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“If you wish to be whole again young prince, you must prove your worth as a rightful king. Three times…”

So this is my art project that is already three months late.. We were told to do a movie poster so I decided to make a poster of a fantasy movie. Not the best I could do but I wasted more than 27 hours doing it….

Okay guys. Can I just mention how sweet Mob is? I mean, he got that incredibly shady “love letter” in episode four. Dimple tried to assure him that the letter was a trap, which it was. But Mob still went to go meet the “girl” who wrote the letter, giving the bad handwriting and spelling mistakes the benefit of a doubt. He didn’t want to keep the girl waiting, in case the letter was real. He really is a gentleman, I just–

This is Sanji. Sanji was being a shit. A loud shit. He was outside my door screaming. When I checked on him, he just made his content growls as if to say oh, hello there! He kept doing this until I let him in. Sanji then proceeded to be a shit by pushing my monitor around and knocking my stuffed toys over. So I swaddled the shitSanji. Sanji is a content shit now.

Fanart for blackdeathfanfiction’s fanfic First Sight. Do yourself a favor and go read it!

I decided to continue the tarot-ish theme from this fanart since it was so much fun to color. This card was inspired by the World card: The World is a card of unlimited potential put into experienced hands: the opportunity of a lifetime. Its image literally states “the sky’s the limit”. If you have been waiting for your chance, this is IT.

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I've always heard people say stuff like "I do jacks into along with him" and stuff like that but I always felt weird about it until now?? I kept doing finger guns and 👌👌 constantly while watching your QnA tbh

aw bless thats honestly adorable

Just got back from Beauty and the Beast aka my favorite thing besides Harry Potter

1) I only cried four times 2) The girl sitting three seats down was also crying and sniffling on Tale as Old as Time [I kept myself together until then and I congratulate her for doing the same 😂] 3) “Evermore” is my new favorite thing. I am glad they included music from the Broadway musical 4) I liked the expansions on the story 5) “Be Our Guest” was soooo aesthetically pleasing

There’s a lot more but I’m still drowning in feels and need time to compose myself.

“I’d say twelve is the normal age when a kid around here comes outside alone for the first time. That’s when the trouble starts. When you’re fresh outside and nobody’s telling you what to do. My mom kept me inside until I was fourteen. Both my brothers had been to juvenile, so she was more strict with me. I got arrested four times that first year. Probably four times the next year too. I never went to The Island, but my mom kept having to pick me up from the precinct. They called it ‘Disorderly Conduct,’ but it was almost always for fighting. A group of kids would walk by from another block, and they’re staring, and somebody yells out: ‘What are you looking at?’ And believe it or not– that’s all it takes. One little sentence. Everybody wants the pride of saying they didn’t back down. I could have chosen not to participate. But it’s hard to avoid. Imagine if one hundred people around you are smoking cigarettes. Nine times out of ten, you’re going to start smoking.”

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Asgfhgkgl not only do they admit to drawing pedophilic content IN those screencaps but theres nothing in those screencaps that isnt in my description of the conversation lmfao what are you doing with yourself

She mentioned that she had deleted the art in shame. What’s more, it was old art, kept on a clearly marked nsfw blog. I am not here to condone nsfw art because, again, it is not something I personally enjoy. I simply don’t judge people for drawing, especially when the art does depict the character as an adult and there is much worse out there on the internet. Art actually designed to spread hateful messages.

Please understand that I am not doing this to attack or bully anyone. I have kept quiet up until now because I really, truly do not like confrontation or fights, but it’s reached a point where she has genuinely considered suicide over the ordeal.

And however you may feel about her, I don’t think it’s okay. :/ And no, I am not saying this because I’m a “lackey.”

I’m saying this because I don’t think it’s right to go out of your way to hurt people.

For the record, I wanted to reply to this in private out of respect, but it seems you made that impossible.

A note to my followers: do not send angry messages to this user. I do not want a fight, nor do I believe it is right to retaliate.

As I said, live and let live.


Until Dawn Challenge - Favourite Female: Ashley

I came out on facebook today

I had told myself for months that I would do it the day I started hormones, and that day was Thursday. I was just so busy that day, that I decided not to do it. I didn’t want to do it friday, because april fools. I kept putting it off, until I decided to do it today.

