until i finally liked the palette


(long post sorry) here it is, my finished ap art concentration!! i focused on toys and souvenirs and the memories connected to them/significance of them. overall im super happy how it all turned out!


How to Paint Craters

isetoprahsweaveonfire asked for a tutorial on craters. Here it is

1. Make cookies. This should be the first step to every tutorial. See, the key to craters is light. If I’m struggling, I make the landscape in 3D (This is where the cookie dough comes in) and then light it from different angles until I get the desired result. You can see where the light and dark areas need to be. Feel free to use the examples above

2. Paint a grey outline

3. Fill it in with darks and lights (but not blacks and whites). Use your brush strokes to emphasise the direction of the slopes. This helps to convince the eye of the crater shape

4. Highlights and texture. Use white and black to add the final touches in the brightest and darkest areas. Try overloading your brush and dragging it gently or using a palette knife to get different textures. 

5. Eat the crater cookie

Every moon-like surface s a variation on this and you can use this technique for anything. 

Wider reading: Chiaroscuro. 

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[image description: Lila Rhodes painted in a purple/yellow palette with two iron suits standing like sentries behind her. There’s some kinda wire/cord-thing wrapped up in one hand and wielded in the other]

Not what I was intending when I started going wild with colors, but here’s where I ended up. Still working on finalizing Lila, but I like where she’s headed~

anonymous asked:

Can you draw Lapis and Peridot? But corrupted?

Hey. Since the fourth prompt this week could involve corruption, I decided I’d wait until today to show you !

For Lapis I just remembered a kind of sea slug (’dragon sea slug) I really like, which also have similar colors as Lapis

For Peridot, I hesitated between something butterfly like, a caterpillar (don’t ask why, I don’t know XD) and finally, a triceratops.

Seems a the dinosaur was fitting a little better so I used it as a model. She still looks a little differents but well, I wanted to change it a lil’ bit so it wouldn’t be a complete copy of the actual animal.

I also used the night palette again because I love it :d

(oh and @lapidot-anniversary-week / @jenhedgehog )

Thank you @faithful-grigori for the prompt! I hope you like it :)

8: things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

Even when it’s whispered and broken by a gasp, the name strikes him like a freight train.

“Mmm, Mason…

Dipper looks up from where he’s just sunk his teeth into the apex of her shoulder and neck to see Pacifica’s eyes closed and her neck arched in bliss. She must not know what she’s said, or maybe thinks he didn’t hear it, because she doesn’t open her eyes right away. His face heats up at the implications of that sensual tone of voice, of his name said in that sensual tone of voice, and he ducks out from under the hand pressed against the back of his skull.

When Pacifica’s eyes flutter open, they’re starry and unfocused, like she’s just woken up. She sticks out her lower lip and mumbles, “Why’d you stop?”

His mouth works for a few seconds, but no sound comes out until he clears his throat. “You called me Mason.”

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I’m not quite sure what encouraged me to rewatch FMA after years of not really watching it (except for maybe a few of my favorite scenes here and there) but I’ve been completely consumed by it again oOPS.  I was watching it the other day for about nine and a half hours ∑(゚ロ゚〃) S-So I couldn’t resist drawing my favorite boi Ed…

This was actually kind of a challenge at first since I’m still working my way out of the terrible art slump I’ve been in (not being able to draw much recently to try and get out of it didn’t help) but once I got it it was fun and I like how it came out!!  Drawing him really felt nostalgic and it was really fun doing his CoS outfit, especially using the brown palette since it looks good him (∩∀`*)

Title: Anatomy

Rating: T

Fandom: Les Miserables (Modern AU)

Characters: Enjolras, Grantaire, (Combeferre)

Note: Inspired by this.

He doesn’t think he is trying to seduce him. He wouldn’t know how to begin to do such a thing, but there is a want in him that means to get some kind of reaction other than this… politeness. This odd professionalism that seems out of place between them. He wants something closer to what occurs between them regularly but without the bitterness, without the bite. Or… at least slightly less of a bite, and he doesn’t know how to get it and he is embarrassed all over again for wanting it in the first place especially from Grantaire because Grantaire doesn’t like huge pieces of him, pieces of him that are important and there are pieces of Grantaire that he doesn’t like either, but that suddenly seems utterly irrelevant because neither of them are wearing those pieces like armor now. There’s no battle here. No harsh words, scoffs, dismissals. 

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Vampires Part 2

 Soo I decided to make a second part. Welp. Enjoy. 

Goth belongs to @nekophy and Palette belongs to @angexci

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox.

And credit to anyone else I missed.  I don’t know if there’s a vampire au but if there is, does it belong to @blogthegreatrouge? I dunno. If there is and it does belong to her, then Vampire au belongs to @blogthegreatrouge , if it is an au but doesn’t belong to @blogthegreatrouge then credit to the person who made it, if it isn’t an au… not that it’s not, it probably is. 

