventual sadist!Jensen, hurt!Jared, read the note at the end)

With a dismissive turn of his head, the man moves toward the door.

“W-wait!” Jared stammers out, and miraculously, the man does. “A-are you Je-Jensen A-A-Ackles?” The shivers are back now, tenfold worse for their absence. Jared feels like he’s going to shake apart.

“Who’s asking?” the man replies, voice gruff, unkind. He turns back halfway, so Jared is in his periphery, and Jared makes an effort to look healthier, happier, better.

“M-my name is J-Jared,” he says, tries to will down the cold with a conscious effort. “I want t-t-to learn from you.”

“Well, Jared,” the man says, and his voice makes Jared’s name something simultaneously menacing and unimportant, “I’m afraid I’m not taking on any students right now.” He turns back to the door and Jared feels his heart drop downdowndown somewhere dark inside him because this is his last hope. He’s given everything to get here. He has nothing left.

“P-please, Mr. Ackles!” he says, forcing the man to stop again. “I don’t—I don’t have anywhere else to go.” It comes out broken, too honest. Pathetic. No one would want him like this. No one. Especially not Jensen Ackles.

There have been many moments in Jared’s life when he’s hated himself before, but this…this is the darkest.

Mr. Ackles has already turned away again, taken the remaining steps to the front door. He unlocks it with a jingle of keys, pushes it open. He’s leaving. Leaving Jared out here, alone.

Jared deflates, wilts, a flower in frost. He can only be so resilient. He has saved all of himself for this, and now he has to go back, through the cold and the wet, he doesn’t even know where. Make a new plan, find a new path.

Maybe Mr. Ackles will let him stay on the porch until the rain subsides.

Maybe Jared will just curl up on the side of the road and die.

“Well, are you coming in or not?” that gruff voice asks him, and Jared’s chin jerks up from its journey down to his chest.


“Get inside,” Mr. Ackles reiterates. “You look like a fucking drowned puppy, Jesus.” He stomps his work boots on the mat in front of the door, limps over the threshold.

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(Bad news: I haven’t written a Christmas fic, because somehow in trying to brainstorm for it, I got this whole crazy idea in my head. Good news: you get this instead?)

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a possibility for your gorgeous middle america star wars au: poe as cross country truck driver

oh no this is so good

Florida keeps trying to drown me so, you know, drabble. ;P

It’s been five minutes since Zayn stormed outside, fuming mad with no place to go except the deserted beach in front of their vacation condo. He’s drenched from the sudden storm that started shortly before he ran out, sheets of rain so heavy and thick that he can’t see more than a few feet in front of him. The smart thing to do would be to go back inside, but that feels like letting Liam win somehow, so Zayn is just going to stand in the downpour and be pissy about not being able to smoke.

The argument itself was stupid, something about how Liam was loading the dishwasher wrong. It wasn’t the real source of Zayn’s anger, of course, but instead of being an adult and point blank asking Liam about his suspicious activity Zayn let his frustration simmer until it boiled over in an argument about trivialities instead. If he’s brutally honest with himself, he’s scared of the answers he might get if he asks the right questions.

At first it was just little things, Liam changing the password to his phone and clearing the browser history of his laptop. Then he started having hushed conversations with someone that stopped when Zayn entered the room. Liam would hurriedly say goodbye and hang up. When Zayn asked who he was talking to, Liam made up an obvious lie. Zayn doesn’t want to believe that Liam would cheat on him, but the evidence is pointing in that direction.

“Are you coming back inside?” Liam calls from the doorway.

“Fuck off,” Zayn yells back, rain streaming down his face and into his mouth.

“What the hell, Zayn?” Liam’s eyes are big and hurt and his full mouth is turned down slightly. “Come in so we can talk about this.”

Zayn furrows his brow and shakes his head, his stubborn streak digging in its heels for the long haul. Above his head lightning chases across the sky followed quickly by a loud boom of thunder. He knows that means it hit close, but he’s staying outside anyway. The raging summer storm makes him, and by extension his problems, feel small and unimportant. The wildness of it sends a rush of adrenaline through him, building in his breast like carbonation.

