untidyminds replied to your post: um what is our existence and why are we here and what is the point wow wtf guys ^^^ every day you have no idea how much time i waste thinking about this shit. well, you probably do, but yeah. it’s buzzy.

haha, i don’t get much sleep nowadays so my mind’s filled with random thoughts and anything and everything, but especially those questions. it’d probably be a lot easier for me to just believe we’re created by god or whatever, but nah.

haha i know right? i wish i could be religious or whatever but i just can’t believe in it. it would make life so much easier, “there is a god and s/he is good, that is all”. but no, instead we torture ourselves with unanswerable questions. 

you should sleep. it wastes time and dreams are fun. 

now that i mention it i am going to sleep now. i wouldn’t feel very nice waking up my brothers mate to go food shopping right now, i thought it would be easier. i’ll have to wait until morning. nice talking man, talk tomorrow maybe, about how pointless everything is and how silly the self importance human-kind place on our mediocre existence is. sweet dreams hombre.