the Chut'lar

just an idea/story thing i had in mind.

The Chut'lar race approached earth rapidly, but not without caution. They had previously sent a few probes ahead to determine what the atmosphere was like, and were thoroughly surprised that life was thriving on the planet. With all the natural catastrophes and disasters, they seemed to be doing well for themselves. But what baffled them further was what seemed to be the dominant species co-existing with other, less intelligent, species. However, the reason they approached with caution, was the history and durability of the dominant species. They had acquired several books from a building full of them, and had studied them as closely as possible. It seemed as though they referred to themselves as “Menschen”, and had declared war on each other multiple times for seemingly small circumstances. The Chut'lar did not war declared upon them, especially with the “Menschen'” ability to blow incredibly dangerous radioactive materials in space. As they approached, they slowed their velocity down and their instruments beeped. “Communications Channel Detected.” a pilot called out. “Captain, do we want to listen in?” “Yes.” The captain replied, his feathers ruffling in anticipation. The pilot pressed a series of buttons and a male voice broke through, speaking a different language than the one they had learned. The captain frowned, “What is it saying?” “Sorry, sir. It’s speaking a different language. Shall we try to translate with what we have? It is very similar.” “yes, translate.” The captain tapped a clawed paw on his chair. “It seems they are alarmed with our presence.” the pilot tapped a few more keys. “they seem to be contacting the surface, should we continue flying?” “No, stop the ship here. I don’t want to cause any unnecessary conflict with these “Menschen”.” the captain rubbed his muzzle anxiously, he hoped their unannounced arrival wouldn’t cause them to destroy their vessel without a second thought. They waited for an incredible amount of Leeg'lops before the Menschen replied, all the while the ship had to move to keep up with the planet’s orbit. Again, when the Menschen replied, they spoke that same different language. Nonetheless, the Chut'lar replied in the language they had learned. “Opening the communications channel.” The pilot called. A voice came clear and calm through the space-static. “Hello? Is any one there?” The crew’s feathers ruffled at the strange sound of a Menschlich voice. “Hallo? Wer spricht?” The captain hoped he mimicked the Menschen tone well enough. “Joe, what the hell? They’re speaking German!” the voice seemed distanced, “Get a translater in here!” “Hello? Can you speak english?” The voice came in louder. “hallo? Wir mochten, dass sie wissen, dass wir in frieden kommen.” the captain hoped that continuing to speak would reassure the Menschen that they were not there to harm them. “Woah, woah woah, slow down there.” The voice came through again. “Joe! Get me a translation book!” there was a rustling sound on the other line, and the crew shuffled with unease. To the Chut'lars, such intense rustling was a sign of agitation or aggravation. “Come on Joe, we don’t have all day!” The Menschlich certainly sounded aggravated. “Haben wir dich verargert?” The captain asked cautiously. “Finally!” There was more rustling, when finally, the same voice came through speaking broken German. “Hallo, wer…ist da?” “Hallo! Das ist das Rennen Chut'lar!” The captain ruffled his chest feathers in success. “wir kommen in frieden!” “was….hat dich….auf unse..seren….planeten….gerb—gerbacht?” the human voice haltered. “wir waren neugierig auf die lebensvedingungen.” The captain rose from his chair and paced absentmindedly, “Wir waren sehr uberrascht, das leben zu funden, wenn man die bedingungen ihres planetan betrachtet.” “Joe, can you translate that?” The voice sounded faded again. Another voice came through, one barely distinguishable. “Ah ok, and what’s the ETA on the translator?” there was another voice in the background, and the Chut'lar heard a breathy sound come from the Menschen they were communicating with. “ich…..gebe kommunikation…. zu einer….. anderen Person.” The voice came back. The conversations from then on were ones where the Chut'lar easily established that they weren’t there to conquer. At the time at least, the Chut'lar were a warrior race, and often conquered every planet they came across. That or destroyed it from rebellion becoming too much to handle. During the conversation, the Chut'lar and the Menschen exchanged pictures, and the Chut'lar crew chuckled at how weak and gangly the Menschen looked. Yes, despite their weapons, conquering this planet would be easy.

