untied laces

OTP Banana
  • Person A and Person B Pass by each other...
  • Person B: *Trips on untied shoe lace, Stumbles into chair, and falls over a trash can, finally landing on their face.*
  • Person A: Are you alright??!
  • person B: Now that you're here I am.. *Picks banana peel off face* Because you got me fallen for you! *winks*
  • Person A: *Dead pan* I can't decide whether to laugh or walk away..
golden era aesthetics

Harry: heights, old sweatshirts, woody smells, late-night studying, untied laces, socks with holes, fireplaces, telescopes, rustling feathers

Ron: butterbeer, maroon, jersey numbers, chess, fireworks, sweets wrappings, collections, cozy heat, heavy drapes, bare lightbulbs, phonebooths

Hermione: dark ink, lists, broken hairties, antique shops, determination, stacks of photos, bags with worn straps, cats ears, mismatched pins

Draco: belts, leather boots, frost, scowls, harsh lights, hidden meetings, scales, stone buildings, swishing robes, smooth tile, reading old journals

Ginny: scarves, pumpkin spice, reflexes, combat boots, changing leaves, squeaky signs, rubbing your mittens together, butterfly kisses

Luna: tulle, pastels, frosted glass, charm bracelets, tying knots, sequins, flower crowns, scented candles, dashed lines, geodes, singing without music

Fred/George: seeing double, caramel, crowded shelves, wooden bats, puns, shaking hands, graffiti, narrow staircases, lollies, wooden trunks

Neville: flowerpots, beaches, dull metal, sweater paws, pendants, satchels, rain on the windows, herbal tea, messy bangs, magnifying glasses

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“killed him? wait, what, literally?” with jungkookie if you dont mind~ <3

i definitely would never mind jungkookie

The second Jungkook picked up the phone to your sobs, he fucking ran. He grabbed his car keys and headed straight outside, laces untied, hair a mess, but it didn’t matter. All he could hear was your choked cries from the other end. You were going on and on about something but he could barely decipher any of it. Fuck. His heart raced in his chest as he swallowed the nervous lump in his throat.

He could barely remember the ride over to your place, barely remember the whole time he was running on adrenaline alone as he rushed up the steps of your apartment, refusing to wait for the ridiculously slow elevator. His fingers were trembling in worry as he banged on your door. “Baby, open up! I’m here. Hey, I’m here.”

Cursing, he waited and tapped on his foot impatiently. Fuck. He wondered what had happened. The line got cut off soon after he slipped into the car and that made things even worse. He didn’t even know what the hell was going on. Gritting his teeth, he tried to get his temper in check. He closed his eyes and counted to ten. Breathe, breathe. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as he expected it to be. But with the memory of your cracked voice over the phone, he couldn’t even convince himself of that.

Knocking on the door again, he held back all the profanities threatening to leave his mouth. You always scolded him whenever he got too riled up. Picturing your happy face in his mind only made it worse. He didn’t know how to deal with this. He’s seen you cry before, he’s held you through your worst. But this sounded different. And he didn’t know what to expect, didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

“Babe, please open the door! Let me help. I’m here.”

The door whipped open revealing you in all your glory. Despite the messy bun on top of your head, the wrinkles on your white pajama shirt, and your eyes red and puffy from crying, he couldn’t help but still find you breathtaking. Every time he saw you, it was like the first time all over again. His arms wrapped around you in an instant as he tucked you into his body, chin on top of your head.

“Shh, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s going to be okay.” Kissing your forehead, he could still feel the light shaking of your body. “Tell me what’s going on, baby.”

“I killed him.”

His heart stopped.


“I killed him, Jungkookie.” The words barely left your mouth as a whisper.

He jerked back and held you at arm’s length. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of this. You looked completely distraught and he couldn’t believe his ears. There was no way that you could’ve — would’ve — murdered someone. “Killed him? Wait, what, literally?”

“Yes, literally!” You snapped, forehead dropping against his chest.

Clearing his throat, he rubbed your back comfortingly. “Killed who, baby?”

“Stan. I killed Stan.”

Attaching the death to a name only worsened his worry. Fuck. He licked his lips, “Who’s Stan?”

“The plant.”

What the — he blinked at you incredulously. “The plant…”

“Yes, the plant! The one your mom gave me for Christmas!” You winced, stomping your feet. “I killed him! I don’t know what to do!”

“Babe,” he suppressed his laughter, mouth twitching. “It’s a plant. It’s bound to die.”

“Not this one!” You actually looked upset and he felt bad for even feeling amused with the whole situation. You had made it sound so terrible that he had to come all the way here. But there you were, crying over a plant’s death. He still wasn’t sure what to do. “She trusted me to take care of it. It was probably a test. She’ll probably think I’m irresponsible now.”

This time he actually chuckled. “I’m pretty sure a plant isn’t an accurate measure of how responsible you are.”

“You don’t understand! She told me specifically to take care of the plant and it’s dead. What does that say about me?”

“It says that you may have forgotten to water it or maybe the plant just died because the weather wasn’t optimal. You didn’t kill it.”

“Him. I killed him.”

His lips quirked up again. “Okay, you didn’t kill him. It’s a plant.”

“If your mom finds out, she’ll never trust me with kids. Oh my God. She probably won’t let me have your babies in the future! She’ll think that I’ll leave them to die. Shit, shit.”

The utter desperation in your voice only warmed his heart. Have his babies? Now, that’s a thought that made him feel much, much better. The fact that you already considered having his babies made him grin stupidly. He hugged you again, letting you slump against his stronger figure. “Babe, it’s a plant. I’m sure my mom will still let you have my babies in the future. I trust you. She likes you. It’s all good.”

“But the plant—”

“We’ll get a new one to replace that one in case my mom comes to visit. We’ll get rid of the evidence. But trust me, I’m sure you wouldn’t let our baby die of sunlight.”

You huffed, burying your face in the comfort of his hoodie. “Okay.”

“Please don’t name your plant next time. I nearly had a heart attack.”

You pulled back, frowning at him. “You thought I killed someone?” He shrugged. “Jungkookie!” You smacked him. “Why on earth would you think I’d do that?”

“I’m already expecting the unexpected from you. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a chopped head in your fridge at this point.”

