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Stop You Myself

Request: Can you do a reggie imagine based off of these please 😊 22 23 24 26

Prompts: #22 “You had one job!” #23 “How is it that you’re a complete flop at everything you do?” #24 “You need to stop.” #26  “If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.

a/n; I love Reggie, and I’m really annoyed by how bad this turned out

Word Count: 508

Pairing: Reggie Mantle X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Reggie.” I muttered under my breath as I searched through his bag, he had left it with me well he went to do something, I can’t really remember, right now I’m more concerned about the fact that my River Vixens uniform top isn’t in here, it’s a long story and it’s nothing like it sounds since I’m saying my boyfriend should have my shirt. “You’re in trouble.” I heard faintly, making me look up to see Moose looking between Reggie and I. I crossed my arms, patiently waiting for Reggie to come over here, “you had one job!” I sighed, as he sheepishly looked at me. 

“You couldn’t have just put the top in there when I texted you?” I asked, pouting up at him, his friends found it quite amusing how easy it was for him to listen to me. “Sorry.” He laughed under his breath, picking his bag up off the chair, searching around in it. He glanced up at me and raised an eyebrow, “how is it that you’re a complete flop at everything you do?” He remarked, pulling the top out of the dark back pack.

I tore it from his grip, “how?” I mumbled, narrowing my eyes at him. “You’re pushing your luck, Mantle.” I warned, he rolled his eyes, “sure I am.”


“You need to stop.” Reggie stated, and I froze, pizza slice half way into my mouth. “What?” My voice was muffled by the food, “this.” He motioned to me sitting peacefully on his bed, eating a piece of pizza I stole from him. “What?” I asked again, this time not having any food in my mouth. I raised an eyebrow, “stealing your food?” I asked for confirmation, he nodded, continuing his pointless workout, he can skip one night, to hang out with me. 

“Babe.” I whined, watching as he did push ups, laughing at my child-like tendencies, “if you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.” I stated, being completely serious, he only laughed again. “Sure you will, Y/N.” He rolled his eyes. I raised my eyebrow, putting the food down and standing up, trudging over to him. 

My feet were directly in his sight line as he continued his actions. I sighed, lowering myself to be on the floor, sliding under him like I’ve done many times before. He always falls for it, he just doesn’t realize it. Every time he lowered himself down he would peck my lips, not that I was complaining. 

He kept doing this until I placed my hand on the back  of his slightly damp neck, keeping him from going back up again. I smirked against his lips as I felt him stop trying to pull back, “damn it.” He mumbled as he moved back so we could breathe, “you fall for it every time.” I smirked up at him, he rolled his eyes. 

“Yeah, yeah.” He sighed, lowering himself down once again, now this is a better way to spend our time.

prettywallflower29  asked:

Can you do a Damian Wayne x reader imagine where she is Clark Kent adoptive or maybe Diana Prince's niece and she meets Damian at school and he helps her since she is really shy and being picked on or something and they just instantly click?

I hope you like it!!

Damian is 12 and you are 10

The first time Damian met you it was in the Watchtower. Superman had brought you up there to meet the founding members of the League, so of course Batman had brought along Robin.

“Everyone, this is my niece, Y/N”

You peek your eyes out of Clark’s cape and wave shyly before going back to hiding behind your uncle. Clark chuckles and sweeps cape out of the way, revealing your small form. The Flash zooms closer, skidding to a stop right in front of you.

“Hello! My name is Barry! It’s really nice to meet Big Blues niece!”

“Uncle Clark” you whisper

“It’s alright” Clark crouched down so he was eye level with you, “Come on, say hello to Barry”

“H-Hello Mr. Barry”

“Just Barry is fine, sweetheart! Or Uncle Barry”

You smile shyly and nod, the other League members slowly come forward to meet you, until you have been introduced to everyone but Batman and Robin. At that point you have come out of your shell a little bit.

“Hello, Batman! Hello Robin” You float up until you are eye level with Batman’s face, “You’re my favorite League member! It’s really nice to meet you”

Bruce lips quirk in a smirk, “It is very nice to meet you too, Y/N. My name is Bruce. This here is my son Damian”

You immediately drop down to face Damian, “tt, Father I do not understand why I had to attend this meeting”

You tilt your head, and suddenly dart in, wrapping your arms tightly around Damian, “Hello, you are gonna be my best friend”

Damian struggled for a minute, before he gave one last sigh and begrudgingly hugged you back. Every League member freezes, fully expecting Damian to attack you for touching him. “I suppose I can allow you to befriend me, having a Super at my side could have its benefits.”

You grin, and the rest of the time at the Watchtower is spent with you holding into Damian’s cape and you float behind the youngest Robin.

“Y/N it’s time to go!”

Tears immediately fill your eyes, “I don’t wanna go Uncle Clark”

“We have to go back to the farm. Grandma and Grandpa will be worried if we don’t head back soon”

The tears spill over, “I don’t want to leave my new friend. Damian said that we are gonna get married. If we are married then you can’t separate us”

“How dare you upset my Beloved” Damian snarls, taking a step in front of you

Everyone froze when Bruce let out a chuckle, “It seems like the children have taken a liking to each other. Why doesn’t Y/N come back to the Manor with me, the two can have a sleep over?”

