until i had to crop it


so the first time i played blazing blade i had no clue how the support system worked at first and when i DID find out, every seize map was met with me pressing end turn repeatedly for about half an hour until i’d read a few supports.

makes me wonder what my units thought about my “”tactics””

this is late but saf2016 did hakyeon and vixx so dirty.

hakyeon was one of the highlight dancers in the opening modern dance performance but there’s literally barely any shots of him in the broadcast. he did flawless turns across the stage and had an amazing stage presence with sensual facial expressions and graceful body movements but the cameraman didn’t showcase it so he had to upload his own video onto his sns. like literally, n fansites can’t create gifs of him.

Also, I watched vixx’s whole entire stage during the live broadcast but I didn’t even realize that hakyeon did a baton performance in the god of domination until someone cropped the video on twitter.

also can we just point out how vixx is a four year group but had their performance in the first part of the concert and even at that, their performances were cut short.

sbs didn’t even upload their performance on youtube :’)

As promised, I present you with Sombra headcanons for shy and socially anxious s/o. And yes, I’ve been gay for Sombra since I laid eyes on her from that leak :3c And since we only know base stuff about her as I’m writing this, some of the things I’ll say regarding her might get outdated once she’s actually in the game.

-   Being with Sombra up until now had been very enabling for the anxiety stuff. She usually stayed indoors when she wasn’t going out to some mission she may or may not have been sabotaging, and of course she wouldn’t let you come with her even if you really wanted to.

-   Something changes though which puts an end to the whole ‘avoiding people’ thing you had going on 

-   She’s been noticed

-   Yes, you’ve read that right. Apparently, she’s been leaving a couple hints and loose ends that had led some people to know of her existence. You question her since you’ve never known her to be sloppy when it comes to tying up said loose ends

-   “ Cariño, there’s nothing to worry about. This is all part of my plan! I played around with these people for the longest time. At first it was a game for me but they actually ended up making the LumeriCo job go quicker! See? Not so bad!” She would tell you as she embraces you and peppers a few kisses here and there, chuckling when your cheeks lightly turned red.

-   Unfortunately, her plan is to be on the move, never staying in one place for too long. Even though she was noticed it didn’t mean she couldn’t be hard to pin down.

-   Traveling around comes with interacting with others. When you mumble with your words, she lightly rubs your back a bit to comfort you.

-   Lets you hide behind her to avoid talking to people sometimes. Don’t worry~

-   The smug grin on her face when you do this tho

-   Will tease you constantly and flirt more often than she would with someone who wasn’t as shy as you. 

-   If you absolutely need to do something but you’re too anxious to do it, she gives you the most persuasive pep talk that boosts your confidence so much. You’re amazed every time

-   Because of this, being with Sombra actually boosts your overall confidence, and she’s always there for you if it’s just not a good day that day.

-   Will say really ridiculous things in a flirtatious tone so she can see you blush and the confused look on your face after. she thinks it’s too pure

-   Her laughter is so nerdy when she does that. Sometimes you’ll try to be extra cute for her to get giggles out of her. Once she realizes what you’re doing though, you’re in for a whirlwind of affection that usually ends up getting a bit steamy if you’d like~  

Thanksgiving is coming up so let’s never forget the time my mom’s friend invited my sister and I to dinner at her very conservative very Texan household and the possibility of there being a dress code didn’t even register with me until I had already walked through the door wearing skinny jeans a crop top a faux fur leopard coat and black thigh high boots

I had this weird-ass dream where I was drawing nsfw Zen. That’s it. And I was so confused and disoriented when I woke up because I was like “did I just dream that up or was it something that actually happened and I just didn’t remember it until now?” So then I go into my folder to confirm, and lo and behold:

I found this old sketch (cropped because the rest looks like shit, hah). It wasn’t the same one from in my dream, but I completely forgot that I actually drew something like this, whoops.

Scarfed for life! Emily Part 1

I have actually come quite a bit on Emily now, the first thing I finished was the sword! But I am not 100% happy with a detail so if I have time I will fix it before the con or if not, after. And I will put it up here when I fixed it. :)

I decided to make the scarf after crying over the vest for a week, I needed it to make sure the vest was the right shape. So I started Monday, and finished at 23 on Tuesday. :) For a tiny scarf. And that for the simple reason that I messed up. But let’s not go into that and just how I did it right haha!!

