How to care for your wolf (pet play version)

I see a lot of posts about “caring for your kitten” and “caring for your puppy” but there are definitely some major differences when taking care of a wolf. You can try these on other pets too, these tips are not only for wolves, but this post is wolf-centric. (this post is not just meant for owners in reference to their pet, some of these bullets can and should be used for pets toward their Alphas.)

  • Always have beef jerky handy. Beef jerky is a wonderfully tough snack that wolves enjoy taking their time to chomp and chew on. Not just beef jerky, but any snack that involves using their molars to tear the treat apart.
  • Give them space. Most wolves enjoy time to themselves, unlike kittens and puppies who enjoy constant attention. Just because they don’t want to be touched in that moment doesn’t mean they don’t care about you.
  • Distance ≠ dislike. Going back to the above bullet, just because some wolves enjoy time to themselves to do their own activities and figure things out, this doesn’t mean they love you any less. They enjoy solitude to collect themselves and relax. So try not to hover if they ask for space, because it’s definitely nothing against you.
  • But don’t forget to show them affection too. Wolves are known to be stand-offish and sometimes cold, but they do have a soft spot and like to be pet, scratched, brushed, etc. (once trust is earned, that is.)
  • Take them for walks in the woods. While puppies and even some dogs might be domesticated enough to enjoy a walk through a suburban town, wolves need to get back to their natural element. Be sure to exercise them in the woods by climbing over fallen trees, running up and down hills, or even going in a creek/river.
  • Be patient. As I stated before, wolves can be stand-offish and cold, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want companionship. It will take time for a wolf to trust you, so take every chance to show them that you are trustworthy, but don’t rush it and don’t hover. You will smother your wolf and most likely scare them away.
  • Groom your wolf. Try to coax them into the tub for washing, to keep them clean and healthy. If they do not want you to wash them, then offer to brush your wolf, apply lotion, or even brush their teeth. Keep your wolf hygienic, while also respecting their boundaries. (this activity also serves as a bonding exercise.)
  • Stubborn, but not unteachable. Some wolves, no matter how reserved they may be, enjoy learning tricks. They enjoy a sense of accomplishment. It may take them a little longer to catch onto the tricks you’re trying to teach, but again, be patient with them and make sure to use treats as a reward for them.
  • Plan skill-worthy games. While some puppies like to play simple games like fetch, a wolf likes something more. Plan games that flex their brain muscle, like skill games. Trial and error until you find one your wolf likes, and once they get used to and learn that game, move on to the next.
  • Wrestle. Wolves can be violent creatures, and they enjoy a little physical release. So, (with permission, of course) grab your wolf, pin them down, throw them onto the couch, let them get out some of their aggression by fighting back against you. If you want to assert your dominance, a firm bite to the shoulder or back of the neck will put them in their place if they get too rough.
Books I’ve Read with Student-Teacher Relationships

Slammed by Colleen Hoover - 5/5 stars

 Eighteen: 18 by J.A. Huss - 5/5 stars

A Different Blue by Amy Harmon - 5/5 stars

Losing It by Cora Carmack - 5/5 stars

Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry - 5/5 stars

The Ivy Lessons (Devoted Series) by J. Lerman - 5/5 stars

Even When You Lie to Me by Jessica Alcott - 4/5 stars

Force of Gravity by Kelly Stevenson - 4/5 stars

Tempting by Alex Lucian - 4/5 stars

Star-Crossed by Luna Lacour - 4/5 stars

Honor Student (Honor Series) by Teresa Mummert - 4/5 stars

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard - 4/5 stars

Getting Dirty by Mia Storm - 3/5 stars

Dear Professor by Blaire Drake - 3/5 stars

The Low Notes by Kate Roth - 3/5 stars

Black Rainbow by J.J. McAvoy - 3/5 stars

Unteachable by Leah Raeder - 3/5 stars

Teach Me by Amy Lynn Steele - 3/5 stars

Lost In Light by Kat Kingsley - 2/5 stars

I hope you guys enjoy!! Please comment if you know other books I haven’t read.

BTS Fic: The Devil Himself pt. 1 -

Kim Namjoon X Reader 


Genres: tutor!Namjoon AU, angst, smut (in later chapters)

Summary: You’re failing math class and are forced to see a private tutor by your teacher. “It can’t be that bad,” or so you thought before you met the strikingly attractive tutor from hell with seemingly sweet personality. Little did you know that Mr. Kim’s charming smile was simply a facade for the real devil that resided within. 

