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“This is how a faerie loves: with her whole body and soul. This is how a faerie loves: with destruction…This is how a faerie loves: with a gift.”

-Cassandra Clare & Robin Wasserman

Jace and Kit be like

Jace: I am the last Herondale. There are no more Herondales and I am the last-

Kit: Hi


The Faeries are divided into two courts - the Seelie (blessed) and Unseelie (damned). They are like Yin and Yang, neither being able to thrive without the other, yet still opposites. Typically, the Seelie rule from Beltane to Samhain, and the Unseelie rule from Samhain to Beltane. The Seelie are believed to be amicable, whereas the Unseelie are depicted as more hostile, almost malevolent. The Faeries themselves come from the Tuatha de Danann of Celtic legend - the people of the goddess Danu - and the Seelie Queen is often shown in likeness to Danu with her flowing red hair.

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Hello! I've noticed that you're writing fairy prompts and omfg HELP ME!! I'm trying to write a character that's half fey and half human. Their father is human their mother is fey (Unseelie Queen). His parents made a deal that he would stay with his father until the age of 18. (He doesn't know any of this and over the years his father has grown to downright hate his mother) It's midnight and he's just turned 18. I'm so sorry if this is confusing or boring but I'm SO desperate for help! 😥

1) “Oh, my precious boy. I have waited so long for you…”
He nearly jumped right off his bed at the sudden appearance of a strange woman examining him,cupping his face out of literally fucking nowhere.

2) One minute, clubbing. Pounding music. A chance of kissing a pretty girl and impressing his mates. The next, middle of a forest in a grand hall with lots of…creatures eyeing him up and welcoming him home.
He didn’t even think he’d drank that much, really.

3) The assassination attempt came out of nowhere. So did the body flinging him put of the way of the arrows. “This is atrocious timing on your part, my lord,” said the other. As if any of this actually made sense. They dragged him up. “Now, move.”

Lord of Shadows Asks!

Since Lord of Shadows is less than 5 weeks away, I’ve decided to do some LoS themed asks! Send me one (or a few) of the 27 asks and I’ll answer my personal opinion or theory.

1. How do you think Emma and Julian are going to work out their *wiggles fingers* unfinished romantic business? (This is sort of a continued thing into Queen of Air and Darkness)

2a. Which character are you most excited for to make a first appearance?

2b → Seelie Queen or Unseelie King? (as a preferred character)

3. Which character are you most excited for to return?

4a. Kierark, Marktina, Kiertina, Diego x Cristina or Kierarktina?

4b Memma or Jemma?

5. Which problem has you most nervous: The Seelie Queen’s appearance and deal with the Blackthorns, The Unseelie King’s appearance, The Cohort, Annabel Blackthorn, or the whole Parabatai falling in love business? 

6. Why do you think Clary turned down Jace’s proposal? 

7. Which characters do you hold close to your heart that can NOT be the four fated to die? 

8. Where do you want the characters to visit most? Cornwall, London, Faerieland, or Blackthorn Hall? 

9. Which character do you think the ‘Lord of Shadows’ is? (Edit: I found out that it’s the Unseelie King lol)

10. Which romance are you most looking forward to play out? 

11. Who do you think the trans character is?

12. Favourite Blackthorn?

13. Favourite Lightwood-Bane kid? (I know this isn’t really technically TDA, but I couldn’t help myself. I love their family)

14. Which of the TMI characters are you most excited for them to appear again? 

15. Which Rosales brother are you most excited for? 

16. Do you think Malcom is really dead?

17. What small yet important detail that has been teased are you looking forward to? 

18. Who do you think Gwyn’s love interest is? 

19. Kit. Go.

20. Which teaser is your favourite?

21. In Chapter 6, Magnus mentioned a wedding that Julian and Emma and he attended, though Emma and Julian don’t recall this. What are your thoughts on this? 

22. nOTP? 