You stayed quiet, lips pursed.

“You have a chopped head in your fridge?”

“It’s chicken head!”


Quirks: The idiosyncrasies of DBK

U.S triple Grenade Pouch 

Otherwise known “No, that is not Dylan’s half-arsed job of tying his boot lace”  Hopefully this post will help dispel the untied boot laces misinformation (though sometimes admittedly cute) that is still working the perpetuated Tumblr rumor circuit ;) 

From a distance in photos and video, some have automatically assumed that Dylan was just a lazy ass  on 4/20 and didn’t bother to lace his combat boot’s all the way up his shin so that the boot appears to be dangling all flappy-loose as he lumbers about. But nope.  While Dyl made not have given a shit about much as he’d be dead within the hour, it was more of a matter of one of a few of his uniform malfunctions than carelessness.  The reality here is that his right shin/ankle in question looks messed up because he has his U.S. army green triple grenade pouch sketchily attached to it

The U.S. Triple Grenade pouch was used from the end of World War II until the 70’s. It is meant to carry six grenades total so is cumbersome no matter how its worn. It just wasn’t very well designed. It appears in all 3 of his gear sketches, with the first two pouches on the top listed as holding extra (“xt”) shotgun shells or bullets (the order is switched in one of them) and the bottom pouch as “poison” in one of the sketches. 

In the basement tape “transcripts”;  Dylan “attaches black suspenders to his pants and also attaches a tan ammo type pouch to his belt or suspenders & a green canvas pouch to his right shin.” 

Given how sloppy the pouch adheres to Dylan’s leg - half peeling away from his right leg - he likely jerry-rigged the pouch with a shoelace or something tied to the wire.   It’s just another little detail that makes this particular type of pouch and the way he wore it even stranger.  Why Dylan elected to strap it to his boot when it didn’t fit securely to begin with is anyone’s guess.  Based on his sketches, he seems firmly set on it being part of his aesthetic- no matter how impractical it may have been from the get-go when he tried it on for size in the “NBK fashion show” the two had in the Basement Tapes.  Dylan needed a place to store extra ammo and apparently he didn’t come up with any alternative idea for that.   It must have been a bit of an annoyance to him the day he was in action because it looks as though he’s partially dragging it around - half detaching from his leg. He may have even had to stopped at certain points of massacre to check it and fix it more securely so that it wouldn’t fall off completely as he walked or ran.

The Triple Grenade Pouch is specifically drawn on all of his gear sketches so he conceptualized and envisioned this with his fantasy ‘uniform’ atleast a few months prior. In the end, the pouch was more of a nuisance in reality than a useful, practical battle accessory.  In the sketches above, he slightly makes modifications on what goes where in the pockets: the first two pouches was to contain ‘XT’ shorthand for ‘extra’ 9mm bullets or shotgun shells. In one of the sketches, he fantasizes that the 3rd pouch pocket will be for “poison”..which likely was never included.  It’s was simply was that he liked the idea of having various suicide methods at his disposal in case the cops were closing in on them.  He also stuck a bullet in his boot - which of course, was useless without a shell or clip. But it was the idea for him that he was ‘prepared’ for his Death Day. 

In the two photos above, you can see Dylan’s actual grenade pouch as well as his trench and the other gear of the two in that glass display case of the 2004 Columbine Evidence Exhibit. This exhibit was permitted to showcase one time only as part of Jeffco. Sadly, most of this evidence has now been destroyed as far back as 2011, if we can entirely believe Jeffco’s claims..

bts reaction to their S/O coming home drunk

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He would be up late working when he heard you come in through the doors. “babe you ok?” he would say after he heard the door slam then another bang coming from the hall. Walking over he would see you on the floor trying to untie your shoe laces in a very awkward position. He would laugh at first but then bend down and untie them for you before helping you up and get changed into some comfortable clothes. “time for bed babe, you’re going to feel awful in the morning” he would laugh making you drink a whole glass of water before kissing you good night. Jin would definitely be very caring of you.

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Yoongi would be annoyed to wake up at 2 am to a loud bang of the front door shouting. he new you had gone on a night out so tried to ignore it and go back to sleep. that was until he heard you giggling and calling his name. sighing yoongi got up and walked to the living-room to find you against te wall trying to hold yourself up. “Jesus, y/n” he would say going over to hold you up taking you to bed. you would giggle “Yoongi, you look so pretty, i like your nose. boop” you would say touching it with your middle finger laughing. Dispite Yoongi being woken up he couldnt help but smile at that cute gesture. “ok y/n its time for bed” he would say as he lay you on your bed tucking you in. you would fall asleep even before he got himself back into bed.

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I feel as if Jimin would be one of the most caring, possibly up to the point where he wouldn’t sleep a wink until he you came home. if you didnt arrive at home 5 minitues before you said you would he would already get nervous and start phoning you. when you do arrive home your greeted with a lass of cold water and some toast to help soak up the alcohol. jimin would be such a sweetheart about it, taking you straight to bed and any protests you made would just make him simile. “baby you must sleep, its late” he would say calmly as he kissed you on the cheek as he put you to bed

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Hoseok would be up when you came home but no doubt to laugh at your drunken state than to help you into bed. although he would eventually he would help you get into bed he would most likely take his time. He would try to have conversations with you and make jokes as he found you to laugh at everything when drunk and Hoseok loved hearing your laugh. you never usually was hyper and silly when sober so Hoseok would enjoy seeing this side of you and of course have a few things to laugh and blackmail you with when sober

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I honestly think Namjoon would be asleep, he would have tried to stay awake and wait for you but unfortunately didnt. he woke up to you getting into bed next to you. half asleep he grabs your hand “you’re back. i missed you. do you need anything?” he would ask in a very low and sexy sleepy voice. you would tell him your fine in your slurred words and you both would fall asleep with his hand still holding yours.

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Tae would be like Hoseok in the sense that he enjoys seeing you so hyper and silly as its what Tae is like a lot. He enjoys seeing you let go sometimes but is always there to take care of you. when you come home you are met with lots of hugs and kisses  as Tae asks you about your time out and how it was.  he is genuinely interested in what you did and if it was fun or not. it would definitely you that would decide when to go to bed and no doubt tell Tae its time to sleep to.

