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A lil somethin somethin from the other night. Thanks to everyone there and @theviperroom for having us back. Such a fun night #bangfeatherbang @jemgthespaceman @ballmikeball @nick_chilli_haze #hollywood #theviperroom #losangeles #music #unsigned #band #guyswithstyle #guyswithtattoos #guyswithlonghair #boho #bohochic #indie #grunge #sweatpants #art #artist

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Here’s my brand new original “Don’t Need Proof Girl”, hope you like it!

“Don’t Need Proof Girl” - Chelsea_Skye

I can see in your eyes, that’s something on your mind

asked me to stay for a while, a while tonight

You said you want me to tell the truth,

but girl you don’t need proof, cause I already like you… (x2)


Sweetie I would never hurt you, 

cross my heart, not letting go

darling you’re my favorite person,

you already know, already know… (x2)

I’m not that great at romance,

but I’m really attempting to

you had me from the first tiny glance,

then you smiled and turned when I caught you…

Oh all these little things started to add up,

and I became comfortable around you

you’ve seen me at my best, you’ve seen me at my worst

yet you keep appearing by my side, and I’m so glad you do…

(Repeat Chorus)

You’re my favorite thing, 

feel so good like fall evenings

or an ocean’s breeze, feet in the sand

staring up at the galaxy

and in that galaxy, you’d only

of course be the brightest light,

and just like in person, I’d instantly smile at your sight…

(Chorus x2)

By Chelsea_Skye (10/4/2013)