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Main jab collage me tha tabhi humare collage me ek sexy teacher thi. Shobha naam tha unka unki age 36 years thi, woh hume math padhati thi. Unki height kuch 5 foot thi.Lekin unke boobs or gand bahut bade the. Unki gand bahar nikali thi. Jab v unka lecture rehta tha, main unhe dekhkar to apne lund ko sehlane lagta tha. Wo mujhe bahut hi sexy lagti thi. Kabhi kabhar unka v dhyan mere taraf jata tha. Lekin woh kuch bolti nahi thi. Aise hi 5 saal gujar gaye.Mera college khatam hua or main job pe lag gaya, or tabhi mere kuch documents college me reh gaye the. Usey lene k liye mujhe ek baar collage jana pada tha. To dusre din main chala gaya collage. Waha jake kuch purani yaade taza hogayi thi, bahut achha lag raha tha. Fir main teachers room me gaya, or tabhi mere samane wahi teacher khadi thi. Jisse main sapno me lekar muth marta tha. Tabhi unhone mujhe dekha or maine v unhe dekha. Fir maine socha chalo baat karta hu.

Mai: hello shobha mam, paichana?
Shobha Shobha Mam: haan.. tum Harsh ho na
Mai: bilkul sahi paichana mam. Aap kaisi ho?
Shobha Mam: main thik hu. Tum batao aaj itne dino baad collage ki kaise yaad aayi.
Mai: are mam woh kuch documents lene the. office me dene k liye.

Shobha Mam: ok…Harsh..baki sab thik chal raha hai.
Mai: haan mam. Aap abhi v waisi hi ho jaisi pehli thi.
Shobha Mam: ohh harsh tum v na,,,( or mam thoda sharma gayi)
Mai: ok mam..main woh documents lekar aata hun, baad me milta hu aapse jate waqt.
Shobha Mam: ok harsh thik hai..bye

Aur main waha se collage k office room me chala gaya or waha se mere documents leke. Main jane k nikal raha tha. Tabhi socha ek or bar mil leta hun shobha mam se pata nahi fir kab mulakat ho unse. Isliye main wapas teacher room ki taraf jar aha tha. Tabhi woh samane se aagayi.

Shobha Shobha Mam: hello harsh ho gaya tumhara kaam?
Mai: haan mam ho gaya bas aapko hi bye karne aa raha tha.
Shobha Mam: ohh, so sweet of u,, actually main v nikal rahi thi ghar k liye.
Maine socha kyun na mam ko lift di jaye or thoda chance v mil jayega.
Mai: ok mam main chod deta hun aapko ghar pe main bike lekar aaya hu.
Shobha Mam: ok harsh thik hai main abhi aati hu.

Aur fir thodi der baad mam aayi aur mere pichhe baith gayi…aahhhh kya ehsas tha woh main to bahut khush tha, my dream lady meri bike pe baithi hai, or unhone apna ek hath mere kandhe pe rakha. Fir hum log unke ghar k niche pohoch gaye. Aur maine kaha.

Mai: ok mam, main chalta hun ab.
Shobha Mam: are aise kaise pehli baar ghar aaye ho chalo chai pike jaana.
Mai: nahi mam its ok..phir kabhi aaunga.
Shobha Mam: are aise nahi chalega. Main mam hun tumhari mera kehna manana padega.
Mai: hahaha..ok..mam chalo..
Aur hum dono lift se mam k ghar aagaye..unke ghar me koi nahi tha, unke husband office gaye the or bachhe school gaye the.
Mai: ohh..wow aapka ghar aapke jaisa hi bahut khoobsurat hai.
Shobha Mam: thank u harsh.tum baitho main abhi aati hu.

Aur mam andar chali gayi. Main to baithe baithe ye soch raha tha kash koi mauka mil jaye jisase main unhe chod saku. Mera lund to baar baar khada ho raha tha. Main to baichen ho raha tha. Fir mam aayi or isbar unhone sirf ek nighty pehni thi. Aap ye kahani hindisexkikahani.com paar paad rahe hai.Aur woh dekhkar to mera lund tufan jaise khada ho gaya. Aur woh mere pant me se dikhane laga tha. mujhe kuch samaj nahi aaraha tha.
Mai: mam bathroom kaha hai. Main fresh ho k aata hu.
Shobha Mam: ok harsh aao andar hi.

