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Let us seek to reign nobly on the throne of our highest self for just a single day, filling every moment of every hour with our finest, unselfish best. Then there would come to us such a vision of the golden glory of the sunlit heights, such a glad, glowing tonic of the higher levels of life, that we could never dwell again in the darkened valley of ordinary living without feeling shut in, stifled, and hungry for the freer air and the broader outlook.
—  William Jordan

I believe love is when you look at someone and see them wholly. You see their flaws as clear as day and you accept them. You’re not embarrassed or ashamed, in fact you embrace those imperfections because that’s what makes them personal and unique.

I believe love is unselfish and compromising and the only humane part of us, among all the hatred and jealousy and envy. It takes us by surprise because for once, we care more about the happiness of someone else than ourselves.

Helping people when you don't have time

Normally, I don’t have role models, but today I told a girl that she was my example. She always knows how she has to use her time in a way that she can combine work, school and helping people. Most of all, despite of being busy she is still willing to help others. I truly admire people like her.

My man saved for two years to surprise me with a macbook.

He wanted to encourage my writing and it did, changed my life honestly.

Helped me survive the last three difficult years and was such therapy.

I have never had someone put so much foresight and sacrifice into a gift.

Not one day has passed that I’ve taken it for granted and I will never forget.