A while ago Bethesda realized a reference picture with Emily’s scarf, which I until then did not think was a triangle. So I cropped it out of the picture and made the blue parts white to save printer ink. Then I cut out everything that would not be gold.

When I had my base pattern I put some spray glue on the back, note that it was just sticky glue and not strong at all. I just used that so my pattern would stick to the vinyl for a minute.
The vinyl I have had a plastic layer on top of it that I could paint on, so I lightly dusted some black spray paint over my pattern and then I pulled it of, leaving me a perfect pattern underneath.

And I cut and cut and clipped. The hard part was then to iron the vinyl on my scarf! I tested it out with scraps on the failed scarf we don’t talk about and then I went in sections on this, was not easy and I messed up a couple of places but nothing very noticeable.

It turned out absolutely gorgeous! Just like I imagined it. Was worth my many hours of fine work and cramped up hand and arm.



🎉✨ HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 🌟🎉  I didn’t find any party hat accessories, so I made a simple one. The textures are very basic and I recommend recolouring for your own preferred designs. (I would have made it earlier but I just didn’t think of it until it was already almost midnight, many hours ago CET, lol.) 

Categorised as earrings (custom thumbnail), because I think goofy glasses go well with party hats, so earrings had to be sacrificed. (I didn’t clone a hat because AFAIK that would crop off half the sim’s hair. These use the hat texture space though. If anyone knows better about the cropped hair, teach me so I can make a hat version later!) 

☆♦ Download: http://www.simfileshare.net/download/152608/ ♦☆ 

Low-poly. Should be basegame compatible and is for adults/etc (not kids). Let me know if there are any problems, and see my ToU here

So I heard it was Voltron week

DAY TWO of Christmas countdown is dedicated to @einpaarundthensome and @cryingfrompayne, two people I got to know via tumblr this year. You both mean a lot to me:)

Now that I actually have time, I’ll be posting a drawing each day up until Christmas day and dedicate it to people here on tumblr as a little gift. I obviously can’t make one for everybody that I would want to draw for, but I’m gonna do my best, and if I don’t mess up totally I’ll try to keep it going to New Years Eve too.
Happy Holidays!

Last week, the disease ravaged our camp. It was useless for us to fight back against it, tooth and nail. In one last effort to keep it from spreading, we burned all of our crops.

Unfortunately, some of us weren’t as lucky. We only had two options; watch our loved ones wither away in unspeakable agony until that damn disease consumes them and their mind, or perform one last act of mercy on their behalf, and put them out of their misery. It was a decision most of us didn’t want to make, but it became more personal for me when I saw that my brother was part of the fallen.

The effects of the disease were evolving at an alarming rate, showing themselves to us less than an hour after they set in. I wanted to be with him in his last moments, and try to make them as painless as I could. He was changing, and I think he knew it more than he wanted to let on. His scleras started turning black, and the veins in his arms began to bulge as his skin became sickly white; almost translucent.

“Do it,” my brother pleaded, weakly “Just do it.”

I closed my eyes, and took aim–not wanting to see the light leave his hollow, barely human eyes. I choked back tears, as I pulled the trigger. In an instant, the room became hauntingly silent. I tried to leave as quickly as I could, where I waited for a team to get him and take him out to the field; where he and the others would be burned in a mass pile to contain the disease. I watched as the flames consumed him and the others from afar, and hoped that he could finally be at rest.

But last night, just as I was coming back from my nightly rounds, I heard something coming from outside. I turned around and saw him. My brother was scratching his elongated, sharpened fingernails against the window. His eyes were as black as obsidian, and stared right through me–chilling me to the bone. I hid behind my wardrobe closet and hoped he couldn’t see me in the dark. But, not only did he wave back at me..he smiled. His teeth were razor sharp and looked like jagged barbs; made to shred and destroy anything it could get a death grip on. Blood dripped from the corners of his mouth, and he had bits of what I could only assume were pieces of flesh in his teeth.

