A friendly reminder

to our growing fandom:

  1. Please do not post fanart without artist permission & proper credit. Why? Basic respect — the art is not yours. If the artist wants it on Tumblr, it’s their call.
    {Zerochan & WeHeartIt are not proper sources as they pull from various sites.}
  2. Please do no reblog unsourced fanart. No need to contribute to the problem. 
    But how do I know if it’s unsourced? See this post. Or just do reverse Google image search.

    If the original artist is the one posting—reblog ✓
    If the artist gave permission to the poster—reblog ✓ 

One final note: this goes both ways. If you take fanart/edits from Tumblr and post them elsewhere, we will find you (ㆆ_ㆆ)
Most sites (including Tumblr) have a handy system in place to report nonattribution and the like (¬‿¬)
So there you go! Gee these emoticons are great.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I hope this isn't rude but the last Tsukikane art you reblogged was most likely unsourced/without permission as OP's blog is pretty much full of unsourced art.

Oh my gosh, you’re right. It’s hard to tell on mobile.

Thanks for letting me know, anon! And you’re not being rude - I really appreciate you telling me :)