You zoom over to Clark, “Please? Please? Please Uncle Clark?!?”

“Alright, but just for tonight”

You end up spend more nights at the Manor with Damian over the next 7 years than you do at Clarks. Damian is 19, and it it two days until your 18th birthday. You had been best friends ever since you had met Damian and had been in a relationship with him for the past 4 years. Damian had helped you adjust to Gotham schools and he had made sure that no one messed with you. The first time someone bullied you Damian had beaten the shit out of them.

“Dami! Where are you?”

“In the bedroom, Beloved”

“Am I allowed to come in?”

“One moment” you could hear Damian moving stuff around and putting away your birthday present, “You may come in now!”

You run in and tackle Damian onto the bed, pinning him there. You know that you could easily find out what Damian has planned, but what would be the fun in that?

Your birthday had been amazing. You had flow to Kansas to visit your grandparents and your Uncle Clark. They had thrown a party for you and grandma had made all of your favorited. Then you and Clark had put on your superhero uniform and flown up to the Watchtower, where there was another party with all of the Leaguers. You honestly didn’t know what to do with all of the gifts that you received. Lastly you had a dinner with Damian at the Manor. The rest of the Batfamily had agreed to wait until tomorrow to have their celebration, but Damian had insisted that he wanted to at least have dinner with you on your birthday.

“Happy birthday, beloved”

“Thanks, Dami. I think this is my favorite part of today, ‘cause I get to spend it with you”

Damian lifted you hand to his mouth and stood up. He gently pulled you up out of your chair so you were standing in the middle of the dining room with Damian in front of you.

“Beloved, I have loved you from the moment I met you. I had never thought that I would find someone who would love me, and who I love in return”

“Dami …?”

“I cannot imagine a day of my life without you. You are the day to my night, the sun to my stars, and when I look at you I know that there is no were else my eyes would ever like to stray. I have loved you for many years, and I will love you for many years to come”

Damian dropped down onto one knee and pulled out a black velvet box, your right hand goes up to cover your mouth, your left still firmly clutched in Damian’s.

“Y/N Y/L/N, my Beloved, will you marry me?”

“Yes! YES! Damian yes!!”

Damian slide the ring onto your finger and stands up, capturing your lips with his. You giggle, floating so you are eye level with your fiancé, peppering kisses with all over his face.

“I love you, Beloved”

“And I love you, my Robin”

Damian just started to spin around with you in his arms. He kept spinning until you both were dizzy and giggling. “I do believe that everyone will be please when we tell them the news”

“Everyone but Uncle Clark, he might not be too pleased to find out that I am officially becoming on of The Bats!”

Damian just grinned, hitching your legs up around his waist and started to carry you up to your shared room, “I like the sound of that, Beloved”

You just grin and fly the rest of the way to the room. You really can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when you tell them that you are engaged to the son of Batman.


I could make this into a series if you guys would read that! Let me know if you would!

US First Lady Hillary Clinton meets Donatella Dini, (architect) Gae Aulenti, Monica Vitti, (neuroscientist and Nobel Prize winner for Medicine and Biology) Rita Levi-Montalcini, Rose-Anne Bartholomew and Sophia Loren during an official visit to Rome on June 3, 1994.


A/N: Well here is the second part. I’m very excited about this whole thing. It’s a bit more mysterious but I hope you like that. Also sorry if this is written poorly I was writing it while watching the Pens win the cup. 

Word Count: 6, 848

Your name: submit What is this?

I was walking through the halls of the studio running a few minutes behind. Quickly entering into studio six I stopped short. She was there again, sitting in the same place as before and somehow she took my breath away even more than the last time. All because there was a small grin on her lips. 

All six eyes turned to me as I came in slightly breathless. 

“Sorry guys I’m late.” I said pulling off my jacket. 

“No worries Shawn. Y/N was keeping us entertained.” James said grinning to her. 

She bit her lip as she rolled her eyes but said nothing. 

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this post is to honor my favorite songs on speak now (in no particular order)

  1. Enchanted: THIS SONG MAKES ME WANNA FALL IN LOVE OR SOMETHING?? This song is literally the most magical song I’ve ever heard, the speak now tour performance sounds SO GOOD live and I love she made a mashup with wildest dreams (i died.) Also the whole song is so poetic??! “this was the very first page not where the story line ends // my thoughts will echo your name until i see you again, the lingering question kept me up 2AM who do you love // i wonder till i’m wide awake
  2. Haunted: the intro guys. okay it literally gives you a haunted vibe (the whole song does) but i think this is a song that’s so cool because it’s so different from what taylor had released before. i also love the haunted photoshoot and the DRAMATIC ASS tour performance. did you guys ever hear the long “OOOOOOOOH” in the live version? amazing. “you and i walk a fragile line // i have known it all this time”
  3. Last Kiss / Dear John: the reason i love these songs is that taylor did not give a fuck at all how long it was, she just wanted to tell the whole story. Last Kiss kills me every time, each lyric just KILLS ME it’s so good!! Dear John…. the definition of fearless tbh!! she did THAT. it makes me sad the general public will never know, but it also makes me happy that at least the fandom loves these songs bc we know REAL QUALITY
  4. Mine: mine is absolutely my favorite lead single and i think the concept of the song is so good: basically taylor’s daydreaming about love and she sees this whole relationship playing out. “you made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter” // “i remember how we felt sitting by the water, and every time i look at you is like the first time” // wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts —>  a lead single with mind blowing lyrics

