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31 DAYS OF ANIME▸ anime watched in 2016  
                    #5/31 - K I M I  N O  N A  W A .  ( 君の名は。)
I can never remember my dreams. Yet, I know that in them … for something, for someone, I’m always searching. ( treasure the experience. dreams fade away after you wake up )

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Not gonna lie... I read Satisfaction Brought It Back because you suggested it... You are so right... It's great... And not just for the smut... Great plot and character development... Some great twists... Then combine that with corporate espionage and the fact that almost everyone from the show is SUPER kinky, and you've got a Grade A masterpiece that tops 50 Shades of Crap any and every day... Thanks for the A+ recc!!! :D

This has been a public service announcement. ;)


heres a quick reference of Shima for the moment until i have time to make one and better /0/ im still writting her info,its really difficult so im taking my time on it :’D 

Shima was created to be seem harmless and just get well with the humans,she is really calm and lovely. acts like a mother figure to others also with the people she takes care of. 

i still need to practice on the omnics i really want to improve more but in the mean time heres a basic sheet of her. hope you guys like this and it can help you guys if you want to draw her or anything! if you have any questions let me know so i can answer them!


Princess Tutu: Ahiru + TV Tropes

so you know how that one storyline where one of your companions gets the taint almost made it into the game

I made a fire boyO- I might name him Magma, but idk askdrftgyhj

Pls don’t get water on this bby tho- Too much can kill him, but if it’s only a little then it’ll just make him rlly sick hhhHH-

He also has cool fire powers hehee-


GIFSET AESTHETICS: the nott siblings
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❝ that’s how you survive – 
getting up and  showing up, and beating fear at its own damn game. ❞


perhaps one day  ● “… To Caroline”  “Yeah, happy deathday to me”


One hand holding him in while the other goes down to explore.. I guess Jealous!Bambam had valid reasons to attempt frustrating that.. vigorous embrace..♥

Have I posted this yet? If not, this is a mashup of ATL and 5SOS I came up with! This is one of the first I’ve ever made, so it may not be the best. However, I’m working on another version of this to clean it up and just make it sound better. Until I upload it, enjoy this one!

(Please give credit if you use!)

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