WHOAH GOD DAMN apparently there are over a thousand of you following this blog now!

which is great! (if kind of overwhelming!)

ANYWAY UM i just wanted to say thank all of you for giving your attention to this ridiculous crossover nonsense even though I have no idea where you all even CAME FROM, I hope it continues to meet with your approval! 

as far as it goes for thanks, have a date-appropriate doodle – since it is September 1st today, the first day of term at Hogwarts on any given year, here are the kids GETTIN TO KNOW EACH OTHER on the Hogwarts Express on the first day they met. Rose is looking for cracks in their facades; she suspects that the fact that they all wear glasses is intended to help hide the lies in their eyes

More updates will be forthcoming, and hopefully the story should be moving on a little more soon

thanks again guys you are ~MAGICAL~

we need an artist!


Sweet Pockets and Hella Monsters is a Pokémon-Homestuck mashup fan adventure, and  it is in need of a HELPER! Or, really, just a… a person who can make some pictures.

There’s not very many panels in this fan adventure and none of them need to be animated or detailed really! I mean, look at the ones we have up. There is not a high professionalism standard going on. You don’t have to spend more than 10 or 15 minutes on one panel if you dont want to.

If you’re interested drop me a line at hamdrax (at) gmail (dot) com! I already have a lot of the adventure written up. :3 I care less about whether you can draw well and more about if you’re willing and able to do panels in a semi-timely fashion, I guess? As long as you can sort of tell what is going on in the pictures I REALLY DONT CARE if you draw it with a pencil stuck up your nostril.

happy valentine’s day

sorry about the dearth of updates lately, between being ill and settling into a new job I (tumblr user owlpellets) have had a bit of trouble getting myself into the swing of things

i promise we will be moving onto act 2 in the very imminent future

also here have some bonus john<>vriska

probably she has drawn both of them as pirates in wifebeaters holding hook hands on that valentine


It took longer to get to the ~end of act 1~ than I thought it would! I’d say I hope things will move faster from here onwards but … ok, I DO hope that.

But I cannot make any promises, so, LET’S HOPE. 

Also I cannot help but notice there are, like, over two thousand of you guys following this blog now? That’s a lot of people. I’m sort of struggling to deal with that figure. It doesn’t really seem feasible. But thank you! I am really glad people other than me and Hannah and some of our friends are actually interested in this, never mind like … two thousand whole people. Wow. I’m not even sure what size building you’d need to put that many people inside it. Wow! Ok moving on this is just getting silly

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for tracing those curtains from canon. I am sorry about my shitty traced curtains. But I dropped out of animation school for a reason, and that reason was that i never wanted to have to animate billowing fabric ever again. 

FINALLY, i would like to draw your attention to scribblywizards.tumblr.com, which is a blog I have made for keeping stuff like headcanon, worldbuilding, background details, fanart and answers to questions on! So if you have a question about GOSF you can ask it there instead of having to take it to my personal blog, now, which is great and should hopefully confuse people less! 

(You should ask questions, I like it when people do that.)

- Harry


i’m going to put them in a fancy ass numbered list, check this out

  1. I just updated Goblet of Sick Fires on AO3 with the part from Dave’s POV – a pretty brief section, but that felt like a good place to break off a “chapter”. If you’ve never checked GOSF out on AO3 you might want to just because the first chapter is a prologue set in the kids’ first year that foreshadows a lot of Plot Stuff! You are probably sick of me pointing this out and all of you have probably read it already, but i am determined to make sure
  2. I don’t post any answers to questions about GOSF on this blog! If you leave a question in the gobletofsickfires ask box, if I answer it it’ll be over on my personal blog (owlpellets) instead of this one, so you might want to keep an eye on the potterstuck tag on there if you’ve asked something. And if you have any questions, about the AU, the characters, something that happened in the fan adventure, anything at all! – you can ask them at my personal ask box
  3. Finally and most excitingly, I now have a COLLABORATOR, which is really cool because I’m lazy as fuck and it’s nice to be able to make someone else do stuff some of the time. My good buddy Hannah (tumblr user scarfmouse) has been responsible for some of the narration and conversations in the last couple of weeks! Since we are basically the same person there is no real way to tell who has written what, so i like to think this adds an element of mystery to proceedings.

THAT IS ALL FOR NOW! thank you…for reading….

Hey guys!

I probably should have done this sooner, but I’ve just started updating Goblet of Sick Fires on AO3.

If you haven’t checked out the prologue before, now would probably be a good time to do it! It contains a number of vital plot details, and it is also kind of funny.

Obviously I will still be updating this blog! I’m just going to be putting chunks of it on AO3 now and then for ease of perusin’, and also for font colours in dialogue. 


We’ve got like 500 followers up in here now, this is outrageous! I would draw a little celebratory picture or something but I’m in bed and my tablet isn’t in bed with me so you will just have to imagine one. Seriously, though, thank you, guys! I am completely bowled over by how many people are interested in this. I hope things don’t prove disappointing as they continue to unfold.

I have changed the title of this blog to reflect the selection of our glorious champion (and I am sorry to everyone who voted for other people! The tally was pretty damn close.)

Annnd if you have any questions about stuff like WHO IS DATING WHOM or WHO TEACHES DIVINATION or WHY CAN’T THEY HEAL TAVROS’S LEGS WITH MAGIC (no I’m kidding don’t ask that last one) feel free to go hurl them into the ask box of my personal tumblr, I will receive them with delight unless they are about healing Tavros’s legs with magic.


Hi guys! Just a heads up that I have a really hectic week ahead of me and so there probably won’t be any new GOSF until after the new year. Sorry about that!

ALSO: I know that the images on AO3 are down. I’m really sorry about that, too! Right now I dont at all have it in me to upload and replace 150 images, but I’ll get on it as soon as I can.

– Harry

Hallo chaps

Just a reminder, but if you have any questions about the Goblet of Sick Fires universe or characters or anything about it at all, please don’t put them in the ask box for this blog because I won’t answer them here!

If you do want to ask something, put it in the ask box of my personal blog!

You can do that here: owlpellets.tumblr.com/ask

I answer a fair amount of questions about GOSF over there and also talk about it quite a lot; you can look at that stuff under the ’potterstuck’ tag! (because i started posting about the AU before I named the actual adventure, and before the other potterstuck was named that)

thanks guys <3 <3