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A Summary of the Twitter Battle of Rob Benedict and 955 KLOS

It began with this:

A seemingly harmless radio interview with a ‘Stay or Go’ segment designed to give exposure to unsigned bands. 

Unfortunately, the show was helmed by notorious asshole Frank Kramer, who took it upon himself to inform Rob that he was a ‘bad singer’, among other things.

This, naturally, began a war between 955 KLOS and the SPN Family. Frank Kramer’s twitter was bombarded by outraged fans.

Soon, William Shatner, a fan himself and personal friend of many of the SPN cast, became involved.

Frank could not stand against the onslaught.

It soon became clear that the only way to end the war was to declare peace by having Rob back on the show.

Very graciously, Rob agreed.

As long as he could bring BFF Richard Speight Jr as backup.

The SPN forces waited with swords at the ready for the dreaded morn to come. Would they ever receive the apology that Rob so truly deserved?

Luckily for Frank Kramer and rest of the 955 KLOS crew, the SPN Family had their wishes fulfilled, and a full apology was given.

With Richard by his side, and the SPN Family at his back, Rob Benedict emerged from the battlefield triumphant. 

Nobody fucks with our boys.


Louis’ recent song tweet was about Bombay Bicycle Club.

I searched Google for their name and “unsigned” because the name sounds like an up-and-coming indie band to me… Anyway, I found this as the top result.

Now he has 4 follows since Jan 5th of Twitters that have “unsigned” clearly in the titles and descriptions. I know these follows started on Jan 5th because it was brand new that day and I saved a pic of the first two. That pic says it was saved to my computer on the 5th. 

He’s also been following other unsigned artists.  These are the ones since the 5th.

Assuming he found these because of the Twitters he followed, I looked through their posts since the 5th.  The Sykes follow from the uandimusicmag account was on the 6th.  The High Tyde tweet from bbcintroducing is/will have been on the 9th.

But he’s been following a slew of artists for a while too.  The follows below are the ones directly before the unsigned follows and since the Leeds follow.  I blacked out things that aren’t music-related.  Of note is that even though he tweeted about Bombay Bicycle Club on the 8th, he followed them earlier than the unsigned accounts.

That block from Bombay Bicycle Club to Mystery Jets sticks out pretty clearly, so I went to search those bands with “unsigned” as well.  All but one had the same blog, Unsigned & Unleashed, come up with articles. Most were right at the top.

The really interesting thing is that 2 sets of articles have basically the same date.  The same thing you might see if someone was scrolling through a blog.


I can’t say I know for certain what’s going on, but it seems like Louis could possibly have been reading through this Unsigned & Unleashed blog and discovering artists there.  Later on he followed some unrelated (until anyone discovers a connection) unsigned Twitters and started following artists that showed up on those feeds.  And finally he tweeted lyrics from Bombay Bicycle club.

Some other throwaway information is that Bloc Party had an album titled “Four” that was reported on in the blog.  Also, Louis seems to know/have some weird run-ins with Conor Maynard, the lead singer of The Vaccines.  Niall has also tweeted about Conor since Oct 2012 so they clearly know him a bit. (never mind this part, I had a brain fart, and while Louis and Niall do know Conor, he has almost nothing to do with The Vaccines)

What do we know?

  1. That Louis followed 7 band blogs consecutively, all but 1 of which appear on the blog Unsigned & Unleashed at some point.  This may have all happened in Jan or not. (EDIT: the follows were very likely all in 2015, timeline)
  2. That four different bands of that 7 band set have similar article dates on Unsigned & Unleashed.
  3. The bands from the 7 band blog set have been signed since the articles in Unsigned & Unleashed I think.  Or at least some of them have?  
  4. That Louis has chosen since Jan 5th to start following several Twitters that are very prominently labeled “unsigned”.
  5. That since following those “unsigned” blogs, Louis has also followed a few of the artists mentioned on them.
  6. That Louis tweeted song lyrics from Bombay Bicycle Club, and that if you search the band’s name and “unsigned” the first result is the Unsigned & Unleashed article.


  1. That I’ve spent several hours looking this stuff up.
  2. That Louis may have been browsing the Unsigned & Unleashed blog.
  3. That Louis appears to have gotten into unsigned bands. (although not all of his follows are currently unsigned)
  4. That Louis seems to be very prominently posting the word and concept of “unsigned” all over his Twitter.

If anyone wants to investigate links between the bands further, I noticed some recurring site names: whenthegramaphonerings, harmonixmusic, dailyunsigned.  

My final disclaimer is that I would assume a good number of bands start out unsigned and remain that way for a while since you generally have to work your way up in the music industry.  Also, any big or thorough blogs or sites reporting on unsigned bands are likely to mention all the popular ones at some point or another.

So, from one angle, it just looks like Louis got into an unsigned bands kick.  However, whether he likes unsigned bands or not isn’t really the point in the end.  The fact that “unsigned” is showing up all over his Twitter is.  Knowing how subtly blatant he can be at times, I’m personally inclined to think he may be trying to send a signal.