Aur main unke piche piche chala gaya. Aur main bathroom me gaya to dekha unki panty wahi pe padi thi. Maine use uthaya or sunghane laga…ahhh…kya khushbu aa rahi thi. Aur woh thodi gili v thi. Maine use apane lund pe rakhkar hilane laga or wahi pe muth marne laga..lekin tabhi bahar se mam ne aawaj di. Aur main fresh hoke bahar aa gaya.

Shobha Mam: harsh koi problem hai kya. Itna time lagaya.
Mai: nahi mam woh jara…..

Aur mam ki nazar sidha mere lund pe gayi jo abhi v khada tha. Main waha se sidha aake sofe pe baith gaya. Aur mam ne meri taraf dekh kar ek naughty si smile di or kaha.
Shobha Mam: ahh..ok tum baitho main tumhare liye chai banake laati hu.

Aur mam kitchen me jake chai banake leke ayi. Aur mere hi baju me baith gayi. Aur chai dene lagi. Unke boobs mere kandho ko rub kar rahe the, or mujhse raha nahi jaa raha tha.
Mai: mam aapke husband or bachhe kab aayenge.

Shobha Mam: husband to rat ko aate bachhe 6 baje tak aajayenge.
Mai: okk..mam Shobha Mam: or harsh tumhara kaise chal raha hai job. Koi gf patayi ki nahi abhi tak.
Mam k muh se ye sunake main thoda shock reh gaya or unki taraf dekhane laga.
Shobha Mam: are harsh ab tum bade hogaye ho, or ye sab batein ab normal ho gayi hai.
Mai: haan mam woh to hai. Nahi mam abhi tak nahi mili mujhe koi apane jaisi.
Shobha Mam: achha to tumhe kaisi ladaki chahiye.

Mai: agar bata dun to aapko gussa nahi aayega na.
Shobha Mam: ofcourse not.
Aur mam thoda or chipak k baith gayi. Maine mam ki ankho me ankhe daal k kaha.
Mai: mam mujhe na aap jaisi ladki chahiye.
Shobha Mam: ohh..Harsh..aisa kya hai mujhme jo tumhe main itni achhi lagati hu.
Itna kahake Aur unhone apna hath mere kandhe par dal diya.

Mai: mam main to jabse collage me tha tab se aap mujhe bahut achhi lagati thi. Main deewana tha aapka or aaj v hu.
Shobha Mam: achha isiliye tum har roz mujhe itna ghur ghur k dekhte the u naughty boy.

Aur unhone mujhe apane gale laga kar mere gallon par ek puppy de di. Main to hosh me hi nahi tha. Fir main v unhe dhire dhire sehlane laga tha. Unki ankhe v ab ekdum nashili lag rahi thi.

Shobha Mam: ahhhh..harsh..aur kya kya achha lagata hai..tumhe muzame..sharmao mat job hi hai..batado Mai: aapke ye ankhe, aapke komal gulabi honth, aapke…. Shobha Mam: ab bolo v na harsh..ahhh..aur mat tadpao,,, mujhe v tum bahut ache lagate ho..ummmaaaaaa….aaaaaa
Mai: mam aap sach me bahut khoobsurat hai…apake ye bade bade boobs..kitane ache lagate..aur aapki ye patali kamar..ahh..mam…ji to karta hai..bus inhe hi dekhta rahu Aap ye kahani hindisexkikahani.com paar paad rahe hai.…Shobha Mam: ahh..Harsh tumhe kitni kadar hai..mere jism ki or mere pati to abhi dhyan v nahi dete..u r so sweet..dear..aur tumhe meri ye badi gand kaisi lagati hai..jise tum bachpan me kisi na kisi bahane se touch karte the.

Ye baat sunke main thoda hairan reh gaya, or mam ko uthake apne samne khada kiya or unke gand ko masalane laga.