Word Count: 3.1k

A/N: IM BACK!!! So I decided to make this into an actual fic with parts and everything so this will have smut in it, but in a later part, so stay tuned if you wanna read that~ I’m super excited to write this because I love love love the idea of strict Namjoon so I hope you all like it too

“I don’t get it!” You groaned in frustration as you stared down at the test Mr. Park handed back to you. The page was covered in red marks where you had gotten each question wrong and at the top was the result, circled with angry, crimson ink to remind you of just how terrible you were at math. You ran a hand through your hair, tugging at the strands as you scowled at the paper before you. This was the fourth math test you’d failed and by now, there was no way you were going to pass this class. No wonder Mr. Park had asked you to stay after class so he could tell you just how much of a dimwit you were at the subject.

“Mr. Park, I don’t know what went wrong, I just can’t understand this stuff.” You whined, turning to face your teacher who stood across from you with an equally frustrated expression plastered to his face. He rubbed at his temples, furrowing his eyebrows as he stared down at your calculations and shrugged his shoulders.

“Y/N…you’ve been consistently failing these tests, and I really don’t know what to tell you except that I suggest you see a trained tutor.” Mr. Park tried to put it lightly, but you knew he was hinting at the fact that you were a complete dimwit when it came to mathematics.

“What? No!” You shoved the failed assessment back at Mr. Park as you cried out, being unable to bear to looking at the jumble of letters and numbers on the page any longer. “No, Mr. Park I just don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?” Mr. Park gave you a questioning look upon hearing your sudden outburst.

“N-no…I just-” you stuttered. It didn’t matter how badly you needed the help, you didn’t want a tutor. A tutor would be a waste of your time, time that you could spend doing much more important things rather than sitting at a desk and being forced to that pretend you understood the concepts. Besides, what good would a tutor do other than judge your intelligence based on your ability to solve a mathematical equation?

“Look, Y/N,  I’d offer to help you myself, but I’m tied up with other commitments, so I would strongly suggest that you see a tutor. I actually have a friend who works as a private tutor and I could get you some lessons with him.” Mr. Park sighed as he stared back down at your test, “It’s either that, or you fail the class and retake it next semester. Would you like to do that?”

You felt adamant to argue with Mr. Park, to tell him that you didn’t want a tutor and to convince him that you’d try to learn it on your own. However, if you wanted to pass this class, you needed the help. Perhaps if you proved that not even a tutor could improve your nonexistent ability in math, Mr. Park would take pity on you and allow you to pass the class.

“Is there really no other choice, Mr. Park?” You asked desperately.

“I’m afraid not, Y/N.” He gave you a reassuring smile as he patted your back consolingly, “I’ll talk to my friend and let you know when you can start your lessons.” You huffed and nodded before turning around and exiting the classroom with slumped shoulders.

“Well, what did he say?” you snapped your head up to see a familiar figure moving alongside you, completely forgetting that he was waiting outside during your meeting with Mr. Park.

“He said I have to get a tutor…I don’t want a tutor!” You cried, your voice ringing throughout the quiet hallway as you watched Taehyung’s confused expression twist into a mocking smile.

“A tutor? C’mon a tutor can’t be that bad.” Taehyung tried to suppress his laughter, miserably failing as he let out a small giggle at your frustration.You rolled your eyes as he found amusement in your agony and gave him a slight shove to the shoulder as you trudged back home.

“That’s what you think, you don’t even need one. Why can’t you just tutor me?” You asked hopefully turning to Taehyung as he quickly wiped his grin off his face.

“You know…I don’t think that’s a good idea,” you shot him a questioning look before gesturing for him to elaborate, “Well…I have no idea how to tutor and I just think you ought to learn from someone more professional because-”

“Because I’m unteachable, right? Thanks. You’re a real pal, Taehyung.” You rolled your eyes at your friend’s excuse as he shot you an innocent smile before you stormed off. He was right, you were unteachable, which is exactly why a tutor was a waste, but it was no use arguing with Mr. Park. You continued home, kicking the pavement with your shoes as you dragged them along, dreading what would be in store for you.

