Hey guys, I really need help out with my rabbit’s vet bills and it’d be super cool if you could spread the word about her.
“I adopted my rabbit Toast on December 1st from an online listings site called Kijiji.ca. I had gotten her to befriend my other rabbit since they live better and more happily in pairs. I was told she was fixed by her previous owner so I wasn’t worried about uterine cancer (something that happens in over 50% of unspayed female rabbits). I’ve gotten extremely attached to her and a few days ago while urinating she let out a bloody discharge and I knew right after that she wasn’t fixed and had uterine cancer. I brought her in the vet for some x-rays and tests, then finally the surgery and luckily the cancer hasn’t spread anywhere else than her uterus at that point so she was just spayed on the spot. In addition to that, she was never fed hay in her life before (which rabbits need unlimited amounts of) and developped a bad teeth problem. She needs to have her teeth surgery in a month or less because it starts causing really really bad sores in her mouth and becomes extremely painful. The problem is, I’m having trouble paying the 400$+ from her spay and all the tests and until I can pay that, she can’t have the teeth surgery which will be around 175$. So, I’m just asking for a little help. I always do my best to educate people on house rabbits and help them understand their pet more. If you can’t donate, spread the word. Toast is a perfect example of neglected rabbits all over the world. Only because she wasn’t spayed and fed hay she encountered all these problems.”
If you can’t donate, reblogging/sharing this would be amazing tysm!!


Lil Bit was turned into the shelter, injured and neglected.  We were called to save her from being put down.  We plan to treat her numerous problems and eventually adopt her out to the loving home she deserves!

is about 1-1 ½ years old.  She weighs 2.1 lbs.  She is unspayed and, unfortunately heartworm positive.

Both her front legs were broken and have healed untreated,  They are close to useless.  On a good note, she does have feeling in her toes.

Her journey with us will be long and expensive!  She needs to be treated for heartworms, spayed and see a specialist to see how her front legs can be repaired.

Lil Bit is a happy, loving girl in spite of all the cards stacked against her!  Her courage is inspiring!  Any amount donated will go directly to her vet bills and after care.  Please help her, any amount is appreciated!

Please donate to help save this little chihuahuas life and if you cant donate please reblog this to spread it around to raise money for her treatments.

TO BE DESTROYED http://nyccats.urgentpodr.org/maxine-and-kittens-a1093753-a1093754-a1093755-a1093756/

MAXINE AND KITTENS - A1093753 A1093754 A1093755 A1093756

***TO BE DESTROYED 10/19/16*** HEALTHY 7 WEEK OLD KITTENS TOBY, WYETH AND JULIAN WERE JUST BROUGHT TO THE SHELTER YESTERDAY AND IN 24 HOURS THE SHELTER IS KILLING THEM FOR NO REASON!! When are the people of NYC going to say “enough is enough”! The owner of these kittens and mom, MAXINE A1093753 who is not listed tonight- dumped them JUST YESTERDAY for “having too many pets”! Well, of course we see an unspayed female with kittens! No wonder he had too many. But rather than finding these adorable babies a home on his own, he brought them to the kill happy ACC. The ACC doesn’t care if you bring a cute, healthy 7 week old kitten in – if they feel like killing it – they do! And they have! These sweet kittens were said to like to sleep in bed with their owner, follow their owner around, and have a high activity level – which is totally normal for kittens! They are very sweet and easy to handle but because they are under 8 weeks old and 2 lbs they must be pulled by a rescue for a foster. WHO OUT THERE HAS A SPARE ROOM OR SPOT IN THEIR HOME FOR THREE ADORABLE KITTENS AND THEIR MOM CAT TOO? PLEASE OFFER TO FOSTER NOW. FOSTERING WILL SAVE 3 LIVES AND YOU CAN BE A HERO! PLEASE EMAIL HELPCATS@URGENTPODR.ORG FOR RESCUE CONTACT INFO. Please Share: