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Me listening to my first podcast, circa 2012:wow, this is so calming and relaxing

Me now, a dozen podcasts later: every show I listen to starts sweet but ends up causing me pain, I know better now than to take the first few episodes at face value

Also me: wow this new podcast I’m listening to is so calming and relaxing

A Touch Of Love, 2.

Genre | Romance / Valentine’s Day drabbles.

Pairing | Min Yoongi / Feminine Reader.

Prompt“You can’t leave without letting me hug you first.”

Words | 645 words.

A storm, brewing with slow might and destructing with vicious convict. It sits in quicksand at the base of their bellies, a heavy weight of dread, meteoric to swallow up any other sensation that dares to dwell nearby. Yet they let it fester, allow it to torment from the inside out until, they too, are consumed by the tsunami that holds them just below the surface, become wedged into the fault lines of the earthquake where their bones obliterate.

It can begin with the smallest of incidences. A minuscule mistake of not bothering to wipe up the splash of spilled coffee on the breakfast bar, or eating with their mouth open at the volume of a mammoth chewing its food, even flicking toothpaste onto the mirror that was cleaned no less than a day ago. It escalates when texts honing important questions that require instant answers are left unseen for hours, if the laundry or the dishes are abandoned to pile up in grot by the scheduled leader of chores for that day, and most especially when date night plans are dismissed by one instead attending a gaming night with the guys, or the other deciding upon wine with the girls as a better method to relax after a long day.

“Sweetheart,” Yoongi will gradually seethe, blood rising high in his cheeks, about to be discovered in the fissures of his teeth once he tears at her throat like a lion on a gazelle with the accusations he is loosening the reigns on in order to unleash, “Darling– Y/N. You’re really beginning to test my fucking patience here.”

And just like that, all hell breaks loose. The fight is vicious and bloody, dripping in empty malice that only sparks in the sheer rage of the moment. They tear into iron skin that is always left unscathed because their nails are too tender to truly implement any permanent damage, not sharp enough to streak scars in their wake that they will inspect, avoid later in the day, the week, the month, with utter shame. Rage rushes in a flood between them and only once the water has reached the rooftop does it begin to drain out of the room, retreating beneath the doorways, tucking in a dewy residue within the cracked plaster of the walls while they both stand spent, gasping for fresh air after being submerged in the chaos for so long. 

She, straightening her spine, will snatch a set of keys from coffee table, a coat that belongs to him from the hanger by the door. “Fuck this, I’m going for a drive,” she will announce while he trails behind her progression to leaving like a persistent ghost, catching her wrist right before she unlatches the locked front door.

“You can’t leave without letting me hug you first,” Yoongi huffs with a bitter taste remaining to lay thick on the back of his tongue, and she is pliant when he firmly tugs her against his torso, a nearly forgiving tangle of arms curling around waists and shoulders.

Yoongi kisses her, hard enough that it hurts just right. He can taste the apologies in their mouths already. “Be safe, okay? Go cool the fuck down.”

“Whatever, I love you,” is all that she responds with, biting his lower lip in a reminder that she is still mildly aggravated, though the edges are softening and she will be liquid gold in his palms by the time she returns home.

“I love you too,” he reassures, and will make sure to murmur against every inch of her skin once she arrives with the anger expired from her pores, ready to be cleansed with his sempiternal devotion to her all over again. 

Because, if anything, the aftermath of their arguments are but a genuine reminder of why they so earnestly love each other in the first place.

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I’m going on a 13 ish hour flight tomorrow and would really like some new podcast to binge through any suggestions? The podcasts that I’ve listened to are:


Alice isn’t dead

Within the wires

Wolf 359

The penumbra

King falls am

The bright sessions


Our fake history

Ars paradoxica

Sight unseen

Thrilling adventure hour

anonymous asked:

Which 1D videos did Ben Winston direct?

In order, with commentary:

Best Song Ever: good and fun for the most part, although a bit heavyhanded message wise and some odd moments with the characters

Story of My Life: concept is a rather literal interpretation of title of song, otherwise fine, I liked the inclusion of their families.

Midnight Memories: slow moving, no proper ending, no narrative arc, so generally meh I often forget about it. Louis looked great but Ben is not the one who gets awarded points for that

You and I: suspiciously similar to another band’s video, filmed on a freezing cold day on a pier so they spend the whole time squinting into the camera and vaguely damp, boring use of the effects.

Night Changes: another literal interpretation of the lyrics (the night /changes/ from good to a mess, get it, get it), no scenes of the boys together, essentially het imagines turned into a video, used a white hand and then got mad at fans who complained about it, even the boys were like yeah prob should have been a more serious video.

History: the man who worked on This is Us and has hours and hours of unseen 1D footage available at his disposal made a group compilation video using almost entirely footage we have seen, cut them running back to each other at the end for no reason other than he sucks




I believe every Magic player is familiar with this particular creature. The Llanowar Elves is a staple in any green ramp or elf deck, and as with all staple creatures, I wanted to make sure I did justice to the creature, This time I went with trying to make them able to do a bit of everything, standing against any archetype that comes up against them.

