Mickey was used to be called Lucky. But his life seems to be littered with sad and unfortunate events. So we changed his name to Mickey - Luckless Mickey. We’ve been helping him with all of his ailments, but now we need help so we can keep doing that. 

Mickey’s story is nearly unbelievable - born 2009, he used to have a home of his own. Then, a couple of years later, he disappeared. That is, per his previous owner - we assume he was stolen for breeding, being an unspayed Shih Tzu. His owner then declared him dead.
Fast forward to some weeks ago. A dirty, raggedy Mickey was found wandering the streets of Tel Aviv. Captured and brought to our shelter, we began unearthing his odd life story.
We contacted Mickey’s previous owner, who was completely uninterested in getting him back, and quickly signed a concession form and emailed it to us. It was sad, but honestly, we preferred finding Mickey a new home that’ll give him all the care and love that he deserved.
A few days later, during a veterinary check, a small pimple was found on Mickey’s eye eyelid, causing some irration. The vet recommended it to be removed in a simple operation, during his spaying, which was due a few days later. A couple of days after that, the vet phoned us and asked us to see how Mickey’s doing. That quick check, after closing hour, when a couple of staff members just happened to be there, turned out to be crucial.
Mickey’s right eye was fine. His left eye, on the other hand, had a terrible ulcer in it. An ulcer that appeared over the course of a few hours - it wasn’t there earlier. It was found out by pure luck.
Then came a busy night, dedicated to fighting to save Mickey’s eye. If he didn’t get surgery right away, he’d certainly lose it. Luck was not on our side - the surgery was very complicated, and all eye vets were not available. After exhausting hours or stressful phone calls, it was decided to preform a surgery where the eye would be temporarily covered and protected from further harm. That is until it could be fully treated the day after that.
The emergency fix was a success, and so was the eventual full surgery. It seemed that we could finally be at rest - Mickey especially. But it wasn’t so.
Mickey had begun to develop a cough - a terrible, loud cough that would make fosters homes hesitate from taking him in until he recovers. That is in addition to his eye pains and his tendency to cry loudly. Poor Mickey was dragged along for further medical checks. There was some difficulty in finding out the exact cause of the cough, but eventually, after he went through a bronchoscopy check, the cause was cleared - Mickey suffers from a complicated case of collapsed trachea - it only collapses when he coughs, seemingly due to some allergic reaction. And because of his post-eye surgery medication, that cough cannot be treated yet.

Mickey is truly unlucky. During the entire medical process he even lost a home - an adopter that was fully willing to take him in, but withdrew when his health declined. But we’re not giving up on him.

We need help covering the costs of Mickey’s medical procedures, as well as the special pension where he resides until he heals. We got him the help he needed as fast as we could - waiting for funding first is never an option. So Mickey is already recieving the best care we can get him. But now we need help covering those costs, as we have about 40 other animals to take care of in our shelter.

You can donate to our fundraiser here. Even if we go over our goal, every bit will go towards helping making Mickey as comfortable as possible. Even if you can’t donate yourself, please reblog and help spread the word around! That provides huge help, too.

Under the cut is another photo of Mickey, and another one from after his eye surgery. Be advised that it is quite graphic.

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