Once you begin to see everything beautiful as only a reflection of God’s beauty, you will learn to love in the right way: for His sake. Everything and everyone you love with be for, through and because of Him. The foundation of such love is God. So what you hold onto will no longer be just an unstable feeling, a fleeting emotion. And what you chase will no longer be just a temporary high. What you hold, what you chase, what you love, will be God: the *only* thing stable and constant. Thereafter, everything else will be through Him. Everything you give or take or love or don’t love, will be by Him. Not by your nafs. It will be for Him. Not for your nafs.

Yasmin Mogahed

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Here’s a picture of me since I liked it! Also, two people who pretty much define all the things I love about this little corner of the Internet tagged me for some questions, so here we go, @mountain-hearted and @fatbastich:

1. Above are some of the songs I turned up super loud on the drive to my mom’s house yesterday–this has been my go-to Pandora station since high school. So, no real current song obsessions…just some old ones. 😊
2. Best part of my summer so far? I would say our Malaysia trip!! If I were being more specific, that tub out over the ocean and morning walks on the beach collecting shells! Most looking forward to: Germany trip in 8 days!
3. Biggest irrational fear? Stepping on a sea urchin…I’m also afraid of unstable heights, but I don’t think that one is irrational. 😉
4. Favorite superhero? Wolverine, the X-Men was one of the few cartoons I ever watched as a kid.
5. Favorite adult beverage? Sometimes wine, sometimes a margarita, and sometimes a pina colada–depends on my mood and the occasion!
6. Favorite burger topping? Jack cheese, avocado, and pico–so delicious!
7. Favorite style of music? Depends on my mood, but it has to have words–I find classical music grating. (Awful, I know!)
8. Morning ritual? Most days…hit snooze then run around just trying to get ready and take care of the pets and Conner. On a good day…linger over breakfast and coffee and read.
9. Favorite season? Fall for the weather and the kick off of my whole string of favorite holidays!
10. Most unique family tradition? Yard Olympics: a series of outdoor games we compete in when we’re all together.
11. One thing from my past I wish I could change? I hate to be cliché, but I really do think my past has helped make me who I am, and since I’m really happy with my life, I wouldn’t want to risk changing anything.
12. Which fictional character would I like to sit down for a drink with? Morrie from Tuesdays with Morrie.
13. What would I drive with no monetary or space limitations? I guess some sort of smaller SUV? Or maybe a jeep? I really know nothing about cars…I’m sure Conner would have tons of ideas for me, though. 😉

i’m dealing with someone’s death that i never expected to happen. i was feeling mentally unstable these past few days and now, it feels like someone ripped my heart out and crushed it but i’m still here alive. it hurts.

Hastings a Family Secret

What if Peter and Veronica lied? What if Jason wasn’t Peter’s son? What if there was a third Hastings child, born between Spencer and Melissa, and this child-Bethany- was a product of an affair between Peter and Mary Drake?

Let’s say that Peter was able to keep this a secret for awhile, until Mary Drake had to go back to Radley. Charles went to live with Jessica, but what about Bethany?

Peter had no choice but to come clean to Veronica, and although heartbroken, she agreed to let Bethany live with them.

Bethany, only being a year or two old at the time, grew up believing that Veronica was her actual Mom.

However, it wasn’t too long before Bethany started to show signs of being unstable. Spencer remembers someone sticking up for her on the playground… That was actually Bethany. Spencer remembers things about Radley that she shouldn’t be able to… She may have been taken to Radley to visit Bethany when she was younger. Melissa has been sworn to secrecy.

This would also explain why the Hastings flipped out when Spencer’s behavior was weird. They began to wonder if it wasn’t just Mary’s gene playing a role in Bethany’s behavior.

This would also explain why Bethany though Jessica was having an affair with her father (Peter). Perhaps this was Mary. It would also explain why Jessica asked Bethany to call her Aunt Jessica, or that Mary was pretending to be Jessica in order to spend time with her daughter.

BONUS TWIST THEORY- Again, Jason is not Peter’s. Instead Spencer and Bethany are twins, and Mary’s. Spencer remembers Radley because she was born there. Same basic theory though- Peter had to come clean to Veronica, and Veronica agreed to take the twins in. Bethany started acting out, which is why she ended up in Radley.

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How would the 2p! Axis and Allies react to their s/o because very insecure of their bodies and not wanting be intimate with them because of it?

2p America: He would assure you that he loved you and every part of your body, but definitely wouldn’t force you into doing anything.

2p England: He would understand completely, and would essentially do exactly what Allen does.

2p China: He would be a bit shocked, but would reassure you that it was completely fine.

2p France: He would definitely be a little disappointed, and the relationship may be a little unstable, but he would try and get over it.