“I know you’re in there, Aaron.” he laughed, his smile becoming more sinister and full of gleeful malice, “C'mon now, let me in. I miss you. Don’t you want to see your big brother again?”

I cowered in the corner for what felt like hours, trying to not lose my cool and start sobbing. I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest, and he knew it too. He scrapped his nails against the windows and walls; continuing to taunt and mock me in an almost demonic like singsong voice. After a while, he seemed to have given up.

“Okay, fine. Be that way.” he growled, “I’ll be back. But just remember this; you can’t stay in there forever. I’m watching you, Aaron. I’ve always been watching. You can’t hide from me. I’m going to get you…and when I do, I’m going to take pleasure in seeing the light leave your eyes as I tear your fucking soul apart.”

I heard footsteps trail off, and when I turned back to face the window, he was gone. I stayed in the corner until sunrise, trembling and sobbing uncontrollably. I told the leader of our group about what happened shortly after, and he didn’t believe me. I became hysterical, trying to get someone to take me seriously. He finally had enough, and had a team dig up his plot to prove me wrong. When they hit the bottom, they pulled me over to show me the open grave. There he was, my brother’s burnt remains; huddled up in a fetal position with a bullet hole in his head–just as they were left. But..how? It didn’t make sense…it was impossible. That face..that unmistakable voice. If that wasn’t my brother…then who or what was it?

Sunset is a few hours away, and I’ve been sitting here just waiting. I’m currently curled up in the corner of my bed against the wall, with a shotgun against my lap. I’m not taking any chances, not anymore. If you don’t hear back from me soon, then please, whatever you do; if you see me or someone who looks like me, then please shoot me on sight. I don’t want to become one of them. I can’t. I just can’t. Hold on, I think I see something. Please, if you’re seeing this, spread the word. Don’t let this spread. Don’t let them get m-


Grape rescue
When I moved in three years ago there was an ugly bush in the back. As I began to cut it down I noticed there was some wire and posts hiding in the bush. Finally I was able to see that it was the remains of a grape vine. I have four others on the property all different so I wanted to see what this one was. The first year all I did was remove the bush so it produced nothing, but I was able to find some heathy new growth over the winter so I pruned it hard and re strung the wires. The year after that it produced a small crop. The grapes were a concord but I had to leave them on until really late in the season almost to frost or the were not any good. Ended up loosing a lot to rot and fungus during the wait. I pruned it again over winter and finally had a decent vine. Last year again I go only a small crop but the grapes were good. I pruned it again this spring and I would say after three years the vines are back to good production. There are a lot of grapes and they look great I actually had to thin out this year. There are plenty for jelly and grape juice. So really I spent about 10 hours spread out over four years at my leisure to get back a forgotten grape vine. I have been bringing back apple trees and berries bushes for the last four years with varying success, and the locational massive fail, but think the grapes are my favorite.


Scanned in 4K and converted to the native Bluray resolution of 1080x1920 (original aspect ratio 1.66:1 = 1080x1800 pixels, hence the black bars left and right), the new Network release of Hell Drivers compares more than favourably to the now utterly obsolete 2007 DVD version (“anamorphic” 578x1024 pixels).

Oddly enough, the DVD was presented in a frame-filling 16:9 aspect ratio, with considerable cropping at the bottom of the picture and some horizontal distortion. The technical flaws of the old format are blatantly obvious now, but perhaps the most radical discovery delivered by the 4K scan is the never-before-seen depth (for want of a better term) and crispness of the additional detail.

The digital scan can of course not add information that is missing from the analog 35mm print, but Hell Drivers does present us with an intriguing anomaly: even though it was recorded on “ordinary” 35mm film stock, the VistaVision process used twice the area of a standard frame, which gave it twice the resolution of regular 4:3 “academy ratio” motion pictures.

The original VistaVision aspect ratio was 1.5:1 and did not match standard projection equipment. This apparent disadvantage was easily offset by the versatility of the material: the larger frames with their higher resolution could be resized to fit a number of different widescreen ratios while still maintaining the superior quality of the recorded image. Ironically, it is only through the digital medium of the Bluray disc that we can today appreciate the power - and the potential - of the analog original.