i also love the other songs a lot for different reasons but these ones i wanted to give an extra spotlight :D HAPPY 7 YEARS.

Art and stuff

So about 2 years ago when I was at my art school(I’m still there but I’m not actually THERE there at the moment) I was taking my Drawing II class; on the first day I was kinda late so I just kinda tiptoed in and took a seat. For the most part of the first week I kinda just stayed in my spot and kept to myself like I usually do(until I make so friends). Then as the second week rolled in, I wasn’t late this time thankfully, but I noticed this cute asian guy come in and I suddenly felt my heart skip a few beats! Was this guy in the right class?! Am I in the right class?! Why haven’t I noticed him before?! He was so incredibly handsome! I’m sorry! *COVERS FACE* He was tall, and he had some long silky soft looking black hair, and he always wore hipster-ish laid-back kinda style of clothes. I just kept thinking “Wow he’s really cute!”

The weeks in class went on and I never really talked to him. I’m a pretty shy person so it’d be hard for me, especially if I’m trying to talk to a cute guy! Aaaahh but I really wanted to! I just couldn’t! Soon I started to realize that I would stare at him… A lot…! Sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. I’m just silently crushing on him while thinking, “I wonder where he’s from… Oh, he’s from Hong Kong? That’s cool!… He changed his name to a common american name but I wonder what his real name is… His hair is sooo soft and fluffy looking! I wish I could touch it without being weird… I like his clothes. So simple yet so stylish at the same time.. I wonder if he’d like me in any way…”! All of this is happening in my head until I realize that he happened to glance my way! We’re holding eye contact for a few seconds and wait… He smiled at me!! Just a cute little smile of acknowledgement, and I smile back! This happened a lot; sometimes I caught myself staring at him out of admiration and the fact that he’s handsome and other times I’m just thinking about something else like what I’m going to eat later and he just happens to be in my line of vision! But he always gives me a cute little smile and I smile back and quickly look away thinking, “Oh my god, this is the 8th damn time you’ve caught me staring at you today! I’m so sorry! Please don’t think I’m a weirdo trying to stalk you!” Sometimes if his hair would get in the way he’d get this hairpin stick and hold it in his mouth while he’d fix his hair up in a bun or a ponytail to put the hairpin in! I’d try not to stare! I honestly did but… *SIGH* 

Sometimes when I had to get up for something I’d have to walk past his drawing desk and I’d take a look at his work and his drawings were SO.FREAKING.GOOD! There was so much detail and shade and value and shit and I’m just thinking “Damn can you teach me?!” Even though I found myself still staring at him I noticed that he would sometimes already be looking at me too. I could feel my heart doing some crazy things when that would happen! One time the class had to gather around our professors computer to look at something and we both happened to stand next to each other! I wasn’t even trying to actually do it, but it just happened?! Girl, I don’t think I’ve ever seen myself blush before,(I’m light so it’d probably show up)but I probably was at that moment! My face was on fire! My heart was about to explode! Like I said before, he’s pretty tall! Well mostly everybody is gonna be taller than me, since I’m only 5'2 but still! Did he purposely stand next to me? Did the universe align for us to stand next to each other for these few minutes?! Am I just being stupid and this is all a coincidence?! I don’t know but I’m pretty happy either way! 

One day, I think it was around finals or something, he was talking to a friend about his drawing project and saying he didn’t think it was that good and that he could’ve done better(artist’s favorite set of words), and I suddenly said that I think it’s really good, that there’s a lot of detail and that I think he worked really hard on it… Wait.. Did I just say that out loud? To him? Without hesitation? Then he got adorably cute and shy and modest saying that he didn’t think it was that good enough for me to say that. That moment probably added a year or 2 to my life! Not much happened between us due to my shyness and him likely being the same way, but when the semester ended I’d still think about him and wonder what it’d be like if we were friends. 

When the next semester started we didn’t have any other classes together but sometimes I’d randomly see him. Of course my dumb self was to shy to try to speak or quietly get his attention! But one day my friend and I were walking and a guy from her class walked by and greeted her and stuff and I happened to look at the guy next to him and it was the cute asian guy I’m crushing on!!! My heart started beating so fast! And to my surprise he brightened up and smiled at me and waved! You could literally see his mood brighten up just be seeing me. Even though we don’t know each others names and have never really talked to each other, I never knew I could do that to someone! It was an amazing little feeling. After we went our own ways I told my friend about him being in my drawing class and how I had a crush on him. She agreed with me that he was definitely cute and that I should try to get to know him! I wanted to but… Arrrghh! 

