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okay so I've been browsing ur TF:M blog and I <3 the concept, but i do have a question: i know youve written about the autobots' thoughts on humans, but do the decepticons have any specific thoughts on humans(both the main 3 and in general)? other than "disgusting squishies", I suppose.

Tiny sketches before bed as I answer questions!

For the most part, Decepticons try to ignore humans and avoid them as much as possible- after all, there’s eight Decepticons on one badly-damaged, limping warship, and as much as they would hate to admit it

Humans kinda have an advantage here. Home territory, and all that.

If anything would get humans to cooperate, it’s the potential of a unifying threat that happens to be giant alien robots, and they do not want to be on the bad side of humans because of this. Cybertronians are tough, and taking them down is hard- but they’re far from immortal and humans are real good at making weapons- and we’re getting better at it all the time!

Of course, they have all kinds of individual opinions on humans, that change as time goes on- they don’t interact with humans as much (cough cough not until MECH shows up at least) but they still get steeped in human cultures and information and when the thing you’re trying to get happens to be stuck inside a human body it means you need to know what you’re dealing with. The only humans they interact with for the most part are those they’re trying to avoid and the kids- and, well…

Spike Witwicky is 500% ready to throw down with anybody who threatens his little brother and although the Decepticons would never admit it to his face- the little squishy kinda reminds them of Megatron. Bold, fearless to the point of foolishness, intensely defensive of others around him. He sets an excellent example as their first in-depth interaction with the Human Race.

(Also hey! Skywarp and Thundercracker! Not that you can tell because they and Starscream are functionally identical when not colored) 

Definitely not something you’d want to say around Megatron, who has a rather deep-set phobia of organics that usually translates into disgust or disdain (which is pretty common among all cybertronians- even Autobots who’ll come to earth later are of the opinion that organics are gross and weird) but Humans can be particularly unsettling to him, in no small part because they almost look like Cybertronians in certain respects, and because he’s wary of inciting human backlash on Earth.

He does rather respect that humans are capable of being so bold and defensive, but still, keep those squishies like 8000000 cybermeters away from him at all time they’re clever and mean and gross and probably full of oils n’ blood it’s so gross you guys. 

Any actual interacting with Humans in a non-squishing-or-intimidating capacity is largely handled by Soundwave, who is pretty ambivalent about Humans. They make some good music, though, so they’re whatever in Soundwave’s book.

Lugnut, Barricade, and Flamewar are all of the certainty that Humans are stupid and annoying but fun to play with, and easy to break.

Pretty much every Decepticon can agree that humans have great media and they’re all entertainment junkies before long. I mean, there was a war going on, their planet died, there weren’t exactly a lot of sitcoms being filmed or albums being recorded- if there’s anything to be said for Earth it’s that it’s real entertaining! There’s no end to new material to consume and it fills up empty space. Not entertaining enough that they wouldn’t cyberform and colonize it, but like…entertaining.

The first time Starscream kidnapped a human (Spike) and was transporting them inside his cockpit they threw up and he spent hours washing himself out afterwards so understandably humans are gross as hell to him on an intensely personal level and he’s personally affronted that one would leak it’s internal substances all over his interior.

FUN FACT: Regardless of faction, Autobot or Decepticon, Cybertronians almost universally believe that humans (and other organics) don’t have souls. Which, to be fair, Cybertronian’s physically carry their soul around in the tiny magical suns that power their bodies, and humans OBVIOUSLY don’t have sparks so…clearly, organics are just soulless. I mean, they’re alive, but are they really people? Experts just don’t know.

It was Ryan’s first day at the animal shelter, and he was running late. He’d spilled hot coffee on himself  and had to change and then what normally would’ve been a ten minute drive took twenty, and by the time he walked through the door of the shelter, his once excited attitude began to fade. 

“I’m Ryan,” he said to the woman at the front desk. “I’m here to volunteer.”

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the Sad Dog Ghost

hey ya’ll, I’m shep and this is Henry, who’s half urban legend and half depressed yet endearing town drunk. on the occasions he’s found in the waking world as a human, he’s very approachable: kind and friendly. he’s most infamous for his terrifying hauntings on a long stretch of back-woods roads, in which he takes the form of a rather unsettling dog walking along the roadside. 

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