23. OTP?

24. On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for Helen and Aline to return? 

25. In many chapters, it is mentioned that Diana has ‘her own secrets’. What secrets do you think she’s hiding?

26. On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for the entire book? 

27. Overall, what are you most looking forward to? 

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Lord of Shadows comes out in a month from this day!

I can wait. I think I’ll be able to wait. I’ll survive…

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Revelry Part I:

Max pulled at his shirt, Kieran slapping hand away.

“Little warlock enough. You will be fine.”

Max sighed he hated this, he hated being the center of attention. He’d loved it apparently as a child, but as he gotten older he’d become self-conscious even with all the love from his family… He was different. Papa could at least pass off as normal, he didn’t have weird skin and horns…

“Are you done being insecure?”

Max looked up to see Mark’s kind smile. He sighed and nodded. He wished Rafael had been allowed to come, but it was a Downworlder only revelry and they had all more or less forced him to go.

Kieran rocked on the balls of his feet, looking resplendent in his silver dress shirt, jacket, black leather pants and riding boots.

He finally stopped moving giving them both a blinding smile,

“Shall we?”

“Don’t run off this time.”

“Try and keep up Shadowhunter.”

Their easy banter slowly relaxed Max as Kieran drew back the lichen curtain. Max looked from them and gasped. They had come to a huge clearing, tables lay haphazardly in a loose circle. Giving ample room for a huge dance floor. Max could see an orchestra setting up. Looking up he could see the nightsky, it was beautiful no light pollution…

“Prince Kieran.”

A pixie Fae came toward them, Kieran nodded taking the glass of wine she offered him.

“My apologies, I was unaware the royals would be arriving so soon.”

Kieran took a sip and shook his head,

“My apologies my lady, The Unseelie Court will not be arriving soon, I cannot speak for the Seelie Court. However, I and my Mark are here because it is this little one’s first revelry and he was nervous.”

Max blinked, he knew Kieran was a prince but he hadn’t ever seen act like it, and he spoke beautifully. Max made a mental note to tell him to talk to him like that, he didn’t think Kieran liked talking so casually. Max cut his eyes to Mark who was looking at the sky with a smile, he gave a small smile. Kieran had been able to delicately say Mark was his without there being a huge misunderstanding. Max was starting to love the Faeries more and more, they had their faults but they were able to avoid petty squabbles.

The pixie Fae dipped her head, smiling at the sly Seelie comment, Unseelie then.

“Ah my lady will you get Mark and Max a drink as well?”

She murmured an of course and moved away.

“What has gotten you so fascinated by the sky? Gwyn will not be joining this revelry.”

Mark looked back at Kieran and smiled.

“Why? Isn’t this a big deal?”

Max cringed. Mark and Kieran looked at him.

“It’s just Kieran sounded all poetic and you kind of ruined it.”

Mark laughed.

“My apologies young warlock. I did not mean to offend. Though I think there is no need to flatter our Prince’s ego anymore.”

Max smirked,

“So much better. So what’s the occasion?”

“The girls are having their debut.”

Max blinked looking at Mark for an explanation.

“The girls of both courts who are of the age of sixteen are having their debutant ball today. Kieran’s sister is one of them.”

Kieran nodded smiling as the pixie came back with their drinks.

Max looked at them suddenly nervous.

“Would it be rude if I refused?”

Kieran nodded, Mark glared and shook his head.

“No, it’s okay. You need to take everything in your own time.”

“If he does not have some wine he will be too sober.”

Quipped Kieran.

“The night is still young my highness, surely he will have wine soon?”

Kieran turned to her his eyes wide. Mark placed a hand on his arm keeping from opening his mouth. She ducked her head.

“Ayla thank you I will take my glass. If I need anything I will ask for it. You can leave.”

She handed him the glass and scurried away. Kieran hissed.

“How dare she? She is meant to be invisible.”

“Ah Kieran I see you have already found the fault of the night.”

Kieran whirled and inclined his head,

“Father, I was just saying—”

“It is nothing Sir, Kieran was merely over exaggerating.”

