Men’s Summer Trend: Hawaiian Tees

You must have spotted these men before: tourists that don hawaiian print shirts, sometimes matching with their significant others, always in ill-fitting pieces. After seeing the unstylish ways of wearing hawaiian prints, you can’t be blamed for choosing to avoid them.

With labels re-imagining Hawaiian prints and putting them on sleek tees this season though, it’s time that you reconsider your stance on the print and check out on-trend Hawaiian Tees you can rock this summer.

Contemporary Hawaiian Tees

The days of baggy tackiness for men’s tropical-inspired fashion items have passed. Today, guys can take advantage of Hawaiian tees that have slimmer fits and a greater variety of colors and designs- the surf board, hula girl and palm tree combo isn’t your only choice anymore.

Definitely pair these tees with tailored shorts and and stylish sneakers for a casual look, but also try to mix them up! Use them to create some contrast with dressier, lightweight trousers and leather shoes.

Ready to take the plunge with this cool print? Check out the picks by our editors below, and shop the best Hawaiian tees this season!

1. Zara Floral Linen T-Shirt

2. Topman Hi Colour Tropical T-Shirt

3. Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Floral Print Tee

4. Topman 3CRNRS Blue Hawaiian Print T-Shirt

5. Zara Tropical T-Shirt

6. ASOS T-Shirt With Hawaiian Print and Roll Sleeve

Have you already been wearing Hawaiian tees this season? Let us know!


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We got to thinking about his clothes (as we do) and how he’s always swimming in them. We used to offer the theory that he was wearing his father’s hand-me-downs, because they look like older men’s clothes. But he’s been making good money for years now and besides, his clothes, while large and wrinkled and unstylish, don’t really look like an old man’s cast-offs. He bought these outfits and he chooses to wear things several sizes too large. Years ago, he flipped out on his co-workers for looking at images of murder victims. “Put it away! I don’t wanna look at that!” He flipped out once again when he was forced to listen to a fake Beatles sing a terrible song. “Turn it off! It’s stabbing me in the fucking heart!” When he went on that blind date, he commented on how good she smelled and did the same thing when Don returned to the office this season. He screamed about the couch in his office smelling like farts. What ultimately triggered his breakdown was the incessant hum of a computer. Adding all that up, it seems to us that he’s been suffering from a form of sensory overload for some time now; consistently expressing distress over his senses being assaulted or pointing out things his senses have picked up, unable to turn the noise down. Consequently, he wears giant clothes because he doesn’t like being restricted and is trying to limit the amount of stimulus he’s receiving. It surprises us that so many people thought this breakdown came out of nowhere. We think they’ve been signaling it almost from the introduction of the character, in his dialogue and in his costuming – and they’ve been highly consistent about it. This was always where he was going to go.

Tom and Lorenzo: Mad Style

Ugh today honestly was the worst day of my life. I was in science and this guy was fooling around and throws this stirophome ball at me, and it bounced off my glasses and I go “glasses come in handy haha” and then he was just like “no it’s your unstylish hair ahaha” and starts laughing hysterically and I was just sitting there like… my hair is natural, and it was up and i had my bangs out and it honestly just made me salty all day. It’s like no matter what I do to my hair it’s never “good enough” towards white people, or it’s “unfashionable” and ugh idk how I’m gonna get around in this society.

(in reply to this unpopular opinion, here’s another opposing unpopular opinion)

I totally understand where this is coming from, considering how stressed and unnecessarily competitive the education system in Singapore is (and if I daresay, even compared to the American system but I can always be corrected on that).

But you see, globalisation is affecting our daily lives greatly, even by a matter of milliseconds. And right now, there are strong competition for jobs, houses and even satisfactory standards of living in every developed country out there. 

Right now, our survival would be school because I see every school, whatever the rank, public or private, convenient or not, as an opportunity.

Schools here in Singapore are bloody strict. There’s a certain length that skirts and socks should reach. We can’t have messy long hair, and they should either be tied neatly up for girls, or trimmed in a very mundane, unstylish way for boys.

Do you know why they do that? It’s to make sure that nobody feels left out or insecure for the clothes they can’t afford to wear or show off. It’s to make sure that unnecessary things like your looks will affect your attitude towards studying. Why the hair? It’s to make sure that our bloody hair won’t get burnt when using the bunsen burners in our science labs, and so that our hair won’t get in our freaking face when the fan blows at us in the classroom. Whatever it is, I believe it helps in preventing any social hierarchy from forming within the school due to looks, riches, whatever. It helps in keeping the students’ self-esteem satisfactory.

Okay. So that might not sound convincing enough, because there are times when I wish I had the freedom to express myself in school - even at least one day of dressing anyhow we want.

But nonetheless, that is not really my concern. My concern is that you fail to look at schools as an opportunity. Your view of the restrictions of schools is so stupid and disgusting because it sounds so materialistic and yes, I will say it, whiny.

Let me remind you again that there are millions of kids who are desperately trying to escape the hellhole of the poverty cycle they are in. These kids would pounce on any opportunity to have a shot at having a good life. And that opportunity they’re lacking is school

There are kids who would do anything to go to a school even though they have so many restrictions and rules to abide. It’s part of shaping you.

We learn all these unnecessary algebraic shit not because we’re going to certainly use it in counting our grocery bills in the future - but because it’s part of moulding our characters and re-wiring the ways we solve problems. We learn to persevere and work hard when we feel it’s hopeless. In a way, it improves our mental problem-solving and analytical skills that’s going to be useful when we enter the corporate world. It might not be significant but it’s surely something that will help us stay competitive among our peers in the adult world. 

If you want to wear any uniform you want, work for it. You have to learn the rules, play by the rules before you can manipulate and break the rules. So go study, become a freaking millionaire then start your own education system where everyone can do whatever they want - according to your decisions or not.

You’ve got to work for it to earn it. Not earn what you like then work for another thing you like. So stop asking for what you want and complaining and complaining with no sense of meaning and concrete sense behind it.

P.S. I’m grateful for the governments around the world who’ll make sure that their countrymen gets into school because where the hell will we be if don’t have the knowledge & the character to run our freaking country and ensure our survival in this globalising age.