silly little poem about truth

there is no bell
that rings like truth
no crack off the bat
not by Aaron or Ruth
no Big Ben “Bong!”
no “order up! Ding!”
as present at wind
beneath your wings
as present as breath,
as air in your lungs
as straight as an arrow
not bent or far-flung
you cannot unring that
Bell when it’s rung
you cannot unsing that
song when it’s sung
the sudden reveal
the smack of the head
and half isn’t any.
the reckoning, dead
if you have the sight
and are light on the hoof
you’ll be singing its praises
from mountain to roof
the truth is so loud
it’ll make your fears ring
yet it’s harder to handle
than anything.
it’s been stretched and squeezed
and wrapped in a lie
and harder to find
than an Honest Guy
it’s naked and bare
a kernel, a grain
indignant to be fair
(though we usually refrain)
it everywhen, everywhere
murming low
when you try to escape it
you’ve nowhere to go
some seek to face it
some try to avoid
some try to ignore it
by filling the void
you can either accept it
or wrestle; or pin
when you are without it
start looking within.

I could spend a year making this really witty but I’m lazy
the rhymes need to be rearranged
but let’s face it
nobody really wants to hear about the truth anyway.


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How do I smooth the grooves in my bones,

all half inch imprints,

left behind by your closeness?

Our bodies would clasp as though hands bound

in prayerful thanks for our collision,

palms pressed together, fingers braided

We worshiped

How do I unsing the song ringing out

in the far right side of my mind?

All gnawing and noisy and soulful

and so much like you that I call it your name

and I hum it under my breath

when I walk the 47 steps

to your door to end us a third time  

How do I reclaim the space

that you’ve scrawled all over?

the places where you’ve left

layered, cursive scribbles of you

across my bareness

How do I return to myself?

Il bene e il meglio

Il bene e il meglio (Serie Evangelo di Giovanni - Episodio 44) Dio conosce sempre ciò che è buono o ciò che è meglio in ogni situazione. Talvolta noi ci aspettiamo che Dio agisca in un certo modo, ma egli ci sorprende con qualcosa che alla fine si rivela migliore! Non vi è mai capitato? È ciò che accadde anche in questa occasione. LEGGI sul blog cliccando sul link-immagine , COMMENTA e CONDIVIDI. Grazie

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C’era un ammalato, un certo Lazzaro di Betania, del villaggio di Maria e di Marta sua sorella. Maria era quella che unse il Signore di olio profumato e gli asciugò i piedi con i suoi capelli; Lazzaro, suo fratello, era malato. Le sorelle dunque mandarono a dire a Gesù: «Signore, ecco,…

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So here’s the game my team made for this year’s Global Game Jam!

You play as a young girl that needs to pass a ritual to gain survival experience and survival experience in her tribe, so she drinks a potion that turns her into a wolf and has to return to the tribe alone. She must face many other wolves in her way, as well as the harsh environment.

The game is not done, we only have one stage done and completely playable yet, but two more will come and a boss battle as well as two different endings.

I included on this photoset the intro screen, a preview of the first stage and the pixel arts I made for the game, a few of those were unsed on the demo. I also helped a lot on the story and the programing of the game.

We used Construct 2 to program the game.

You can watch the trailer of the game here: https://youtu.be/wYWqeLTX7XQ

You can play the demo version here: http://loopus.bitballoon.com/

And this is our GGJ site: http://globalgamejam.org/2016/games/loopus

Shaadi ke doosre din beti apni maa se
Shaadi ke doosre din beti apni maa se: Meri unse ladai ho gayi!
Maa: Shadi mein jhagde toh hote rehte hai fikar mat karo.
Beti: Woh toh thik hai par ab “LAASH” ka kya karu?
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Jab unse unki tareef Ki toh Vo samjhe K unse ishq kar baithe... Main toh bas muttasir Hua tha unse..!

I call her my MUSE.. She inspires my andar ka shayar.. I write amateur Urdu poetry coz I like Urdu and how it can express emotions. Unke puchne par unse kaha.. Ke haan Ye sach hai ke bina soche samjhe kuch bhi likhta hun, Vo baat alag hai ke bas muttasir hun.. Haan ye galat hai ke kabhi apni haden paar karta hun, Magar itna itmenaan rakho ke tumse mohabbat karne ki himakat nahi karsakta…

Laakh ye chaha ke bhool jaon tumhe magar hoslay apni jaga bebasi apni jaaga

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Kuch Apni Fikar Na Apna Khayal Karta Hoon
To Kya Ye Kaam Hai Teri Daikh Bhaal Karta Hoon

Agar Malaal Kisi Ko Nahi Mera Na Saahi
Mai Khud Bhi Kon Sa Malal Karta Hoon

Ye CHaand Aur Sitaare Rafeeq Hain Mere
Mai Roz Unse Bayaan Apna Haal Karta Hon

Tumhari Yaad Bhi Aati Hai Ab Mujhe Kam Kam
Tumhara Zikar Bhi Ab Khaal Khal Karta Hoon

As-salamu alaikum

Imam Jaffar Sadiq (as) Ne farmaya,

Bas Mohammad (saws)-O-Ali (as) ayse do NOOR hain Jo sabse pahle the kyunke unse qabal koyi bhi cheez majood NA thi….

reference Manaqib-e-Ahlebait (a.s) Al-Qatra v3/p158

 اَللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلى مُحَمَّدٍ وَّآلِ مُحَمَّدٍ وَّعَجِّلْ فَرَجَهُمْ وَالْعَنْ أَعْدَائَهُمْ اَجْمَعِيْن

Allahhumma la'an jibt o taghoot

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Artist : Miki Tattooz
Bald ins unse studio
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Bald ins unse studio
#tattooed #insta #tattoos #nürnbergcity #bayern #ingolstadt #tattoo #tattooartist #tattooart #tattoomagazine #inked #inkstudio #studiotattoo #ink #art #Life #nürnberg_de #münchen