“Fine.” Liam sighs and steps out into the sheets of rain, becoming soaked almost immediately. His white shirt goes translucent and clings to his chest and abs appealingly, but Zayn tries very hard not to notice.

“What are you doing? Go back inside, Liam.”

“No. I’m staying out here until you tell me what’s wrong.” Liam has to shout through the rain.

“Fine. Whatever.”

Zayn’s fingers are pruning up a bit. He pushes his hair back and away from his face, tilting his face up into the deluge. It’s a warm rain and, despite its ferocity, almost feels good pelting over his skin. He steadfastly ignores Liam’s presence and his delectable body. Now is not the time to get distracted by his probably soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend’s abs.

“Come on, babe. You’re not actually mad about the dishwasher. What’s going on?” Liam’s big brown eyes are filled with concern and, despite Zayn’s righteous anger, make him feel guilty for putting that look there.

“Quit giving me that look,” Zayn yells through the rain. “I’m not the one cheating.”

“Excuse me?”

Zayn licks water off his lips and takes a deep breath. Apparently this confrontation is happening now. “You’re keeping secrets, Liam. All the conversations you don’t want me to hear? And the changed passwords and cleared browser history?”

“And the first conclusion you jumped to was that I was cheating? What the fuck, Z?”

Rain batters against the roof and patio, seeming impossibly loud in the silence between the two of them. Zayn can’t quantify how he feels right now. He’s still angry, but also guilty and slightly chastened? It’s a jumble, churning wildly in his gut, unsettled and violent.

“What was I supposed to think?” Zayn wants to mutter, but raises his voice to be heard above the ambient noise surrounding them.

Liam rolls his eyes. “You’re completely ridiculous, you know? I can’t believe I want to marry you!”

It feels like the air has been knocked out of him. “You want to what?” Zayn asks.

“I’ve been shopping for rings, you donut! And talking to your mum and dad about it! Honestly, Zayn, in what reality would I cheat on you?”

Zayn gives in to the urge to step into Liam’s space and slide a hand under the clingy shirt. He loves the feel of Liam’s skin when it’s wet, how it slides under his fingertips like silk. The truth is, he’s feeling rather stupid at the moment. He should have known better, should have trusted Liam more, but he’s so incredulous that Liam is with him at all some days. How could he have concluded that Liam wanted to marry him?

“I’m sorry,” Zayn apologizes with as much sincerity as he can shove into those two words.

Liam cups Zayn’s jaw in his large palm and smiles at him. “We’re good. Just. I would never, okay?”

“Rationally I know that,” Zayn says. “But m'not always rational when it comes to you, yeah?”

“I know.” Liam rests his forehead against Zayn’s.

“So,” Zayn begins coyly. “Are you asking?”

Liam chuckles. “Are you saying yes?”

“Always.” There’s no hesitation. If there’s one thing he knows for sure, it’s that he wants Liam in his life forever.

“I was going to be real romantic about it, you know? Make a big to do. Didn’t imagine shouting at you in the rain in any of my proposal scenarios.” Liam looks more amused than anything else, so Zayn figures it’s fine.

“Love you,” Zayn tells him. He’s more grateful than he can ever express that Liam just rolls with his mood shifts the way he does.

“I love you too,” Liam responds immediately.

Liam closes the small gap between them, pressing his lips firmly to Zayn’s. He swipes his tongue over Zayn’s lower lip, dipping teasingly between them. Liam’s mouth feels searing against his, slick heat in direct contrast to the fat drops of lukewarm rain hitting his cheeks and forehead and catching in his lashes. It seems like steam should be rising off their skin.

“Can we go inside now?” Liam asks.

Zayn smirks up at him. “And give up the chance to suck you off in the rain? No way.”

the 5 times Boyd offers Scott his jacket and the 1 time Scott finally gets it

Written for: Boyd Rarepair Week Day 2: favorite LGBTQ+ ship
Pairing: Boyd/Scott
Words: 3890
Warnings: none
Using this for my ‘Boyd x Scott’ square on my TW bingo card


It would’ve made more sense if he’d gone to The Force Awakens with Stiles, he knows that, but his best friend had been very passionate about cosplaying and going to the midnight premiere, which would mean standing in line with all those Star Wars fanatics in costumes while he didn’t even know who Jar Jar and who Jabba was.

