So I have to write an essay on narratives in video games and I chose Dark Souls as an example, but the internet has ruined me so I can’t tell whether or not “The Dark Souls of storytelling” is to meme-y for a title

Post Catacombs Ichabbie had so much fucking potential y'know? It could’ve been so great.

Imagine Abbie and Ichabod realizing that they’re basically married and in love and they’re just like ‘huh, well okay’.

No muss, no fuss. Just soft Ichabbie pressing gentle kisses to each others foreheads and Ichabod reminding Abbie that she’ll never be alone and they’ll always find each other.

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so uh, I wrote an essay this year about the social functions of liminal spaces (fairy mounds/forts/hills) and the role they play in the community, there's a really cool article on Jstor about how these places acted as means of social renforcement and part of the guiding forces on how to act in a community, ie; if some of your flour goes missing, blame it on the faeries, dont go on a witch hunt against the poor people in your community who really need things like flour, (1/2)

“ (2/2) and there’s this very interesting narrative about the ‘deserving poor’ where if you had a 'gold dream’ dreaming of treasure in a fairy mound 3 nights in a row and you ignored social taboos to dig it up, if you actually found something it was totally legit and you could keep the gold, but if you didn’t you’d be judged by the community as really greedy and probably osctacised for it “

This is really interesting!

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Uh, I hope it's not rude to ask but... I've seen a few Kallura posts on your blog and... do you ship them romantically? Why? (Curious why, not judgmental why, they're like my ultimate BROTP and I'm really curious? Love your Pidge's Garden series btw)

It’s not rude to ask at all! I do ship them romantically, and I’ll do my best to list coherent reasons why. :D

- They had/were a thing in the original series.
- The moments they shared in season two were a good foundation to start building a romantic relationship on (over the course of several seasons)
- Keith cares about what Allura thinks of him. The FACE he made when she said she wouldn’t trust a Galra. THAT FACE. It haunts me.
- She totally blushed when she fell into his arms. Girl, we see you.
- I’m still in the middle of my S2 rewatch so this may be obvious but: When Coran tries to pilot Red, he says he’s following in Alfor’s footsteps, which might imply that King Alfor piloted Red. Which means Keith is following in Alfor’s footsteps. Interesting… (This is another reason I’m placing my bet on Allura piloting Red next season. Protective, moody mom lion approves of Alfor’s cub.)
- Keith and Allura have similar tempers. It’ll be fun to see them interact with each other next season.
- Their character arcs mirror each other’s. Both had to make the difficult choice to let go of their fathers in tense moments. (There’s a post that explains it way better than I do but I’m on mobile orz)
- I can’t let go of the idea that Texas!Keith would take Allura to a field of bluebonnets in spring and it’s so beautiful it makes me cry???
- They both kick ass AND they both charged Zarkon head on in season one.

I’m sure I missed some things but it’s late and I’m tired, so here are the reasons! *jazz hands*

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Do you think Zayn cancelled last night because of all this shit going on with Liam? My poor boys. My poor heart

I think that’s the biggest issue here, nonnie, but not the only thing. I mean, he hopefully IS actually working on Z2, but I suspect it’s way more than that. He’s very clearly going through a tough time.

Imagine how awful it is to have to listen to Liam talk about Chiam/Conchobear non-stop all of a sudden. I mean he went as far as referring to that vapid woman as his wife FFS. My heart breaks into a million pieces when I think about how Zayn must feel hearing that.

He’s looked unbelievably sad and was seen sporting a couple of injuries, too. I mean, just look at my poor baby on this Zigi pap stroll:

(This hurts my heart so bad, guys.)

On top of that, he had to endure Liam dragging him publicly for the first time ever for no other reason than to shut down any more of that pesky Ziam chatter that might poke holes into the manufactured heterosexual nightmare that is Chiam. 

With Liam busy trying to convince the world that he’s the straightest of bros and not romantically involved with his former male band member, it’s no surprise that Zayn’s in no mood to do the same with G*gi  (not that he ever was really). He swerved on stunting with her at the Met Gala and now the BBMA’s pretty much back to back so I think he’s making it clear that he needs to be left alone to deal with this mess.

I also suspect that he would’ve been encouraged to reciprocate the narrative and throw shade back at Liam/1D to reinforce Zayn vs OT4 and he’s definitely not the one right now. Plenty of reasons for him to be like

I honestly don’t blame him. I hate that he has to miss out on much-needed promo but we all know that Zayn sucks at hiding his emotions so I completely understand where he’s coming from. If I were him, I wouldn’t want to do shit either except sit on the couch with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and my dogs, watch shit TV and give the world the finger tbh.

Sigh. All in all, this is how I’m feeling right about now, nonnie:

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I want to think this is all set-up for eventual endgame, but how can you go from face stroking, tear-filled conversations with wrist caressing, hand holding, "too bad you were never that devoted to Gina", to what we've gotten this season and think we're moving CLOSER to canon? I honestly feel they're trying to shift us away from romantic potential and into platonic "soulmates".

Because the closer you get to it being real and requited, the scarier it is. Pining after someone you can’t have is one thing. Reaching out to that person who you might be able to get, especially for people who have been traumatized by love and loss, is terrifying. Half of what you mentioned as their truly romantic moments were before (in my opinion) Bellamy realized he was in love with her. And while Clarke thought Bellamy hated her for leaving and betraying him. In fact, the face stroking and wrist stroking moments both followed immediately upon conversations about how her people/bellamy were rejected by her. Did you forget that? How did you separate this part of canon from the other? They go together.

If they were trying to shift away from romance into platonic, then we wouldn’t have Clarke looking at him with those heartbroken gazes full of longing and sorrow. And that was BEFORE she aimed the gun at him, so it’s not just about her doing something wrong. 

Don’t forget the almost confession. Which followed after he ran away from her when she tried to take their (growing ever closer) relationship into the next step–physical. 

I mean, if you want to say that he’s not interested in her, I guess you can, but why did the hand nuzzle lead to the almost confession? And why did the girl he pick to have some fun with look so eerily like Clarke. Maybe Bellamy didn’t do it consciously, but you know who DID do it consciously? The filmmakers. And it’s the SECOND time they did it, because Bellamy slept with Bree way back at the drop ship and she looked even MORE like Clarke then.

Sorry I can’t agree with your assessment. But the filmmakers ARE screwing with us. They are deliberately holding it back. Reeling us in. I don’t like it, but it doesn’t mean it’s not romantic. It means they are playing hard to get with us. It’s a romantic convention for some romance stories to delay delay delay. Makes me more sure that it’s endgame. They don’t waste this much time on a story unless they mean it to last. Unless it’s the actual point of the story. Side relationships can come and go, but Bellarke, the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke, in all its incarnations, is the heart of the story. That’s what keeps The 100 moving.

also can we acknowledge how WELL this all went ?? ofc we don’t know everything that happened behind the scenes but there was no major public drama. the boys seem so happy and comfortable. 

their stylists came THROUGH. namjoon handled the interviews flawlessly. their twitter following skyrocketed and it looks like if there is any racism on social media it’s getting drowned out by not only happy armies but americans who’ve never seen bts before checking out their stuff and wondering who “third guy from the left” and “the one with the deep ass voice” are & APPRECIATING them. they got to see so many of their faves, jungkook and desiigner hugged, so many of the western artists they met were SO SUPPORTIVE and respectful. not to mention the crazy exposure they’re getting between itunes, news outlets, other celebs tweeting abt them…

the biggest hitch tonight was hoseok spilling coke on seokjin’s expensive vest and considering how deeply worried a lot of the fandom was i think this was a stellar success.

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It's really sad to see how the fandom is treating Liam. I hope his team learns from their mistakes. The sun article seems to be damage control so I'm assuming they didn't see the backlash coming. I hope they realized Zayn's worth! I hope they see that a lot of people care about Zayn! That attacking him will not help them sale songs but have the opposite effect! Although at this point it won't seem genuine I hope they decide to take the we're still friends route.

Agreed. There does at least seem to be a shift in this narrative, as just today in Liam’s FB live broadcast he included Zayn when he thanked the boys:

“Thanks for Niall, thanks for Louis, Harry and Zayn for our musical journey which I think it’s really nice and beautiful.” 

I think Team Liam is definitely trying to undo some of the damage caused, which is good. I hope the message was received that we do not take cheap shots aimed at Zayn kindly (if only they’d dial it back with all Chiam/daddy duty crap, too). Coupled with yesterday’s Sun article where Liam chose PT as his favorite track and there definitely seems to be a new approach happening. Let’s hope it continues.

That being said though, as usual, there’s always that subset that takes things way too far and are now leaving negative reviews for his song out of spite. It’s unbelievable and completely disgusting behavior.

Have you seen that some people are trying to mask their intentions behind the excuse of “what if I really just don’t like the song”? To that I say BULLSHIT. I can see right through that. If you’re gonna go to those lengths at least have the balls to own how gutter you are.

I personally don’t care for some of Harry’s PR either. He’s shaded Zayn in print and I’m also not crazy about his solo music aside from a couple of songs. Despite that, I can see through that bad narrative (as those Liam bashers should too) so you won’t see me running to exact my “revenge” on Harry by posting negative reviews in the hopes that it would negatively affect his sales. 

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the boys’ individual music for themselves and not have it be tainted by my own perceptions or biases. I love all 5 boys and want them each to be successful as solo artists. I will never be able to relate to those unprincipled assholes who think this is ever okay. They need to do some serious soul searching and improve themselves immediately.

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Ok another Heroes crackship: Camilla and Ursula. :O good for darker AUs!

I really like the aesthetic of these two together? Also considering that Camilla already hired an assassin, Beruka, as her retainer it’s pretty likely it could happen again~~ ;)

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Liam was def high or drunk in that interview but it's old. He's wearing the outfit he wore in the pap picks from like a week and a half ago, actually most of his interviews were recorded like a week ago. If u look at the grimmy stuff and the take over of Instagram he seems much much better. I personally think he was stressed out about what he was being told to say :(

Hello my Anon and yes, I know it’s old. All thhe interviews of his radio tour are coming out now, hence the need of vitamins, LOL!

I too think that Liam had taken either some “liquid courage” or something similar before going in for this interview. Do I think Liam has a drinking or drugs problem? NO! Do I think Liam’s like insulting and trashing his Boys? NO! So since he had to get out and say this god-damned awful BS, and having reached his limit, I thinki he helped himself so “he could deliver his lines”… Poor kid. And yes, in the other interviews he looks and sounds far better but then he had already got the baptism by fire, so…


Mary and John - Fell in love due to Heaven’s orders.

Their story is based on a forced pairing. At their first meeting she knocked him flat on his ass, he seduced her with Led Zeppelin…

Dean and Cas - Fell in love despite Heaven’s orders.

Their story is based on Free Will. At their first meeting Dean stabbed Cas, he later gives him a Led Zeppelin mixtape…

Gif sources: @super-sootica @smiliecas