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Preference "When they finger you under the table during a group dinner" (NSFW)

(Sorry I only did the dudes…I didn’t want this to take too long to write…But i promise i’ll the the other way around for the girls soon :) but in the meanwhile 😏😏😏YAAAAAASS OUR FAVS!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-He’d start to finger you under the table as everyone would get quiet and be too busy focusing on eating. It wouldn’t matter to him as to what you were wearing, his fingers would find its way into your folds and he’d have his fun teasing you, making sure that you’d have to stifle your moans all while he just looks at you with a smirk. He’d get off hearing all the sounds coming from you and from looking at you struggle and grip onto the the table cloth, all while practically praying that someone catches you both. “Can’t take it anymore, Y/N? Want me to make you come? With everyone around the table? Come on, scream it and i’ll fucking make it happen…”

Daryl-He’d be shy about touching you in public but on an occasion he got jealous hearing you talk so much more to the others than to him, that he’d decide to remind you of you belonged to. He’d try his best to be subtle but his frustration would seem to show a little as his hand would quickly delve into your panties. Before you could ask him anything, he’d have you in pure pleasure and slowly he himself would forget about the others around as his eyes would be glued on you, only to whisper words to make you weak. “You’re mine, Y/N…Remember that…Ain’t no one can touch you like this but me…”

Rick-Seeing how you were dressed for the dinner, he’d be so turned on during it and wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you. While everyone talks and eats together, he’d try to keep your attention to him and suddenly he’d just slide his hand to your thigh to start pleasuring you. As his fingers would go in and out, he’d chuckle to look at you squirming. The urge for it to be even more interesting would come to him, so he’d ask you loudly if you were fine, only for everyone to stop and for him to smirk. “Y/N?! A-are you okay, honey? You look like you have something on your mind, care to share with us?”

Merle-He’d have the idea of fingering you under the dinner table whenever you would rather pay attention to someone else other than him. He’d distract you from your conversation as his fingers would start to pleasure you and give you no other choice but to stop talking for a little while. No matter how hard you’d concentrate on anything else, he’d eye from the corner with a smirk and go harder and harder to the point where others notice and ask you if you’re alright, only for him to answer them in your place. “Y/N? Of course she’s fine…She’s just talking to me like a good babygirl does…Am I right, Y/N?”

Glenn-He’d get the idea to pleasure you as you’d both flirt at the dinner table a little too much. As your little talk would get rather dirty, he’d get confident enough to just put his hand on your thigh and let you know of his idea, waiting until the give him a sign to let him. As you would, he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and just spend his time giving you an unforgettable time. He’d tease you with his words and chuckle, only for you to try and stifle your moans. “I can’t believe you’re such a dirty little girl, Y/N…Oh my god…You’re so wet…Imagine if the others hear you…”

The Governor-As you both got ready for dinner he would’ve already have the urge to have you but you’d deny him to not be late and leave, making him decide to have his way with you. As you’d sit next to him, he’d glare at you and keep quiet whenever you would ask him something, only to suddenly feel his hand on your thigh, lifting your skirt away. Before you could say anything, his gaze and touch would keep you still and he’d have his fun with you just as he wanted earlier. “See Y/N…This is what you get for playing around with me earlier…Not as fun when you have to hold in your voice…”

Abraham-As you’d tease and flirt with him a little too much, distracting him from his conversation with the others, he’d smirk and start to casually finger you to put a stop to your whole act. He’d know the exact way to make you weak and try to be on your best behavior. He’d go as slowly as he can, circling you around to keep you on the edge, all while talking to the others, to distract them from you that is until you’d let your voice out a little. “Y/N…Cut it out sweetheart…I can hear you…and if I can hear you there’s a big chance they can too…”

Eugene-He’d only get the idea of doing it after you had suggested and hinted that you absolutely wanted him to do so a number of times. He’d be so nervous about it that he’d keep his eyes on everyone until he knows for sure no one is paying attention to neither of you. As his hand would travel on your thigh, you’d feel him shake and that’s when you’d grab his wrist to guide him to where you need him to pleasure you. Gradually, he’d get better, making you hold onto him to keep in your voice, all while he manages to keep a straight face.

