unsung melody

She is a melody unsung
A harmony unheard by you
She is music when she laughs
All tinkling keys and bassy blues.
The rhythm in her movement
As she walks across the floor
Swaying softly to herself
To a song only she can hear.
She’s a symphony in her chaos
And when she threatens to fall apart
It stills the demons in her soul
And keeps a beat within her heart.
She’s a classic in the making
With a fine composers eye
She’s a crescendo of affection
A maestro of her own salvation
She orchestrates her own happiness
Softly threading in the winds of change
The strings of her heart
Playing their own haunting tune
She’s counterpoint to madness
This beautiful philharmonic soul
She’s a walking rhapsody
Waiting to be discovered
By one who will hear the music in her silence.

© Courtney Turley 2016

A Spark of Clarity

Love ignored the blind spots
the worn out dreams
of unsung melodies
we saved for poetry

in between the layers of our skin
we clung to verses
drawing breath
from silent encounters

unlocking my heart
left me like a bed unmade
holding on or letting go
the texture is the same

we are unset to music
hearts like a meadow in spring
yet we love for what might
or what might never be