So towards the end of a semester I get a call from my dad saying school was getting a little too expensive at the moment and I’d have to take a break for a while. NOOOOO!!! Ok I hate school and doing work but I didn’t want to leave my friends and this boy I’m so badly crushing on! Why is this happening?! Why?! On the last day, when everyones packing up to go home for the break, we happen to find each other again! He was standing with a small group of some friends, but kinda off to the side in his own little world, but still listening to them, and he looks up and visibly brightens up like the sun and smiles at me and gives me this cute little shy wave. The fact that he takes his mind off what his friends were saying just to look at me and wave really made me happy. Of course I do the same, but I was feeling sad since this would probably be the last time I see him again. But I was glad I somehow saw him again before I left!

I still wonder if he’s still there, but he’ll have graduated by the time I get back there. The Lord and the universe we’re probably throwing me all these signs, wishing they could just hit me, saying “Girl, I’ve been throwing y'all together randomly for a reason! Why aren’t you picking up my signs! This could’ve been your 1st boyfriend!”. But if I stick around in the art industry maybe we’ll see each other again? And maybe I’ll have some confidence this time!

The Joker x Reader - “French Fries”

How you and The Joker met involves a pretty surreal story involving French fries and Arkham. Due to both parties’ impulsiveness, you got married on a whim and never had a proper wedding reception. Time to finally take care of the issue.

The Joker is 46

You are 43

You oldest son, Kase is 17

Your youngest, Kaiden just turned 16

Your sons walking in the office unexpectedly makes you jump.

“Oh my God!” Kase gasps, covering his younger brother’s eyes while pushing him out.“Don’t look!”

You are all over J in a very much needed makeout session after you just had a fight an hour ago. It was about the wedding reception coming up next month: you just can’t decide on the color of your outfits: Purple? Green? Classic black and white? After all the conflict, it’s still up in the air.

“What are you guys doing back so early?” you shout, getting off your husband’s lap and fixing your hair as you pull down the hem of your short dress; The Joker is not happy with the interruption.

“Can’t you two knock?!” he snarls, trying to regain control of himself.

“We thought you weren’t here; so sorry,” they elbow each other, silently snickering outside the door.

“Be grateful we weren’t naked!” the Prince of Crime points out, winking and you mutter a faint “Stop teasing them.”

“Ewww, dad,” Kaiden scrunches up his face, holding the folder they wanted to leave in the office for both of you.

“How do you think you two showed up, hm?” J buttons up his shirt, only the 2 bottom buttons of course.

“Jesus, dad, we don’t need a visual!” your oldest son complains, patiently waiting to come in.

“Are you guys decent now?” Kaiden asks after texting one of his friends.

“Yeah, come in,” their father announces and you go back to sitting in his lap since you can’t help it.

The two boys stroll inside the office again and you are handed the binder you were expecting: new updates about Arkham’s security policy.

“I though you’ll be gone all day,” you look at them, admiring how much they look like you and J.

“That was the plan, but then uncle Frost… (a low grumble from your husband) “…said he was able to obtain this for you and he dropped us off so we can bring it over. We knew it is important so we just came back.”

“Uncle Frost!” the eruption is quick to follow. “Give me a break!” The Joker hates the fact that your kids call you best friend “uncle”. “Isn’t it enough that I have to put up with him being your mom’s best friend? He’s not your uncle. Period!!!”

Well, this is going downhill very fast; you and your boys know something needs to be done: J has to be distracted.

“So, dad, you met mom during Arkham prison time, right?” Kase points out towards the folder that is currently placed on the desk, taking a sit on the couch by his brother.

J stops his rant, takes a deep breath and switches his focus on the new subject – one of his favorites.

“Yes, in the cafeteria. They brought me there every day in the strait jacket, chained me to the chair at the table in the left corner…Remember that, Pumpkin?” the roar is fast to follow and you yank at his holster, pleased at the memory.


“It was my recreational time; I wasn’t allowed to eat with the others. Nobody even looked my way. Until one day, I see this woman walking towards me, a fellow inmate, apparently. She seemed out of it, probably from the meds, quite awkward in that orange jumpsuit that was definitely not her color. “

“Yuck, horrible color indeed,” you recall, shivering with disgust.

“Anyway, she just comes over, drags a chair from a nearby table and slams this plate full of French fries in front of me. She takes a bite out of a fry and feeds me the other half. I really wanted to snap her fingers with my teeth but I didn’t. You know why?” he addresses his sons and there’s no answer. “Because she smelled like chaos, despair and slaughter.”

“My natural pheromones,” you cross your legs and J squeezes you harder towards him.

“Exactly! She looked like crap and so insane I was smitten. I asked for her name and she didn’t answer.”

“That’s because I didn’t remember it ; the stuff they have me was very strong. I just saw this guy sitting alone at a table without a plate and I thought I should give him something to eat.  I didn’t even realize it was the King of Gotham,” you explain to the kids again, your heart beating so fast recalling stuff you are very emotionally attached to.

“You mom kept on coming day after day and shared her fries with me: always munching on them first, then gave me the other half.”

Every time the story is told, there’s always new details emerging, one crazier than the other.

“I didn’t know this part!” Kaiden admits and his sibling agrees.

“Oh yes, it happened,” The Joker bites his lower lip, enticed. ”After about 10 days she stopped coming. I didn’t want to care but it bugged me. I really had to fight with myself on that one, but I behaved for a whole week and as a reward I was allowed to roam around the cafeteria for once. I searched for your mom and there she was: alone at a table, staring at her empty plate, completely gone.”

“Yeap, they changed my meds so I was even more screwed up,” the simple explanation makes your boys laugh.

“Anyway,” their father continues, “ I kicked her chair and she didn’t even blink. I think you hold the record, Doll: I’ve never seen anybody gazing at something without blinking for so long.”

“ I can still do it,” you proudly utter and your butt gets pinched.

“Good Kitty,” J whispers in your ear and the boys suspect there is something going on but not sure since it was a very discreet gesture. “So,” he gets all pumped up again,” I took the plate, filled it with fries and placed it in front of her. She didn’t move so I said: ‘Eat your stupid potatoes, craziness.’ Nothing. Your mom was completely bonkers. I kicked a guy off his chair at a nearby table, grabbed it and sat by your mom. Took a fry, bit off it and gave the rest to her. She actually ate it and I kept on doing that until the fries were gone. “

“That’s pretty amazing, dad,” Kase praises the tale, immersed in the topic.

“Right?!” The Joker huffs, full of arrogance. “When Frost and my men came to bail me out of there, I searched for your mom, don’t ask me why,” he lifts his shoulders up, not having an explanation after so many years.

“Jonny was the one that carried me outside after they found me,” you bring it up, delighted. “ I wasn’t in great shape to walk so he lift me up in his arms and stomped on the corridor ; your dad was too busy beating the shit out of two guards that were mean to him with a baseball bat. He looked so classy while doing it and I thought: ‘My God, what a perfect man, adding such a personal touch to his revenge; no gun, just him and his bat.’ “

“I am perfect,” your husband scoffs and Kase softly kicks his brother’s shin, trying not to draw attention to his signal; he holds in the laugh and continues to listen.

“I remember that I sneezed on Jonny’s impeccable suit and instead of getting mad, he smiled and said ‘bless you’…”

“Hold on!” Kaiden interrupts, “Uncle Frost smiles?!”

“Smartass!” you snap, “Just like your father,” and you are getting groped as revenge.

“Bad Kitty!” J growls and you giggle, starting to kiss him all over his cheeks, forehead, temples, then peck his lips.

“Jeez, dad, you’re 46!” the youngest son discloses with a grimace. “Aren’t you embarrassed to have mom spoil you like this?!”

“No! Why should I be embarrassed?! I deserve it !” he answers, irritated.

“U-hum,” you mutter, amused and aware he means it. “Did I ever tell you I was the one that asked your dad to marry me?” you divert everyone’s attention to the new, captivating plot.

“No way!!” the two siblings shout in the same time.

“Yes, after only two weeks we escaped Arkham, I said: “You should marry me, Green Hair.” And your voice goes low, imitating The Joker: “ Why?”; “Because I shared my fries with you,” I replied and your father agreed: “Fair enough.”  Now, if this is not the most romantic thing ever, then I am totally insane,” you conclude, kissing your husband.

Your teenage kids gaze at one another, puzzled: they have no idea how you two function since you live in your own little world; a real mystery.

“So you got married only after 2 weeks?!” Kase double checks, surprised by the revelation.

“Yes. Like, why would we need more?!” J responds, not understand what the fuss is about. “We got married the next day. Frost was the witness and I’ll never forget the look on the reverend’s face while held at gunpoint, officiating the fastest marriage ever. We were out of there in 10 minutes, huh, Pumpkin?”

“Yes, it was super-fast,” you regretfully sigh. ”Never had a reception.”

“That night, there were fireworks, I’m telling you,” The Joker winks and the boys protest.

“For heaven’s sake dad, really?!”
“ You two have dirty minds; there were fireworks because it was the 4th of July,” the wicked chuckle resonates in the office. “So much fun to tease them,” J reckons, thrilled to have someone to taunt all the time.

“Stop messing with my babies,” you pout, but he knows you enjoy it also.

“What are you boys up to?” their father wants to know about his sons’ plans.

Kase opens his mouth to report on what’s going on but J cuts him off.

“Hold that thought, I suddenly have an itch that only your mom can scratch!”

“Jeez, dad!!!”

“Seriously?!” the protests are fast to follow his comment.

“You kids have a really dirty mind, definitely my offsprings ,” the proud observation coming from the Joker makes them shake their heads as you take a deep breath, knowing there is nothing you can do about it. At least it’s funny. “I have an itch here, on my shoulder and since Y/N is right here, she can scratch it for me.”