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  • If you’re 30, then a picture from 7 years ago is about a quarter of your life ago. A lot has changed. Interesting! But if you’re 50, you were already Olde As Fucke in 2010 and so this meme is AGEIST and I doth protest.
  • I had finally found the perfect mic placement on my amp and the cleaning ladies moved it, if you’re wondering what the most first worldest complaint could possibly be.
  • It’s weird. After the election I was sure we were gonna die and it was scary. Then I got better. But now I’m way more sure we’re gonna literally die, imminently, and it’s somehow less scary this time.
  • It’s almost funny. An illiterate, racist reality TV personality got elected by credulous dipshits with the help of a foreign government and a couple of bot-infested social media platforms. And now he’s in a dick-measuring contest with an insane, desperate dictator whose country is surrounded by nuclear superpowers. I’ve long held that we’re a garbage species, and this seems a fitting end. Fuck us. May whatever colonizes this rock next do better.
  • So it’s hard to get too worked up about my failed career right now, you know?
  • After six years of coaching, I’m quite convinced that the skills involved in judging a fly ball are innate or developmental, and therefore basically unteachable. “Run to where the ball will land” involves a whole lotta brain and motor skill stuff that’s wired deep. Kids get it or they don’t, and pure repetition doesn’t seem to help the don’ts. There are no words or pictures to describe it. I feel so bad for these kids. I see the frustration in their eyes and I can’t help. 
  • I am psyched to see people are getting the vinyl versions of our album before we all died, though.
  • I’m gonna make some noise now.

Everything You Are
Kurt Weller doesn’t get nervous that often. But sometimes he does.
AN: there is a companion fic to this from Jane’s pov that I’ll be posting soon as well.

Kurt reached up and readjusted his bow tie. In all honesty he felt ridiculous. He still didn’t understand why they had to go through all this. All he wanted was to cross the street from the NYO with Jane and they could have gotten it all over in under an hour. But apparently that was not how things were done. So for what felt like the fiftieth time in thirty minutes, he checked his vest, his jacket and readjusted the bow tie.

“Will you stop fiddling with it?” Sarah’s voice was stern and disapproving as she walked through the door, “I swear you’re worse than Sawyer.”

She was standing in front of him then, fixing the tie he just managed to ruin and then moving down to fix his jacket, again. “Stop playing with it. It’s perfect,” she told him.

She looked up at him, lovingly, warmly, with tears in her eyes. “I can’t breathe with this thing on, Sarah,” he mumbled and she chuckled.

She’d never really seen her big brother nervous, and for a moment she felt sorry for him. He really was out of his comfort zone. “The bow tie is not the reason you can’t breathe,” she whispered, “you’re about to have the biggest day of your life,” she said with a playful wink, “it’s normal to be scared.”

“I’m not scared,” he mumbled.

“Yes you are,” she teased.

“Do you even know what I do for a living?” He countered, enjoying the simple banter that took his mind of things for a moment.

“I do know,” she laughed, “but still, it’s ok to be scared on a day like today.”

He finally nodded, looking down and taking a deep breath. “I don’t want to screw this up,” he whispered.

Sarah smiled at him and took his hands in hers, squeezing them gently. “You won’t,” she said confidently.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because I know you. I know what kind of man you are. You’re loyal and faithful and trustworthy and you protect the people you care about,” she said, “and because I know you two together. I know what you two have been through and what you’ve had to overcome. You won’t screw this up.”

He smiled at her, a small tentative smile, and nodded. “She’s everything,” he whispered.

“I know,” Sarah said.

“And I want to give her everything,” he said, “I want her to know that there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her.”

“She does. And she will,” Sarah whispered.

“I can’t lose her,” he added, his voice quivering.

Sarah felt herself starting to tear up. She squeezed his hands again and then let go, brushing the back of her hand against her cheek. “Shouldn’t you telling your vows to your bride? And not your sister?” She said, her voice shaking between a chuckle and a sob.

Kurt laughed at that, reaching for his sister and pulling her into a hug. “You’re such a brat,” he whispered against her hair and felt her tighten her arms around him.

“I love you, too,” she sighed.

“OH MY GOD! Stubbles!!” Rich’s voice came loudly and obnoxiously from across the hall, “wait till you see her! She’s so fucking hot! I have no idea how you’re gonna manage to keep it in your pants!And I mean that in the most romantic way possible!”

“Keep what in his pants?” That was Sawyer, who’d been almost joined to Rich’s hip for most of the weekend, much to Sarah’s dismay.

