until euphoria

I just want to be fucking free. I want to travel the world and throw my head back and take it all in. The heat, the cold, the people and places I’ll love but will only ever see once. I want the days to add up at night and I want to stand at the highest points and know that I made it past every piece of absolute shit in my life. I made it past what they did to me. I fought myself to keep surviving at exactly the right moments and now I’m here. And I am more than you ever thought I would be. And I’m alive, and not just surviving.

you and i

let us get drunk
on memories and travel
and experiences so toxic and pure
that our schooling goes to waste
and we don’t know 1+1

let’s get so fucked up
on this ecstasy called life
and indulge ourselves with euphoria
until we are so fucked up
that we blackout with pleasure

let’s get so high
on the presence of eachother
that any pill or bottle will be meaningless
because you are my drug
and im sorely addicted.

I got goosebumps when you said $6.00 cappuccino.
—  white man, in Boulder