hi there! i have done one follow forever not so long ago but i have found some great blogs since then and that’s why i decided to do it once more! and i have just reached a number of followers i never thought i’d get! all of the blogs listed here are beyond amazing and the people behind those blogs are just as great! i may not have talked to many of you but i love your blogs and i really enjoy your presence on my dash! special thanks go to people who have managed to put up with me for more than 2 hours in real life, i love all of you and i hope to meet you again! the bolded ones are very special to me, both blogs and the owners. i really hope i didn’t forget anyone and if i did i am extremely sorry! the rest of the blogs i follow and really like can be found in my blogroll. thank you guys for being here, i love you all so much (✿◠‿◠)


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Since it is 2014 and my follower counter reached a number of 500 lovely souls, I’ve decided to make a follow forever. 

Thank you guys for making my dashboard a pretty place. I hope all of you will have an amazing year, full of success and joy. Each and every one of you is a beautiful person. Thank you for everything.

~11peterpanadizerosantrea ~ ballspielvereinborussiadortmunderjungs ~ hey-key ~ jessiemind ~ killthemoves ~ love-piszczekmarcohan ~ marcoreusisntgay ~ miasanrich ~ mina-bvb09moreawesomewithfootball ~ polishfootballplayers ~ tinylittlepretty ~  unserefarbenschwarzundgelb ~ wangxiangzhidi ~ wollscheid ~ yes-09  ~ yorune-baomi ~

PS I love you Bb.

the hell is this guy doing? Just found this on this on youtube, some guy is posting videos of gifs from tumblr (made by marcohan, 11peterpan, unserefarbenschwarzundgelb) and uploading it without credit - at least he/she left the watermarks on but honestly wtf 

pls don’t do this… my gifs have been stolen before, but I have never seen a video of gifs… at least ask the original gifmaker first for permission or get the original video footage!!! 

lI was tagged by mars-20 Grazie !! :D

-Who is your favorite player?  write only one name.. is difficult.

- Sexiest Player? Mesut Ozil :D

- Ugliest player? Modric .. Don’t hate me!

- Player that you hate? .. I don’t know

// Favorite Team and Team that you never will support //

- La Liga: Real Madrid -
- PL:
- Premier Ligue Arsenal
- Serie A: AC Milan - Juventus
- Bundesliga: Borussia Dortmund -

- Favorite football moment: World Cup(9 Luglio 2006) !! :D

- Sad football moment: Marco’s Injuries

- Did you see your favorite team in stadium? Yesss ! :)

- Did you see your favorite player in live? No :(

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