“Jab tak unhen dekh na loon, unse lad na loon…mujhe sukoon hi nahin aata.”

So I figured I’d write up a quick tutorial about how I made my Lapis gem for fellow SU cosplayers on a budget. This works really well for Pearl and Lapis gems, but if you find the right mould shape you could easily use it for any other gem too.

You’ll need:

- Hot glue and a hot glue gun*

- A mould in the desired shape of your gem (I used a large metal spoon)

- Cooking oil spray

- Nail polish (clear and in the color of your gem) OR paint/sealant of your choice

- Foam sheet or other backing (optional)

- Scissors and/or butter knife (optional)

*PLEASE be careful with the hot glue gun. If it has a lower heat setting, I reccommend unsing that. It will take a little longer but you’ll be less likely to burn yourself (as I did, several times).


1. Spray your mould with the cooking oil spray. This will make your gem easier to get out of the mould when it cools. Trust me, you’ll be grateful for this later.

2. Once the hot glue has heated up, start squeezing it into the mould. It may take a few layers to get it completely full, but the glue should stay warm and moldable as you go. You can use a butter knife to keep the edge clean or smooth out the top, just be careful that it doesn’t get stuck to the glue and mess up all your hard work.

3. Let the glue cool in the mould for a while. You can put it in the fridge to speed up the process if you want, but you need to wait until it has COMPLETELY cooled/solidified before you remove it from the mould.

4. Once the glue has fully cooled, you can start prying it out of the mould. This should be made easier by the cooking oil spray you sprayed on your mould beforehand. Hot glue has a little give, so you should be able to pry it out without messing up the shape AS LONG AS IT IS COMPLETELY COOL. You can use scissors to cut off any excess on the edges so it looks clean and smooth.

5. Now paint your gem with the color you want. I used nail polish because it had the sort of iridescent, gem-like color I wanted, but any other kind of paint should work. It might take a few coats to get it even and solid. You can put a coat or two of clear nail polish or another sealant to protect the color layers.

6. If the back of your gem is really uneven (as it tends to be with hot glue), you can add a backing of foam or another material to make attaching it to your skin/cosplay/etc easier. I just hot glued a sheet of EVA craft foam to the back of mine and cut out around it.

Aaaannnddd you’re done! You now have your very own homemade gem! If you need something cleared up in this tutorial or you have other questions, feel free to message me!

» to the cuckoo, speak of this with my beloved

a survey of some forgotten or lesser known songstresses of 1930s to 1950s bombay cinema (as in everyone before the lata mangeshkar invasion and those who weren’t popular “alternatives” like shamshad begum, geeta dutt, and asha bhosle). please read the social politics behind this and in particular the disappearance of the muslim courtesan singer from films as nation-building ensues. 

  1. “aankhiyan milake” zohrabai ambalewali (rattan, 1944)
  2. “dharak dharak” suraiya (singaar, 1949)
  3. “yeh pyaari pyaari” devika rani (janmabhoomi, 1936)
  4. “dheere dheere ae re badal” amirbai karnataki (kismet, 1943)
  5. “umeed unse kya thi” parul ghosh (basant, 1942)
  6. dil ko laga ke humne” uma devi (anokhi ada, 1948)
  7. “yaad rakhna chand taaron” meena kapoor (anokha pyar, 1948)
  8. “chori kahin khulay na” mukhtar begum (aurat ka pyar, 1933)
  9. “hai zalim tune pee hi nahin hai” naseem akhtar (nek parveen, 1946)
  10. “gori chali piya ke desh” zohrabai ambalewali, shamshad begum (shama, 1946)
  11. “papiha re” parul ghosh (kismet, 1943)
  12. “ghatta ghan gor gor” khursheed bano (tansen, 1943)
  13. “ae more saaware saiyan” suraiya (sanjog, 1943)
  14. “dilwale jal jal ke hi marjana” uma devi (natak, 1947)
  15. “aahen na bharin shikve na kiye” noor jahan, zohrabahi ambalewali, & kalyani (zeenat, 1945)
  16. “shayad woh ja rahe hain” zohrabai ambalewali (mela,1948)
  17. “more pardesi sajan” rajkumari (station master, 1942)
  18. “ae shama tu bata” suraiya (dastan,1950)
  19. “ae dard zara dam le” amirbai karnataki (zamana, 1938)
  20. “afsana likh rahi hoon” uma devi (dard,1947)
  21. “faasle bahar gaye ja” sitara devi & parul ghosh (najma, 1943)
  22. “chhun chhun ghungarwa” rajkumari & zohrabai ambalewali (mahal, 1949)
  23. “neend udd jaye teri” krishna bose, mubarak begum, & suman kalyanpur (juari, 1968)
  24. “sajana sanjh bhayee aan milo” sitara devi (roti, 1942)
  25. “kit gaye ho khewanahaar naiya dubati” saraswati devi (acchut kanya, 1936)
  26. “mere haath mein tere haath rahe” devika rani (karma, 1933)
  27. “hum haal-e-dil” mubarak begum (madhumati, 1958)
  28. “main woh haseen hoon” rajkumari (mahal, 1949)
  29. “ganga ki reti” sudha malhotra (mirza ghalib, 1954)
As shutters, lips part with something,
a thing to impart, or set apart. Dart
light years or milky ways ahead of
unspun avalanches of speech and
watch each procedure by which
music is violence, music is murder.
Unsing all my names and claw them in,
daggers to stitch your skin. Grin
my lashes into pins.
Let them harp recipes for silence:
lengthy lectures on the fossils
my language etches unto unloving you.
  • Magnus: come one Alec, give it a try
  • Alec: No, I'm not the type for this
  • Magnus: but you will looks like a sexy Pirate. I love pirates.
  • Alec: play Pirate on your own!
  • Magnus: Caterina forbid me, after... you know.... what happend in Peru. So, please?
  • Alec: Well.....