Unstressed puppy. Look at her, who makes her smile pratically ALL THE TIME? The last one supposed to be funny, but the thing is that Alex knows her better than anyone and wants to see her happy, with no wrinkles.

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10-29-16 || 6:22am

Long time no post! How has everyone been? Is everyone staying relatively unstressed? So a few updates…… I applied to my first 2 universities this week! Those are the ones I have a strong possibility of going to, versus the next two (Cornell and University of Pennsylvania)  which I don’t think i’ll get into. I also passed all my exams with an A that week, and I’m really proud of myself. Well that’s about it for my half. 

Songs on repeat:

Shinee - 1 of 1

BTS - Wings

Ladies Code - Strang3r EP

Stellar - Sting EP

Unstress (Bucky x Reader)

Word Count: 500 

               (p.s. I kinda wrote this under the influence of bad bad things, so if this is bad, you know why)

               It was always the little things he did for you that made you realize he loved you, even if he didn’t say it. When you two would be walking down the sidewalks, he’d walk closest to the street so you wouldn’t accidentally fall and get yourself hurt. When you two would be eating, he’d always make sure to give you the bigger portions so you wouldn’t be hungry later. Or it was moments like these, where he held you together when you were on the verge of falling apart.

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Better Than Medicine // Na Jaemin


the prompt: Could I request something super fluffy and full of cuddles with NCT Dream Jaemin? Thank you!

words: 1097

category: fluff + kind of a best friend scenario?

author note: i have had this plot for jaemin in my head for months and now is the perfect time to bring it out. also i miss him so but he’s my lil honey bun and i hope he’s okay and healthy and living a unstressed life rn. ANYWAY hope this was up what you wanted! please enjoy!

- destinee

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  • A total romantic
  • Show up to every date with flowers for you
  • Find any excuse to cuddle up beside you
  • That’s why he likes winter the best
  • And uses his frost power
  • Hot chocolate dates
  • Coffee dates
  • Movie dates
  • Cafe dates
  • Concert dates
  • Date dates
  • This boy will find any excuse to have a date with you
  • Spoil you soooo much
  • Buy you a whole bunch of things
  • Wanting all the couple/matching things
  • Getting you matching necklaces, bracelets, clothes, stuffed animals…you name it
  • Wouldn’t be able to resist aegyo
  • So if you want something… just pull out the aegyo
  • You’d be each other’s photographers
  • He’d want a random photoshoot just anywhere
  • Like you could be walking down the street and he’d randomly turn to you and say
  • “Jagi the lighting is perfect right now! Take my picture?”
  • Getting kind of annoyed but how can you resist this little baozi?
  • Being that one boyfriend would clean the house for you just so that you don’t have to stress
  • If you’re stressed, doing anything to make you unstressed.
  • Probably own some pets together
  • The first pet would be named Marshmallow
  • Eating fried chicken together
  • Gummy smiles
  • Hair ruffling
  • Using cute pet names
  • Sharing blankets and hot drinks
  • Innocent random pecks whenever one of you feels like it
  • “You’re so cute~”
  • Honestly a relationship just full of fluffiness
(#5) German Modal Particles - DOCH

What is a modal particle?

A word that stresses/emphasises something in a sentence or reflects the attitude a speaker is trying to convey. They are scarce in English (and various other languages), but to give an example take a look at ‘then’ in this sense:

“So how old are you then?”

If one was saying this to a child it could be seen as making the overall tone of the question more endearing and curious, not blunt.

German Modal Particle - Doch

This is one of the most common particles, doch is used a hell of a lot in German so you need to try and understand its meanings.

#1 - In statements it shows disagreement; unstressed = asking for confirmation and stressed = clearly contradicting.

Ex: Gestern hat es doch geschneit {unstressed}
It snowed yesterday, didn’t it?
Ex: Gestern hat es DOCH geschneit  {stressed}
[All the same], it DID snow yesterday.

#2 - When unstressed it can also be noting a reason for disagreement.

Ex: Die Ampel zeigt doch rot…
But the lights are red…

#3 - In commands doch can either:
—— i) Add a sense of urgency (strengthen with endlich, or immer in a negative sentence). 

Ex: Mach doch nicht [immer] so ein Gesicht!
Don’t keep making faces like that.

—— ii) Make a command more encouraging/advisory (add mal or ruhig to clarify this).

Ex: Kommen Sie doch [ruhig] morgen vorbei!
Why not drop by tomorrow?

#4 - In exclamations it emphasises surprise

Ex: Das ist doch die Höhe!
That really is the limit!

#5 - When using Subjunctive/Konjunktiv II it emphasises urgency.

Ex: Wenn er doch jetzt käme!
If only he would come NOW!

#6 - Probably one of the more common uses: When replying to a question, doch either contradicts a negative q. or gives a affirmation.

Ex: Bist du nicht zufrieden? Doch!
Aren’t you content?On the contrary I am (look how complicated english is now)
Ex: Kommt er bald? Doch!
Is he coming soon? Oh yes!

#7 - When used with nicht or nein it emphasies a negative reply.

Ex: Kann ich…? Nein doch!
Can i….? Certainly not!

I hope this helps and that I’ve explained it well enough… x).

Links to other modal particles posts: [Aber] [Allerdings] [Bloß] [Denn]

Headcanon/minific for Sai: Cooking unstresses Bakugou but because he’s too stubbornly in denial about everything, he never purposely cooks to de-stress. But Kirishima figures it out so whenever Bakugou is Really Stressed™ , they get someone to mention being hungry or something.

For example:

“Man, I ate my last package of instant ramen this morning,” Kaminari says too loudly, and opens the fridge before closing it with a very dramatic sigh.

Bakugou, from where he’s been stewing in his own emotions on the couch, twitches. But he doesn’t look up from the TV. Out of Bakugou’s sight, Kirishima gives Kaminari the thumbs up and then flaps his hands in a “go on” gesture.

“I guess I could go to bed, but I’m just so hungry I think I’ll have a candy bar.”

This time, Bakugou looks up and swears. He gets up, hands jammed in his pockets like he doesn’t care even if they know he does, and stomps over to the kitchen.

“The fuck is wrong with you?” Bakugou says, clearly not waiting for an answer as he shoves Kaminari out of the way of the fridge and starts pulling out ingredients. “I knew you were stupid from your grades but this is the goddamn worst.”

Kaminari opens his mouth to (pretend to) object, and Bakugou points threateningly at him with a wooden spoon.

“Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, I’m making you something proper to eat.”

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you have any tips on pronunciation? It's one thing I noticeably struggle with.

Hi! The topic is way too broad to put it into one post. 

First, I would suggest to familiarize yourself with Russian reading rules

Second, Russian has hard (non-palatalized) and soft (palatalized) consonants - this feature distinguish Russian from many other languages. English speakers, for example, tend to pronounce any consonant as something in between hard and soft. You should train your ear to distinguish between hard and soft and then train your tongue to articulate hard and soft consonants accurately. This is the topic for a series of articles - if my readers truly determine to master hard/soft consonants, I could write them… 

Third, pay attention to accented (stressed) syllables and never forget to reduce all the vowels that are not under the stress. Over-articulation of unstressed vowels is what reveals non-native speakers very quickly. 

And then goes individual sounds - and for specific sounds there are many specific recommendations.

Just keep listening and repeating after recordings - and do not hesitate to ask questions here - the more specific, the better. Good luck!