unseen images

Do you ever think about all the unseen photos of Harry that exist out there? Think about it…the Another Man shoot had 40+ images…each of those images, the photographer had to take probably 20 of to get the right shot…that means there could be 800+ unseen images of Harry FROM THE ANOTHER MAN SHOOT ALONE.

Where are they? Can I have them?

nothing can kick me in the teeth quite like those posts that are essentially “here is a woman doing a really cool thing! what a cool thing! isn’t it great that this woman is doing this cool thing in the world?”

and then someone has added a comment to the effect of “AND she is traditionally attractive/feminine doing it!”

nothing quite reinforces that doing cool things is not enough, but that you must also look good doing it, like those posts

Artist Posts and Deletes Concept Art for Never-Before-Seen Beach Content

A former concept artist for The Sims 4, Nelson Hernandez, posted two images of his work for the game on his portfolio. The above image has unseen content and was deleted, which means EA asked him to take it down.

Looks like we’ll be getting a beach expansion/game pack at some point!