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when you came home drunk he wouldn’t know what to do. “should i help you? oh.. you cant walk.. do i get you water..? are you tired? please don’t be sick on me..”

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This is a quote by Bill Cipher in his recent AMA,

I have eyes in many places. I have friends with many faces. I keep the Pines in proper places. Don’t look now - I untied your laces.

I was re watching Blendin’s game, and I noticed that Wendy and Stan are the first ones to start the laser tag game when the alarm goes off, leaving Mabel, Dipper, and Soos behind. They are all about to go, TOGETHER, when Soos gets distracted because his LACES WERE UNTIED.

This distracts Soos so he won’t leave with the twins when they are captured into another dimension by Blendin, so the twins are on their own, and Soos can’t protect them


“ A S T U T E “

[ featuring ] 손현 /  Son HyunWoo / Shownu of Monsta X

[ word count : 6,229 ]

[ part 1 of 1 ]

[ warning(s) : just a whole lot of smutty smut; over-stimulation? Definitely a Daddy kink in there; lots of swearing ]


Astute (adj) – having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one’s advantage


Tuesday, 10:43 p.m.

    The front door closed with a soft thud, the noise faintly reverberating off the foyer’s walls through the silent apartment. A deep sigh slipped past Hyunwoo’s lips as he bent forward to untie the laces on his shoes. He kicked both off of his feet before shuffling to remove his backpack and jacket from his broad shoulders. Making his way into the kitchen for a bottle of water, he wondered where his love was. All the lights were on in their shared home, so he knew she was awake, up waiting for him even though he’s told her thousands of times that it wasn’t necessary. His curiosity momentarily bypassed his hunger, and he set off to search for her. Part of him knew where she was already, but he couldn’t always be sure, based off of her love for spontaneity and surprises. When Hyunwoo reached their bedroom, the place he longed to be within the next thirty minutes after a snack and shower, he subconsciously took his plump lower lip in-between his teeth, not knowing what to expect.

    He almost could have smiled when his eyes landed on her.


    She grinned at him mischievously. Lying sideways in absolutely nothing whatsoever, she licked her lips and motioned him closer to her with a dainty finger. “Come over here, baby boy,” she cooed.

    He was powerless to her when she looked at him like that. His feet hastily carried his body toward the bed. As soon as his hand touched the edge of the mattress, she sat up on her knees. The heat circulating all over his body caused goosebumps to rise on every inch of skin, his heart to race, and his erection to throb almost violently against the material of his sweatpants. He crawled over to her, lowering himself in front of her presence. When he slowly rose to meet her lips, he was almost whimpering for her touch.

    “How do you want me?” He groaned against her lips, slipping his tongue into her mouth. He fisted the duvet underneath his fingers, only lifting his hands to her skin when she brought his hands onto her hips herself.

    She smiled into their kiss. “Naked and underneath me in five seconds,” she whispered.

    He left her lips with a loud pop and she soon found herself both impressed and amused by how fast he ripped his shirt from his torso and shimmied out of both his pants and underwear in one go. Hyunwoo gulped dryly, his eyes sparkling with need. He wordlessly crawled back into bed and obediently laid down on his back in the center of the mattress. The moment she mounted his waist, his hands found her hips again and he moaned her name in a desperate plea for her to kiss him. She bypassed her usual routine of leaving wet, open-mouthed kisses over his stomach and chest before reaching his lips, and went straight for his pretty mouth.

    Hyunwoo kissed her fervently, his tongue sloppily lapping with hers, eliciting erotically wet sounds that filled the bedroom. His hands couldn’t remain still, as he was soon desperately running them up and down her back, over her ass and gripping the flesh there, before sliding down the backs of her thighs. He promptly pulled them out further, her knees sliding over the blankets, in order to lessen the space between her wetness over his cock.

    “Is someone needy for me tonight?” she teased, deserting his lips for his neck.

    “Yes, yes,” he moaned. “I need you, baby, I need you so badly.” He fisted her hair and arched his neck, granting her more space to lap at his hot skin.

    “Aw, baby boy,” she purred, slowly kissing down his throat to his collarbones. “Do you want my mouth? Or—”

    “Ride me,” he begged, swallowing thickly and giving her ass a solid slap. She gasped and looked up to meet his hazy gaze. “Please baby girl, ride me hard.”

    He knew he had her in his vice when he begged her. She took her bottom lip between her teeth and sat back on her knees, scooting just slightly to position herself over his awaiting cock. While she moved over him, Hyunwoo desperately reached for a condom on the nightstand table. As soon as he gripped it and opened it, she took it from him and slipped it over him herself. He hissed at the feeling of her hands rubbing over him.

    “Fuck me,” he whispered hoarsely.

    “That’s exactly what I plan to do,” she teased, sinking down over him. She sighed in ecstasy at the familiar burn that came with the stretch of him pushing deep inside of her. “Oh, fuck,” she squeaked as she bottomed out.

    Hyunwoo’s chest rose and fell erratically with his ragged breaths as he watched her bounce on him. His hands flew to her hips once more and he gripped them with such ferocity, his biceps bulged. She whimpered at the sight. Her hands flew to his chiseled pectorals as she balanced herself over him as her hips buckled, swiveled and grinded against his. The air smelled of sweat and sex and it was dirty and blissful.

    “Fuck, baby, I’m gonna—”

    “Me too baby, me too,” Hyunwoo hissed. He dragged his hand the short way inward on her body and brought his thumb in contact with her clit. Her wetness had spread all over Hyunwoo’s lower pelvis and over parts of his thighs. He let out a husky groan as he frantically rubbed at her bundle of nerves. She screamed his name and bounced faster. No sooner had she screamed his name a second time and raked her nails down his chest, she was cumming violently around him, sending Hyunwoo over the precipice of his own intense climax.

    She shuddered and fell over top of him, her hot breath blanketing the skin of his shoulder as she panted desperately. He held her protectively against him for some time until she shifted. Reluctantly pulling out of her, Hyunwoo kissed her forehead as she whimpered, shuddering at the feeling of him leaving her empty again. He tossed the used latex and rolled her onto her side. Hyunwoo kissed her delicately as he pulled the duvet over her naked form. She smiled up at him, her own eyes returning the looks of love and admiration that he held in his own gaze.