Kurt and Sarah pulled apart, both laughing and wiping away at their tears.

“I’m gonna kill you,” Sarah said to Kurt who couldn’t stop laughing, “how am I gonna unteach him that?”

“Well… I mean maybe you won’t have to,” Kurt said, “he’s getting to that age where he’s gonna learn it anyway.”

Sarah slapped Kurt’s arm but also clamped a hand over her mouth to stifle her laugh.

“Come on let’s get going,” Kurt said, “before Rich teaches Sawyer more colorful phrases.”

Dazed and Distracted, Can’t You Tell? (GastonxFemale!Reader fanfic)

If you’d like to be tagged in the next update, feel free to ask!

Dazed and Distracted, Can’t You Tell? Chapter 2

Word Count: 577

It was over a month before you heard from Gaston again, waiting with bated breath each week as the postman Albert came galloping in through town with his satchel of letters. There were never many, only a handful of people were truly literate in the town so it made sense that only a handful of letters ever arrived.

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anonymous asked:

a softer world prompts: pike/percy 26

I love you the way a knife loves a heart the way a bomb loves a crowd the way your mother warned you about, essentially. (the way a human loves another human)

Pike Trickfoot doesn’t have a mother to warn her away from dangerous men.

She has a grandfather (a many-times-great grandfather, old when she is young and growing ever older still) and she has a brother (a brother-by-choice, and they make an odd pair but family goes beyond blood) and she has a goddess (and She comes close, nearly, but motherhood and godhood are not so similar as the holy would have you believe).

There are many lessons little motherless Pike Trickfoot masters, and many more she does not. She learns early to make do with what she does not have.

(She learns it too well, but that is another one of those lessons she does not have a mother to teach-unteach her, so she will not know until it is seeped into her blood and bone, and by then it will be too late to change.)

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Jimin? You walked into your office to find the fluffy haired, bright eyed inmate sitting there. He seemed to be fixated with something on your desk. Looking at you, he pointed at a sheet that you had scribbled some things on.

You are talking to someone in the States? He asked and you mentally smacked yourself in the face. In your head, it made sense to write your plans down, but you weren’t expecting Jimin to see your notes on how you and Jun Pyo were trying to fix together a talk between the two brothers.

Jimin, what the hell? You snatched the papers out of his hands. You wanted to make the guys feel comfortable, but this simply felt like an invasion of privacy, not to add that Yoongi was trying to hack into your server and Hobi had correctly guessed your RRN and you were ready to pull your hair out. Jimin looked at you with a bit of confusion and anger. You responded. I’m trying to help, but I don’t have all my ducks in a row, so don’t snoop. You shooed him away from your desk, but he didn’t budge.

I don’t know if I want you to do that. He mumbled and you huffed, looking up at him.

What? So if I could get you to talk to JiHyun, you wouldn’t want to? What happened to you just wanting to make sure he was okay? What the hell has gotten into you? You felt like a mother reprimanding her child, but Jimin didn’t seem to care, he pursed his lips and thought of the right wording.

Yoongi hyung hacked into JiHyun’s email. You sat in your chair and threw your hands into the air.

Are you kidding me?! Does he not realize that hacking is ILLEGAL! You exclaimed, but Jimin held up his hand.

I asked him to. He said matter-of-factly and you heaved a sigh.

Why are you all provoking bad behavior from one another? I swear, it’s like rounding up a bunch of unteachable toddlers! You continued to exclaim and Jimin sat there until you finished your miniature lecture.

Y/N, JiHyun is a fugitive. He said and you stopped completely.

Wha … Wait … What? You uttered and Jimin put a hand through his hair.

The government was right. JiHyun committed a crime and the worst part is that my mother knew, that’s why she made him leave. No one but my mother and brother knew exactly why he was going to the States. My dad said that he needed time away from bad people, but my mother was actually committing a crime and protecting JiHyun. Jimin said, you held up a hand to stop him.

Hold up. You’re telling me that all of this was true? But your brother crying to you? Your mom getting sick? You went through the events in your head and everything seemed to confuse you.

My mother knew that if JiHyun stayed in the country, he would be put in prison, she just didn’t want me and my father to know. So she had him leave so that he could stay free. My brother was in on it and played along. I think mom just got sick because of all of the secrets, she hated to keep things from us, but this was something she had to. You held up your hand.

How did you figure all of this out? You asked and Jimin sighed.