Kieran turned to Mark, who sipped his drink. The King rose an eyebrow, his voice was mildly annoyed.

“Now Kieran is my son Mark, I would like to know what he over exaggerated. Please refrain from interrupting him again.”

Max slipped away then he didn’t think he could take the tension. He found Ayla after a few minutes. She jumped when he tapped her shoulder.

“My apologies, I just wanted to say I appreciated the kind words.”

He knew Kieran would disapprove, would say the servants didn’t need anymore reasons to revolt he but Max ignored him, he wasn’t here anyway.

Ayla gave him a half curtesy.

“It is the least I could do for Magnus Bane’s son.”

“You know my father?”

She nodded,

“He helped us, helped me personally a couple decades ago. Send him my thanks will you?”

Max nodded slightly dazed. The party was starting to come to a full swing.

A soft violin melody was wafting over the clearing, Max held a glass of wine when he saw. He didn’t think he’d ever seen anyone so perfect.

Kieran slipped to stand next to him, making him jump when he clinked their glasses. He laughed quietly.

“Has someone caught your eye?”


Max motioned as discretely as he could to the other side of the clearing where a girl with silvery white eyes was standing. Her pale yellow dress adorned with a sprinkle of rose petals. Her hair changing color depending on the light.

“Ah, that’s Lila. A princess of the Seelie court. She’s been admired by my brothers for a long time. I would go speak to her soon… Before someone steals her away.”

Max sighed draining his goblet he walked toward her. Her eyes watching him. She drank a little of her goblet,


She said, and Max blinked. She was so quiet.

“Uh Hi—”

“Lila is fine warlock.”

She gave him a small smile looking to the side.


He finally said,

“My name is Max.”

She smiled but didn’t say anything. He heard as the songs started to slow, a waltz. He thanked Papa for making him learn that.

“May I lead you in a dance Lila?”

She drained her glass, was she nervous around him? And took his hand.

They swayed, the dance not the real focus. Her eyes went to his horns and he suddenly felt self-conscious.

“I assumed the art of dancing has been lost.”

Max felt himself relax, no comment on his horns. Maybe she didn’t care? Or maybe she just found it so disgusting she couldn’t bare to look at them?

“My father taught me.”

She nodded as he spun her, he needed to salvage this conversation.

He opened his mouth but she beat him to it.

“Walk with me?”

“Whatever the Princess desires.”

He beamed when she giggled. She led him away. Toward a small path, he could feel the eyes of all the Princes on them.

They walked for a while, she seemed determined to lead him somewhere so he let her. They stopped in a clearing. It was shielded on all sides by trees, the moonlight reached her in such as a way that her turned a light silver.

The forest floor was covered in moss and petals from the trees, it was soft to the touch Max guessed.

She let go of his hand and started to unclasp her dress. His heart thudded, what was happening?

“What are you doing?”

He blurted out. She stilled and watched him.

“Do you not want me?”

He did. Max took a deep breath, he didn’t want to lie to her.

“I do. Just not know, not like this.”

She looked at him confused, even so she reclasped her dress.

“I do not understand? If you do not want me why did you approach me?”

Oh that’s why everyone was looking at them, why Kieran had laughed at him. Max clenched his fists, he was going to kill him.

“I think your beautiful Lila. I approached you because I wanted to get to know you.”

Max looked away his voice soft.

“If you do not feel the same way I understand. I know I can’t compare to the numerous Prince’s who will surely begin to court you.”

Her laugh made him look back at her, she shook her head. Giving him a huge smile.

“My suiters have always courted me, even when I was too young. I chose because your different.”

Max unintentionally recoiled. Different, he understood different.

“Max do not fret. I love your skin, it is the color of the sea, or the sky before a storm. It is beautiful.”

“And my horns?”

He whispered,

She smiled at him softly,

“I’ve wondered all night what they would feel like under my hand. Would they be smooth or rough? Would it hurt if I were to pull them gently or would make you gasp with pleasure?”