Jesus-As you’d sit next to him, he’d notice how you seemed a little down during the dinner and he’d try to cheer you up as best as he can with his topics of conversations. As you’d still be relatively quiet, that’s when he’d decide to flirt and tease you by whispering in your ear about his plans for later and slide his hand up your thigh. Before you know it, you’d get turned on by his ideas and even more as his fingers skillfully enters you and circles you bringing you all the pleasures. “Don’t look so down, Y/N…I’m just trying to make you smile a little…Is it working? Or should i go harder?”

Dwight-Seeing how provocatively you’d dress up for the evening, he’d whisper in your ear an order to not wear any panties for the night before leaving to go join the others. As you’d sit close to him, he’d catch you off guard while in your conversation and slide his hand up your thigh as he gets closer to your ear, asking you if you did just as he asked. Feeling your wetness, he’d smirk and start to rub you just as you liked before skillfully entering his fingers in, making you try your best to not get caught. “Did you take it off, just as I asked you? Good…Let’s see how much you can take before you beg me to leave the place and finish you off…”

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viraha - want or the realization of love through separation

Come On Baby, Light My Fire:

Part 1: Grapholagnia

Part 2: Neighbors/We meet again

Part 3: Callipygian

Part 4: Apodyopis

Part 5: Gymnophoria

Part 6: Mamihlapinatapei

Part 7: Basorexia

Part 8: Coitus

Part 9: Hypersexuality

Part 10: Malapert

Part 11: Quidnunc

Part 12: Hiraeth

And now for part 13…

Viraha - want or the realization of love arising from separation

Tired and weary down to my soul, I return to the city and to work early the next morning. Part of me wishes that I could call in sick. Forget about facing all people and wallow in my sorrow for a few days. I’d hardly call myself recharged as I drag myself through a shower and prepare to face the day. At least it’s only a half day with students, the last half dedicated to another form of torture – Parent Teacher Conferences.

Somehow, I survive it and trudge home, dreaming of stew and crusty bread on order from Sae’s and a hot bath. I drop my bag on my kitchen table and pull out my phone. The number is programmed and I have the menu memorized by now. Once my food is on its way, I set the phone down, thinking I’ll grab a quick bath to warm up before the food arrives in thirty minutes, but something small and shiny on the table catches my attention.

A key.

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Why I Ship Rapunzel and Eugene

SO, by watching the movie and the TV show….Rapunzel and Eugene is the best Disney couple, in my opinion. THERE IS SPOILERS!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!


First, the movie…

When they first meet, they both meet at different times but they meet each other at the same place, the tower. Rapunzel first sees Eugene for the first time after she knocks him out with her frying pan. If you have watched the movie, you can see her staring at him in awe. Same thing with him, everyone could see he was attracted to Rapunzel from the start.

In the movie, you can tell Eugene protected Rapunzel during the entire movie. For example, the time they walked into Snuggly Duckling, the thugs were going to take Eugene away. Eugene wanted to make sure they didn’t harm Rapunzel. So, he put his arms around her. 

After Snuggly Duckling, the scene in the tunnel and the campfire. They both told each other things they are both not comfortable talking about but they were comfortable saying these things to each other. 

When Rapunzel told Mother Gothel “I think he (Eugene) likes me”…you can tell Rapunzel was happy saying it. 

During the kingdom scene, Eugene was happy that Rapunzel was happy. He bought Rapunzel the Corona flag (note that Eugene lived an Orphan, has no job, was homeless at that time. Basically, he barely had money). Rapunzel wanted Eugene to dance and he did, you can tell that they were both happy at the end.

Eugene did what Rapunzel asked him to do, take her to see the floating lanterns. BUT, he went ABOVE AND BEYOND what HE could do. He got a boat and bought two lanterns. He gave her, in my opinion, the best view of these lanterns. 

 In the end of the movie, Eugene was going to die for Rapunzel….FOR RAPUNZEL (not himself, he put HER over HIMSELF) . He almost died because he thought if he didn’t, Rapunzel would be trapped in that tower for the rest of her life. Eugene never wanted Rapunzel to be trapped ever again. He wanted her to be free. 