    “You always know just what to do,” she whispered, snuggling into his chest as he slipped under the covers with her.

    Hyunwoo draped his arm over her small shoulders and propped his other one up behind his head. “So do you,” he whispered as he closed his eyes and let her gentle snores lull him into sleep.

Friday, 11:47 p.m.

    The loud slam of the front door startled the sleepy woman nestled in blankets on the couch. Her eyes shot open and she was quick to make her way towards the cause of the noise. She walked into the kitchen.


    Hyunwoo threw his bag down onto the floor with brute strength. She noticed the sharpness in his stare and the hastiness in his actions as he struggled to untie his shoes. He was quick to remove his jacket, throwing it just as violently to the floor as he had his bag. She gulped, assessing the situation instantly.

    She was wet.

    He approached her wordlessly, his broad shoulders and swollen muscles speaking on behalf of his attitude. She didn’t have to make herself weak in front of him—she already was. With rough hands, he grabbed at her ass and latched his lips with hers, bruising them indefinitely. She squeaked and let him push her backwards towards the kitchen island. He lifted her up onto the cold surface after swiping any potential item off of it with an angry swing. He pulled her bottom lip between his teeth and bit harshly, causing her to whine loudly. Her eyes sparkled with innocence and her hands lightly set on his shoulders. She knew she wouldn’t be able to hide her apparent arousal from him by squeezing her thighs together—so she let him stand between her knees and let his hand wander down to her panties to feel for himself. He kissed her quickly before moving down to her jawline, nipping at the bone, before burying his face into the crook of her neck. She whimpered when his fingers prodded her entrance over the lace of her underwear.

    “So fucking wet for me,” he whispered. “So fucking naughty, only in your pretty panties and my favorite shirt… Tell me, Kitten,” he slipped a finger underneath the drenched material and felt the slickness of her entrance directly. She gasped loudly in his ear and gripped onto his shoulders. “How many times are you going to cum for Daddy tonight?”

    Judging by how agonizingly slowly he was rubbing his fingers against her folds, she knew what he needed to hear. Weakly, she kissed his cheek and whispered, “As many times as Daddy wants to make me cum…”

    His eyes closed and he smiled in pure bliss at her words. “Oh, baby girl,” he cooed, capturing her lips too fleetingly before pulling away. He flicked his wrist and dragged her panties down her legs, pushed her onto her back, and grabbed her knees and spread her legs all within a few seconds. He hummed to himself before he leaned over and brushed the tip of his tongue against her clit. She squealed and her back jolted off the marble. He looked her straight in the eyes. “Lay down.”

    She obeyed immediately, not wanting to risk being denied her first orgasm. She sighed at the feeling of his soft lips peppering the insides of her thighs… But she knew better than to relax. A moment more didn’t pass before Hyunwoo firmly dragged his tongue from her entrance up to her clit, collecting her juices and making her moan his name.

    “F-fuck,” she stuttered, feeling his wet muscle stimulate her bundle of nerves in rough circular motions. The veins in her neck popped as she screamed and whimpered for him as he began sucking all around her slippery pussy. “H-Hy—D-Daddy!” She was more than glad that she caught herself in that moment. Below her, she felt Hyunwoo grin before chuckling. She sighed at the vibrations from his mouth.

    “Good thing you corrected yourself before it was too late, baby girl, otherwise… I wouldn’t have done this.” He purred, and without warning, he shoved his tongue into her wet entrance. Her thighs trembled and she choked on air. Hyunwoo reached up and rubbed slow circles over her swollen clit as he bobbed his head as he fucked her with his tongue. She knew from past experience that she couldn’t touch him, so she resorted to grabbing her breasts to find some grip to hold her down.

    She could get off by the sinful slurping sounds Hyunwoo’s lips were creating against her wetness alone. She closed her eyes and paused her own intake of breaths, increasing the intensity of the raw feeling he was giving her. The burn in her stomach was getting hotter by the minute and she knew she was going to cum, with permission or not, within the next two minutes or less.

    “D-Daddy, please,” she begged, throwing away any pride of her own. She didn’t need pride if begging was going to get her to her first of, only Hyunwoo knows how many, orgasms. “P-please let me c-cum… please! I-I need to cum!”

    She screamed out in protest when Hyunwoo slowed his movements. His quick laps turned into small kitten licks against her clit. She could’ve cried.

    “Should I let you come this early though?” He questioned.

    “Please, Daddy, no one but you can make me feel so good, no one but you can make me cum so hard like you do!” She cried out, desperate and panting and in need of release. “Oh fuck, please let me cum. I’ll even let you film my next one if you want. Just please, let me cum now.” There was a fierceness in her voice that even she didn’t expect. But for whatever it was worth, it worked, and Hyunwoo’s lips sucked so harshly on her clit that she came all over the counter in seconds.

    Dazed and lightheaded, she barely had time to gain control of reality as she sat up—and promptly watched Hyunwoo collect her juices from the marble on his fingers and bring them to his lips to taste. She swallowed dryly, watching him with hooded eyes. He only smiled and pulled her towards him by the hips. She instinctively wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his waist. Effortlessly, he hoisted her and began walking with her back to bed.

    “You sure do like begging for Daddy, don’t you?” He whispered smoothly into her ear. She bit her lips, knowing that level tone wasn’t sticking around for long.

    “Yes, Daddy,” she replied meekly. She wanted to bury her face in the crook of his neck, but she found herself falling onto her back on the mattress before she got the chance. She watched Hyunwoo peel his shirt from his body before gazing down at her with a devilish smirk on his lips. Immediately, she sat straight up and brought her hands up to his waistline, hooking her fingers into his boxers and shorts. She looked to his eyes for permission. He granted it with a nod of his head.

    As she leaned further down, taking both his lower-body articles of clothing with her hands, she felt his hand in her hair. Knowing what that meant, she slipped from the mattress onto her knees on the floor. When his pants and underwear were at his ankles, he stepped out of them. Silently, knowing she knew what to do, he stood before her. She opened her mouth and leaned forward, eagerly taking his throbbing erection into her warm mouth. Hyunwoo hissed and threw his head back.