Max blushed looking down, he’s forgotten how free the Fae was with their love.

“You can, you know,”

He looked up screwing up the remainder of his pride.

“You can touch them if you want.”

She beamed, and hesitantly ran her hand over one of them. Max shivered, he’d never felt this before. It felt like a fire was swirling through his body.

“It is so beautiful.”

She whispered and as Max looked at this beautiful princess before him he had to agree. It was beautiful.

Revelry Part II:

“Ah there you are little warlock.”

Max turned and blinked, was the revelry already over?

Lila stilled and rose,

“Kieran where is your pet?”

He inclined his head,

“Lila, where is your manners?”

They stared at each as Mark came toward them, he sighed hooking Kieran’s arm with his,

“Is it all possible for you to get along?”

Kieran turned and smiled,

“Who do you think gave her that?”

He motioned to the bracelet adorning her wrist.

Lila smiled down at it,

“Ayla and I grew up together. Kieran more or less became family.”

Kieran nodded,

“Yes, which was why, I made sure none of my brothers came near you. I told you I would find you a worthy suiter did I not?”

Lila smiled at Max,

“He is more than worthy. I did not know you brought him.”

Kieran shrugged,

“Okay but Mark isnt a pet.”

Kieran gave Max a look and finally whistled, a horse trotted toward them.


Mark gasped in delight going to stroke the horse.

“Yes Gwyn has given him to me, apparently he misses me.”

Max relaxed,

“Oh. Okay never mind.”

“I would never insult anyone who is able to put up with Kieran.”

Kieran glared at her as she giggled.

Mark laughed, coming to grasp Kieran around his waist. He pecked him on the neck,

“Believe me Lila it isn’t an easy job.”

“You’re going to pay for that little Shadowhunter.”

“Oh I hope I do.”

Mark murmured, Max smiled at them. He was starting to get it. And yes he had just met Lila but he felt something for her, something rooted and strong. He could see being with her for an eternity.

Picture: Lila’s Dress.

Should I continue?
Dream cast of Pomegranate Girl

Raviv Ullman as Prince Dandelion

Natalie Dormer as Princess Ashara

Robbie Kay as Puck/ Robbin Goodfellow

Logan Lerman as prince George

Andre Klitzke as The Unseelie prince

Sophie Turner as Queen Tatiana

Rupert Gint with a beard as King Oberon

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2a and 2b

2a. Which character are you most excited for to make a first appearance?

uhh, Jamie, i guess!

2b → Seelie Queen or Unseelie King? (as a preferred character)

I loath them both, i still hold a burning grudge against the Seelie Queen and The Unseelie King wants to hurt the Blackthorns. I hate both of those rats with a fiery passion.

The Folio of Friendly and Furious Fey Submission - Rakar, the Prince of Fungus

Ages ago, when the queens of the Feywild waged war upon each other, the Queen of the Unseelie court crafted a cunning and malicious green dragon to act as her adviser. Rakar, the young wyrmling grew to immense wisdom at a young age, his dragon blood meshing with the powerful magiks of the Queen of Twilight, and rose to become her trusted majordomo. 

As the Queen of Dawn pressed the Unseelie forces back, the Queen of Twilight’s power was sundered at the Battle of Treant Grove, and many of her faithful were left to die as she made her retreat back into darkness. Among the dying was her almost son, her draconic creation, Rakar, the Prince of the Unseelie Court. With his dying strength Rakar dragged himself into the Shimmering River and, cast downstream by the enchanted current, surfaced ashore in the material plane.

Rakar died that day, succumbing to his grievous wounds, but he died long before the sundering of the Astral Plane, and the death of the gods. The Demon Queen of Fungi, Zuggtmoy, spreading her blight across the continent of Leabrathis, came across the corpse of the dragon, and planted her spores into his decrepit husk. Resurrecting him to fit her awful design, Rakar was cursed to spread her blight for eternity, and set about creating a lair and amassing his horde - all the while festering, the landscape around him to atrophying. When it came time for Rakar to server his new Queen, his flesh would boil and blacken, and in his rage he would serve Zuggtmoy’s will, but he maintained his sanity in secret, keeping the blight from his mind with subtle fey magic.

