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Do you ever think about all the unseen photos of Harry that exist out there? Think about it…the Another Man shoot had 40+ images…each of those images, the photographer had to take probably 20 of to get the right shot…that means there could be 800+ unseen images of Harry FROM THE ANOTHER MAN SHOOT ALONE.

Where are they? Can I have them?

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Hey Will! Having that whole fiasco with Carrie and Lowell in mind, what about Mount Eerie's A Crow Looked at Me is different/better? How his approach to grief more effective? I just listened to it in full and it is really such a beautiful and emotionally affecting record.

I would be hard-pressed to judge anyone’s approach to grief as “more effective”. I don’t know either of these men; I’m only familiar with what art they’ve released publicly. As far as the albums go, their artistic approaches are very different. ACL@M is confrontational, explicit; it’s more or less impossible to listen to it without grappling directly with the same emotions Phil E experienced. Its songs cannot be pulled out for a playlist or put on in the background. You have to experience it in full each time, like a film or short story. The exactness with which images and motifs unfold and repeat through the record emphasize this feeling. C&L, meanwhile, is collagist, open-ended; you can take away what you want from it. Its beats align with the rise and fall of musical movements, rather than a lyrical narrative. There are images that stand out clearly, but the importance is in the images themselves, the stark, individual clarity of their depiction, rather than in an unseen thread tying the images together. The listener brings that thread of meaning to the table, as is more often the case with music. I have always had a personal preference for built-in narrative, for the meaning behind images over the images themselves, hence my earlier nastiness over C&L, and my seemingly hypocritical admiration of ACL@M. What seems important to note is that both artists, in response to personal tragedy, made a work of art that was very much “them” - that pushed them to embrace their artistic tendencies, and make something out of those tendencies that could legitimately be called a masterpiece, something that could stand for the whole of their artistic output. If you are a music publication, please do not report on this post. Thanks.

looking at thirteen pages of before unseen robert sean l****** images was like the opposite feeling of finding the 1892qafrnj listing on zillow


Wall to Wall Freestyle is wrapping up their promo’s before going to print. There are still a few of the BMX Action Tribute packages left if you want in! $150 gets you the limited edition Vans Slip-On’s, Oakley grips, a T and of course a copy of Wall to Wall - The Birth of the Freestyle Movement. 240 Pages of unseen images and untold stories.

If you have 80′s BMX fever or just want to secure a piece of history, jump on this now!


The exhibition ‘An Afternoon With Audrey Hepburn’ is now into its final two weeks at Lucy Bell Gallery in St Leonards On Sea in East Sussex. The exhibition brings together previously unseen images of Audrey from the archives of George Douglas and Angela Williams.

The photographs by George Douglas were taken in New York in 1952 whilst Audrey was starring in 'Gigi’ on Broadway. I particularly love the candid shots of Audrey getting ready backstage. Her smile and warmth really do show through on the photographs. I visited the Open House event for the George Douglas photographs in Hove last year and they are just wonderful. I’m so pleased these photos were discovered and made available for everyone to see.

I attended the Angela Williams 'An Hour With Audrey Hepburn’ exhibition at Heartbreak Gallery in London in 2013 and fell in love with Angela’s beautiful photographs of Audrey dressed in Givenchy at The Ritz Hotel, Paris in 1964. The photographs are utterly mesmerising and perfectly capture Audrey’s beauty and reflective mood.

The exhibition runs until 14th August at Lucy Bell Gallery in St. Leonards On Sea, East Sussex. Click on the link on this post for further information.

Jinkx will be a cover star of issue two of Alright Darling … if it gets made!

Go to this link to visit the Kickstarter page for Alright Darling issue two and watch a cute video Jinkx has made to back the magazine … including bloopers!

Potential pledge rewards include:
Issue two with three different cover stars: Jinkx Monsoon, Katya Zamolodchikova and Milk.
T-shirts featuring the three cover stars.
An audio interview between Joe Black and Jinkx Monsoon.
Digital package of unseen images and outtakes of every shoot.
+ more.


Some of these are unseen images of Benedict Cumberbatch on The Imitation Game set, September 18th 2013, in Chesham. I have had these on my laptop for far too long. Sorry about the bad quality, my camera lens is not amazing. It turned out to be one of the best days, there are no words to describe how it feels to watch this man act in real life.

Part 1 (Part 2)

25 Lives - John x Elizabeth

The images had vanished from my original post of this on my old blog (which I don’t use anymore), so I thought I’d reupload here. Just in case any of my fellow Sparky shippers are still around. :)