    “Good girl,” he praised, reveling in the feeling of her tongue grazing the underside of his shaft. She held onto the backs of his thighs as she hollowed her cheeks and relaxed her throat, pushing forward to take more of him into her mouth. Hyunwoo’s chest heaved and his eyes snapped down to watch as she took his entirety down her throat. Her nose rubbed against his abdomen and he wanted to cum already, completely overwhelmed by her mouth. “My baby is so talented,” he cooed, brushing the hair out of her face. She hummed around him, the vibrations sending a shiver up his spine. He groaned and closed his eyes, his mouth falling open as she sucked him off. “Fuck, just like that baby,” he whispered, biting his lips and using all of his will to stop himself from bucking into her mouth.

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he chanted, clenching his thighs as he felt himself nearing his edge. She knew he was close when the hand in her hair started shaking. Hyunwoo groaned loudly and pulled back from her—albeit reluctantly. Her lips left his cock with a wet pop. She batted her eyelashes at him innocently. “Bed. Hands and knees.” He growled.

     She was in his desired position in a heartbeat. And less than a moment after that, he was behind her, hands on her ass, grabbing, gripping and—“Ouch!” she whined—spanking. She could tell he was impatient by the way he teased her entrance, running his tip through her folds. She squealed and jolted forward when he brushed against her clit, still a tad sensitive from his assault on it earlier. Hyunwoo grabbed her fiercely by the hips and brought her back towards him, grinding against her slowly without entering her. She whimpered.


    “Grab one, baby girl,” he said.

    She was quick to find one close by on the pillow, probably one Hyunwoo threw there before he let her take his pants off. She reached for it desperately, tearing the package open with her teeth before passing it behind her to her lover. He made hasty work slipping it on.

    He was even hastier about slipping into her dripping pussy without warning. She face-planted into the blankets, gripping them and screaming into them without break as Hyunwoo pounded into her from behind. The shirt she had managed to keep on for so long was too hot, and she fumbled clumsily to take it off. Now with the perfect view of her exposed back, Hyunwoo wasted no time laying her out and leaning over her as he penetrated her.

    “Bad girl, you know how much Daddy loves it when he hears you scream for him,” he groaned, fisting her hair and turning her head to the side. She could barely keep her eyes open, but she knew he was staring her down as he talked dirty to her. “You love it when Daddy pounds into your tight little pussy from behind, huh? You love being submissive to Daddy, don’t you? Yeah you do, you naughty little girl.” He spanked her, harshly, drawing a long, loud squeal from her lips. “And you love getting spanked, don’t you? You’re such a dirty little girl, always so wet and ready for Daddy to have his way with you, huh?”

    When her whimpers and moans weren’t enough for him, Hyunwoo reached up with one hand and grabbed her throat lightly. “Answer me,” he demanded, shifting to level himself on one elbow as he fucked her at a shifted angle.

    “Yes, yes Daddy!” She cried, finding new euphoria at the feeling of her air supply being restricted. “H-harder Daddy, ch-choke me harder,” she begged.

     “Such a fucking dirty girl,” he murmured into her ear. However, even Hyunwoo couldn’t deny that he was receiving gratifying pleasure from her pleads; so he complied, and his fingers constricted her throat just a little more than before.

    She gurgled a muffled squeal of excitement when he complied to her wishes. Her body felt tense and sensitive in more places than just her throbbing core. Hyunwoo bit down in random places on her shoulder, providing her even more pleasure. She rutted against him, unable to get enough of the roughness of his thrusts. Her walls contracted tightly around his cock and she knew she was up for another powerful orgasm soon. Hyunwoo felt her walls squeezing around him, and he wanted her to release soon.

    “Cum for Daddy again, dirty girl, cum.” He demanded. He closed his fingers around her airway tighter, and unsurprisingly, that did her in.

    Her entire body shook as she climaxed. Hyunwoo gave into his own right alongside her, filling the condom with his burning hot seed. He pulled out and barely managed to avoid crushing her underneath him as he fell forward onto the bed, his sticky, sweat-ridden body burning.

    He wasn’t done.

    “C’mere baby girl,” he said, flipping her over once more. She faced him, still heaving for air, and shyly made eye contact with him. He smiled and kissed her forehead tenderly.

    “You can take one more,” he whispered wickedly.

    Too tired to protest, she let him sit her up and lift her like a rag doll. He carried her limp body toward the bathroom. Holding her with one strong arm, he turned on the lights and set her down on the edge of the tub before he started drawing the water. She watched him, amazed, perplexed, and overwhelmed by his incredible libido. She knew that shower sex was going to tone-down his major Daddy Dom vibe going on, but she couldn’t be sure on how much—it might even not do anything. He started the shower and stood her on her feet. On shaky legs, she blushed as she looked down at herself, covered in her own cum from the waist down. Hyunwoo stepped in first, pulling her with him, and closed the curtains. She gulped, not knowing how much more she could take.

    “Baby,” he cooed, pulling her closely into his chest. His large physique prevented most of the water from touching her skin, only allowing mist and a few droplets at a time to wash over her. “You’re so beautiful, and you’re doing such a good job for me tonight,” he continued to praise, slowly turning them around so her back could receive all the water this time.

    She rubbed his large biceps soothingly, finding something sensual in the way that the water felt on his skin underneath her fingertips. She kissed his chest and shoulder, holding herself against him. Hyunwoo kissed the top of her head before bringing a hand to her chin, lifting her face, so he could steal a kiss from her lips. His kisses and touches were much softer now, more romantic, and definitely playing off the more sensual side of things. He ran his hands down her back slowly, prodding his fingertips into her muscles. He reached her ass again and squeezed gently. She giggled at the feeling. He smiled against her lips.

    “Can you take just one more for me?” He asked her cautiously. “You’ve made it to three before, but never so soon after each one…”

    She took the initiative and placed herself back against the shower wall, tugging him forward. The shower head beat down water on their sides. She tugged him closer, pulling him in for another kiss. “I can cum as many times as Daddy wants,” she whispered, sucking on his bottom lip.

    Hyunwoo moaned into her mouth, pushing his tongue past her lips to meet hers. He kept his left hand on her waist but brought his right hand up to her breast. He squeezed her, eliciting a soft moan, and twirled her nipple around with his fingers. She gasped and arched her back off the tiles into his touch. Hyunwoo lingered on her chest for a few minutes more, ensuring that she had plenty of time to recover and prepare before his hand slipped down her body and his fingers found the front of her womanhood once more.