Umm… Let’s see.. any warnings… um there will be kissing? And.. uh… kidnapping and… umm I dunno, just go read the story.

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“It Girl” is a vague term. What is “it” exactly that cool gals seem to naturally radiate? Whatever it is, Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim certainly live and breathe it—and leave us sitting back in awe. So when we found The Estée Edit tapped the two as the Guest Editors of its so-mod and incredibly chic line, we were stoked. The Sephora Glossy caught up with Jenner and Kim to learn their beauty secrets—and okay, hope that some of their “itness” would rub off on us, too. JESSICA VELEZ

We’re all about inspiring fearlessness at Sephora. Who’s someone in your life you think is fearless and inspiring?

Kendall: “I would say my Dad inspires me as a fearless person. (Every time I’m going somewhere, to a party and she knows I’m headed there, she always texts me, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” I try to keep that in mind.”

Irene: “My mother and grandmother. They’re very stylish and into beauty. My grandma is always made up. Her glasses are blinged out.”

What’s a “fearless” beauty attitude you’ve done and love?

Kendall: “I tried a really intense black smoky eye at a party recently. The makeup artist wanted to just try it, since usually I do a natural smoky eye. It was all black shadow on top, with nothing below, not even mascara. It photographed really cool.”

What about your go-to beauty attitude?

Kendall: “I love a nude lip and smoky eye. I don’t use too much black in my smoky eye. I do more browns and greys. I love brown shadows. That’s my signature look.”

Let’s Beauty Together is the Sephora ethos. Who do you like to “beauty together” with?

Kendall: “I love getting ready with my friends. I have a big, lucite display of makeup in my bathroom. I’m always sharing my makeup when they come over. I actually do my friends’ makeup. They ask me to do it. I have one friend that never wears makeup, so whenever she goes out and we’re together she asks me to do her makeup and she knows I won’t do an intense look on her—so she trusts me. She doesn’t even need to wear makeup, she’s so pretty, but she trusts me to do it when she wants to go out. I also played with my mom’s and sisters’ makeup all the time with my little sister. We always like to pretend doing ‘older things’ that everyone else was doing, like shaving.”

What beauty trends are you into right now?

Irene: “I’m very excited for the natural bare look that I’ve been seeing on the runway a lot. The girls look like they’re barely wearing any makeup and it’s refreshing. I think it’s a timeless trend. People are really into skincare more lately, too, and I love that. It’s about being beautiful not only with makeup but making your skin beautiful and healthy. My mom and grandma are all about the night, day, and moisture creams and every other cream for your body and face.”

You’re both so confident! Do you have any advice to boost self-esteem?

Kendall: “It’s not always what’s on the outside. I have so many friends that are the most confident women you could meet, they’re like ‘IDGAF,’ and those people inspire me to be more like that. It’s just believing in yourself and not getting caught up what people are thinking. I live in a world where I’m observed with a microscope. You can’t listen to everyone else, just yourself. What you think about me is none of my business.  Know and believe that you’re a boss.”

Irene: “It’s about having good energy. The aura you exude shows through your face. If you’re not a happy person, it shows. If you’re cringing all the time, you get wrinkles. Be positive. Have good energy and vibes. Find your own identity and really trying not to be anyone else—that’s what’s been working for me. I don’t think Estée chose me because I have a cute face or my appearance. It’s because I’ve been myself. It should always be about being authentic and true to yourself.”

Given all that, do you still have any beauty insecurities?

Kendall: “I’m not always super comfortable with my skin. I get random breakouts sometimes. I grew up with a lot of bad acne. I wouldn’t look people in the eyes, I was so self-conscious about it. So having that go away, you still have that memory that doesn’t let you forget.”

Irene: “I used to be insecure about my eyes. I have a bit smaller eyes, it’s an Asian thing. I was always trying to accentuate them. But now I’ve accepted them and moved on. I love my eyes now and it makes me who I am. It gives me individuality. I don’t have to look like every other girl.”

What’s your beauty pet peeve?

Kendall: “I have mad OCD and I’m crazy about perfect liner. I’m your worst nightmare when doing my make up when it comes to liner. It has to be absolutely perfect or else we have to do it over again.”

What’s the biggest beauty mishap you’ve experienced?

Kendall: “I cut off all my lashes. I used blue and pink kid-scissors, went to a mirror and cut off all my lashes. My mom totally freaked. Everyone in my family all has crazy lashes, thank god I have good genes. They eventually grew back. Also, I once cut off all my little sister’s hair with some old scissors. My mom was screaming and crying. But [my sister] was a willing participant. When we were younger, she would listen to everything I said. She followed me everywhere like a puppy dog. So one time, when we were sitting in our doll house in our backyard, I asked her if I could just cut an inch off, like ‘just a trim.’ She said okay. I picked up her pony tail, cut it off and just kept on cutting. We were like five and six. I think I actually made her cuter. She ended up with a cute little bob.”

