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AU where Eren Jaeger is a very in demand Model and Levi is the No Name Band Lead Singer. 

These are the posters put up by each other, with No Name promotional poster in the middle on one of the three infamous advertisement walls that everyone in the city passes by called Wall Rose. 

Eren Jaeger is promoting his Attack on Music headphones line that comes with three colors, the Color me Eren blue, green and yellow

Levi, being the face of No Name, is promoting the first large scale concert No Name is having since their official debut, named Color Blind Concert Tour in countries with major fanbases. 

In the AU, Eren is a huge fan of No Name, the nondescript band that nobody but locals know although the band does post unsponsored Music Videos in youtube. By then, Eren is already gracing covers of major Fashion Magazines and was known as the unconventional yet beloved model with a short temper and the largest fanbase through social networking. His avid and enthusiastic love for No Name had fans wondering, with him dropping the names in his twitter accounts and pictures in instagram that No Name soon found itself a huge fanbase that really loved them, spurred by Eren’s name dropping.

Eren inspired the Color Blind concert with his Color me Eren line on Attack on Music, earning him a VIP seat in concerts that he does attend.


Eren would’ve been a dork about No Name, tweeting stuff like “Rewatching all of No Name’s music videos all afternoon is my kind of a day-off” or putting up photos in instagram with him wearing bandages on his eyes and accidentally starting a fad.

Then when No Name finally signs a contract, he’ll be the loudest in twitter and when he finally sees Levi all his enthusiasm drops because damn was Levi hot and he can’t get his usual words out and he’ll end up calling “Sir!” while blushing. Then Levi all amused will whisper in his ear, “Thank you for the patronage.”

Note: I deleted the first one since one of the posters was a bit incomplete. Sorry >.<