until i'm done with shit

i honestly get so frustrated seeing karamels being like “omg he made her breakfast in bed!!!! so abusive *sarcasm* lmaooo @ antis!!” 

because guess what? abusers aren’t abusive 24/7. my mum also cooks me really delicious meals and tells me she loves me every now an then, but that doesn’t change the fact that she hits me and acts like she owns me and guilt trips and manipulates and silences and yells at me basically every single day. not always all at once and sometimes really subtly, but she still does it. just like mon el. so can you please stop invalidating and making fun of abuse victims?

this is not intended to be hateful in any way, i’m literally just trying to get y’all to understand our point of view and stop treating this as some kind of joke.

simon and izzy are really starting to annoy me all they do is use raphael at this point i just ship raphael + happiness.

After countless attempts at making a slightly realistic aesthetic for Vegeta…and ending up with a big-headed-Italian-looking Vegeta… This is my first satisfactory result. 🙌 I found my inspiration in @nickbateman …if he isn’t the ideal image for Vegeta, I don’t know who is. (the topic is free for debate) Lol Plus, his facial hair is impeccable. 😍 Aaaaand I completely horribly suck and drawing hands… First hand angle that I actually like.

look my life has been nothing but camp camp and darkest dungeon for like a month what did you expect?? here’s a super messy wip sprite edit thing (with flats because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I wanted to see what the colors were like so I slapped some on) from my newest bad idea, which I’ve been calling dungeon dungeon

don’t ever let me design a vest I will always make it double-breasted and add tails. always. also the ancestor is cameron campbell so yeah david’s not doing great haha! also I never noticed how wide and squat the art for the highwayman looks before I tried to make it into the human string bean david so yeah it probably doesn’t fit the sizing even remotely anymore but whatever


If I were to make a patreon for art and attempt to get into doing art professionally as a back-up support to help me out in preparation for going to a university in Japan and a potential permanent stay(if possible), would you guys be willing to go for it?

If I could live comfortably there and survive that would be great, but I’m still trying to work out how, and at the moment I’m only working a part-time job until the business I’m working at grows. Of course, if I can get a degree in language or whatever, I might have a great chance for a well-paying job and then I can turn art back into a simple hobby.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to someday afford living expenses and maybe emergency funds with my current job, but I will still need said back-up in case something goes wrong, and it never hurts to keep myself busy with art if I’m having a hard time. As of right now, I have plenty of free time for doing art and I need to save up as much as I possibly can anyway. The easier it is to thrive, the better.

But anyway, that being said, I will of course still have conditions and I’ll have to work out reasonable prices.

Any support would be really appreciated!

Lmao there goes my self-esteem