When Eugene thought he was going to die, the last thing he told her wasn’t “I love you” (The common thing couples would say each other). Instead, he says “you were my new dream”. To me, that’s much more powerful then “I love you”. It’s something they have been talking about since they first meet each other, was dreams. 

Obviously the hug and the kiss was the most romantic thing ever at the end. When Rapunzel first hugged Eugene, he hugged her tighter when she was crying. Then, when she kissed him straight on, Eugene titled his head and made it much sexier. And the great thing about the kiss was we don’t know how long that kiss actually was because we never saw it end. 

Now the TV show, 

First of all, the TV show is NOT over. So, I can only talk about the first 12 episodes 

In Tangled Before Ever After, many things happened. First of all, Eugene proposed. You can tell Rapunzel loves him very much and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. But, she wants to explore the world. She doesn’t want to be trapped again. This was what was running through her head when he proposed, so she said no. 

Eugene wasn’t embarrassed that Rapunzel said no in front of her parents and all these other royal people. Instead, he was sad that Rapunzel wasn’t ready yet. He won’t propose again until he knows that Rapunzel is ready. 

So now I will talk about random episodes in the series, these won’t be in any order, this will be in general, 

Rapunzel and Eugene are together…..a lot….they pretty much go everywhere together….most of the time though, they are not alone, but it’s still cute.

There were times when Rapunzel was upset, and Eugene did anything to make Rapunzel happy again. 

Rapunzel promised to Eugene that she would hide no more secrets from him. 

Eugene tells Rapunzel that he loves her and she responds “I love you, too. More than you will ever know.”

One time, Eugene tells Rapunzel she’s on his mind. (In my opinion, it’s all the time) 

If you watch the episode closely at the moments where Eugene and Rapunzel are together. You can see that Eugene is ALWAYS looking at her. To me, it’s so romantic how much he looks at her. 

There was a moment Eugene and Cassandra almost died. Rapunzel was so worried and she jumped into his arms when they came out. 

Rapunzel has this journal and there are two pages of Eugene that say “Eugene and I have grown very close…he is so kind and he always makes me laugh” and “Eugene is such a wonderful person!” (There are other pages she does write about him) 

There is a scene where Eugene says to himself that he loves Rapunzel (3 times to be exact). 

Eugene tried to stay awake until 4 AM because he wanted to help Rapunzel. (It was specifically about a crime scene) 

So, this is all why I ship Rapunzel and Eugene. Hopefully, now you understand why I do. 

Alright, I’m done. This is the longest Tumblr post I ever wrote. Hope you all enjoyed it! 

Kinktober Day 9 - Mirror Sex - Sledgefu

This isnt so much a kinktober fic as it is an attempt on my friends’ lives. Gene & Snaf are on the train home but it’s been a while, maybe they should sneak off to a bathroom. This one’s angsty. 1.9k words

One more time was all he needed, he swore it. If Gene fucked him one more time, maybe he could live without him.

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could you,,,,,,,, possibly do some eugene and zach froendship gifs (escpecially one from the 2 yr special one when they're making fun of Ned (I think it's super cute)

i have a friendship set here, but i finished it before i saw this message and i couldn’t include the gif you wanted, i’m so sorry. :( i love that moment too, so hopefully i’ll be able to use it in a set in the future. until then, here you go:


The altar pics no one asked for. Set up my brand new altar last night and I am pretty pleased with it! The strawberry moon was so energetic it made me want to do everything. Made moon water as you can see it in a mason jar on my windowsill. 

Eugene my alligator taxidermy and spirit friend finally has a place on my altar holding my sage stick and helping with my craft. Always watching what I am doing. 

Finally made my devotional candles last night. Might make new ones later but until I can get icons this will do. I wanna eventually frame and hang my painting of the Bifrost but for now, it is a lovely backdrop to my devotional candles. 

“You make me strong.” Carl Grimes.

Originally posted by carlslover

We could finally take a break. After spending what seemed like an eternity on the outside we were finally somewhere safe where we could grow and survive. In Alexandria, I lived with the Grimes’ and Michonne, though I had to sleep in a separate room from Carl’s since Rick was aware of what was going on between his son and I. That wasn’t much of an inconvenience for us anyway seeing as eventually one of us would end up in the other’s bed during the night.

