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ah srry if im being a bother but i saw some tags on one of your posts & u said tht david jay wasnt cishet? ah, what exactly does he ID as? i always thought he was just sum yucky cishet white dude tryna strongarm his way into the community?

Apparently he’s bisexual? People claim to have reciepts from a video interview he did but I genuinely can’t be fucked to watch his videos and confirm it. I’d genuinely rather die than watch him speak but I know people have it.

Sure, he’s bi.

Okay, literally right as I was about to click publish I went “tiredofcishets, you ass, you have to get a source on this. You don’t do unsourced information.”

So, I found the video. Lmao. In this video, he says that asexuality is fairly accepted in society and more relevant to your question:

At a 3:35, David Jay states you can be straight and ace, gay and ace, and that he is attracted 80% to women, 20% to men.

So, yeah, he is bi.

But can I say, when David Jay said “you can be asexual and straight” my brain immediately went: