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My opponent attacked me with two creatures. Then on my turn I played an instant that returns all attacking creatures to their owner's hands. I tried to explain that even if they arent actively attacking, that because they were tapped to attack and not for abilities or something else that they are still technically "attacking" for the return spell's purpose until it would be their turn and they untap them to be back in a defending position. Could you clear this up? You've become the ref for us...

The only time creatures are considered attacking are during the combat phase of the turn they actually attack. After that they are no longer considered attacking and, as such, your instant won’t work like you want it to.

my end game is to watch the great mouse detective and robin hood so many times that netflix calls disney and tells them about it and disney realizes there is an untapped furry market and then zootopia begins a disney furry renaissance and they make a robin hood tv show

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I’d read an AU where Yoko got selected due to natural, untapped, breakdance talent. Shoryu probably already slays on the dance floor, though.

Oh man.  Wouldn’t we all read that AU.  Keiki solemnly carrying the boom box into Japan on his quest for the future king.  Past Enki sulkily glaring at Shoryu like “yes, OK, fine, I CAN tell that he’s the best dancer in or out of the land, but divine recognition of a fabulous freestyle disco is no basis for a system of government!”

Vince McMahon while looking at a room of WWE Superstars and Divas

Vince McMahon: I look around this room, and I see nothing but untapped potential.

*Vince looks at Zack Ryder*

Vince McMahon: You have potential!

*Vince McMahon looks at Eva Marie*

Vince McMahon: You… have potential…


The 2014 Kentucky Oaks contenders, 2 May 2014:

1: Please Explain
2: Ria Antonia
3: Sugar Shock
4: Rosalind
5: Thank You Marylou
6: Kiss Moon
7: Fashion Plate
8: Aurelia’s Belle
9: Unbridled Forever
10: Empress Of Midway
11: My Miss Sophia
12: Got Lucky
13: Untapable

Good luck and safe trip to all!

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untapped retro video game aesthetics that indie developers should really consider using
  • overly shiny pre-rendered graphics (though Five Nights At Freddy’s comes close)
  • digitized actors (but to be fair nobody will ever top Dong Dong Never Die)
  • Game Boy versions of games that the Game Boy really was not even close to handling properly
  • 2D sprites in faux-3D pixelated environments (think DOOM)
  • PS1-style 3D (because fuck texture filtering)
  • anything that looks like it could run on SEGA’s Model 2 arcade hardware (blue skies, motherfuckers)

Petition to start a fundraising campaign to get Steve Dangle some therapy. I think he’s finally had too much of this nonsense and gone completely around the bend. There’s got to be someone in Toronto who specializes in Maple Leafs induced trauma…right??