    “Ah, H-Hyunwoo…” She gasped as he rubbed his fingers back and forth between her legs. Her hips shifted and she spread her thighs just a little bit further apart for him.

    “So eager for me,” he purred into her ear, taking the lobe between his lips and tugging. “Are you ready?”

    She gave him his answer by wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders and pushing her body closer to his. She captured his lips between hers and grinded down onto his hand. She mewled when he slipped two fingers into her at once and began pumping slowly, curling his digits and finding that rough patch that made her eyelids flutter.

    “F-fuck,” she cursed, grinding her hips further down onto his hand.

    “You just can’t get enough of me, can you baby?” Hyunwoo teased, meeting her halfway and pumping his fingers a little faster.

     If he hadn’t just slipped a third finger into her, she could’ve glared at him. But then again, she knew that feeding his ego could benefit her too, so she played along. “I’ll never be able to get enough of you, Daddy,” she cooed, kissing his jaw.

    She knew she did well when he brought his thumb back to her clit. Hyunwoo leaned forward and latched his lips onto her neck, attaching straight to his favorite spot. He was relentless, licking, sucking, biting and kissing her tender flesh, leaving patches of hickeys in his wake. He wasn’t surprised when he felt her walls start contracting around his fingers so soon.

    “My pretty baby’s body is so sensitive,” he noted. “Who made you this way, huh? Who made you feel so good?”

    If he wasn’t pushing her to her third orgasm of the night, she might’ve just hit him. But when his thumb picked up speed and her legs started shaking like she was having a seizure, she knew that the only way to finish was to stroke that big ego of his.

    “You made me this sensitive, Hyunwoo. You made me feel s-so good. Only you, only you, only y—ah!” She came with such intensity that her scream might just have woken every neighbor within a ten-mile radius. Her eyes screwed shut, her hands clawed at his shoulders urgently for something to grip on to, and the water felt cold against the heat of her body. She fell against Hyunwoo, breathing raggedly, completely spent.

    “Such a good girl,” he praised, rubbing soothing circles onto her back. “Always such a good girl for me.” Hyunwoo managed to somehow turn the shower off with her leaning against him. He pulled back the curtains and grabbed a towel, drying her hair and body before wiping himself off. “Let’s get you to bed, pretty girl.” He held onto her securely, managing to step out of the shower himself before pulling her out after. “Can you walk?” He inquired. A sense of pride and a tinge of guilt filled him when she shook her head no. He chuckled to himself and mustered up the strength to lift her dead weight and carry her out of the bathroom once more, turning off the lights on his way out. He brought her to bed and laid her down, only to find her already sleeping by the time he got there. Hyunwoo smiled and kissed her forehead, crawling in next to her. He wrapped an arm over her waist and pulled her back closely into his chest, spooning her and falling asleep, once again, to the quiet lull of her breathing.

Sunday, 9:07 a.m.



     “Whatchya doin’ down there?”

     “Nothing much… just…” He shrugged his shoulders as if he really wasn’t currently fingering her. “Ya know.”

     “Waking me up with sex?”


     “Why don’t you let me turn around then so I can face you?”

     “No, no, just… Just stay like this.” He said.

    He couldn’t see her smile, but it was big and bright. Despite having being abruptly woken up, she had to admit that if the suddenness was the result of Hyunwoo teasing her and fingering her until she woke up with drenched panties, then she was fine with being up before ten a.m. She felt his erection prodding the back of her thigh and immediately understood why he needed her so wet so fast—he needed release, badly.


     “Mm?” He mumbled, nuzzling his face into the crook of her neck and placing a kiss behind her ear.

     “Take my panties off while I grab a condom.”


    She giggled and reached forward for the drawer of her nightstand. She felt the coolness of the air in the room hit her core when Hyunwoo made haste to rid her lower body of her underwear. By the time she had managed to grab a condom and scoot backwards, she felt her backside come in contact with his ready cock.

     “Bad case of morning wood? Or just a super wet dream?” she teased, passing the condom back to him as she laid down and got comfortable.

    Hyunwoo chuckled over the noise of the foil tearing. “Both,” he said simply.

    She giggled and closed her eyes when she felt the bed shift as he moved behind her and placed his hands on her hips.

     “I’ll be slow,” he whispered, gently pushing into her.

    She moaned quietly and reached to grab one of his hands. After he was fully seated inside of her, he laced his fingers together with hers.

     “I love you,” he whispered in her ear, slowly thrusting into her sideways.

    She shivered and pulled her lips between her teeth. “I love you too, Hyunwoo,” she breathed, getting lost in his slow, lazy thrusts.

    He grunted and continued his lazy fuck until his lower abdomen felt like it would rip from intensity. “Baby, I—”

     “Me too. C-cum with me,” she whined, holding his hand a little tighter. She craned her neck back and he met with her halfway, crashing his lips with hers in a heated, compassionate lip lock.

    “Fuck,” the two cried in unison, letting the hot burn of a short but potent orgasm rip through them both.

    She rutted against him slowly, milking their orgasms out until their bodies fell completely against the mattress. She moved her hips forward, letting Hyunwoo slip from between her legs. He removed the condom and threw it onto the floor. She watched him do so and crinkled her nose in mock-disgust.


     “Shut up and come back to bed.”

     “No, I want pancakes.”

     “So go make them?”

     “No, you make them.”

     “What’s in it for me?”

     “I literally let you fuck me awake. Go make me pancakes.”

     “…If I didn’t love you as much as I do, I would’ve said no.” He said, sitting up and pulling his boxers back up his legs. He stood from the bed and went to the dresser, pulling out a fresh pair of panties for his lady. He threw them at her playfully. “Get dressed and come with me if you want them, otherwise I’m just gonna watch TV.”


Sunday, 5:15 p.m.

     “Hey…” Hyunwoo said, trying to direct her attention away from the movie on TV to him. He poked her in the leg with his foot. “Come sit on my lap,” he said with a pat on his thigh.

    She glanced at his face before briefly looking at his lap, then directed her attention back to the movie. “What? Why?”

