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Your tags on your last post intrigued me. What's your analysis of yoonjin's relationship?

Going under a cut because I already know this is going to be a monster post……. of word vomit.

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Angst & Discipline ~ Greg Lestrade and Sherlock Holmes

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#Silver Fox Saturday

I wanted to finish my fic but I’m very distracted by son and hubby this weekend. So here’s a gifset that encapsulates “Domestic” until I can have a moment to get it done. Because it must get done. What I have so far is under the cut. The following happens right after Lestrade hugs Sherlock in The Empty Hearse:

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A++ to Australian tv/movies, 10/10 would watch again

The only Australia media I can remember consuming before this year was Ocean Girl when I was a kid and I’m not exaggerating when I say that this was my hands-down favourite show. I may have seen other shows/movie since but I can’t pin them as being Australian-made specifically.

This year, this month in particular, I had pretty much given up on tv/movies. If it wasn’t one thing letting me down (treatment of women, for example), it was another (lack of creativity or courage, in particular, or just generally bad, tropy writing). I had resigned myself to enjoying literally 1 show (The 100) that would likely disappoint me soon enough.

And then, I decided to watch something that couldn’t disappoint me at all because it was guaranteed to be awful - a teenager-only post-apocalyptic-style movie set in Australia called Tomorrow When The War Began. Then, about 1/3 of the way through this movie I was kind of concerned because this stupid movie started out really well: the dialogue wasn’t tropey, it portrayed teenagers well, and was generally well written… And then the action started and I got worried because holy shit this is actually good. And I got to the end and I freaked out because I needed the sequel RIGHT THE HELL NOW and there was none but there was a book series and now I’m practically stuck to my kobo working my way through it. And I could say it’s just because I came in with low standards but I keep mulling it over and no, I genuinely liked so much about the movie even upon dissection.

But that didn’t solve my tv problem. I tried a Canadian drama/comedy that sucked so much balls that I almost felt vindicated because if you set out to fail, you could do no better than this unlikeable show (Schitt$ Creek, if anyone is wondering). So I tried something else that was destined to disappoint me - Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. I didn’t know it was Australian made until the credits rolled, all I knew is that I’d seen 1-2 gifsets that intrigued me more than the commercials had, so it was a good bet that like other shows (Teen Wolf, for example), fandom had just taken the best moments out of a shitty context and put them online. But I watched the pilot and…good lord, that was a good pilot. That was a very good pilot. And now I just finished series 1 and…good lord, that was a good season 1

And it’s the kind of good that even casual viewers (like my mother) notice. The kind where you sit back and go “damn, that was different, wasn’t it?” because the pacing is so fantastic, the plots so interesting, and forget about it when it comes to characters. Every single character on this show is so likeable for different reasons. And there are women, COMPETENT women everywhere. Other awesome things:

  • Phryne’s super-awesome competency is never contrasted against the male police force’s ineptitude - no, the guys are just as competent as the women are and they respect the women for it and for more. 
  • Phryne’s age isn’t known exactly, I don’t think, but the lead actress on this show is 45 years old this year, which in media means she’s supposed to be playing an 86 year old great-grandmother on her death bed and not a vibrant, fascinating woman I would follow into hell. Like… Bless.
  • Did I mention this show is set in 1920? 
  • They address topics such as gay couples in two different cases and (spoiler alert) Phryne’s bff is a lesbian doctor, and it’s never vilified, in fact all the characters (male cops included) disagree with any laws to the contrary. 
  • Phryne interacts with a ton of women, and they keep popping up in places you wouldn’t expect in 1920.
  • The character growth is great for the secondary characters, I won’t say more in case I spoil it.
  • I’ve never been able to watch a mystery show where I could follow the clues and actually strategize deeply. Usually my brain just ignores the info dumps and waits for the solution because who cares? But I’ve actually been engaged in all of their cases in this show.
  • And the UST between Phryne and literally every person who isn’t in her employ or her ward.
  • Speaking of which, Phryne gets it on like she’s a white guy in any other show. It’s hilarious and awesome. She meets a guy, there’s palpable chemistry, and then they’re banging, and it never feels cheap or negative. It’s always positive experiences that she chooses and cherishes and then moves on from pretty easily. 
  • I’m forgetting too many things because writing this post is delaying my start of series 2 and I’m way too distracted because of it :P

They could definitely do better for the representation of PoCs, they really only have 3 or so in series 1 and hopefully that’ll improve in series 2. And I think we may not see Mac after series 1 so I’d appreciate another regular or recurring character who identified as LGBT+ in series 2. But this has been the hands-down best written, acted, produced, and directed shows I’ve seen in a long time and I just need to send out a thank you to Australia for producing this and Tomorrow When the War Began.