like honestly, i usually try not to get upset about the leaks but it’s been taken way too far. every single episode now is leaked. two minute promo, one minute promo, one minute stills, it’s TIRING! so many people post about it that i can’t go into the su tag without seeing things i dont want to see because they dont even tag it! its frustrating and exhausting.

listen, i love su with my entire heart! this is why i’m so upset– because the show RELIES on the surprise each episode is able to bring! y’all who are posting about it untagged or in a place where others could stumble upon it … :(


started working on more overwatch icons [here’s the post with Lucio, Mei, Bastion, and Pharah]

i started ana and reinhardt as well but only finished this edgy kid,,, figured i’d also include the little brushes i made for the backgrounds.. as with the others he’s free to use, but i’d appreciate credit [and perhaps a like/reblog]

Please please please tag your Steven Universe spoilers. This is the fourth episode in a row I have had spoiled by untagged spoilers.

Please? I don’t really think that’s a lot to ask. :( I really enjoy watching Steven Universe with my husband and our kids, and I’d really like it if those episodes weren’t spoiled because people don’t tag. I have ‘steven universe’, ‘steven universe spoilers’ and ‘su spoilers’ blacklisted, so even if you just tag for Steven Universe, I will not get spoiled. 

Please. I don’t see the episodes until a couple days later, since Amazon sends them to us in a 2-pack. 

Thank you!

only fools (a pre-series jalec ficlet)

this was originally to be longer but i honestly have no idea how to finish it whoops

tagging: @alectually @forestsflora and @cuddlylightwood since yall like jalec (lemme know if u wanna be tagged/untagged!)

also!! this is only like…my second time writing shadowhunters fic so feel free to give me pointers lmao

they’re told that love isn’t a priority.

in their world, they could die at any time. they’re shadowhunters, trained soldiers; dedicated to eliminate demons and protect the world even if it costs them their life.

none of them can afford to fall in love, not really.

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Cartoon Network

@cartoonnetwork Seriously, wth are you guys doing? The SU leaks were slightly annoying at first, but now they are just out of hand. PLEASE fix the security of your website/server. Good lord.

Also, everyone: Please tag spoilers. I hate to be mean, but if I keep seeing untagged spoilers I’m going to have to un-sub from people. So much has been spoiled this Steven Bomb for me.

Lost & Found- 14

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OC

Summary:  After escaping Hydra, Bucky tries to regain his memories and build himself a life in Brooklyn. He meets a woman at work who, with the help of her two children, might just give him the second chance he’s been looking for. Of course, he doesn’t know just how important they will become, and happy endings don’t last forever.

Word Count: 1,816

Tags: @bovaria@youandbucky @avengerofyourheart @just-a-multifangirl@mizzzpink@slickblitz @romanovoff @bionic-buckyb@avengersimaginings@illyawillkillya@kmwiinchester @time-to-dance-rey @gold-liess @omalleysgirl22 @lostinspace33

send me an ask to be tagged/untagged

Warnings: A disgusting amount of fluff, maybe. Angst. And approximately one crying Bucky.

Part 13


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He was sitting on the porch, eating a Bomb Pop and watching Max light little balls of smoke when Sophie plopped down next to him. Her face was smeared with red and blue from her own popsicle. Her tennis shoes scuffed around in the dirt and she hummed quietly to herself.

“Hello, Princess Sophie,” he greeted. She looked up at him, grinning, and he noticed something that he hadn’t before.  A few feet away, a small cloud of purple smoke curled into the air. “It looks like you’ve got a loose tooth.”

“Mommy says that the tooth fairy will give me a dollar for it,” she exclaimed proudly.

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Hi everyone!

As you may have noticed, I finally have Journal 3

Pretty exciting stuff

HOWEVER, as to not clog this blog with spoilers and journal 3 posts, I’m gonna save all of my reactions for another blog


If you wanna see my reactions n posts about journal 3, go there

Warning!! There will be untagged spoilers!!

Anyways talk to yall later!!!

Love is on the edge (about as far as you can get)

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2abfKeH

by Miaou Jones (miaoujones)

Keith works in the security division at Castle of Lions (by reputation, one of the nicer bordellos in the city), which is where he met Lance and Hunk, and where he first saw Shiro.

Words: 1474, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2abfKeH

So I’m totally still cool with ships like Sheith and Shance under the assumption that Lance and Keith are 18/19. If the artist or reblogger is headcanoning them as legal adults, that’s fine. Please do not attack people for shipping it.
I will start tagging both ships so that anyone who is uncomfortable because of them can avoid them.
Add Sheith and Shance to your blacklist and it will stay out of your sight. 
And if someone posts it untagged, please ask them nicely to tag it, do not attack them.
Let’s keep this fandom a place where people can maintain their safe spaces and enjoy Voltron together. Please.