When Yoongi hyung hacked into JiHyun’s emails, the majority of correspondence was with my mother. The two of them spoke about why he had to stay out of the country and he even told her that he was worried I would do something stupid like this. The last email he got was from my dad telling him that mom died, but I don’t think my dad knows that any of this happened. If dad knew about this, he would have completely spiraled out of control. He prides himself on being a law abiding citizen, now he has raised two felons. Jimin’s shoulders slumped and you walked over to him. Patting his back, he lifted his gaze. There was a distraught, innocent look in his eyes. For months now, Jimin had thought that he was convicted for something that didn’t deserve conviction, he legitimately thought his brother was innocent. You tried to think of the words to say, but nothing made sense. Jimin shook his head. Y/N, I swear, I had no idea. He plead and you nodded.

I know, Jimin. I’m so sorry. You said and Jimin stood up. Enveloping you in his arms, you felt a tear hit your shoulder. His body trembled as he tried to regain his composure, but you rubbed his back and shushed him. It’s okay, it’s all going to be alright. You said calmly as his body continued to shake with sobs.

He’s dead to me, Y/N. JiHyun is dead to me. He sobbed into your shoulder and you felt a part of your heart break as he continued to repeat this into your shoulder. To Jimin, his brother was the only reason he lived, and now his brother had done the unthinkable and betrayed his trust. You held Jimin a little tighter as Jimin continued to mutter.

Later that night as you sat in your office, a distraught and exhausted Jimin sleeping on the couch, you grabbed your phone. Dialing Jun Pyo’s number, it rang a couple times and then Jun Pyo’s voice rang groggily. What? He muttered and you chuckled.

Hey, it’s me. You whispered and he sighed.

Y/N, time differences. It’s my day off. Why are you calling me at like 7am. He mumbled and you rolled your eyes and looked over at Jimin still sleeping.

I just wanted to say thank you for helping, but I no longer need you to talk to JiHyun. You replied and Jun Pyo went silent.

Why? He asked cautiously. Is everything alright with Jimin? He didn’t get hurt right? His questions made you smile a little.

He’s alright, just changed his mind about talking to JiHyun. You tried to convince Jun Pyo, but he wasn’t having it.

JiHyun said he wants to talk to him though. He replied and you shook your head.

That would be highly stressful for Jimin. If he wants to talk to him, send him a letter or something. You tried to brush it off, but you could hear Jun Pyo telling someone right then. Jun Pyo, is he with you right now? You questioned and Jun Pyo went silent, then another voice came on the line.

Hello? Is this Y/N? My name is Park JiHyun, and I’d like to speak to my brother. Your breathing caught in your throat and your stomach dropped. You looked over and Jimin stirred in his sleep, the look of distress on his face seemed to mimic your own as you tried to think of what to say. This was going to be a long night.

We don’t have to freak out over disagreements. We might eventually say something we disagree over, a particular phrasing or choice of words or one sentence or a simplistic thought – but it can’t invalidate the other 99% of our words. There are certainly some very wrong ideas that need immediate correction. But we can still meet in the middle to help each other see where we cannot, to cover our blind spots rather than bash our blindness.

And maybe in reaching for the unfamiliar, we can embrace an idea we have never considered before, to deepen our thinking together, instead of too quickly dismissing one another out of assuming an unteachable spirit. I invite the challenge, the discomfort of being wrong, the light turning on to a new world of possibility. If we must disagree, let’s do so slowly, for we are painfully stretching onto undiscovered roads.
—  J.S.

Radfems are the reason so many people look upon feminism as a whole under a bad light.
Feminism is about men making space for women. It’s about the voices of all women being able to be heard and respected. It’s about being accepting of all women regardless of identity, race, and sexuality. It’s about seeing women as more than just sexual objects, or mindless, or submissive. To be more than their genitals. It’s about speaking up for rights and the ability to choose whatever for your own body. It’s about making sure everybody is heard and to fight for the unheard voices.