Nalu Assassin's Creed #1

I am going to take a stab at a chapter fic! *insert screams of horror*
Yes, a Nalu Assassin’s Creed AU! *more horrified cries*
 So, I was inspired by jirochan and the art done for a Nalu Assassin’s Creed and this is the post! It was so beautiful and I was trying really hard NOT to write it until I had time.

I forgot to think of a good name for this fic…oops.

Chapter One: Dragon Assassin Natsu

Autumn wind always brought thesweetest scent of apples and cranberries growing in the fields around the town of Magnolia. The air was a cocktail of what would soon be available in the market stands, if one had the necessary funds to afford such treats.

Not excluding the crisp beans or the new crop of onions, but those were not as desired as the first taste of the staple foods for this region.

The looming threat of winter lay far away, summer having just relinquished its presence for the glory of the changing leaves and the fireflies that will now play close to the earth. The bitter chill will not arrive for a few months, giving families time to stock up on the necessities.

Morning in Magnolia was as bustling as ever, the bakers and butchers moving even before the crack of dawn to prepare their wares. Sleepy eyed children dragged on to morning lessons while mothers shooed them off with smiles and well packed lunch bags. Horses nickered to each other, overtaking the cries of the occasional rooster that was rather late in the alarm call.

All over the cobblestone streets, citizens were moving, keeping to themselves or friends. Not one looked the paroling guards in the eyes, out of fear or respect, is unclear. Not many were brave enough to go against the crumpling system that the wealthy politicians built. The rich stay in power, and things worked to protect the powerful.

It was how things worked.

With citizens moving about in broad morning light, the red garbed guards never looked to the shadows, ignorant to what would lurk there.

Shadows in Magnolia had purpose and a will. Power feared a strong will.

And, in those shadows, lurked the greatest power the citizens of Magnolia possessed. They just didn’t know it.

So, along Century Street, crammed into the corner between an armory and a butcher, was a tiny little tavern called Sitri. It wasn’t popular or famous. The small, shack like store just served drinks and food to the weary travelers that happened to pass through the north-east side of the markets.

Within the old wooden plank door rested a dimly lit tavern with mediocre tables and chairs, dust cakes on the rafters and shelves of miscellaneous knickknacks.

All run by a tiny violet haired woman with tender eyes.

But, beyond the liquor cabinet and the pathetic kitchen lay an iron door with a rusted completion that foretold age and service. Behind that door, is where this tale begins…

Within the deep walls of secrets and mysteries, tucked under the tavern and the butcher and the armory, rested the central hub of the ‘shadows’.

The Assassin Guild known as Fairy Tail.

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crop top eren meets underwear model too bara for his shirt levi 

pretend there’s a height difference OOPS i didn’t notice until after 💦


I looked over at Joy in the passenger seat.  Her eyes were shut and her hand hung out the open window.  A smile brightened her face, held there more securely than her body by the seat belt, with less effort and more grace.

I didn’t recognize the song on the radio, but the slide guitar resonated at a frequency familiar to me.  We sat in silence as the convertible sped through the softening light of sunset, flattening out over the fields, blending the colours of the crops until everything seemed dusted with gold.  I looked through the windshield at the empty road.

Joy turned to me.  Her smile was the same as it had been a moment before, but her eyes were open, so they smiled too, and the difference was that of a lake and an ocean.

“Are you tired?” she asked.

“No,” I said.  I placed my hand on her lap, covering the hole in her jeans that exposed a portion of her thigh, like a napkin laid over a spill.

“Are you sure?"  She rested her hand over mine.  I nodded.  To reassure her, I turned for a moment and glanced at her face.  She slipped her hand under mine, lifted it off her thigh, and raised it to her mouth.

The sun finally settled and the stars blossomed overhead, a garden of night flowers, drinking our vision as though water.  We pulled over so we could get our sweaters out of our packs in the trunk.  Joy took the wheel.

I looked up at the sky, at the round moon as it peeked through the branches on either side of the road, that reached for each other, as though hands.