Scott just wasn’t feeling it, especially because he would have to dress up as Anakin Skywalker (who even is that? Scott had only sat through the original movies, he had been too impatient to watch the prequels) and had to stand next to Malia in a metal bikini. Not that he didn’t like the sight of Malia in bikini, but he wasn’t really looking forward to the Star Wars dudebros drooling all over one of his best friends.

He wasn’t really planning to ever see The Force Awakens, to be honest. But then he saw Boyd watching the movie trailer on his phone in the cafetaria and he could smell how excited he was about it and he was still sitting alone, even after all they’d been through together, and Scott just had to do something.

So he had taken the seat opposite of the bigger boy, not missing the surprised look on his face before he crawled back into his shell, and had suggested they go together.

Boyd had told him he didn’t have to, that he could go alone if Scott didn’t want to go, but Scott wouldn’t hear of it. So when Boyd had agreed to go together with one of his rare, genuine smiles, Scott had rushed home to watch the movies before the next day, when they had planned on going.

Of course it’s painfully obvious Scott isn’t into Star Wars as much as he claims to be, but if Boyd notices, he doesn’t show it.

To be fair, the movie is pretty great. The characters are likable, the plot is exciting to follow, there’s even a shocking death during which Boyd grabs Scott’s leg in shock and gasps loudly. He isn’t complaining. And when they get out of the movie theatre and Boyd has one of those special smiles on his face, Scott thinks this was a pretty good idea.

“Dude, and that scene with all the Stormtroopers where they take Rey!! Holy shit, honestly. Man, Finn had to shoot one of his own, what if they were like - friends? Do you think Stormtroopers have friends? I mean, what’s their backstory?” Boyd rambles and it’s honestly the most Scott has ever heard him talk in one go. He’s impressed.

They’re walking home - Beacon Hills only has one movie theatre and it isn’t too far from either of their homes - and Scott contently listens to Boyd talking. He has a nice voice, soothing. Scott wishes he could hear it more often.

It’s chilly out, late January and late at night. Scott regrets not bringing his coat. Boyd must notice, because he takes his arm to get him to stop walking and shrugs off his jacket.

“Here, take mine,” he says as he hands it to Scott.

“How’d you-”

“Werewolf senses, Scott. Here, take it. I’m too hot anyway.”

“Are you sure?”

Boyd rolls his eyes, something he must’ve picked up from Derek, and urges Scott to just take the jacket. So the shorter boy does, and he smiles gratefully.

The jacket is leather and loose around Scott’s shoulders; it vaguely smells of burned wood and soap and Boyd’s own scent. He digs his hands into the pockets and nuzzles into it a bit.

Boyd continues talking on their walk home, and Scott suspects his flowing mouth has something to do with the dark. It’s always easier to talk when it’s dark out, it’s like the night takes the words, polishes them to take off the sharp edges before letting go of them.

They say goodbye with a smile and a nod, wishing each other a good night and weekend.

It isn’t until Scott’s in his room and undressing that he realizes he’s still wearing Boyd’s jacket.

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The Hosts Driving


Has never driven and never will; that’s what he has chauffeurs for. Duh.


Does not drive often because he has chauffeurs but when he does he is terrified of it. He goes super slow and swerves every which way. He can get to where he wants to go but it’s not fun. 


Drives well. Maybe a bit fast but whatcha gonna do? He totally jams out with the radio blasting when no one else is with him


Needs a booster seat. Very carefree with no road rage. But gets a lot of road rage directed at him for eating and driving. Ha, what are stop signs?! Also has been guilty of texting while driving. Usa-chan always has shot gun. 


The best driver out of the club. He does everything by the book and never runs red lights or stop signs. Can drive anything and do it perfectly. Despite this he has the worst road rage and is an annoying backseat driver. 


Drives well enough. Is kinda afraid of driving. Always thinks he’s doing something wrong or going to get into a car crash. Prefers to leave the driving to Hikaru. 


