I’ve just discovered calm.com
and I just want to share with anyone who is stressed in finals week, has panic attacks, or are just needing a moment to relax in your day. 
It’s got guided meditations with different time increments of how long you would like to meditate + calming nature sounds and music and I’m lovingggg it. 

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Hey beautiful people of tumblr! Vivs and I are super excited to announce our first awards we are hosting together! Since we both love the fall season, and it is quickly approaching, we thought it would be the perfect time to host an awards about it! 


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Everybody please take time to unstress yourselves and enjoy this tiny fluff bun.

A lot of you bbs seem really stressed out right now so imma drop my unstressing resources -

1. calm.com guided meditations or search youtube for guided meditations
2. i have a blog of videos that chill me out, www.unstressme.tumblr.com
3. restorative yoga- lots of youtube vids out there or treat yourself n book some classes
4. lolitabandita taught me the power of laying on a roof and staring at clouds
5. essential oils. rubbing eucalyptus oil on my chest and breathing calmly helps me release a lot of tension
6. find a recipe to cook or bake something and follow it while not thinking about anything else. just focus on the recipe. this also works with DIY crafts
7. book yourself a massage or spa service. even getting a mani/pedi can help you feel more in control
8. Never forget to make time for yourself. Others and even your own mind can be very demanding of your time but it is very important to dedicate time just for you to relax and do what makes you happy. Don’t be afraid to slow down for the sake of your mental health.

Stay safe out there lil pups


goodnight lil angels. stay warm out there