I am so happy today.

y’all may start thinking I am bipolar and crazy or something but guys, I made it through this week in which I had 2 major grades due every day. and I made it. like I did it and I am so happy. I came home (to my parents house) last night and got lots of sleep (9 hours) which is more than I got all week long and then proceeded to spend the entire day driving around enjoying myself and getting things done (like buying baby oil and a new book and getting my eyebrows done for the first time since the incident) and I am SO HAPPY. So yay for life! I am done rambling now. I love you all and pray your day is just as wonderful if not more! comment below to tell me about it!

I'm a little surprised

at how unstressed I am right now. I just turned in my application for the Peace Corps. **fingers crossed**

Tomorrow, I have an interview for an internship for the fall semester (possibly the whole school year). Studying for the Psychology GRE which I finally signed up for the other day.

Normally, I feel like I would be over-thinking, over-stressing blah blah blah but I’m not. I’m actually excited!! This is what I want and I’m fairly confidant that it’s going to work out for me. I think it also helps that my mother FINALLY gave me her blessing to go ahead with all my life plans <3

And tonight. For the first time in forever. Tonight. I can sleep.

Nothing tastes as good as reassurance.

I can sleep.

I can actually fall into a deep sleep.

I do not have to toss and turn and sweat for hours on end. The dark circles of death will disappear underneath my eyes.

And I can sleep.

I keep myself awake just so it will be more enjoyable.