Drives fine. Will not drive in the rain though. If it starts while she’s driving she will pull over and wait until it stops or Tamaki comes to get her. Doesn’t have a lot of gas money so she usually just takes the train. 

epicagentcalifornia  asked:


I uh, I’m going to assume this is the rain meme, cause I already did this pairing for the other one… So, here goes the rain meme!

Who loves rainy days: Kageyama. Hinata prefers sunny days.
Who loves to sit inside under a warm blanket and sip tea and just listen to the sound of the rain on the window or the roof: This is why they are Kageyama’s favorite days. He loves to listen to the rain, watch it roll down the window. It makes him feel unspeakably calm, and he takes a rainy day as a recharge day. 
Who is basically a big cat and hates getting wet: 110% Kageyama. Which makes it absolutely hilarious that he’s the one that loves the rain. 
Who has the super cute umbrella: Hinata. It’s red and blue striped. Kageyama’s is just plain black. Therefore, Hinata wins. 
Who showed up with an umbrella and saved the other and who was trapped and unprepared: Kageyama. Just cause Hinata’s umbrella is cute doesn’t mean he remembers it. It’s really a 50/50 chance that he’ll have it on him when he needs it. 
Who gets sick from being out in the rain too long: Okay, Hinata has an awful track record with this. The team has specifically charged Kageyama with the task of not letting Hinata go out in the rain for extended periods of time cause they always run this risk. And for all he does, Kageyama isn’t perfect. 
Who has the secret recipe for the perfect chicken noodle soup to cure the sniffles: Also Hinata. 
Who yells obscenities at the car that just drove by and splashed them with a huge puddle: Neither one, cause instead of real swears, they both shout fake swears like “
Who hides in the other’s coat: Hinata. Kageyama complains about it at first, but that’s only cause of how much he’s blushing to have his boyfriend so close, (which Hinata thankfully cannot see.)
Who forces their coat on the other because they forgot it and doesn’t care that they’re getting wet: Both. Hinata will shrug off his jacket and thrust it in Kageyama’s face until the other begrudgingly accepts it with a terse ‘thank you.’ Kageyama will casually slip his coat over Hinata’s shoulders and pretend its not a big deal. 
Who grabs the other’s hand and drags them out into the rain because it came on so suddenly and they’re going to get soaked anyway, to dance and laugh and be silly and eventually steal a long kiss: Hinata, cause he thinks dancing in the rain is so romantic and has to be fun if they do it in the movies to often. Cue the most adorkable rom-com montage of the two of them dancing through puddles, laughing and smiling with so much joy, and having the time of their lives and rain pours from the sky above. 
Who takes the initiative and drags the other home to force dry clothes and hot cocoa on them: Kageyama, cause eventually the romantic air wears off for him, and he realizes how wet and uncomfortable he is, and wants to go inside. 
Who finds the towel to dry the other’s hair: Kageyama. He thinks about things like that. 

Deleted lines from the Avengers script #501
  • Loki: I come with glad tidings of a world made free!
  • Fury: Shouldn't it be "good tidings"?
  • Loki: What?
  • Selvig: Yeah, I saw your reindeer horns in this Norse mythology book.
  • Loki: "Rain..dear...?"
  • Fury: Now, will you be bringing the tidings to our king or just to us?
  • Loki: You have a king ruling you ants? Already?!
  • Hawkeye: Director Fury, it's actually "kin".
  • Selvig: Do you want some figgy pudding?
  • Fury: *(turns away to face Selvig)* Ha! I don't think he's going to go until he gets some...!
  • Loki:
  • Loki: *(gets an idea; an awful idea; a wonderful, awful idea)*
  • Selvig: You know, I think he *won't* go until he gets some!
  • Hawkeye: Sir—
  • Selvig: What about a cup of good cheer?
  • Fury: What size? Venti?
  • Selvig: Good one!
  • Both: *(laugh)*
  • Hawkeye: Sir...
  • Fury: What *is* it, Agent Barton?
  • Hawkeye: Tesseract's gone.
  • Fury:
  • Fury: **Motherfucker**.
The moment they fall.