Eons passed, and Rakar had grown to tremendous size, the spores in his body rotting out his eyes and eating at his heart. When the Gods-war rocked the lands, Rakar used the last of his magical power to resist his rage, and Zuggtmoy fell at the hands of Orcus without the aid of her slave prince. Left to his horde, Rakar has slumbered in his lair since, and with his power expended, the fungus has begun the process of consuming his mind. 

Civilizations have come and gone, and tales of the ancient green dragon have flitted across the breeze like insects, and still Rakar slumbers atop his horde, deep within his lair. The Prince of Fungus rots alone, insanity brewing in his broken mind, his amassed treasure waiting to be claimed…

Rakar is an Ancient Green Dragon who prefers to use his cunning to intimidate and befuddle his adversaries. While his fey magic is lost, his horde contains many treasures of the feywild, treasures he covets the most. His cursed spores have infected his minions, and the dungeon preceding his lair is fraught with traps, magical or otherwise. Perhaps Rakar has left his lair to lay siege to an important city in a bought of insanity, or perhaps he has stolen an artifact the party must uncover, or the party has simply heard tales of his mountain of treasure. Maybe the Unseelie Queen has had dealings with the party, and wants a message delivered to the Fungus Prince. Tread lightly, pander carefully, and bring a mask… 

-DM William

The Queen of Air and Darkness

demonskie said: Hello! So I read that ‘The Queen of Air and Darkness’ is another name for the Unseelie Queen (Queen Mab, perhaps?). Is this hinting at the possibility that the Unseelie court (and Queen) may come into play? So far, we’ve only dealt with the Seelie Court; I think it’d be amazing to see meet the even crueller, more evil fey. Or, by 'The Queen of Air and Darkness’ are you referring to another book, like with TLH where the titles were references from Dickens? I’m so excited for The Dark Artifices!

The title references a poem by A.E. Houseman called “Her Strong Enchantments Failing.”

Her strong enchantments failing,
  Her towers of fear in wreck,
Her limbecks dried of poisons
  And the knife at her neck,

The Queen of air and darkness
  Begins to shrill and cry,
`O young man, O my slayer
  To-morrow you shall die.'

O Queen of air and darkness
  I think 'tis truth you say,
And I shall die to-morrow;
  But you shall die to-day. 

We definitely do see more faeries in the Dark Artifices, like a LOT more, and learn a lot more about faerie life and culture, along with the Unseelie Court. Also I just like Houseman; the chapter title THE ARMS YOU BEAR in City of Heavenly Fire is from him as well. Be still, my soul, be still; the arms you bear are brittle, Earth and high heaven are fixt of old and founded strong.

A Story of Gods, pt2. Archfae, Fiends, and  Great Old Ones.

The Archfae

  • Elydia Gaan – The Seelie Queen 

Neutral Good

She hold her Seelie Court in the realm of Iasmar, her city, Sin, is made of the living woods. Every tree, every leaf, every rock is inscribed with her and her children’s songs. The very palace is woven from the trees and the rock where she and her children sing and play in the eternal twilight.

  • Ursia Gaan – The Unseelie Queen

Chaotic Neutral

Twin sister of Elydia, Ursia was annoyed by the childlike nature of her sister who always played games and sang songs. Ursia left the Seelie court and founded her own court on the edges of Iasmar where it touches on the Darklands. There she build the city of Syasmark. Many fallen creatures found refuge here and the god Situs whom was the most beloved Uncle of Ursia blessed her city with invisibility so her enemies could not see it without being invited first.

  • Learmin – The Treeking

Chaotic Good

The lord of the woodland can be summoned wherever trees live. He is the shepherd of the forest, protector of the trees. His will that of nature.

