unsubstantiated hate

anonymous asked:

tag=/=search, please learn the difference. if you track a tag (or put a # before the thing you want to search for), i promise you you will only see the content that's actually tagged with tony stark or tony stark defense squad. if you use tumblr's search function it will bring up anything that has tony stark in it. it's literally that easy. anti posts aren't tagged with general tony tags.

Literally looking at tags on anti posts, and I was four into the anti tag and there was one tagged #Tony Stark #anti-Tony Stark. So people are tagging anti posts as Tony Stark. 

I’m not saying this is your fault, because again. I don’t care. Tag how you want just don’t get pissed when people try and argue/ fight you over it. 

You still haven’t told me what motivation a person has for hating a fictional character, that other people care about and identify with, so much that you dedicate a tag to spewing hateful unsubstantiated claims about him.