2p Russia: It wouldn’t bother him at all, as he is completely fine (and even prefers) having a relationship without sex.

2p Canada: See Allen

2p Italy: He’d understand and would try not to bring it up or joke about it, and would make sure that you were comfortable and still felt like a god/goddess/holy entity idk what else to say honestly

2p Germany: He’d assure you that you’re fine and would make sure that you didn’t think too lowly of yourself, working on keeping your spirits up.

2p Japan: A bit disappointed, but would assure them that he did not mind and that a relationship doesn’t need to be based on sex.

2p Romano: Would treat you like royalty after you told him, not liking that you’re not comfortable with your body, and especially not around him. But he doesn’t mind that you don’t want to get intimate, he just thinks that you do not trust him.

2p Austria: See Romano

2p Prussia: He understands completely, it definitely wouldn’t be a problem at all.

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In the beginning, I used to think Briana was just some vapid, dumb girl who wanted fame. But after observing her, I literally think she's just a terrible person. She rarely holds her baby, only uses the words like: 'I' and 'me', tries to play victim when she's literally closeting someone. Even if you don't believe that, then she trapped a famous guy and now has gone psycho, using his child against him because he won't be with her. I just worry for louis' sake because she's impulsive + unstable.

i just think her and olivia are powertripping on their last gasps of fame. 

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The song drabble based on melanie martinez' song teddy bear with lucifer?

There was something about him. Something broken, but not shattered. You did your best to help him through his issues. You put your heart and soul into bandaging those old wounds. It seemed to work for a time.

And then the dam broke.

Lucifer showed another side of himself. Angry, unstable, frightening. You had never feared him, despite who he was- what he was. You loved him, but now? Now you were scared of him.

“I need you to leave.” You told him, your voice firm, even though you were shaking inside. “I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

His eyes pierced through you before he stormed out without a word. As the door slammed shut, you jumped, tears flowing down your cheeks.

Three weeks later, he was back. Why? Why come back? You froze in your door when you saw him sitting calmly on your couch, a smug grin on your face. “What are you doing here?”

He stood and strode over to you, his finger tracing your jaw as his eyes met yours. Not a word was shared between you, but you swore he could hear your heart hammering in your chest. When he walked out behind you, you let a shaking sob out.

Los Angeles.

We still live in a world where the workplace thesaurus lists “meltdown” and “unstable” as alternatives for “woman passionately disagreeing”. Here’s hoping the next generation burns that shit to the ground.

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In response to the vocals anon I also just wanted to say this. Jimin to me seems like he has a lot of confidence issues? He's better now than he was before but it's still there. (Ever since he dyed his hair again, it's like he lost a bit of his 'spark'). Also most of the time he tries to make his voice sound deeper than it is. Unfortunately, combined with the fact he's usually front and center for their roughest choreo, this makes his voice a bit unstable. Shame, since he has such a pretty voice

Basically i want Jiminie to love his high pitched voice as much as we do cuz damn i could listen to this kid talk for days.

I agree. Jimin has such a beautiful voice. Jungkook is perfect as a vocal. He can literally do anything and he sounds amazingly beautiful. He’s perfect. But Jimin and Tae have such a unique voice to me. Jimin’s tone is so distinct. And when he sings he’s so filled with passion. You can hear it in his voice. But yes he has a lot of confidence issues. i feel that even though Jungkook is hard on himself he knows he can sing. He’s confident with his voice and his abilities. Jimin is not at all when it comes to his voice. I don’t know about the hair thing. I feel like his orange/red hair definitely made him stand out and that boosted his confidence, but I think thats all. He still has the spark. I just think that he was very aware that his Dope hair had all eyes on him. He even said it himself. So changing his hair I’m sure he felt like he was getting less attention whether thats true or not, so it effected him mentally even if his popularity didnt change. And yes that 3:33 Jimin video even showed that Jimin seems to be in the center during point choreo/the highlights of the song and people know it. I feel like his dancing would suffer if he focused more on his singing during the chorus. And i don’t want that. His passionate dancing is what draws people in. 

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How did you determine the different heights?

There are two main factors in the size of a fusion: the sizes of the fusers and the nature of their relationship. 

The size-of-the-fusers rule is pretty straight forward; the bigger the gems fusing are, the bigger the fusion will be, and vice versa. 

The nature-of-the-relationship rule gets more complicated and more open to interpretation. This is basically that gems with louder and more explosive personalities will make bigger fusions (at least that’s how I see it; like I said, this one is very much up to the artist), as well as more unstable or evil fusions being bigger (Malachite and Lepidocrocite). 

I’ll discuss more about creating fusions in my upcoming series of fusion design tutorials, but that’s it for now! Have fun fusing!