    Hyunwoo pouted. “Are you really denying sitting on my lap, your throne, because you’re too into this dumb movie?”

    “Hey,” she snapped quickly. “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is not a ‘dumb movie’ as you so ignorantly stated. It is a cinematic masterpiece, loved by all with good taste.” She declared proudly. “You can wait until it’s over if you want sex.”

     “Literally it just started and I can’t wait that long.” He whined.

     “Well then, figure something out. This is my favorite movie. I always sit through your dumb shows without complaining… too much. You can get through one of my movies without sex, can’t you?”

     “No, not when you haven’t been wearing pants all day and I know you’re not wearing a bra underneath my sweatshirt.”

    Hyunwoo stood from the couch and waddled over to her in the lounge chair. She whined when he stood in front of her, blocking her view. “Quit whining,” he said, plucking her body from the seat and standing her up. He switched spots, sitting down and pulling her onto his lap.

     “What are you doing?” she asked.

     “Figuring something out,” he mocked. “You get to watch your stupid movie and I get to feel my beautiful girlfriend’s pussy for the second time today.”

    She blushed at his words. “You really aren’t shy when you’re horny, are you?”

     “Not when you look as good as you do, no.” He said smugly. He patted her ass cheeks before slipping his hands to the front of her hips, then promptly reached up underneath his sweatshirt to cup her breasts.

    She squeaked when he pinched her nipples and squirmed in his lap. She could feel his erection poking her.

     “You get so wet for me so fast,” Hyunwoo said. “I can feel you through my pants already.”

     “Hey, I’m letting you fuck me during my movie,” she said. “At least let me watch it too.”

    Hyunwoo smirked, twirling her hardened nipples between his fingers. “Call. But first, take this off.” He said, tugging at the hem of the sweatshirt. She did so wordlessly at his command. He smirked.

    Now solely in her peachy panties, Hyunwoo licked his lips and started littering kisses along her spine. He continued to knead and squeeze her breasts, drawing forth content sighs from her every few moments. His cock throbbed for her when she let out the smallest squeak when he flicked her nipple.

     “Stand up,” he whispered.

    She did so promptly. Hyunwoo licked his lips and tugged his sweatpants and boxers down to the middle of his thighs. He pulled out the condom from his own sweatshirt pocket, tearing the foil open with his teeth as he pumped himself with one hand. Just as he was about to slip into the latex, she turned around and grabbed him by the hand. He was surprised. She took him and guided him to around the back of the couch. She pulled her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. After putting her hands on the back of the couch, she spread her legs and looked back at him over her shoulder.

     “Wreck me,” she pleaded with sparkling doe eyes.

    Hyunwoo had never put a condom on so fast in his life. She smiled and turned to face forward as he situated himself behind her and pushed his way deep into her warm, tight cavern. She groaned and her knees buckled, but Hyunwoo’s strong grip on her hips held her steady. He thrusted into her roughly, pulling back so only his tip was left inside before pushing into her hurriedly once more. The slow, deep grind felt good, but it was almost too much teasing on his own part for Hyunwoo.

     “Baby girl, you’re always so fucking tight.”

     “Quiet down, this is my favorite song! Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange?” She burst into cute giggles. “Too befitting considering my—ah—current situation.”

    Hyunwoo stopped completely. She didn’t even turn around to see why. He wanted to be mad, but he couldn’t. He grinned. “Did you… bring me into this position so you could be satisfied and watch your movie?”

     “Well… yeah. Wasn’t it obvious?” She asked. He could hear the grin in her voice.

    Hyunwoo snickered. “You’re unbelievable. I suppose now you’re gonna want me to fuck you to the beat of the song?”

     “Oh my god, would you!?” She exclaimed, whipping her head around to face him. Her eyes were wide and—

     “I can’t tell if you’re serious or not.” He admitted, shallowly thrusting into her to keep his momentum up.

     “Dead serious. Fuck me to the beat of this song. This could be our new bedroom jam.”

     “Are you trying to tell me,” he asked, picking up speed with his thrusts. “That you want This is Halloween to be the song we have sex to on our anniversary?”

    She giggled. “Perhaps.”

    Hyunwoo almost wanted to roll his eyes. He just smiled and shook his head, the flushness coming up to his cheeks. “Turn around.” He demanded weakly, letting a few giggles fall from his lips.

    She really wasn’t serious, but Hyunwoo… being her lovable Hyunwoo, obediently complied, and started pounding into her with every punctual phrase of the song.

     “In. this. town. don’t. we. love. it. now,” He sang, albeit slightly out of breath. She could’ve giggled more if she wasn’t overwhelmed by how deep he was hitting inside of her. She could’ve found amusement in the whole ordeal if she could focus on anything besides how delicious it felt to have Hyunwoo’s massive length slipping in and out of her sopping cunt.

     “Everyone. is. waiting. for. the. next. surprise!”

     “Fuck, Hyunwoo!” she cried, throwing her head back and grinding back against him. “Wipe that smug grin off your face and fuck me harder,” she nearly screamed.

    He didn’t wipe the smug grin off his face, but he did comply and ruthlessly pounded into her. The sound of skin slapping against skin was louder than the film on the TV, but her cries of pleasure and Hyunwoo’s dirty words egging her on further were the loudest. Just as she was about to cum, he slowed to almost a near dead stop. In anger, she tried to slip away from him, but he held her back firm to his chest. He threw her leg up over the back of the couch and began hitting her at a new angle that had her seeing stars in seconds.

    “Cum around my cock baby girl,” he murmured against her neck before biting down on the soft flesh and pinching her nipple at the same time.

    She came with a silent scream, her back arching against Hyunwoo’s body, her legs tensing, and her vision temporarily disappearing. She had never felt this much of her own release run down the inside of her legs before.

    “Holy fuck,” she gasped, looking down and marveling at just how much fluid was cascading down her skin.

    Hyunwoo noticed it too and just the image alone had him thrusting balls deep into her as his entire body locked up and he came with an animalistic groan that even she hadn’t heard before.

    “Fucking hell,” he rasped, shallow thrusting out the rest of both their orgasms.

    He pulled out of her slowly as they caught breath and helped her limp into the hallway bathroom. She sat down on the edge of the tub as he leaned against the sink counter, still breathing deeply.

