until he went from the war vet to the nearly human

Gilbert is not dead, nor is he dying (literary and scientific support)

So, there’s a lot of hysteria going on about Prussia in the update, and to be honest, I’ve been absent recently (not from the fandom, just from the new comics.  I need to find time to catch up and read them all, but I’ve just been busy lately).  I only just now got around to reading that one comic, and from what I perceived, I’m not concerned.  Here’s why.

Theory 1

First and foremost, let’s look at Prussia’s character.  We know he has albinism and we also know he’s much shorter than Germany due to malnutrition.  But what we don’t know is what kind of albinism he has or why he suffered from malnutrition, whether it be from famine or simply because he ate a poor diet as a child because he was a picky eater.  

In general, albinism doesn’t have any long term heal issues, aside from pigment related issues such as skin cancer or vision problems, but depending on the cause of his albinism, health issues may occur.  

Herman-Pudlak syndrome (HPS) is a known cause of albinism, and unlike other kinds of albinism, HPS is caused by a gene defect and can often occur with bleeding disorders, and various lung and bowel diseases.  

Knowing this we can say (assuming that Prussia has HPS if anything) that his malnutrition could’ve been caused by a bowel disease.  And though nutrition isn’t absorbed through the bowel, but through the small intestine, if he was suffering from constant abdominal pain or diarrhea as a kid, it’s safe to say he probably didn’t eat a lot, resulting in malnutrition.  

So, still assuming Prussia had HPS, we can assume he possibly has a bleeding disorder or lung disease of some kind.  It’s known that poor oxygen delivery can lead to complications in healing, so if Prussia has a lung disease due to HPS, it’s possible his healing issues can be attributed to poor gas exchange in his lungs.  Poor gas exchange=low oxygen=slowed healing.  It’s possible that he may also have a bleeding disorder that may lead to decreased healing time.  

Whatever it may be, his ailments may be attributed to his medical condition, not his country status.  Knowing that nations are immortal, medical ailments won’t kill them they way they kill humans, it’ll simply slow them down.  So, I feel it’s safe to say to say Gilbert is going to live if HPS is the root of his problems.  

Theory 2

But now let’s say Prussia does not have HPS, and is hypothetically actually turning human.  Then what?  

Well, you have nothing to worry about because of you look at his rate of aging, he would’ve probably started the transformation after his abolishment.  So, East Prussia dissolved shortly after WWII (nearly 70 years ago) and he is only just now showing signs of becoming human, then he will probably only be 1/3 human by the time you yourself are dead.  So, if that’s the case, all of these hypothetical tragic case scenarios won’t happen until you’re long gone.  And we all know Hetalia takes place in the past and present, so Prussia’s death won’t occur until after Hima himself is dead as well.  (Sorry.  I love hima and have no desire for him to die whatsoever, but it’s true.  If hima really wants wants Prussia to die, he’ll have to jump to the future.)

But I highly doubt  (Like extremely, highly, definitely, never in 100,000 years doubt) that Prussia is turning human though.  Here’s why.  

The Roman Empire ceased to exist long before Prussia was even established, yet grandpa Rome still shows up occasionally to visit/annoy Germany.  So, what’s the deal with that?  If it’s true nations begin turning human after abolishment, wouldn’t Grandpa Rome have become elderly and eventually died?  It doesn’t make sense that Rome would continue to exist in youth for thousands of years after desolation while Prussia suddenly begins aging less than 70 years after his abolishment.  

Even though Rome may no longer exist as a political nation, that doesn’t mean he’s not a county.  Nations are not people, nations do not turn into people, nations do not die, they simply retire.  

(Here’s what I mean by retire.  For example, take a doctor.  They may practice medicine for 40 years, then retire, but they will always be a doctor.  Just because they’re no longer practicing, it doesn’t make them any less a doctor.  Nobody can take away their doctorate, they will always have that status.  Same with soldiers, just because they retire from the service doesn’t make them any less of a soldier, it just makes them a retired vet.  If a captain retires, they are a retired captain. They do not loose their status.  This is the same for counties, just because they’re no longer politicly or economically active doesn’t mean they’re dead, they’re simply retired.)  

So, what my personal theory of all this is, is a nation is always a nation, and therefore will always be immoral.  But their metabolism and rate of healing etc. is like their economy and political status.  Prussia is immortal because he’s a country (and always will be, he’s just retired) but due to the fact that his economy, wealth, military strength, and political status are nonexistent today, aspects of himself have probably changed.  Though he’s immortal, his healing speed is not what it once was, his strength is probably not what it once was either.  (Think of America, he was able to swing buffalo around as a child and drag a car behind him.  Then England was pretty strong once too, but as he lost “world power” status, his strength seemed to leave him, making him seem closer to a human in strength than America.)  Gilbert probably has become more human in some aspects such as healing and physical strength, but that doesn’t make him any less of country or any less immortal than he once was. 

Theory 3

 And one last point before I finish.  I personally believe Hima loves Prussia too much to kill him off.  Why would Hima include Prussia in so much of his art and make him such a prominent character in his comics when he’s honestly not even that relevant.  There are plenty of characters that play a larger role in history and today’s events, but Hima still chooses to incorporate Prussia into his work.  Prussia has a halloween costume and several official pieces of art.  Several relevant countries still do not.  Why would Hima do that then kill him off? That doesn’t make sense.  

I don’t think Hima really even meant anything by it.  I honestly think the only point he was trying to establish (if he was trying to make a point at all) is that Gilbert is simply not as powerful and healthy as he once was.  Gil was bitten by a dog, that’s it. He’s not dying, he’s just demonstrating the fact he’s not the kingdom he once was.  Gilbert is fine.  

And may I remind you, Gilbert is not the only country that gets hurt then has to take time to recover.  Russia jumped out of an airplane then needed time to heal.  Italy gets hurt all the time, whether it be the butt of a gun to his face, or Austria whacking him on the head when he was little, or the fact that gelato gives him a stomach ache.  England had that cold with a fever and was bedridden, he was also hit by that falling star then “went home with a head ache”.  Canada was hurt by America’s pitches in Baseball, and is freaked out by his chainsaw (implying that bodily injury was possible).  

Bumps and bruises are not unusual to countries.  I believe what Germany meant by “it should heal instantly” was simply the fact that he’s use to Prussia as he was before his abolishment.  (70 years in the eyes of a nation is not that long)  And since Gil has not been in any wars since 1947 (after wwii) it’s likely Germany hasn’t seen Gilbert with any injuries since then, making it only natural that he would assume Prussia’s wound would heal instantly.  Just because Gilbert doesn’t heal instantly anymore doesn’t mean he’s dying.  Though his rate of recovery might change, he will always be country, he will always be immortal.