I hit 750 followers, OMG I can’t believe it!!!

So, here comes my FOLLOW FOREVER
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Thanks for everything again!
Sending love to each and everyone of you!

ps don’t think what, you don’t follow me, yes I do! this is just my side blog, which is much bigger than my main one (@onlinemouse)



oh my goodness gracious..! I can’t believe this! it’s insane and I don’t have enough words to express my emotions/feelings right now!
I HIT 1000 FOLLOWERS! I can’t believe this! I really can’t
it’s insane and crazy and magical and I love you all so much!
if you follow me, and see this popping up on your dash, you should know that you are amazing and you are the reason I am still on here! I never thought I would get 10 followers haha and now I have 1K! this is unbelievable!
thank you thank you thank you so much for following me and sticking with me!
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summertime sadness has consumed me entirely and i haven’t stopped complaining about how i miss the boys more than ever.. but to remind myself of how refreshing and amazing it is to support them, i have to meet up with the rest of their incredibly loyal fans on social media which brings me to lay out the obvious fact, that this is a bvb appreciation post to name and appreciate all these borussia dortmund girlies and menlies if there are any listed down below that have a heart as big as klopp’s love for dortmund, as big as the hugs the players give and as big as the signal iduna park in capacity - that big really.

so i’ve never been this excited and hopeful for a new season, or maybe i have but just not in this way. as we faced many struggles within the past that i witnessed alongside with all of you, we also, luckily, got to experience some of the most beautiful and meaningful moments that we’ll probably tell our future kids about while they frown and whine as their mother made them sit down to watch a bvb match - that would be all of you i hope.

so to wrap this post up before i get emotional on myself, i’d like to thank you from the bottom of my fragile heart for believing in not only the players and bosses and coaches and staff, but the entire city of dortmund and what they stand for. i would like to thank you for giving me the best times of my life as i wouldn’t be able to walk outside and converse about marco reus tying his boots for the fiftieth time with a total stranger: or about how shinji’s eyes are the sun’s horizons - but thank you so very much for simply sticking by a club as lovable as borussia dortmund. and for existing in general. love you all xoxo

p.s if i didn’t mention you below, don’t take it the heart, tag your own self and join the fun, then i’ll be your friend, simple as that


14zeka ✿ 5ebastiankehl


achmarco ✿ allhailkingklose ✿ amyreus ✿ anthea-afh ✿ apricotstone47 ✿ bananasplit86 ✿ barcabvbs ✿ bcrussiadortmund ✿ beevahappy ✿ belllerin ✿ bensvenders ✿ bibifootballgirl ✿ blaszcykowski ✿ boreussin ✿ boreussia-durmmund-imagine ✿ bvb09x  ✿ bvb-af  ✿ bvbkirsche✿ catshummelsceelixo ✿ cintyaoliv ✿ cluelessaboutfootball ✿ dailydortmund✿ dafuqball ✿ ddurm ✿ derschatzdurm ✿ desciglios ✿ diegelbewand ✿ dork-reus ✿ dortmunderjungs ✿ dortmunds ✿ durmiiiiii ✿ durminated ✿ durmsday ✿ echteliebe-borussia09 ✿ echteliebeneverdies ✿ echtevliebe ✿ erikdaaang


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kahlenbergs ✿ kampls ✿ kamplreus ✿ kikelsa-echteliebe ✿ kingbeehummels ✿ klopp-slenareusliebemarcolilarose79 ✿ leitnermoritz ✿ letyourdreamstakeover ✿ lewandontskilmb15✿ lzwcs ✿ nakedreus ✿ nur-der-bvb09malocherbvbmarcinhox11✿ marcoreusch ✿ marcoreusus ✿ mathiasginter ✿ mattshummels ✿ misfitdurm ✿ more-mitch-on-the-pitch ✿ mrhummels ✿ msmarco11✿ mrxidortmund ✿ neumels ✿ onepassion-bvb


paulinaborussen11 ✿ piszczummels ✿ plszczek ✿ plszczu ✿ polonia-dortmund-bvb ✿ princeofdortmund ✿ redkyungsoo ✿ reusful ✿ reusli ✿reusnroll ✿ reusrnarco ✿ reummelsvibesreusickyschmelle29✿ sebastiankehls ✿ sereusly ✿ shinjikagawa-baby ✿ simonelaudhr ✿ simple-and-pure22 ✿ soccerlastsforever ✿ stefanbvbanghelsunnyandwoodysunnyreus11 ✿ thatlilmonkey✿ thebvbfans ✿ thelioking ✿ thephoenixfeder ✿ therealcaptainblood ✿ tonibvb09


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In celebration of my “sweet 16″ birthday, I decided to make a follow forever again 😤. I want so say thank you for following me! You are all sweet and nice people, with the best blogs ! I enjoy everyone of you guys , you are making my dash amazing with every post. Thank you for everything and the only thing I want from you : please don’t be shy and message me I want to meet everyone of you! 💝👑🎉🎉🎉💃

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Today happend the most amazing thing that could ever happen to me and this blog: I reached 1000 followers! I coudn’t be more happy! That’s why I decided to make my first “follow forever”, because without those amazing blogs bvb-mein-verein would be nothing. 

Thank you and try my other blog football-moments!

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