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The Killers are getting worse with every year, it saddens me.

Man, it’s gonna be long.
First of all, I respect your opinion and if you’re hoping that I will get mad and you’re here to see me saying ‘bullshit you fucker you know nothing The Killers are perfect and you go and die’ then I must disappoint you. ✌
The Killers are everything but to ME. I’m not trying to convince the whole world to like them. But they achieved so much that I admire them for 10 years of dedication, making beautiful music, playing unforgettable gigs literally everywhere.
They played at freaking Wembley, toured in Asia, did an absolute bombastic performance at RAH, did an unstaged show with fanpics on bigscreens and many more. And I’m just so grateful that they stayed normal, just damn normal and kind. I wouldnt.
In my opinion they’re changing, not getting worse. I don’t want a band that has 5 same albums - with the killers we have so many different stages. We has synth HF, nostalgic rock Sam’s Town, positive and encouraging to dance d&a and powerful and majestic battle born. We had glam, gold suits, feathers, leather jackets and Levi’s madness. I was never let down, I was never bored.
I guess this bad chose me and that’s why I see them like this. If you don’t, then too bad but I love them with my whole heart.
I’m so sorry it’s so long ehh