They both roll their eyes and J slaps your waist, excited:
“They’re soooo much fun to pick on!” the malicious snicker echoes in the room again.

“Well,” Kase reports, “ I have a date tonight with Aria.” (That’s Frost’s daughter)

“NO!!!” your husband barks.

“What?! WHY???” your oldest objects, unhappy at his dad’s refusal.

“One date is gonna lead to another and God knows what else and before we know it I’ll be related to Frost!”

You want to laugh so badly it’s hard to hold it in.

“Baby, it’s just a date,” you try to cool him down, gently tracing the collar of his white shirt. “They always hang out anyway, so…what’s an official date added to that?”

“No way in hell! Did you kiss her yet?”

“Yeah, many times,” the teenager swiftly spits out, and you smile to yourself because you already knew the little secret.

“Shit!! I’m gonna be related to Frost!” J panics, displeased and he shoves himself into you, feeling he’s starting to sweat from anxiety.

“They are just teenagers, handsome, you are thinking too far ahead,” you state the evident detail, kissing his Damaged tattoo.

“He’s not going!” J fumes, determined to stop any kind of actions that might lead to him being related to your best friend. The ideas he gets…

“But dad…” your son has a vague comeback and his younger brother warns him to shut up.

“I don’t wanna be related to Frost, don’t make me repeat myself one more time! “ The Joker shouts, antagonized.

You wink at your sons, then turn your attention towards the third child you have:

“If your dad says no, then it’s a no,” and they get up to leave.

“Fine…” Kase sulks and his sibling opens the door so they can both get out. Once the boys are on the hallway, they silently high five, smirking.

“Mom got this!” oldest mutters, relieved. “I’m going to take a shower soon and get ready for tonight.”

“Can I come too?” Kaiden begs since he doesn’t want to be left behind.

“No way, dude! Find your own date!” he shows his brother away and they start horsing around on the way to the kitchen.

In the meantime, you got on the desk, keeping your feet on J’s lap while he tries to figure out why the damned computer just froze. You sigh, puckering your lips, which prompts the question:

“What’s wrong, Doll?”

“Too bad we got interrupted, hm?”

“Yeah, no kidding. Those kids need a life, teenagers are supposed to be out and about, this way we can have fun too.”

You pretend to be upset and scoot over more towards the edge of the desk.

“Mmmmm, since my baby can’t have fun, I’m not in the mood for too much either.”

“What do you mean?” The Joker licks his silver teeth, intrigued.

“A shame you didn’t even get to see what I’m wearing under this dress…”

“What exactly are you wearing under your dress?” He wants to sound totally uninterested, but you know better.

“Purple lace, one of the most outrageous, obscene and vile pieces of lingerie you’ve ever seen.” J is absolutely obsessed with purple lace, one of his few weaknesses.

“Your strategy is not going to work, Pumpkin. I don’t care; he’s not going on that date.”

You lift your shoulders up, playing with your nails.

“Can I…e-hem…” he fakely coughs, “…get a little glimpse to see what I’m missing on?”

“If you insist,” and you pull down on your front zipper, revealing the outfit in all its might and glory.

“Fuck!” he gulps, scrolling back on his chair so he can see better. “That is niiiice. Daddy likes it, get over here!”

“Nooo, I don’t feel like doing anything anymore; plus, the boys are here also, so…”

“Playing hard to get, huh?”

“If my baby can go on his date, I might be happier also…” you playfully tap your toes on his knees, zipping up your dress again.

You sons barely made it to the kitchen when you peak inside, triumphantly announcing:

“Honey, you’re going on that date with Aria.”

“I knew it!” Kase comes and strains in order to lift you up in his arms.

“Don’t break your back, Casanova!” you point out and he puts you down, panting, kissing your cheek in the process.

“You’re the best mom!” he compliments you, feverish it all worked in his favor.

“I know,” you caress his face, turning around to leave and thinking: “the purple lace strikes again.”

You’re almost out of the kitchen when your oldest has an outburst:

“I wish dad was more like you, mom. Sometimes he can be such a jerk!”

You freeze in place, your right eye twitching.

“What did you just say?!” you spin on your heels to face him, being so mad your ears are ringing. Kaiden gets frightened seeing how menacing you look walking towards his brother. “Did you just call my husband a jerk?!”

“Ummm…I …I…didn’t mean to,” Kase stutters, realizing he’s in big trouble.

“Your father might be a jerk, but that’s for me to assess and deal with, do we understand each other?!” you raise your voice, pissed. Kaiden places himself in between you two, alarmed – you’ve never direct such anger towards them before and he knows it’s dangerous to keep you in this state.

“Mom, mom, he didn’t mean it, you know he’s stupid! Mom, please look at me!” he cups your face, forcing you to glare at him. “Mom, please…he didn’t mean to…” he repeats, scared to see how you get when you can’t control yourself.

You exhale a few times, struggling to keep it together.