Tonight was no exception. Carl came into my bedroom after everyone else had gone to sleep and I invited him to share the covers with me. Without hesitation, Carl crawled into bed with me and embraced me with his long arms while I rested my head on his chest. My eyes closed for a brief moment, but then they were wide open again.

“This feels weird.” I mumbled quietly. “I feel like someone should be on watch.”

Carl chuckled and nodded. “Yeah, even though we’re surrounded by a wall.” Carl fell quiet as he caressed my arm and then he spoke again. “These people are weak.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked curiously.

“This entire time they’ve lived inside these walls. Not once did they have to do what we did to stay alive out there. What if we become like them?” I looked up at Carl and noticed the serious expression on his face.

“We won’t become weak, Carl,” I reassured him. “Because of what we had to go through, we’ll appreciate all of this even more and we’ll fight to keep it. Your dad won’t let anyone take this place from us now that we’re here and I know you won’t either; none of us will.” Carl smiled down at me and nodded.

“Honestly, I just need you. Even if we weren’t here, as long as I had you I’d be fine.” Carl leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to my lips. “You make me strong.”

“You’re so cheesy, Grimes.” I grinned, leaning closer into him and pulling the covers closer.

“Go to sleep!” Rick’s voice suddenly came through the dry wall making Carl and me giggle quietly until sleep took over and we slept the first restful sleep in a long time.

Requested: Reader and Carl are cuddling and talking about their future. Sorry for being so late with this one and sorry it’s so short; I had zero inspiration until now. Hope you like it! Thanks for requesting! xx

the lines between: zr fic

Sam Yao, his Runner 5s, and his demons. 
(Runner 5/Sam, Sam/Alice, Sam/a whole of of angst.)
No spoilers past like S1M9 (but not really even then).
Rated M for swearing and a tiny bit of sex.

“Sam,” she says on an exhale but he’s heard that tone before and it means don’t let me die and that’s not something he’s always been able to manage.

The Lines Between

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Six Things I Hope I Learned in My Twenties

I turn thirty tomorrow! Here are the things I spent the last decade clumsily learning. I might well continue learning some or all of these til I die, but here’s hoping I’m done. 

1)         Don’t spend time with people who bum you out.

This goes for lovers, friends, colleagues, and even family members. Life is short, and you don’t have time to feel insecure, bored, angry, depressed or anxious. If you habitually feel that way in someone’s presence, locate the nearest exit and run.

Loving someone is not an excuse to allow them to bum you out.

This goes double for romantic partners. Either they need to stop bumming you out, or you need to stop being around them. You do not owe anyone your presence (with the possible exception of your children), and nobody has the right to make you feel bad.

Finally, it’s not important to have a rationalization, for yourself or for the bummer in question, about why you will no longer be spending time with them. Everyone has a right to seek happiness; yours tends to be in rooms where they are not. It’s nobody’s fault and nobody can fix it.

2)         The fear of failure can only be cured by work.

There is only one thing I’ve found that quiets the clamoring of the demons in my head (the ones who tell me that I am an awful talentless boring lazy failure): sit down, pick up the guitar, and work.

Drugs and drinking used to quiet them down, but then I’d wake up and the clamoring was louder. Success, also, seemed like it might work, when I saw it in the distance from the valley below. Now, I’m no rockstar, and I don’t own a yacht; but I do the thing I love and I get paid for it, and I’ve played some really cool gigs and hung out with a bunch of my musical idols. So I tell you this with relish: none of those things worked on the demons either.

The demons don’t care who I’ve opened for or how much I got paid. They also don’t care about any of the work I’ve made in the past.

The only bludgeon I can beat them with is the work I’m making right now, this very minute.

So when I hear them running down the corridors of my mind, scratching the floorboards and chewing the furniture, yipping about every humiliating thing that’s ever happened to me, I go find a quiet room, and I sing. 

3)         You can’t make people like you.

Some people are assholes, some are aliens, and some just aren’t that into you. One of the biggest time-suck mind-fucks I’ve ever stumbled into (repeatedly) is the one where I say, “Wait, you don’t LIKE me?? Well you must not KNOW me very well. What if I do this little DANCE for you? Wearing this gorgeous MONKEY SUIT? I can SING too….”