  • Thaermin – The Riverking

Lawful Neutral

Rare among the fae are those for whom law is absolute. The Riverking guards ferries and bridges and will often attack brigands and thieves who attack others near his waterways.

  • Dryenn – The Eastern Wind

Neutral Good

The firstborn daughter of Elydia. She carries new growth with her. Where war has been, she comes after to replant the fields and bud new saplings. Her breeze brings good news and her songs bring hope. She has no shape. No face. She is wind and voice and song. When she arrives in Sin it is a sign that Spring has begun.

The Fiends

  • Obris The Corruptor

Lawful Evil

A tall man in dark grey with a wide brimmed hat that hides just out of sight. If you write your name in his book you belong to him.

  • Recas The Warmaster

Neutral Evil

Muscle and sword are all that matters. Get the job done and collect your reward, which is often death. Recas is a soldier through and through. No deals. No double cross. Just war. His sword is flame. His armour is fury. Enlist in his army and you become an arm of his fury. Let him down and you are cut off and roasted and probably eaten too.

  • Ethcadras The Assassin

Neutral Evil

Sly little devil that sneaks in shadows. Sleek and nimble. He knows the way in and the way out. It is rumoured that he has stolen one of Themo’s keys and one of Tanter’s cloaks. Be careful of making deals here, you may find yourself in a situation you cannot save yourself from.

  • Malvictus The Bonelord

Neutral Evil

She is the creature that collects what is done after wars. Teeth and horns are valuable to her. Necromancy is her trade and Cossic is her teacher. A pact with this fiend will cost you your first born.

  • Tisparigor The Destroyer

Chaotic Evil

He is sickness and rot and rust. No buildings stand before him. His servants are only instruments of destruction. Their bodies will begin to rot and when they die they will seep back into Tisparigor’s realm.

The Great Old Ones

  • Enlil

Neutral Good

Enlil is the biggest star in the dream. Their works are hope and light. They are the only child of Innah. On their planets grew the first life. Where their light fell trees grew abundant and their waters were full and their land brimmed with all kinds of creatures.

  • Naraket

Chaotic Good

Naraket is the first child of Taoth. They wander among the stars feeding from the novas and flares. They are the breaker of chains and locks. Naraket was blessed by Themo for freeing a nation of Dwarves when they were captured by demons.

  • Moru

Lawful Good

Moru is the first child of Tichus. Moru is the first clock and the first calendar. All things past, present, and future are inside Moru. They live in a secret place known only to Tichus, but those who made a pact with Moru can hear Moru whispering, guiding them, telling them what is right, and good, and true.

  • Raam


Raam is the Father of giants, the child of Umber. He lives deep in the rock of the dream. Raam doesn’t believe in good or evil, only fact, only what is. Enlisting the help of Raam is difficult because he already believes that what has happened is to be.

  • Nabu

Chaotic Neutral

Nabu is the child of Tanter. Strange and otherwise, Nabu bring strangeness and absurdness into the world. They make a mockery of law and good and evil. With them there is only chaos.

  • S’sat

Lawful Neutral

Child of Mordan. S’sat is a naked brain that is a repository of knowledge. Their motives are difficult to discern. But they whisper manically into the ears of all who will listen. Few survive this process. Those who enter into agreements with S’sat become very much like them.

  • Dorum

Neutral Evil

A beautiful young man that comes at night to seduce, entice, and conspire. A better liar than even his father, Rhedian. To learn a lie from Dorum, it is said, is to discover the truth of the world. His servants are the most skilled deceivers, even of themselves.

  • Kithun

Chaotic Evil

The thing that Cossic pressed together out of the carcasses of his enemies. Kithun is a creature of hatred. Tentacles and bone and teeth and guts and bodily fluids. They live in the dark reaches among cold and dead stars.

  • Arred

Lawful Evil

The first creature to be turned into undead by Samarc. It sleeps in a tomb in the dark speaking to his followers in dreams. Plotting, scheming, planning for the future when he plans to rise and take control of the mortal realm.