    She marveled in the sight of him. He was so beautiful it was overwhelming. Her eyes scanned over every inch of his exposed skin, tan and glistening in a light sheen of sweat that turned her on more than it should’ve. She melted when he looked at her, his usually innocent brown orbs sparkling with admiration, fondness, love… and lust. He smirked and approached her slowly, standing her up on her feet again. She stared at his plump lips, lifting a finger to gently touch the bottom one.

    “Definitely bend me over in the shower too,” she purred.

    Hyunwoo, astute to her wishes, leaned down and captured her lips in another fiery kiss. “Your wish is my command, my love.”

Pop Quiz Replies

dopementalityartisan answered your question: Pop Quiz Time You’re out scavenging in Toxic…  you say your shoe lace is untied   

Raiders are savage but not stupid, and they don’t wear shoes. He’s gonna laugh at you then eat you. :)

booisnotaverb answered your question: Pop Quiz Time You’re out scavenging in Toxic… Look him in the eyes and try to seem bigger?  It works for cats…   

A Raider doesn’t know what a cat is, or a dog either for that matter.  Animals like that don’t exist in Radiation Springs Ms. Future Girl.  He’ll probably laugh then eat you. Raiders love eating eyeballs, so the staring thing didn’t help.

kleptosims answered your questionPop Quiz Time You’re out scavenging in Toxic…   run omggg   

This is probably a good option. Just don’t be like that girl in every single horror movie who goes to run and then mysteriously trips over nothing and gets murdered by the villain.  Trust me, if you’re tripping on sand, you’ve got bigger problems than just Raiders.  Eating you would be considered a mercy killing.

I could walk a thousand miles in your shoes. I could walk ten thousand miles in your shoes. Hell, I could walk a million miles in your shoes. But just stealing your shoes and walking around in them for a while will not help me to know you better. If you want me to love you, you need to walk with me, and tell me why your shoes are the way they are, all the ways they’ve been battered and torn, scuffed. You need to walk with me and listen to me explain my shoes, the strange stains and perpetually untied laces. Don’t let me walk by myself. Walk with me and tell me why you love me, and maybe I’ll figure out if I love you.
—  the book about love that i will never write
what is underneath the cut?

what you can see: vikor bending down and yuuri looking surprised & blushy

now a list of possible scenarios:

case 1: viktor proposing to yuuri (romance)

case 2: viktor untying yuuri’s laces (flirty?)

case 3: viktor severing yuuri’s leg from knee down with a sword (!!!)

thefangirlsarecoming  asked:

Hey, congrats on 400! My name's Ayaz, and my favorite color is pastel pink🌸

thank you love!


the sweet taste of delicate cream puffs, jumping on beds in a mattress store, the exhilarating feeling of having a snowball fight, skipping english class just to go to a book signing, uneven knee socks + untied boot laces, swimming in the middle of february just for the chill, crazy hair thrown into a bun, and smudged red lipstick paired with running eyeliner.

no more please! xx

Rules: Complete the questions and say who tagged you in the beginning. When you’ve finished, tag people to do this survey. Have fun and enjoy!


1. Are you named after anyone? My dead name was my great-grandmother’s

2. When was the last time you cried? On my birthday so last week

3. Do you like your handwriting? No, it’s awful

4. What is your favourite lunch meat? Cajun turkey

5. Do you have kids? Nope

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? No, I’m a horrible person

7. Do you use sarcasm? Always

8. Do you still have your tonsils? Yes

9. Would you bungee jump? Oh god no

10. What is your favourite kind of cereal? Cinnamon Toast Crunh

11. Do you untie your shoe laces when you take them off? Only if I have to. My sneakers I toe off.

12. Do you think you’re a strong person? Not really, especially after I stopped having to carry around textbooks

13. What is your favourite ice cream? Mint chocolate chip

14. What is the first thing you notice about people? Hair, usually

15. What is your least favourite physical thing you like about yourself? My boobs

16. What colour pants and shoes are you wearing? Black shorts and bare feet

17. What are you listening to right now? Kina Grannis’ cover of Rude by Magic!

18. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? Teal

19. Favourite smell? Honeydew mellon

20. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My dad, probably

21. Favourite sport to watch? Soccer

22. Hair colour? Brown, but I want to dye it teal

23. Eye colour? Also Brown

24. Do you wear contacts? Nope, but I do wear glasses

25. Favourite food to eat? Burritos

26. Scary movies or comedy? I don’t like movies

27. Last movie you watched? Kubo and the Two Strings? I think?

28. What colour shirt are you wearing? Pink

29. Summer or winter? Winter

30. Hugs or kisses? Hugs~

31. What book are you currently reading? I’m not currently reading any books, but I am reading a bunch of Joelay fanfic

32. Who do you miss right now? My friend who is no longer my friend

33. What is on your mousepad? A flamingo

34. What is the last tv programme you watched? Littlewitch Academia on Netflix I think

35. What’s the best sound? Background talking

36. Rolling Stones or Beatles? Beatles I guess

37. What’s the furthest you’ve travelled? I used to live in Japan

38. Do you have a special talent? Does crocheting count?

39. Where were you born? Virginia
@iaveinabox @thisandthensome @amythestquill

Here 😁 have one more selfie collage before I can get around to working with my good camera.

I’m so glad he’s done 😂 Gonna wear this guy to Fanime! Who’s gonna be there?

G!Sans design by Borurou. I mostly based my cosplay from @yoralim’s Echotale design (I say mostly cuz of the black pants, boots with untied laces and fur and the white suspenders are Yoralim’s design. I opted to keep the black and white color scheme for the jacket from Borurou’s design tho) :)

Go look into Echotale if you haven’t, guys! It’s one of my top fave AUs! :D

glendowner  asked:

avocados lizards sweaters shoelaces go

avocados: everything about avocados. the regular food things i don’t wanna eat

lizards: always run away from me, even though i’m on their side. just wanna be friends my little dude

sweaters: can’t wear all year????? summer weather: canceled. bc of a cute sweater.

shoelaces: untie while i’m walking like cowards - and when they untie on both shoes i lose years of my life and zuko level honor. there’s no dignity when both of your laces become untied

the meme: send me anything and i’ll tell you something i hate about it