15 more clients you will meet in veterinary medicine

1. The I have no money to pay any of these vet bills but I keep rescuing animals client.

2. The 80 year old with dimentia that really shouldn’t be caring for another living creature client.

3. The I googled his symptoms and he has a super rare disease client.

4. The stoner who is freaking out about his stoned dog but wont admit to any drugs being in the house client.

5. The I just want antibiotics for my 14 year old unspayed dog with obvious signs of a uterine infection client.

6. The angry and combative client.

7. The disinterested in any medical advice you give client.

8. The my dog bites but I won’t warn you about it because I don’t want you to think baldly about me client.

9. The I cry each and every time I have to drop off my dog/cat for anything, even routine surgery or a blood draw client.

10. The I refuse to control my small children even though they are actively interfering in the exam and about to get bit client.

11. The I am afraid of my pet client.

12. The let me hold he only likes when I hold client.

13. The I am friends with the owner and I want a discount from another doctor client.

14. The I can get this same procedure done on me at a human hospital for less client.

15. The I wasn’t listening to anything you told me at discharge and now I am going to call back an hour later and have the whole thing explained to me again, and then call back the next day because I wasn’t listening during the first phone call client.

BONUS: The I can come in any time for an appointment except for the 20 options you just gave me client.

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I've noticed that in Spain where there are many street dogs/homeless dogs, the majority of them seem to be similar in breed, even though they're all mixed. Could this be some sort of "average" dog? Instinctually, my guess is that those dogs that survive into adulthood in homelessness are also kind of a healthy breed, is there anything to that? Question tax: came for similar to wadtt, stayed for fascinating in depth discussion of fantasy anatomy

With a feral dog population, the phenotypes probably do trend toward an ‘average’ dog with some regional variation. The genepool will be most heavily influenced not only by those dogs that are best at surviving, but those that are best at evading spay/neuter programs.

Depending on their location and food source, while you would expect multi-generation street dogs to be reasonably well adapted to their local environment, they may not necessarily be the ‘healthiest’ example structurally or genetically. Putting aside all the diseases and conditions that can afflict a dog living with no veterinary attention, think about where they get their food from.

Feral dogs are not really hunters. They’re more scavengers. They often congregate around tips and human settlements.

Now, if you see street dogs begging for food, which ones are you most likely to feed? My guess would be:

  • The cutest ones,
  • or the ugliest, hardest done by, most pitiful ones.

These types of dogs may have a survival advantage because they receive more food based on their appearance. Which strategy is more successful will depend on the human population.

It’s also possible for a single male who has evaded the local spay/neuter program to happily inseminate a large portion of the unspayed female population in a given year, resulting in many of these dogs being half-siblings.

So there are a few extra factors at play with street or feral dogs, because even though they’re unowned humans are still heavily influencing them.

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Hello there! I'm really starting to love Japanese Spitzes due to Luna. Does she shed a lot because I might be thinking about getting one in the future, though I think they aren't really common in the U.S so if the opportunity does not come up, American Eskimo it is (I heard they're the same).

You’ll always see some hairs ofc, but weekly brushing keeps shedding to a minimum. Luna is unspayed and blows coat in time with her heat cycles, which means most of the time she’s a fluffy lil lovable marshmallow, and twice a year you’ll find yourself on the floor for two weeks straight, weeping. You’ll have forgotten the original color of your furniture, clumps of white fur lining the inside of your trachea and eyeballs and you just want it to be over, please, dear god, just let it be over

American spitz are pretty much the same thing! There’s more variety in size and possibly type, but the breeds are related and have the same purpose, which is being sassy and cute and pointy. And fluffy.

I always see those cute before and after adoption posts so I thought I’d share my mom’s dog. On the left is the first day we brought Nanook home from the kennel and on the right is 3 years later! 

Nanook was found in a locked shed with 6 other puppies (DNA testing said they weren’t even her siblings). Their fur was stained with their urine and they were terrified. She was already 5 months old by the time she was rescued, so it took her nearly a month before she even began to walk around the house by herself. She is still very afraid of men and cars, but loves to play fetch and swim! Cases like Nanook’s are why it is so important to adopt, because breeding is the cause of dogs falling into neglectful hands and generations of unspayed dogs dying on the streets. Her DNA results proved that she was 80% pure Siberian Husky and 20% mixed Bloodhound. I can only imagine what her story was.  

ok vegans

I get you BUT

-using wool IS NOT “EXPLOITING ANIMALS” have you seen what happens if you don’t shear sheep?!

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That is. that poor thing is probably suffering not only from joint pain and horrible heat, but any and every wound underneath that massive coat will get nastily infected and possibly infested.

And then there is honey. BEES DON’T HAVE A LEGIT BRAIN. It’s literally a node of neurons. They have NO CONCEPT of being exploited (just like sheep tbh). Eating honey helps bees, it pays for their medicine, lets the stocks flourish. There is such a thing as having too much honey in bee stocks. 

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So eat honey, support our bees!!

Look, a black and white view on the world (also called ideology) has never led to something good. Look at all those idiots trying to keep a vegan cat or dog. THAT IS CRUELTY. That is EXPLOITATION. Idk what is up with those people blaming someone for having a spoon of honey while having a lonely budgy rotting away in a cage next to a lonely unspayed bunny and a dying vegan cat. That is animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is domestic.

Sincerely, a (vegetarian) veterinarian who has treated farm animals and pets alike and found a hundred times more abused dogs than sheep.

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Christ, I wonder if somebody would call me an abuser because we got our dog neutered.