But alas, there is absolutely nothing you can do to make somebody like you.

Absolutely. Nothing. 

How many things was that, again?

Zero. Not even one thing.

You might as well get a slice of pizza and watch a movie until the sting subsides, then go out and meet somebody who’s not an alien.

4)         Scenes are for suckers.

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time imagining what it was like to live in a creative hotbed, like Paris in the ‘20s or Greenwich Village in the ‘60s. At sixteen, I moved into an intentional community in Eugene with a bunch of other musicians and artists. Then I hung out with musicians and dancers in San Francisco, and later Philadelphia, looking for “my people”. Finally, I moved to New Orleans, where (I imagined) the streets were paved with songwriters.

Turns out, all the scenes I’ve ever become involved in have suffered from the same problem: they are petty, and gossipy, and rife with the sort of militant mediocrity that comes from too many people trying too hard to be liked by too many other people.

All of my favorite artists are inspired by a lot of weird quirky things, like some record they found in a junk shop; or a play by a Venezuelan farmer; or a thousand year old poem. They are not overly impressed by fame or hipness, and they are not easily convinced of the quality of whoever happens to be the king or queen of their local scene. They are good at spotting the kind of scenesterism that my friend Milton (quoting Randy Newman) calls “Big hat, no cattle”.

Being fully accepted by a scene requires you to suspend your critical thinking skills in favor of the ‘groupthink’ of your scene. This is the reason so many teenagers get involved in so many nasty, stupid shenanigans. If we are lucky, we grow out of our need to be accepted and liked by our local cool kids, and focus on our need to accept and like ourselves. 

This is not to say that you shouldn’t look for people who motivate and inspire you, and offer you a sense of camaraderie and support. Problem is, it’s unlikely that those people will be geographically or psychologically localized. Have the gumption and persistence to seek them out, and be honest with yourself about who they are and are not. 

5)         If you’re worrying about doing it right, you aren’t.

This goes for pretty much anything worth doing: music, sex, writing, dancing, conversation, cuddling, and any kind of creative act. Self-consciousness turns off your heart and ignites the dumbest and most awkward parts of your personality. Trying to connect or create using your worry-brain is like trying to teach a dog to play piano: no amount of focus or persistence will make it happen. You’ve got the wrong guy for the job.

So, when you find yourself having performance anxiety, don’t try to do a better job. Try to stop worrying. Call a time out, have some tea, go for a walk, and start over.

6)         Your insecurities are boring.

All of us are plagued by insecurities, and haunted by their origin stories. Our moms were critical, our dads were absent, we got blindsided by loss and meanness and dumb bad luck. Nobody loved us the way we needed.

Now, we move through the world handicapped by all sorts of fear. We aren’t pretty enough, or smart enough, or good enough at love or music or hockey. We are bothers and hacks and washed up has-beens. We are lazy and perverted and everyone talks about us behind our backs.

But that’s everybody’s story, and it’s a boring one. Put it to bed and start a new one. 

consider this: news reporter au

We were complaining to each other about Anchorman one day when suddenly we got this idea. There’s some Tangled crossover here too.

-Elsa is the beautiful and much-loved news anchor of Good Morning Arendelle

-Kristoff is a shy cameraman who harbors a crush on Elsa, but he can’t bring himself to talk to her.

-Rapunzel is the sassy intern at GMA who’s aware of Kristoff’s crush and constantly teases him about it

-Hans is the smug, confident anchor of NSI Nightly News, which rivals Elsa’s show in popularity. He’s also a more experienced reporter, and he frequently reminds Elsa about this whenever they bump into each other at the studio.

-Anna’s still in college, and although Elsa doesn’t know it, she resents her sister’s success and popularity. She takes on a summer job working for the NSI Nightly News crew to spite Elsa, but she soon ends up falling for her dreamy new boss…

-bonus: Eugene Fitzherbert, known to his listeners as Flynn Rider, runs a popular local radio show called The Smolder. He occasionally brings up GMA, but only to talk about that one hot intern who sometimes shows up on air.

Like a Princess

A/N: Got to this Tangled fic faster than I thought!

Summary: Plays right before Eugene helps Rapunzel reunite with her parents after Mother Gothel’s death. Rapunzel feels insecure about seeing her parents again, and Eugene tries to help her. However things turn out a bit differently when he finds out the princess is ticklish!