Mai: mam aapki gand to jannat hai..dekho kitni soft hai..aaaaaaaaah……jaise..koi…rui ki gaddi ho..ahhhhh….
Shobha Mam: ahh…harsh…tum apani teacher ki gand ko daba rahe ho.ah….hhhhhhhhhh….
Mai: haan mam…aapki gand bahut naram hai..ahhhhhhhhhh…bohot maza aa raha hai…dabane me
Aur maine unki nighty me hath dalke unki gand ko dabane laga..jor jor se..
Shobha Mam: ohh..harsh….dabao or jor se dabao meri gand..ahhh…

Aur unhone apane honth mere hontho pe lagake kiss karne lagi..usse mujhe or josh aaya or main unki gand or jor se dabane laga..ahhhh….fir unhone mera t-shirt nikal diya or maine teacher ki nighty nikal di..ahhh….kya boobs the unke ekdum gore gore. Aur uspe brown color k nipples…fir maine teacher ko sofe pe litaya. Aur unko chumane laga…unke hare k an gang ko chum raha tha..muze pata nahi kya hogaya tha…main pagalon ki tarah unhe chume ja raha tha.Shobha Mam: ahh…oh…harsh..itna pyar karte the apani shobha mam se…ahhhhhhh….
Mai: hhaann mam…bohot ohh….Aur main unke boobs chusane laga…Shobha Mam: ohhh…chuso mere dear student…aaaahhhhhhh..aur jor se chuso…bahut achha lag raha hai…ahhhhhhh..chuso meri jaan chuso….ahhhhhhh…..

Aur main unke boobs chusate chusate unke pet or nabhi ko v chumane laga…wo sirf sislariya le rahi thi or mere balon ko sehla rahi thi…ahhhh…kitna such mil raha tha..muze..fir main…niche jake unki panty k upar se chut ko chat raha tha….

Shobha Mam: ahhh..harsh..kya kar rahe ho…
Mai: aapko pyar kar raha hun…ahhhhhhh…ummmmaaaaaaaa……

Shobha Mam: ohh…harsh tumne to mujhe pagal hi kardiya hai..ahhhhhhhh….
Aur mainr unki panty niche karke, use chusne laga…ahhhhhh….kya swad tha…kya swad tha…unki chut..ka…
Shobha Mam: ahhh…harsh..chuso….beta…aur chuso..bohot achha lag raha hai…ahhhhhh…itna majja pehle kabhi nahi aya tha…ahhhhhhhhhh…..chuso..aur jor se….ahhhhhh…kha jao meri chut ko..ahhhhh.

Kareeb 15 se 20 min tak main unki chut ko chusta raha…ahhhhh…aur woh jhad gayi, maine unka sara ras piliya.

Shobha Mam: you are so great harsh,,, ahhh…ab chod do muze…jaldi se…harsh…daldo tumhara lund tumhari teacher ki chut me.
Mai: ok..my sweet mam….ummmaaaaaaaaaaa….muaaaahhhh….
Aur maine apna lund unki chut k upar rakh kar ragadane laga….ahhhhh…..
Shobha Mam: ahhh..harsh…kitna tadapaoge dal do na ander..a.hhhhh…apni teacher ki baat nahi manoge kya..aaahhh…
Mai: hhaaaaaa….mam…jarur manunga..ahhhhhh…Aur maine unko wahi sofe pe adha litake unke dono pair apne khande par rakh ek jor ka dhakka mara..mera adha lund mam ki chut me ghus gaya…mam ki chikh nikal gayi..

Shobha Mam: aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh..harsh..dhire karo na….dard ho raha hai…bohot dino baad chud rahi hun…ahhhh…..dhire dhire chodo…ahhhhh..

Fir main unhe dhire dhire chodane laga…aur apni speed badatha chala gaya..

Mai: ahhhh..mam aapki chut kitni naram or garam..hai..ahhhhh..kitna majja aaraha hai aapko chodane me….ah..ahhhhhhhh….kash main pehle se….hi aapki chudai..kar pata…ahhhhhhhhhh………

Shobha Mam: ah….ahhhhhhhh..chodo mujhe or jor se chodo…..aahhh….haa harsh…agar main tumhe pehle hi pehchan pati..to ab tak kitna majja kiya hota humane..ahhhhhhhhh….