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October Tremors

I hear October coming
on evening wind
and mornings full of mist
as the sunlight hours decline
and dusk creeps closer
day by passing day
like an echo
of thunder
barely sensed
many miles distant,
like an in-drawn breath
before a leap of faith,
like the smell of rain
still hours away
but felt
in the movement of the air
and shades of shifting light


I wonder what it’s like–

not shivering in the night

fable dreams

never fiends

I wonder what it’s like

hours unseen–

wondering free

blissful midnight flight

I wonder what it’s like–

no creatures of the night

only moon beams

and faint green

I wonder what that’s like

Here’s Cartoon Network Canada’s schedule (MON 7/3 TO SUN 7/9) … oh my gosh. What a nice schedule we have here. Local shows in the day, Adult Swim going into the night AND cartoon classics like the Eds and Johnny Bravo in the midnight hours? It’s everything a viewer could ask for! The scheduling guys over the border should really take down notes, because THIS is how you balance Adult Swim and CN, and give your shows an equal chance. 

I also really appreciate the 3am to 6am slot, giving shows half hour reruns in the late hours is unseen in other regions. Also, apparently weekend midnight hours are used for marathons, which is pretty interesting and I love it. NEW Clarence every day, TTG on Thursday (like CN US in 2016) and PPG, Mighty Magiswords, Uncle Grandpa and anime Turning MeCard on weekend mornings to noon time (refer to bolded slots). Nice variety of premieres, Clarence at 5.30 (instead of 4 which was too early imo) and weekend morning premieres starting not too early at 9.30AM? Great job, that’s pretty good scheduling in my book.

This channel is hitting all the right notes here, and if they maybe removed some of the older and lower-quality shows during the day, this could be the best CN schedule out there. Still, congrats to CN Canada, you’ve successfully surpassed your counterparts across the border.

Just give me Steven, Rick and Morty and the Eds all on the same channel and I’m down for it. And this channel has done it.

Day 13: Camping

When things got to be a bit much, they went camping.

It wasn’t as if their life together was hard—it wasn’t that at all. Their life was much simpler than it had ever been. But sometimes things started to pile up and they retreated to the woods for a few days, just to catch their breath.

Baz loved camping. He loved the feeling of fresh air in his lungs, the whistling language the trees spoke as wind passed through their branches.

He didn’t crave the taste of cigarette smoke when they went camping.

(The smoke of the campfire tasted so much better.)

Better than the wind or the trees or anything else was Simon. When they left civilization like this his aura seemed to burn even brighter. He seemed to draw strength from the raw power of nature, filling a void in him that his missing magic had left. Sometimes Baz thought that Simon was solar-powered. He liked to sit outside their tent, his face turned upward, catching the sun’s rays on his cheeks.

(When Baz kissed him there, it was delightfully warm).

Simon liked the sunlit hours the most. Those hours when the trees were dipped in gold. Those hours when everything was so remarkably filled with life. Those hours when just existing felt like a gift.

Baz preferred the night hours, when the trees soaked in shadow. Those hours when the forest rustled with unseen footsteps. Those hours when the air bristled with howls of carnal glee. Those hours when it felt like he and Simon were the only people in the whole world.

Baz loved those nights together, just the two of them. Simon’s skin warmer than any campfire, Baz’s fingers finding their way across his body in well-worn trails. This was familiar terrain.

Baz wished he could live forever in the shallow valleys between Simon’s ribs, hike the mountains of his spine. He wished he could dive into the clear pools of his eyes.

He loved these night hours when the stars whispered promises of immortality.

They would lay there beneath the stars, staring upward into the heavens. Simon would always say that he felt like he was falling—Baz would reply that the ground wouldn’t be relinquishing them any time soon.

Secretly, Baz wouldn’t mind if the earth released them. Because he always kept Simon’s hand intertwined with his.

Someday the stars would welcome them, and Baz wouldn’t have to worry.

Because Simon never let go of Baz’s hand either.

Somehow amongst being dreadfully ill, studying for two finals and generally just being really busy I managed to write something. In two days I’ll be done with the quarter and onto winter break and able to write more!! Woohoo! For now enjoy this short fic for day 13 of the @carryon-countdown

anonymous asked:

could you maybe explain how disney parks are used in programming/how programming occurs there?

Disney parks for programming would be used in the same manner as other programming.  

Disney World has the largest system of utilidors. This system makes it possible for people to enter and exit the park unseen at all hours of the day and night. 

Goofy watch’s are used to confuse those who are being programmed.

Disney World has it’s own government. Disney has it’s own water, fire departments, transportation,  and emergency services. Total control has enabled Disney to isolate its Magic Kingdom from outside social, political, and intellectual currents.  They could have their own police force and the local police have no jurisdiction at Disney World.

With all the rides and technology at the Disney theme parks programming can occur at each place to great effect.


Babygate and History

A few days ago, I got an anon asking me what I thought about “babygate.” I deleted the ask because that’s not the type of thing I discuss on this blog, but the question kept hanging around in my head.

From a business perspective, what DO I think of “babygate”?

So I decided to answer. And frankly, I think it’s been handled terribly. In the beginning, when Briana’s pregnancy was announced and then essentially ignored for months, I don’t think it had any effect on the brand. Some fans found it peculiar (to say the least), some fans enjoyed the idea of Louis being a father, but most just didn’t engage about it since it wasn’t kept front and center as a topic of discussion by the band members or the media.

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