“You’re lucky you’re my kid! If I ever hear you disrespecting your dad again, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life. I shared my fries with him and I never share my fries, so don’t talk like this again! Did I make myself clear?” you sneer, annoyed.
“Yes, mom, I’m sorry, alright? I didn’t mean it…” he whispers, startled.

“No date!!!” you decide and your boy is stunned. “ No cell, no TV, no computer, no tablet, no Play Station for 2 weeks!!!” and you signal for his phone which he gives up right away, figuring out it can get worse if he doesn’t comply.

You snag the phone from his hand and head towards the balcony to chill.

“You’re an idiot!” his younger brother concludes, still shaking from the commotion.”What is wrong with you?!”


Kase decides to go talk to his dad, maybe there is something he might be willing to do to shorten the sentence.

“What’s the ruckus about?” The Joker growls, still trying to figure out why the computer is acting out.

“I said something I shouldn’t have and that woman took it out of proportion,”  his son whines, not comprehending the extent of his new offense. “Now I’m grounded for 2 weeks.”

His father stops typing and adjusts his gold bracelets, then lifts his cold, blue eyes to stare at his kid.

“Did you…just…called your mother…that woman?!” A few bones crack in his neck and to say he is furious would be an understatement.

“Ummm…Yes, I did, I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to,” Kase wants to patch up his huge mistake, backing out towards the exit, unsettled.

That woman,” he gets up his chair, slamming his fist on the heavy oak desk,” shared her dumb potatoes with me at Arkham, and she never shares her fries. Do not disrespect my wife or I swear you will deeply regret it, understand??!!!!” J shouts, trying to control himself since this is his own son, otherwise he would probably be dead now.

“Y-yes dad,” Kase stammers, fleeing the office before it gets worse but its’ too late.

“Add 3 more weeks to those 2 your mother punished you with!” the grave, deep voice makes him aware while his younger brother punches his side, irked:

“You’re a moron!! If you keep it up, you’ll be grounded until you’re 40! A complete ass!!!”

“I don’t need this from you,” Kase pushes away his sibling, bitter and resentful.

But after about 30 minutes, he decides that is better if he apologizes to both you and J.

He goes into the office and it’s deserted.

“Mom? Dad?” he takes a quick look around. “Where are they?” Kase mutters, intrigued. “Hey, Kaiden, are mom and dad upstairs?” he yells and the reply confirms:

“No, not here, maybe on the balcony?”

The penthouse is pretty big, on two levels, 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, the huge living room being the center of it, plus the kitchen and the balcony. Even so, it shouldn’t be that hard to find one’s parents. But there is no trace of you two.

“Kaideeennnn!” Kase shouts again, “I think they abandoned the nest again and sneaked out to go on one of their little dates!”

“You mean robbery?” his brother comes out of the bedroom, gathering his long hair in a messy bun.

“Yeah, that! Wanna go and catch a movie? I’m grounded, but only from electronics.”

“Might as well since we’re home alone. Hold on, I need to get my gold bracelets!” (just in case you were wondering which son takes more after J).

After the boys leave, you and The Joker come out from under the desk you were hiding. When Kase barged into the office, you and J were beneath it, plugging and unplugging cords, messing with the wiring, trying to figure out why the computer doesn’t work. You stopped what you were doing, deciding not to disclose your whereabouts. Now that the kids are out of there, you’ll have some privacy with your husband. The little strategy worked and you are more than happy to enjoy some fun time.

Unfortunately, the boys came straight home after the movie. They walk inside and it’s dark.

“They’re not here yet,” Kase stretches, walking in front of his brother and when they take the corner to get to their rooms, they notice the door cracked opened to the master bathroom, candle light flickering in the darkness. Water splashes, you giggle and their father purrs so loud they feel the need to make their presence known right away:
“Ummm, we’re back…” Kaiden sniffles, clenching to his brother’s arm.

“What?!” they hear your displeased comment and J groans, fed up with all the disruptions.

“Hold on, baby, I’ll take care of this,” you kiss him before getting out of the Jacuzzi. You grab your fluffy robe and get out on the hallway, turning the lights on.

“Hi, mom,” they both greet, looking guilty like they did something wrong when in fact…they didn’t.

“Aaahhh, my beautiful boys,” you get in between them, taking their arms and guiding them downstairs. “Why are you home so early, hm?”

“It’s 10pm, mom,” you youngest shyly attempts to bring it to your knowledge.

“So early! You teenagers are supposed to be out there, doing crazy stuff that young people do.” You make them walk towards the elevator, not before stopping in front of the armoire and taking out hundred dollars bills that you stash in their pockets until they don’t fit anymore. “Go have fun, the night is young!” you encourage, pushing them inside the elevator when the doors open. “Kiss!” you point out towards your cheeks and they each kiss one in the same time. “Have fun!” you wink before the elevator’s door close.

On the way down, the siblings look at each other, puzzled.

“Did we…did we just kicked out the penthouse so our parents can have sex?!” your oldest son addresses Kase, scratching his arm with the new tattoo he got last week.