Eugene smiled as Rapunzel was rambling on and on. He hadn’t expected her to be so lively after losing Mother Gothel. Even though she was evil, creepy and robbed Rapunzel of a normal life, she was still the mother who cared for her until now.

So he was relieved Rapunzel was still like herself. She even reminded him of when they first started their journey together, and how she was switching between being nervous and afraid, to being happy and excited.

“I’m going to meet my real parents! It’s been so long! But what if they don’t like me? What if they don’t recognize me? Would I be the daughter they wanted me to be? Aaaargh I don’t wanna go!” Just as the brunette was having another outburst, Eugene laughed out loud.

“Rapunzel, it’ll be alright! Look, we’re almost there,” he said as they arrived at the water which was the only thing left that separated them from the kingdom. Rapunzel first looked delighted at the sight of the kingdom in the distance, but then she sighed and sat down in the grass close to the water.

“They must think I’m stupid to have lived a life like that. How would anyone with a healthy mind believe they’re supposed to be locked up in a tower?” Rapunzel continued. It had been this way the entire travel, and Eugene rolled his eyes mockingly.

“We’ve been over that Rapunzel, and you didn’t know any better,” he tried to argue with her neverending insecurities.

“What if they don’t like me?“ she said again, totally ignoring Eugene’s comment. 

"I am nothing like a princess, what should I do?” Rapunzel nervously reached to play with her hair, and Eugene looked at her with a mixture of amusement and pity as she was shocked when she couldn’t find a lock of long blonde hair. She still wasn’t used to it being so short.

“Well, for starters,” Eugene started, and he joined her by sitting down near the water as well. He carefully took one of her feet in his hand and stretched her leg, until her foot was in the water. Rapunzel gasped at the cold feeling and looked at him in confusion.

“We could clean your feet. I don’t know if that would make you feel a little bit more like a princess? I mean, look at them,” he joked, and Rapunzel took a look at her other foot.

“Ah, right!” she said, and she placed that one in the water as well.

“I can’t believe you walk around without shoes all the time,” Eugene said as he gently started to rub the sole of her foot with his thumbs to clean it.

“Mother never bought me shoes actually. I - ahaha hey!” Rapunzel suddenly giggled, and Eugene looked up at her.

“T-that tickles,” Rapunzel admitted with a blush on her face.

“You’re ticklish? Isn’t that convenient,” Eugene said, and he continued to wash her foot with both hands in the most ticklish way possible.

“E-Eugehehene s-stop! No! Hahaha!” Rapunzel fell on her back and she tried to pull her foot away, but she was helpless against Eugene’s strong grip.

“Your feet are to be cleaned Rapunzel, the more you struggle the longer it’ll take,” Eugene said with a playful tone in his voice.

Rapunzel laughed and giggled uncontrollably. It had been ages since she felt such a sensation. She was only tickled rarely when she was a kid, but Mother Gothel mostly used to tickle her as one of her awful forms of teasing and humiliating her.

However this time, despite feeling like it was nearly unbearable, the tickling made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe because of the person who was doing the tickling…

“Hehehe no no don’t!” Rapunzel squeaked when Eugene dragged his short nails from her sole towards the arch of her foot. She suddenly used her other - still dirty - foot to kick into the water, and Eugene yelped when water was splashed all over him.

Rapunzel used this opportunity to pull her foot free, and she rolled on her back and broke into another giggle fit because of the hilarity. Water was dripping from Eugene’s wet hair on his face, and she couldn’t stop laughing at his expression.

“Think that’s funny hm?” Eugene said, slowly getting up, and Rapunzel giggled nervously as she got to her feet as well and ran way from him. She screamed playfully when he chased after her, enjoying the ability to run freely without tripping over long locks of hair.

Her freedom only lasted a couple of seconds though, since Eugene caught up with her, wrapped his strong arms around her and dragged her to the ground with him. Eugene ended up on his back in the grass with Rapunzel on top of him, and he used both hands to tickle her sides mercilessly.

“Noooo s-stop stop! Hahaha!” Rapunzel giggled hysterically, and she squirmed on top of him and tried to lift herself up, but he kept her trapped against him.