I felt like I was going to die or pass out when I was hovering over that post button. I could’ve lost everyone in my life in the click of a button. My life could’ve been over.

But it wasn’t. Everything went okay. In fact, no one has said anything mean at all, and I’ve gotten even MORE friend requests since then. Crazy. My life sure has been wild the last week lol

“Now I’m 90 years old, but when I was young, I was a speed skater. That was during the Japanese colonial era. Do you think there was such a thing as an ice rink back then? Of course not. So during the summer, I solely focused on building up my stamina. Every day, I’d put a cushion on the ground and do squats a thousand times. I kept doing that until October when I’d go up to Kanggye, North Pyeongan Province*, where the water freezes first before anywhere else in the country. Only then could I ice skate. We’d pour water into rice paddies and turn them into ice skating rinks. As the winter deepened, little by little I would move south and continue training. Since the surroundings were so poor, I couldn’t even think about detailed techniques. When I went out to international competitions, I was no match for the foreign athletes who trained on perfectly smooth ice. Nevertheless, sports are all about passion. I really worked myself to death. People would only see my performance in competitions, but the kind of effort I put in can’t be described. Since I put in that much effort, no matter if the competition was big or small, I remember all of the times that I was first to the finish line. I was so happy. But then, when I was 24 years old, the Korean War erupted. I had to put everything aside and go fight in the war. I barely managed to pull myself together after it ended, and by then I was already over 30 years old. As it was, I had to retire. But I don’t have any regrets. It’s just that there was no chance. There was nothing that I could do.”

*North Pyeongan Province is located in modern day North Korea.

“내가 올해 90인데, 젊었을 때 스피드 스케이팅 선수였어. 그때가 일제강점기 때였거든. 아이스링크 같은 게 있었나, 없었지. 그래서 여름에는 체력훈련만 했어. 땅바닥에 쿠션을 놓고 그 위에서 앉았다 일어났다를 하루에 천 개씩 했지. 그러다가 10월이 되면 우리나라에서 얼음이 가장 먼저 어는 평안북도 강계로 올라갔어. 그제서야 스케이트를 탈 수 있는 거지. 논에다가 물을 얼려서 스케이트장을 만들고 말이야. 겨울이 깊어질수록 점점 남쪽으로 내려오면서 훈련을 하는 거야. 그만큼 환경이 열악해서 섬세한 기술 같은 건 생각할 수도 없었어. 국제 대회를 나가면 매끈한 얼음 위에서 훈련하는 외국 선수들하고는 상대가 안 됐지. 그래도 스포츠는 열정이거든. 정말 죽어라 했어. 사람들은 대회에 나와서 활약하는 모습만 보지만 그때까지의 노력은 이루 말할 수도 없지. 그렇게 노력을 했기 때문에 큰 대회던 작은 대회던 먼저 골인 했던 순간들이 다 기억에 남아. 정말 기뻤지. 그런데 나 스물 네 살 때 6.25가 터진 거야. 모든 걸 다 접고 전쟁에 참가해야 했어. 전쟁이 끝나고 겨우 내 상황을 추스려보니 나는 이미 서른이 넘어있었어. 그대로 은퇴를 해야 했지. 하지만 미련은 없어. 그저 인연이 없었을뿐. 내가 어쩔 수 있는 게 아니었어.”

Some days I feared death, some days I wanted it. Some days I wanted to be alone, some days I never wanted to be a moment away from you. Somewhere in between the beauty and the madness I promised to love you to death and I kept my word until your very last breath.
Now I do not know what I want more, to be alone or to welcome death…
—  raywritess

Thank you baekhyun for always making him smile,taking care of him, understanding him. I’m grateful he has a brother like you. Also junmyeon who leaves his seat immediately after seeing yixing cry, jongin who comforted him.

Troye’s amazing marketing strategy:

1. Confuse and frustrate your fans with circles, blue heart emojis, and petals
2. Watch as they speculate about what’s happening
3. Do something completely different from whatever they think
4. Don’t ever actually tell them anything
5. Disappear from the Internet forever