An example of what you can expect. Slight smut warning. (Wow, some of these got really long. Oops. Can you guess who my bias is? :P)


Xiumin sits at the kitchen counter, watching with an amused look, as you sing Transformer while cooking. You stop singing when you hear him laugh.


“Nothing,” he says, smiling. “I just love you.”

Your eyes widen and a blush settles over your face.

“That’s the first time you’ve said that.”

“Really?” Xiumin says. “Huh.”


Suho looks over at you to ask a question, but you’re fast asleep, eyes closed and breathing deeply. He laughs under his breath, remembering how you had squealed about this being your favourite movie, and how you said you’d never get tired of watching it.

He turns the tv off, and leans back on the couch, turning to face you. He watches you carefully, the flutter of your eyelids, the scrunch of your nose, and your lips set in the most endearing pout. 

He could watch you forever, he realises with a start.


You notice Lay has been staring at you for the past ten minutes, and you glance to where he’s sitting in the passenger seat, raising a brow at him.

“Is something wrong?”

“No. I just thought it was really sweet how you gave your lunch to that homeless man.”

“It was never my lunch. It was his. I was just the one who bought it,” you say.

He smiles, thinking about the way you had crouched down next to that gruff, haggard looking man, one who others simply walked past, and had given him your food, and more than that, your respect. 

Lay has always believed in angels, but even he never expected to fall for one.


Baekhyun’s grip tightens in your hair, as his orgasm crashes over him. He groans, dropping his head into the crook of your neck and mumbling incoherently, as he pumps into you.

“Fuck, Y/N. I love you.” he lets out in a rush.

You simultaneously look at each other, both equally shocked. He lifts himself off you, and flops onto the bed, lying on his back. You sit up, still staring at him, and he cringes at himself.


“I know,” he says.

“I thought we had an agreement. No emotions, no strings attached,” you frown.

“I’m sorry,” he looks up at you, his brows furrowed and his eyes sad. “I can’t do that anymore.”


Chen throws you onto your bed, not at all gently, and you moan from the impact. The room is dark and your mind is hazy under the influence of the twelve and a half shots you had. No busses this time of night, Chen had to drag you home on foot. No wonder he isn’t being gentle. 

He leans over you, trying to get you out of all the leather and chains you have on, and into something comfortable. As he works on your jacket you grab him by the collar and pull him closer, your faces nearly touching. 

“Chennn, you’re ssho pwretty,” you slur.

He tugs your hands off and gives you a disapproving look. While he’s turned around, scouring your drawers for clothes, you take off everything else, left in only your underwear and bra. When he turns around, he nearly has a fit, his breath catching in his throat and his heart beating wildly in his chest. You bite your lip and look up at him through a hooded gaze.

He throws the t-shirt in his hands at your face, and turns around, angrily telling you to put it on and get to sleep.

Shit, he thinks to himself, recalling what he usually does with girls in situations like these. I actually like this one.


Chanyeol winces as you hold the ice pack to his swollen lip.

“It hurts,” he whines.

“That’s what happens when you don’t control those long ass limbs of yours in the club.”

“How was I supposed to know she had a boyfriend.”

You roll your eyes at him, and move your face closer, gently blowing on his wound. Chanyeol’s breath hitches, and he swallows hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down in his throat.

“You okay?”

His eyes are wide and his cheeks tinged pink. He nods violently, shuffling away from you and avoiding eye contact.

“I’m all better now,” he says, clearing his throat. “You can go now.”


“Thanks for the party, guys. You really didn’t have to go to all this trouble.”

“It’s your birthday, Kyungsoo-yah, of course we did,” Xiumin says, patting Kyungsoo on the back.

“Besides,” Baekhyun says around a mouthful of cake, “We didn’t do anything. Y/N planned the whole thing.”

“She even made the cake herself,” Suho says, smiling wide. “It’s delicious by the way, isn’t it, Kyungsoo?”

Kyungsoo gives a nod, and you look down at your lap, your face heating up. He has his eyes on you for the rest of the night.


“What the heck is wrong with you? Get in here!”

You let Tao lead you inside, shivering and wet from the rain. He throws a towel at you and you wrap yourself in its warmth.

“Idiot,” he whispers.