She obviously has not studied anything about neutering or spaying. Animals have been shown to be much more gentle and well behaved AFTER being fixed, and its not becaues “Well they couldn’t handle them!” Dum-Dum, you try handling a Great Dane who’s unneutered or unspayed and their ‘heat’ is pure hell to deal with.
Male dogs can get aggressive if they smell a bitch in heat, that’s why they get fixed. Even our gentle dog Jersey went to this before he was fixed.

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What sounds do bunnies make

Peachie says:

“Bunnies are mostly silent animals!! Most of the noises they make aren’t from their mouth, but instead physical stuff like thumping their back feet, digging or chewing. :P

But rabbits do have some rare vocalisations:

Tooth Purring: The rabbit lightly grinds or chatters its teeth to show great pleasure and comfort; often happens when being petted or about to doze off to sleepyland. But loud, crunching tooth grinding can indicate they are in pain.

Growling: You have a seriously grumpy rabbit if they do this!! Most common with territorial unspayed female rabbits (my old bunny would growl at everyone except me who passed her hutch LOL). There may be lunging along with the growling.

Grunting / Honking: Normally done by unneutered horny male buns!! But some rabbits also do it from excitement or eagerness; for example, this bunny is very excited to see their owner return.

Groaning: More vocal rabbits do this to express disapproval- often followed immediately by a grumpy thump. For example this famous bunny groans then immediately thumps every time his owner has the audacity to stop petting him. Pudding does this same “groan-then-thump” when she is unhappy about something, eg after getting her claws trimmed.

Screaming: Very rare occurence. A rabbit will only emit this high-pitched scream when it is truly terrified for its life or in a sudden great amount of pain. :(

There are a few more covered on BunnyHugga here.”

Hey guys, I really need help out with my rabbit’s vet bills and it’d be super cool if you could spread the word about her.
“I adopted my rabbit Toast on December 1st from an online listings site called Kijiji.ca. I had gotten her to befriend my other rabbit since they live better and more happily in pairs. I was told she was fixed by her previous owner so I wasn’t worried about uterine cancer (something that happens in over 50% of unspayed female rabbits). I’ve gotten extremely attached to her and a few days ago while urinating she let out a bloody discharge and I knew right after that she wasn’t fixed and had uterine cancer. I brought her in the vet for some x-rays and tests, then finally the surgery and luckily the cancer hasn’t spread anywhere else than her uterus at that point so she was just spayed on the spot. In addition to that, she was never fed hay in her life before (which rabbits need unlimited amounts of) and developped a bad teeth problem. She needs to have her teeth surgery in a month or less because it starts causing really really bad sores in her mouth and becomes extremely painful. The problem is, I’m having trouble paying the 400$+ from her spay and all the tests and until I can pay that, she can’t have the teeth surgery which will be around 175$. So, I’m just asking for a little help. I always do my best to educate people on house rabbits and help them understand their pet more. If you can’t donate, spread the word. Toast is a perfect example of neglected rabbits all over the world. Only because she wasn’t spayed and fed hay she encountered all these problems.”
If you can’t donate, reblogging/sharing this would be amazing tysm!!

Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs need your help, people of Miami!

They were found by a friend and need to be adopted! I can only foster them for so long. I have a couple of people interested, but they’re not completely sure and I would like to find them homes ASAP.

I assume them all to be American Shorthair, although James has a much fluffier coat and a wiry undercoat so they could be mixed or something IDK I’m not very good at this??

In order:

Remus. Male. Black and white.

Peter. Male. Brown and black tabby.

Sirius. Female. Black.

James. Male. Brown and black tabby.

They’re about 3-4 weeks, I think? Still on formula. Should start weaning soon. House-training is in progress and they’ve caught onto using those diaper pads well enough, though litterbox training has just started. Unspayed and have no shots, unfortunately. But clean and flea/tick free, as well as very healthy. Remus had an issue with his eye but it’s healed. At most you have to clean away excess eye boogies.

Please contact me if you think you are seriously able to adopt one. I’ve had experiences before where there were too many maybes and people flaked out. 

If you live in Miami-Dade county or even Ft. Lauderdale (shit, even farther but we’d have to meet halfway) and you either think you can adopt and maintain a kitten or know someone who can then please reblog and signal boost this post!

Message me with your first and second choice of kitten. This is because I am waiting on answers from other people so I might not be able to confirm your choice until the weekend. And feel free to ask for more photos and more details!

EDIT: This post already has like 70 notes and I’m an idiot and wasn’t specific enough about the time constraints. I only have a week, maybe two, to foster these kittens. If no one can take them in a week, a friend of mine will take them to a trusted no-kill shelter near her. If someone is certain they can take them, I’m sure my parents will allow me to keep them for longer while I arrange to meet up with that person. Please, don’t see this as something alarmist. I would rather you take time to consider whether or not you can truly and without issue adopt and raise a kitten rather than rush to take one because you think they may be dead within a week. That won’t happen. Think carefully, but keep in mind that I’m running on limited time.

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Imagine if like it turns out that Alfred the cat isn't a neutered tom, but an unspayed female and comes home pregnant. At first, it's like, is the cat getting fat? Then the cat disappears and is found with six little furballs.

hahaha awwww Damian totally starts calling her Alfie instead, and then name the cats after people he likes. So. Anything but Tim. Steph and Cass get preference over Tim or Jason. Clark gets one. Diana and Dinah probably get one. He’s too embarrassed/flustered to name any after Dick or Bruce, though, so he might do middle names or something, to make it less obvious. Or names them after things his two dads like. Justice and…something Dick likes that isn’t cereal, haha.