Hello folks.
Former mod Lotus of Deviantartwhy here.
If you’re wondering what happened, and where we went, the blog was terminated.

We had a lot of fun with it. I’m sad that it’s gone. We built up this huge following of about 12,000 people and 27,000 posts, Many of our followers were very interactive with us. Hundreds of submissions a week.
Reveling in the silly shitstorms was a blast.
We were sniped by the tumblr police for “improper redistribution” or however it was worded in the email I received.
Meaning, we posted things unsourced. But having a blog like that is treading on thin ice a bit. Yes, we bended the rules a bit, but had we linked to the artists, at least some of those 12,000 would have followed those links to harass them. We did what we could to avoid that by censoring names and leaving out links.
What irritates me the most, isn’t even that our 4 years are gone, but that whatever pissbaby reported, they’re going to see this as a huge victory. kindlyfuckoffwiththatshitman

If I even attempt to remake the blog, under this account and email, I will be terminated immediately and irreversibly. I’d rather that not happen.
I may create a different blog to fill that void. But the subject matter will probably be different;

mechfrog asked:

i love seeing bad porn blogs weigh in on shit like this. dude getting his speech ready while reblogging shitty unsourced hentai. bless.

someone’s booty has been tickled 

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hey! well yeah, of course the I Heart [something] design is really old. just in this case, some time ago, jason (rothenberg) linked to your blog, actually, saying he loved it. then he retweeted an unsourced repost of your kane/indra drawing. and now that shirt company adds that print and someone says 'what we suggested'. so it looked like. they really liked that picture. and thought itd be cool. i just thought you should know!

I looked for it and that just made my day. thank you for telling me .

yall gonna be wearing my sketch of a shirt

Teman sejati adalah orang yang mengetahui cacat cela dirimu. Sungguh, teman yang demikian tidak akan pernah ada kecuali Allah yang Maha Mulia. Dan teman terbaik adalah yang senantiasa memperhatikan kepentinganmu, bukan untuk mempunyai kepentingan terhadap dirimu.


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Do we know anything about whether Hawkmoth's identity reveal is scheluled for season one?

ML’s French Wikipedia page says that it was mentioned in an interview that Hawk Moth would be revealed by the end of season one. However, it isn’t sourced, and I haven’t gone digging for said interview, so it isn’t quite verified.

Dalam urusan cinta, kita sangat jarang menang. Tapi ketika cinta itu tulus meskipun kalah, kita tetap menang. Hanya karena kita berbahagia dapat mencintai seseorang lebih dari mencintai diri kita sendiri.
—  <blockquote>

I don’t actually have strong feelings one way or another about Yaya Han but the “OMG SHE REQUIRES RASH CAUSING CHEMICALS TO BE ADDED TO HER FABRICS” posts are fucking ridiculous. Like, come on, people. None of y’all are the least bit suspicious that: 
1. Even though the fabrics are doubtless manufactured in the same factories and with the same processes as the other JoAnn’s fabrics, only hers have this mysterious “chemical” on them. 
2. The (even noted as unsourced by the OP!) claim that “Yaya requires them to add a chemical to the fabrics to keep the colors bright” is ridiculous on its face. Do you really think JoAnn’s a large corporation that surely has a flotilla of lawyers that advise them on all large business liability risk decisions, would just go “Ok, Yaya, add this Chemical X for brightness even though it hasn’t been safety tested! Surely no lawsuits will result!” 
3. The original FB post where the claims of rashes were made has now been mysteriously deleted and purged. Only screenshots of it remain. 
4. Why the hell are people acting like fabric not being machine washable is evidence of a conspiracy? Wools, silks, and spandexes are all not supposed to be machine washed. MJ Trends, a very reputable supplier, says on their website that their latex fabrics should never be machine washed or tumble dried or ironed. (Source: http://www.mjtrends.com/tutorial,Latex-care-guide) The claim that “at Joanna’s  (sic) (most) it says on the boxes ‘please do not wash or iron’ because Yaya didn’t warn anyone that her cosplay fabric is literally a giant cloth of chemicals and dyes that you can’t wash at all” is not only patently false (on the boxes it’s clearly printed “hand wash cold, non-chlorine bleach”), it doesn’t make sense. All synthetic fabric is quite literally “a giant cloth of chemicals and dyes”, that’s what rayon, spandex, polyester, and other artificial chemical fibers are. 
5. I think this post lays it out pretty well: https://www.facebook.com/TifaIACosplay/posts/968042329949713?hc_location=ufi
6. Even if this person did actually have an allergic reaction to the fabric, one person being allergic to synthetic fabrics is hardly proof that the whole line is OMG POISON DRIPPING WITH CHEMICALS.

Come on, guys. Even if you don’t like Yaya Han for whatever reason, don’t be a dipshit who passes around unsourced hysteria that doesn’t hold up to any kind of logical analysis just to smear her name. It’s ridiculous. If someone wants to critique the quality of the fabrics, I think that’s fair, but there’s a difference between “this isn’t a very good fabric for the price” and “YAYA IS SUCH A DIVA SHE’S ORDERING RASH CAUSING CHEMICALS TO BE PUT ON ALL HER FABRICS!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY, SHE’S POISONING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!” 

Important message

So yeah!! With the whole “i posted this like a month ago” incident i’d just like to bring this to everyones attention. Even though our shitposts are for the most part quick silly little joke drawings it really hurts to see our stuff go unsourced on other websites and only then be sourced when it is asked. Especially lying about when you posted it and all that jazz its just really insensitive. Ive also been finding a lot of cropping going on and that especially is honestly? A real dick move. I get you wanna share with your friends and you may think someone putting stuff on the internet makes it ok to just spread it around on sites alien to what it was only already posted on ((by the OPs, us)) but it doesnt!! For some people posting stuff it really hard and to have it stolen is really hard for them to deal with especially when the thief thinks they can wiggle their way out of the situation by being rude and claiming to have posted the picture before it was even drawn. At first when we saw our stuff going unsourced we kinda laughed it off like ohh dang woops but the more and more i see our pictures on other sites the more upset i get and yes, i may be harsh with initial commentary but im just genuinly not enjoying whats going on and i want it to stop

TL;DR please do not repost our pictures unsourced, or at all really

Saat aku merasa rindu

Ketika harus menahan rindu ini padamu
baru kumengerti beratnya merindu

Aku ingin menumpahkannya pada gerimis

Aku ingin meluapkannya pada udara
Yang tertumpuk hanya biru sendu

sungguh.. Denganmu bercerita apapun

Tapi tak pernah tentang kita
tentangku atau tentangmu

Tapi yg telah tercatat dilangit tak mungkin bisu
Pada jalanku, pada jalanmu
jika memang benar. Pasti akan berujung temu.

magelang, 8 maret 2014

About Reposting Art

Look, all I ask is that you receive permission from me first. If I say yes, awesome! Make sure to source and give credit.

HOWEVER, if I say no then I’m sorry but that is the end of it. I do not wish for it to be reposted. You should respect that.

Be polite. And reblog from the original source if you can. Plus, if this is Instagram PLEASE ask and receive permission first. This is someones livelihood and hobby that they love dearly. Don’t disrespect that. You’re not doing any good by spreading unsourced work I’m sorry but that’s just fact.

“I guess she thought you loved her. Maybe she thought that you actually cared. And, you know, it can be kind of disappointing when the people you love don’t give a fuck about you. You didn’t care. She was a hobby, to use when you got bored. You didn’t think of her as family, or even just a friend. Because you don’t abandon friends.”
-Claudia to Artie, about Vanessa