Ab main unke boobs dabate dabate unhe chod raha tha full speed me…ahhhhh…….aaaaahhhhh…..unke room me sirf chudayi ki hi aawaje aa rahi thi…kuch 20 se 25min baad..mam ne kaha…

Shobha Mam: aaaaahhhh….harsh I m cumming dear….dont stop..ahhh…..fuck me harder baby…ahhh..harder…ahhhhhhhhhhh…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh……………….

Aur woh thoda shant hoke leti rahi..lekin mera abhi tak baki tha…

Mai: ohh..harsh…kitana stamina hai..tumame….ahhh…lao main isse thoda chus deti hun…

Aur fir mam ne mera lund..apne muh me leke chusane lagi….ahhh…kitana achha chus rahi thi….pura lund ander leti bahar nikalti thi…aaaa

Mai: ahhh….mam….u r so good in that….aahhhhhhhhh….chuso…aur jor se..aaaahhhhhhhhhh…..

Fir thodi der bad maine unhe uthaya or ghodi banana ko kaha unhe pata chal gaya main unki gand marna chahta hu..

Shobha Mam: ahh…harsh…..tumhe meri gand marni hai…dear..
Mai: ahhh..mam iske bina to sub kuch adhura hai…aur aap janti ho aap ki gand mujhe kitani pyari lagati hai..
Shobha Mam: ahhhaaa..beta…lekin uske pehle Vaseline laga lena kyunki maine kabhi marwayi nahi hai…aur tumhe na v nahi keh sakti..itane pyare ho tum..

Fir maine Vaseline liya or unki gand k ched ko lagaya or thoda mere lund pe lagaya….aur unhe ghodi banake pichese aapana lund unke gand pe set kar diya…

Shobha Mam: beta dhire dhire karna ….bohot dard hota hai,, isme….
Mai: don’t worry mam main hun na…bohot pyar se aapki gand marunga…
Aur main.dhire dhire mam ki gand me apna lund ghusane laga….pehle pehle mam chillayi bad me unhe v majja aane laga….
Mai: ahhhhh…mam such me aapki kitani kadak hai…chodane me bahut majja aaraha hai..ahhhhhhhhhh……
Shobha Mam: ahhh..harsh….muze v majja..aa raha hai…chodo meri gand…ko….aaaaaaaaahhhh……
Aur main jor jor se unki gand marne laga…aaaaaaahhhhh….fir karib 15 min bad main zadane ko aane laga..
Mai: aahhhh…mam mera nikalne wala hai..kaha nikalu…aaaaaahhhhh..
Shobha Mam: ander hi daldo……dear
Mai: aaaaaaahhhhhh…
Aur mera pura maal mam ki gand me chala gaya…aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…fir hum log ekdusare pe nange hi soye huye the..fir thodi der bad uthkar humane fir ek bar chudayiki…..
Shobha Mam: ahh..harsh..such me bahut achha lag raha hai…ab jab v mujhe tumhari jarurat hogi..main tumhe call karungi…aaoge na…
Mai: haan mam jarur aaounga aapki baat to manani hi padegi na…
Aur main usdin waha se nikal gaya..ab jab v unhe mauka milta hai, woh mujhe phone kar k bula leti hai, or hum dono bahut enjoy karte hai.

Ye sacchi kahani hain mere aur mere randi maam ki. Kaisa laga comments karna

I was having the usual late night B.A.P jam session in my room, and I found myself singing “DAESTOPIAA” and then cursing Sudi for putting that in my head; I can’t unsing it now.

Dabba Developments: 11th July, 2017

Not a proper episode reaction but I have thoughts!!!

  • Queen not being able to concentrate on her icecream and instead worried about pushing Omkara in the water - priceless.
  • This woman has spent SO much time just taking care of Omkara..it is second nature for her to constantly worry about him. 
  • Even if he doesn’t reciprocate.
  • I’m honestly personally OFFENDED that Gauri and Bhavya are being clubbed as being in the same situation.
  • Cuz they are not.
  • Want proof?
  • Watch the Gauri-Bhavya scene with Shivaay.
  • While Gauri SLAYED with her reason of WHY she’s maintaining distance from Omkara..ACP Anda was trying too hard to fit it.
  • Just look at what Gauri says.
  • Har rishta vishwas ke neev pe banta hai..aur ye vishwas humein toh Omkara ji pe hain…per unhen shayad hum pe nahin hai. Issi liye hum jaan boojh ke unse doori banaye hue hain. Taake unhen pata chale ke unhe masla hum se hai….ya iss rishte se.”
  • (Not the exact lines but context ye hi hai)
  • Then you have ACP Anda being all “Yeah I was wrong but so was Rudy!!! Can’t you see why I am giving him no bhav?!”
  • Because of course ACP Anda makes all the sense.
  • FML.
  • I’ll get to some michmichi points later.
  • ObBros!
  • Although my eyes kept noticing Kunal’s boxers under the white shalwar he was wearing when he was standing drenched in the kitchen scene.
  • I liked the “Pyar Humein Kis Mod Pe Le Aya” sequence purely for the giggles cuz context wise it was so ??? It makes no sense for Omkie to be all “what is the purpose of my life anymore?” just cuz Gauri wasn’t talking to him properly.
  • KHAIR!! Omkie ringing the tiny mandir ki ghanti was worth it!
  • Now I’m coming to the michmichi bits.
  • So basically Anika and Shivaay saw OmRu and Gauri-Anda feeling lost and incomplete without their respective partners. So Shivika decide to team up to patch the two couples.
  • Noble intentions, agreed.
  • But here’s the thing. The way it was played out…the focus is still very much on Shivika.
  • Which has always been my problem.
  • I know I’ve read pro comments like “BUT EVERYONE IS PLAYING CUPID FOR EVERYONE! EQUALITY!!!!”
  • Hahahah..nope.
  • It’s the manner of treatment.
  • Maybe I’m reaching, maybe I’m wrong (God I hope I am) but the way I saw it..it was Shivika taking up a project? Specially with the way Annika was bossing Gauri around.
  • Where is Gauri? Where is her agency?
  • I dont think I’ll be able to take Queenie being a prop in her OWN story.
  • Basically..i dont want her to be a prop for Annika to play around with. I’ve seen my Queen rule and I dont want to see her being around for the convenience of some other character(s).
  • Wohi same story - give RiKara their own story.
  • I so hope the Svetty rumor is true. At least it would mean Gauri taking on a villain on her own.
  • Also..what did Omkara mean by “Maine bohat try kar li!” in regards of his relationship with Gauri?
  • I was okay with everything till that scene happened.
  • I was SUPER OKAY with Rudy saying Omkara was missing Chulbul Bhabhi.
  • I WAS “OH GOD THIS IS THE BEST!!” OKAY with Omkara saying, “Gauri aisi nahin hai..”
  • But the last bit? Of him being frustrated that Gauri wasn’t talking to him despite his attempts?
  • Yeah…major michmichi.
  • Cuz ye sab horaha hai for the convenience of some other characters’ plot.
  • I WISH I could overlook it all and take IB purely for the laughs and giggles like it provided me today
  • But damn…I can’t.
  • I cant see my Queen being robbed off her agency and individuality for someone else to play with.
  • And it’s just the second epi!!!

“Jab tak unhen dekh na loon, unse lad na loon…mujhe sukoon hi nahin aata.”

So I figured I’d write up a quick tutorial about how I made my Lapis gem for fellow SU cosplayers on a budget. This works really well for Pearl and Lapis gems, but if you find the right mould shape you could easily use it for any other gem too.

You’ll need:

- Hot glue and a hot glue gun*

- A mould in the desired shape of your gem (I used a large metal spoon)

- Cooking oil spray

- Nail polish (clear and in the color of your gem) OR paint/sealant of your choice

- Foam sheet or other backing (optional)

- Scissors and/or butter knife (optional)

*PLEASE be careful with the hot glue gun. If it has a lower heat setting, I reccommend unsing that. It will take a little longer but you’ll be less likely to burn yourself (as I did, several times).


