until i chicken out

「 iMESSAGE 」→ open.
  • KALIA: after today, i am never EVER wearing heels again
  • KALIA: that's definitely a lie bUT
  • KALIA: fashion week has been killer and i want to die
  • KALIA: talk to me until i fall asleep

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INTP–INFP Just Chill

INFP: Ohhh! I just remembered that I forgot to pick my classes, oh god!

INTP: Oh, did you just get eligibility the other day?

INFP: Yeah. I was going to stay up until midnight so I could pick them, but I chickened out and fell asleep! D:

INTP: You’re such a nerd.

INFP: ಠ.ಠ

INFP: You don’t know what it’s like! Now, I’m never going to get the classes I want!

INTP: Dude, it hasn’t even been a day, you’ll be fine.

INFP: NO. Just imagine it first.

INFP: You get the opportunity to choose. You miss the chance. You wake up the next day and everything you wanted is gone. AND THEN YOU’RE REALLY STRESSED OUT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

INTP: Except that didn’t happen to me because I already picked all my classes, and got the ones I wanted.


INTP: But guess what! I didn’t stay up until midnight, either! I actually completely forgot about classes. And then the next morning, I remembered, went online, and I picked them.

INFP: Well–

INTP: And I got everything! And it was fine!

INFP: You don’t un–

INTP: It’s going to be fiiiiiine, INFP.


INTP: Fiiiiine!





INFP: Fine.

INTP: That’s the idea!

bitchesloveturians  asked:

What would the Matsus do if their s/o suggested they visit a love hotel after a date!? :)


Osomatsu stopped, then wiggled his eyebrows. He was so pumped. He couldn’t believe he was going to get laid tonight– He was going to tell his brothers all about it.

Karamatsu was taken by surprise. A love hotel? A hotel where you make love? He definitely felt nervous, but acted confident all the way to the actual room, until he chickened out.

Choromatsu choked on his own spit. I’m sorry, what? They wanted to go have sex in a love hotel? He wanted to decline, but couldn’t, because he never knew when he would have a chance like this again.

Even though he was caught off guard, Ichimatsu loved the idea. There was no way he was getting any sex at his house, and he needed something like this, so this was best case scenario for him.

Jyushimatsu had trouble registering what his s/o was saying. They were just on a nice, peaceful date, and now they were suggesting sex? It was out of the blue, but hey, he was up for it!

An evil look overtook Todomatsu’s face. A love hotel, you say? Why, I don’t know what do you do at a love hotel. Perhaps you can show me when we get there…?