What’s the strangest thing you’ve done for beauty?

Irene: “When I was a baby, my mom cut the end of my lashes off to make them grow longer. That’s a Korean myth. She said I should thank her for my long lashes now.”

Tell us what’s amazing about The Estée Edit products.

Kendall: “I love the Flash Photo Gloss and the Barest Lip Color and Contour Lip Liner nude sets. I love the Flash Photo Gloss because it makes my teeth whiter. I’m a big mascara girl. The Edgiest Up + Out Double Mascara is awesome, we just shot with it today. They perfectly created these products.”

What do you love about The Edit Eyeshadow Palette?

Kendall: “It’s exciting to see the final result for the palette after all the work we put into it before we finished. I can still remember being in a room with bottles, etc and now it’s gratifying to see it in real life now. It’s amazing and I was so excited. I wanted to Instagram it ASAP, but in the end had to wait until the launch.”

What do you love about shopping at Sephora?

Kendall: “I shop there a lot. I go for all my normal stuff when I’m back at home or here in New York. I like going solo instead of with a group. I know what I want when I’m going in there. If I go in too long, I’ll buy everything. I’m decisive on makeup so I’m in and out. I’m pretty practical when shopping.”

Shop The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder >

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The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder / The Edit Eyeshadow Palette

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The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder / Beam Team Hydrate + Glow


Fredzilla in #14 as requested by modern-hiccup! (oh I hope it was #14, if not omg sorry in advance ;_;)

Happy 2015! I never imagined Fred/zilla to be the first artsu thing for me to do in 2015 but here he is in all his pink glory ლ(╹◡╹ლ) blame the palette haha 

11 days to go until big hero 6 release in germany! could hardly contain myself in the theater when the trailer was played before botfa OH GOD AND BOTFA CONVERTING ME INTO BAGGINSHIELD ACORN SHIPPING TRASH

Hi! The idea had been brought up a few times already, and I think now is the right moment to finally get started with commissions. I am currently not a student anymore but still too young to get a job for the time being, so until that becomes possible I wanna support my family the best I can. I also plan to meet my girlfriend irl this year, and money will be needed for that. Thank you for your time! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Pretty in Pink (OQ & Outlaw Peanut)

For @sometimesangryblackwoman who prompted me with “Peanut plays in Regina’s makeup” a while ago. Sorry this took so long! Partially inspired by a certain Parks and Rec episode (x) though it grew in the telling.

Read on: FFnet // AO3

Everyone is quick to comment on the particular blue of Vera’s eyes, the match of her father’s, and Regina nods with them, smiling faintly, all the while thinking (half affection, half exasperation) that the similarities hardly end there.

Their daughter has learned well from Robin, has practiced her own variety of sleight-of-hand since she could move under her own power, and it’s these mildly criminal tendencies she chides Robin for, with a put-upon grumble, when he endeavors to steal the covers away, again, on the nights he thinks she’s fallen asleep first.

“You’re incorrigible,” she tells him, “and you’ll make our house a den of thieves.”

She has already caught Henry fiddling at his bedroom door with an amateur lockpick set, and Roland has a knack for lifting sweets from their hiding places in the pantry, and Vera… as soon as Vera could toddle around the house, objects had found their ways into her tight little fists, secreted away in romper pockets or in the blanket folds of her crib until liberated by one or more members of the family during their daily sweep for lost things.

“And will you mind it so very much? Living in the company of such thieves?” Robin asks as he disappears a kiss behind her ear and draws it from her anew, from her lips, before listening for her answer and, ever so tactfully, not reminding Regina that she had once collected hearts with the same vigor that Vera collects lipsticks, nicked from the vanity table that Regina would swear was above the toddler’s reach.

She shakes her head (she disapproves, really, but there is something winsome about all this gentle thieving still) and lets Robin show her just how clever-fingered he can be, runs her own hand over his chest, around the rim of his heart, with a greedy longing.

Perhaps she is just as incorrigible, after all.

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Okay so a few days ago I bought the hourglass ambient light palette because I really want to try it but never did because when I swatched it I wasn’t that amazed. I used it today and when I was applying it I was just thinking ehh, it’s not even really showing up on my skin?? I usually like when my highlights are like in your face like becca opal and nars albatross, I was considering if I should return it until later on when I was standing in my kitchen which had a dim light on and saw my reflection and I was like :o my face had a beautiful natural sheen to it and was very soft and beautiful, then I looked up more info about the highlight and that’s exactly what the maker said it’s suppose to do, it’s suppose to mimic “good lighting” all the time, it’s really a unique concept and I’m so glad that I finally tried it! Now I want the blush palette haha.