Lookbook video of Japanese brand UNSQUEAKY of the spring summer 2011 collection.

started messing around with the erhu my dad gave me and here are my first instrument impressions:

  • very civilized posture, none of this “holding both arms at shoulder height” thing and the bowing motion feels extremely natural and fluid
  • I can’t pluck this, so unfortunately I can’t learn note placement as quietly as I could with the violin (sorry neighbours)
  • tuning is SO delicate. I dunno if the pegs are always this creaky but it was a struggle getting the turns gentle enough
  • I don’t know how tight the bow is supposed to be but I can make an unsqueaky noise with it so I’ll go with this?
  • oh god there’s no fingerboard so you can change the pitch depending on how hard you press, not only where you press. ack

very excited to start lessons in october! if nothing else, having a place to practice where I’m not super self conscious about being too loud would be good. though I just have elevator shafts on the work/living side of my apartment, and my bathroom and bedroom separate me from the next unit on the other end, so hopefully I’m not making anybody too mad if I play during the day…