What it isn’t about is hatred towards those who are different. It’s not about spreading misinformation about trans women, an already largely marginalised and endangered group of women. It’s not about reducing women down to their genitals to determine wether or not they’re ‘legit.’ It’s not about ranking lesbians by how many men or dmab people they’ve slept with. It’s not about harassing or speaking over people who defend their community. It’s not about trying to exclude sex workers from your feminist protests and work because sex work is 'evil,’ or 'bad,’ but yet worship and fetishise the vagina. It’s not about wishing harm or inequality towards men because of their privilege status. It’s not about denying and erasing the fact that not all people with a uterus are women, and that some people don’t identify necessarily as strictly a man or a woman. It isn’t silencing, speaking over, speaking for, and excluding POC, intersex, disabled, neurodivergent, and trans women. It isn’t ignoring and blaming rape and abuse survivors, and accusing them of lying about their rape/abuse.

So basically, if you call yourself a radical feminist, or if your feminism involves degrading, misgendering, and excluding trans women, excluding sex workers, denying trans men of their reproductive rights because of their identity, erasing nonbinary people, blanketing men as 'unteachable’ because you would rather 'punish’ them than push and work with them so that you can have your own spaces and have their same power and opportunities, ignoring and invalidating other marginalised people, and having really, really bad bangs.

Your feminism isn’t good, wanted, or needed if it doesn’t include everybody that needs it.

Mortal AU. Will Solace is a driving instructor known to be able to properly teach his students within a short period of time. That is, until Nico di Angelo comes along who by far is the most unteachable student he’s ever had.

Nico di Angelo, let’s just say, actually can get it right the first time and the many times after but kept failing on purpose. If only to spend a bit more time with his hot blond instructor.

It’ll only be a short amount of time though before Nico gets caught for his stunts.

Perhaps it had been impulsive of her to immediately grab the task without assessing the gravity of the whole situation. She had always been proud of her shrewd mind and unwavering wit, of her patience in analyzing everything in a spur of a moment. But the Hokage’s offer was something a skilled kunoichi like her could never refuse.

So she took the mission without questions and felt extremely giddy at the thought that this would be her very first solo mission. However, the moment she saw the concern etched in Neji’s face when she shared the news with him, Tenten felt that maybe – just maybe – she may have made a huge mistake.

And as she fiddled with her kunai, ruminating over the impacts her decision may leave, Tenten’s mind concluded that she may have bit off more than she could chew.

The very thought jarred her and, for a millisecond, her hands traitorously quivered.

Neji – ever-observant teammate that he is – was quick to quell the doubts in her mind with a steady hand on her shoulder. 

“I will be your first,” he said with certainty. “Do not worry.”

And because he sounded so sure of himself, Tenten found herself nodding along.


“Your… Your grip…” Tenten blanched, mouth agape. Her brows were quick to frown, a pout already forming. “You did that on purpose!”

Neji’s lips twitched. 

“I did not.”

Tenten stomped her foot once.

“Yes, you did!” She insisted, taking the kunai from his grasp forcefully. “You know how to throw a kunai, Neji! Stop acting like you don’t!”

The Hyuuga only crossed his arms.

“Your mission,” he stated as-a-matter-of-factly, “was to teach civilians on how to properly defend themselves should the need arise.” He motioned at himself. “I am posing as a civilian who does not know how to use a kunai and you are my instructor. So teach me.”

“And I’ve told you time and time again that — Oh my God, stop that!” She grabbed his cheek. “Stop smirking and listen!”

“I am listening.”

“No, you’re not!” Tenten massaged her aching temple. “I hope my would-be students wouldn’t be as terrible as you are. You’re unteachable!”

“I am offended.”

“No,” Tenten sighed, soothing his reddened cheek with a pat. “No, you’re not.” Exhausted, she drew another long and steady breath. “Think I could actually teach a couple of civilians?” Her shoulders drooped. “I mean, I’m not exactly the instructor type… that’s kinda Lee’s and Gai-sensei’s field, y’know?” 

Neji placed a hand on her shoulder.

“You will be fine,” he assured her. “Now then,” his lips twisted into another playful smirk before he spun her around, an arm encircling loosely around her neck as to imitate a chokehold. “Suppose I have you in this position. What would you do to get yourself out of it.”

“I’d grab your balls and make you scream mercy, that’s what.”

She heard him chortle.

“Careful. I might just like that.”

She elbowed him. Hard. He chuckled again but did loosen his grip.

“Another round?” He suggested. He watched as Tenten stretched her arms before nodding her head, another kunai firmly gripped in her hand.



( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  You thought it was something else, amirite? 

Anyways, this is me showing my distaste over the whole kunoichi-using-her-body-for-seduction-missions trope. I don’t know, I guess I’m just not (and will never be) comfortable with those kinds of fanfics…