“Obviously…How much do we have?” his brother inquires, trying to put together the pile of hundred dollar bills you gave him.

“Not sure…” Kaiden takes a visual of both their monetary resources, concluding: “A few thousands?”

“Acceptable amount for a decent night out. You do realize we have the best parents ever, right?”

“Pffftt, suuuuuure,” his brother replies and they push each other around, snickering all the way down.


Tomorrow is the big day: you’ll finally have the wedding reception you never had.

The Joker goes into the bedroom, carrying a small box. He places it on the nightstand on your side of the bed and heads out of the room, but Kase blocks the exit.

“Where are you going, dad?” he crosses his arms on his chest in disapproval.

“To get your mom so we can go to sleep,” J squints his eyes, not seeing the big picture.

“NO! It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding,” and Kase slams the door in his father’s face, locking it from the outside.

“Are you kidding me?!” a very vexed Joker bangs at the door. “I’m already married to her; we’ll just have the reception. Open up!”

“Nope, you’re not sleeping in the same room tonight, gotta keep some traditions going!”

“I can’t sleep without her, open up, don’t piss me off!”

“No way, dad, not this time!”
Three doors up, you were looking for some items in the guest bedroom and now that you are done, you should probably go to sleep so you are heading out of the room when Kaiden blocks your way.

“Where are you going, mom?”

“To sleep,” you divulge, wanting to pass by but he won’t bulge.

“No, mom! Dad can’t see you tonight. It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.”

“We are already married, you silly child, we’ll just have the reception.”
“No, mom!” and the door gets slammed in your face and locked on the outside.

“What in the world?! …Open up, don’t annoy me! You know I can’t sleep without your dad!”
“You’ll have to, mom, gotta keep up the tradition!”

And the brothers meet up in the middle of the distance separating your temporary prisons, fist bumping and pleased at their little perfect plan to keep you apart for the night.

Meanwhile, you found a solution to your problem: you are walking on the railing constructed on the outside of the building, carefully moving with your back against the brick wall. The cement railing leading to the master bedroom is not very thick so you don’t even look down from the 30th floor, hoping you’ll not get dizzy since you hate heights. You finally reach your destination and knock on the window. J is still at the door, annoyed he has to put up with his crazy kids and their crazy ideas.

“Princess!” The Joker grins when he sees you and rushes to open the window so you can slip inside.

“Ssstttt!” you smile and jump in his arms. “Keep your voice down, we have to let them think they won, otherwise they’ll keep bugging us!” you whisper in his ear, glad you will be able to sleep since you can’t afford dark circles and baggy eyes tomorrow.

“I was thinking to do the same,” he points out towards the window, moaning when you keep on biting and kissing his neck in frenzy. “I got you something, Doll! Consider it a wedding gift,” J places you on the table and grabs the little box he placed on the night stand earlier.

“Yum, it smells good, what is it?” you open it with the outmost curiosity and…”OH MY GOD!!!!” you look at him, stunned. “Are these…Arkham French fries?! “

“Surprise!” he chuckles, keeping it low. “I had to pull some strings to get the damned potatoes but…here they are. Still warm.”

“Wanna share?” you hop off the table and clasp his hand, taking refuge in the walk - in closet. After you seal the door, you feel this is your new fortress so you start eating the fries. “Wow, baby, they taste the same. Do you reckon they have the same cook?!” you lean your head on his shoulder, biting half of one piece and feeding him the other half.

“Wouldn’t be surprised,” he licks his lips, pleased he got you so excited with the little present. “Trapped in there just like the rest of the inmates.”

“Probably,” you sigh and slide down to the floor, continuing to munch on your food.

“Holy crap!” your husband gasps when notices a small piece of your reception gown coming out from under the plastic wrap. “Is that…purple lace?!”
“U-hum,” you nod your head and he gets worked up.

“How am I supposed to make it throughout the day with you wearing that?! I might have to steal you away for a couple of hours so I can get it out of my system,” he yanks you in his arms, roughly kissing you.

“I was counting on that,” the naughty look on your face lets him know. “Auuchhh,” you protest in pain when his hands go down your back.

“What is it?”

“It still hurts a bit,” you uncomfortably squirm in his lap and turn around a bit so he can see. “I got it this morning,” and you lift your shirt up, disclosing the patched up skin at the bottom of your back. “Take a look; it’s one of your gifts!”

The Joker peels the bandage and gasps: your new tattoo represents a pile of fries and hearts, having “I only share with Mister J” written around it.

“I fucking love it!” he caresses the skin, aroused. “It makes me wanna…” and he stops, devouring you with his blue gaze.

“What, Daddy? Makes you wanna  do what?” you outline his lips, mesmerized.

“…eat more fries!” he gropes you and you start laughing so hard he has to cover your mouth. “Shush, those crazy kids will hear you!” but he’s laughing too so you have to cover his mouth. After you calm down, you take another fry from the almost gone supply, take a bite out of it and give J the rest, not wanting to waste any.

After all, you got married because of these damned things.



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Degrassi’s “excellent” LGBTQ representation