“But princess, you seem to be enjoying yourself!” Eugene teased, and Rapunzel buried her face into his chest to muffle the giggles. Eugene suddenly let himself roll on top so he could pin her down in the grass and tickle her tummy. The blushing girl was now shrieking with laughter and desperately trying to block the tickles, only to have him find a new spot to attack each time.

“Mercy! Hahahaha E-Eugehehene!” Rapunzel squealed, and he finally stopped. They both panted and for a moment Eugene felt himself drown in Rapunzel’s sparkling eyes. Even though tickling forced her to laugh, the smile on her face looked genuine, and he felt himself entranced by the sight of it.

“Well Rapunzel, I have to say.. you laugh like a princess,” he said, and he leaned in to give her a loving kiss. Rapunzel closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, giggling softly into the kiss because of that comment.

“You know…” Eugene said, breaking the kiss, and Rapunzel looked at him with adorable curiosity.

“We still need to wash your feet,” he finished, and Rapunzel’s eyes immediately widened. Eugene laughed at how she started to giggle and protest again while he wasn’t even tickling her (yet), so he enjoyed the way she squirmed nervously before he scooped her in his arms and carried her towards the water.

Theory on Season 6 Finale of TWD

So this theory is based off of Negan’s whole eeny meeny miney moe thing at the end of TWD season 6 finale and about who he might have picked to kill. 

“Eeny meeny miny moe

Catch a tiger by its toe

  • Tigers are orange and black-Abraham has orange hair
  • Tigers are solitary creatures-Daryl is always off by himself

If he hollers let him go

  • Glenn “hollers” when Negan threatens Maggie
  • Rick “hollers” when Negan gets too close to Carl

My mother

  • Maggie is pregnant which makes her a mother to her child. This also takes us back to Glenn.
  • Sasha and Abraham were discussing the topic of having children while in the RV. If they made that decision, Sasha would be a mother after getting pregnant.

Told me to pick

The very best one

  • Glenn, up until he and the rest of the group stormed one of Negan’s bases, had never killed anyone. Making him the “very best one”,the most pure, the only one in the group who hadn’t been corrupted by their whole situation. He hadn’t killed anyone; until that day.

And you are it.”

Honestly though, this is all just a theory my brother and I came up with and judging by this, pretty much everyone is fair game for Negan and his scary ass bat Lucille. I feel like it’s going to be Glenn though. I really hope I’m wrong.

“So, do you want to join Starfleet and go to Klingon and the other side of the galaxy?”

-Eugene Bowski??

This quote does not make sense.

So here’s the thing.  The Klingon homeworld didn’t have a canonical name until TNG’s Sins of the Father which aired in March of 1990.  Of course, NOW everyone knows it’s Qo'noS, but up until then the closest we had was the non-canon “Kitumba” idea from a Phase II script that never happened.

Star Trek VI came out in December of 1991, almost two years later.

So why would Eugene Bowski, a Star Trek fan who liked Star Trek enough to proselytize outside a movie theater not know the name of the Klingon homeworld?  It doesn’t make any sense.

As far as I can tell there are only TWO explanations.

EXPLANATION ONE: The first and most likely is that Dana Tofig has MISQUOTED Eugene Bowski and that Eugene Bowski was probably really embarrassed by such a quote and was made fun of by the crew of the Nautilus.

EXPLANATION TWO: Less likely is that Eugene was doing it on purpose.  If he was wearing “a snug blue-and-white Federation-approve uniform” then he’d be dressed in the 2271 “Star Trek The Motion Picture” outfit, which look like this:

External image

and maybe, maybe, Eugene was trying to stay in character, somehow reasoning that if the name hadn’t been established in canon by the Motion Picture era, then a character FROM that era would call the planet by a wrong name??  But even so, a fan with this much commitment would probably call it “Kitumba” (from Phase II) or “Kling” and not “Klingon”.  After all, we don’t call our planet “Human”.

IN CONCLUSION: I’m pretty sure Dana misquoted Eugene here and I’m glad that with our modern technology we can right this decades-old wrong:

“So, do you want to join Starfleet and go to Qo'noS and the other side of the galaxy?”

-Eugene Bowski, for real this time