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charlielovesstrawberries  asked:

I would really love it if you could write the klaus !single dad au we've been fangirling about (hayley can be in it too).

(a/n: I know my friend, I love that verse too, but I thought since you wanted hayley in the mix as well, how about I just write a klayley as struggling young parents au instead? Hope you enjoy the fic! setting: au human verse/ or the one where Hope is nervous about her first day of school)

Hope Mikaelson stands by the door, she watches her father as he carefully adjusts her jacket for her while her mother comes running towards her with a frazzled look in her eyes.

“Alright Hope,” Hayley releases, as sheoffered her daughter a kind smile. “Let’s see if you’ve got everything you need,” the she-wolf made it a point to make sure her precious baby girl was well-prepared for her first day of kindergarten.

“Okay mommy!” Hope happily cheered, bright blue eyes gleaming with joy.

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“IN RETROSPECT---” Hannibal 3x10 Again

**Warning: rewatch live-blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

I’m in a weird nervy mood right now, so let’s SEE HOW THIS GOES DOWN.

Season 3, Episode 10: “And the Woman Clothed IN Sun”

Heh, Francis practicing his plosives in front of the mirror, I’d forgotten.

From the outside of his laptop I would have sworn it was a Dell or something, but then the desktop is clearly Apple, so this is for sure a metaphor about Dolarhyde containing The Dragon. It’s not, please don’t believe me.

Hannibal’s lawyer is literally named Byron. You guys.

THE OVERWHELMED GASP THO. Francis is the person who brings his favorite book to be signed by his favorite author at the local Barnes & Noble and then ends up lurking by the periodicals too nervous to go up there.

Hannibal’s just like, “refreshing, someone who wants to Become.”

Unfair reviews. At last someone who recognizes the artistry of your work, Hanners. Or, well at last someone who admits it. Rough.

Huh. Dolarhyde, being perfectly amenable to a number of Hannibal’s wants in a murder protege, is sorta another Dimmond, isn’t he — proof that the traits he wants in Will on paper don’t actually gel into someone he wants in person. That, frustratingly, remains Will’s role alone. Ha ha, YOU DOOMED LOSERS.

This is totally cool. AND EERY.

“I want to see you ~meld~ with the ~strength of the Dragon~.” W O W, Dolarhyde.

Wait, a Joke:

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