“I told you I wasn’t going to leave until you forgive me,” you mumble, making your way over to the couch and settling down next to him. “Tao, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll never help the guys prank you, ever again.”

He grunts, which you take as “apology accepted,” and you lean your head on his shoulder, waiting for him to shrug you off. When he doesn’t, you look up at him. His eyes are soft for a moment, before he fixes his face in a scowl once again, turning away.

“Sorry,” you say, lifting your head a little. “I’m getting your clothes all wet.”

He stops you, hand pressing your head back down.

“Be quiet, and sit still.”


You just finished yet another dance battle with Kai. Is it you, or has he gotten competitive lately?

“Okay,” he pants. “You win…again.”

“Yeah I do!” you grin, twirling around and doing a little dance, much less graceful than you were a minute ago.

When you turn back to him, he’s staring intently at you. 

“What is it?” you ask, touching your face.

He swallows hard and looks away, “N-nothing.” 

His cheeks are flushed. Must be all the dancing, you think.


“Y/N,” Sehun hisses, his eyes filled with horror, as you slip your arm out of his hand and make your way over to the bulky, six foot man, currently looming over a young boy wearing a nametag.

You came out to do some shopping with your best friend, and you were having a great time until some dickwad started harassing the store clerk. You had tried to ignore it, but enough was enough.

“Hey, mister! Didn’t anyone ever teach you any manners?”

Sehun watches in amazement as you hold your ground against a man who looks like he eats weights for breakfast. When the man backs down and leaves, Sehun smiles despite himself. You walk back to him, grinning in triumph and Sehun puts on a stony appearance.

“You’re crazy,” he says.

“I’m a superhero. I fight for justice,” you stick your tongue out at him, and he rolls his eyes in response, fighting a smile.

“If he did something to you, I wouldn’t have helped.”

“Yes, you would have,” you say, smirking.

Yes, he would have.

A Matter of Trust (Part 10/??)

A/N: Hiya! Thanks for being so patient with me, guys! I’m flying to New York tonight until Monday so I can’t make any promises to when part 11 will be up. As always, thanks for your wonderful messages and constant encouragement. Especially after part 9. They mean more to me than you could ever know! Enjoy! :D xx

The rain started as a soft whisper but was steadily growing stronger. Rae knew they’d have to take cover eventually but for now she didn’t mind being damp because leaving the rain would mean leaving Finn’s arms and she wasn’t ready to do that yet. Not when she hadn’t seen his eyes or his smile or heard his laugh in a week. She never thought someone would be able to affect her in the way that Finn did. She always laughed at those ridiculous love songs or other foolish girls that said they couldn’t breathe without a certain person. “Those songs are such rubbish,” she would always say. But now that Finn was in her arms she finally understood. She was finally breathing right.

I can’t believe he’s here. He’s actually here. Solid and breathin’.

A loud crack of lightning and a rumbling roll of thunder finally freed Rae and Finn from each other’s arms. Rae searched Finn’s face as if it was the first time she ever saw him. The rain had left his fringe plastered to his forehead and she couldn’t tell if the wetness of his cheeks was due to the rain or his own tears. He reached up to wipe the tears from her eyes, his touch hot on her cheek, when a heaping bead of water landed on his hand. The two of them looked up to the sky just as it was opening up and a downpour of water started dancing around them.

“C’mon!” Finn grabbed her hand and they sprinted for the aged mausoleum a few yards away.

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With Rain Comes Sunshine

Harry and Niall don’t share a bedroom in all scenarios. In fact, the minute thunder jerks Harry out of his stupor of sleep, Niall is located two floors above him in the swanky hotel, which happens to be completely booked. 

Now, Harry doesn’t care what sleeping arrangement he finds himself in; he doesn’t care if the bed springs are squeaky and he doesn’t care if he has a mini refrigerator or not – fuck, he doesn’t care if he has to sleep on a pull-out sofa bed. He’d almost even rather take a run down motel if it meant being more likely to have Niall’s room next to him, or better yet, Niall sleeping in the same room as him. 

But in that moment rain starts tumbling down the expensive window pane, Harry doesn’t give a shit. He just wants Niall

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