1. Spray your mould with the cooking oil spray. This will make your gem easier to get out of the mould when it cools. Trust me, you’ll be grateful for this later.

2. Once the hot glue has heated up, start squeezing it into the mould. It may take a few layers to get it completely full, but the glue should stay warm and moldable as you go. You can use a butter knife to keep the edge clean or smooth out the top, just be careful that it doesn’t get stuck to the glue and mess up all your hard work.

3. Let the glue cool in the mould for a while. You can put it in the fridge to speed up the process if you want, but you need to wait until it has COMPLETELY cooled/solidified before you remove it from the mould.

4. Once the glue has fully cooled, you can start prying it out of the mould. This should be made easier by the cooking oil spray you sprayed on your mould beforehand. Hot glue has a little give, so you should be able to pry it out without messing up the shape AS LONG AS IT IS COMPLETELY COOL. You can use scissors to cut off any excess on the edges so it looks clean and smooth.

5. Now paint your gem with the color you want. I used nail polish because it had the sort of iridescent, gem-like color I wanted, but any other kind of paint should work. It might take a few coats to get it even and solid. You can put a coat or two of clear nail polish or another sealant to protect the color layers.

6. If the back of your gem is really uneven (as it tends to be with hot glue), you can add a backing of foam or another material to make attaching it to your skin/cosplay/etc easier. I just hot glued a sheet of EVA craft foam to the back of mine and cut out around it.

Aaaannnddd you’re done! You now have your very own homemade gem! If you need something cleared up in this tutorial or you have other questions, feel free to message me!

amerigablaze  asked:

Hi Archu... Aap bolethe ki adhmi handsome hona chahiye.... Agar uska chera par kuch accident ka marks hai tho... Aap unse sex nai karogi..

Bhai tm face transplant kra ke surgery kra lo yaar



scrumptiousstrangerstrawberry  asked:

Archu kbi tumhare sasural se ya mayeke se b koi cpl ya single tumko yaha mil gya aur unhone tumko pehchan liya to kya karogi

By chance koi mil gya toh unse bolenge aap apna enjoy kro or hume apna enjoy krne do or iske baare me hum kisi se discuss nhi krenge kabhi bhi or jb kabhi milenge bhi tb bhi discuss nhi krenge or aapke sath hum enjoy nhi kr skte….hamare liye family relationship phle hai fir fun



What Could Have Been

Hello SasuHina submarine! OMG I love you all so much! So much creativity that no one let the ending of the series end this ship. So for some reason I felt the need to do a what if scenario, or more like showing the two what could have been and I came up with this while listening to Wish from the Final Fantasy 13 soundtrack i think…anyways…please enjoy this…remember a submarine is unsinkable…lol 

It had been an accident; a mere brush of the fingers, a moment of poignant warmth and contact so foreign, that the world had felt born anew.

The spilled macha tea continued lazily across the cherry wood table of the Uzumaki-Hyuuga living room, the delicately wrought clay saucer cracked in two. 

How could a simple invitation to tea go so wrong? All she had wanted was to get to know her the man her husband cared for so much.

The dark stain stood out on the sleeve of her lovely, indigo threaded kimono, contrasting with the curling dark green tendrils of Osmunda ferns etched in silk.

Hinata gazed at the taciturn man before her, his normally stoic expression showing widened eyes and a crazed look sparking to life and she wondered if he had seen the exact same thing she had.

 A blazing hearth and pale skin jealously consumed by his pale lips, running course up and down her slim neck. Hands intertwined, a scent that smelled of rain and thunder, charged with energy and anticipation…foreboding and possibility.

He sighed her name, beautiful in its every nuanced syllable…he whispered it as she arched into him, and they became whole…


S-sasuke-san…I..I…“ She stuttered, a habit pulled back from the depths of her genin days because she had no idea what the HELL had just happened. 

"What. did. you. do.”

He seethed, gritting out his words, bile rising up in his throat as he could feel his desire rising. Guilt clawed at his chest, gnawing and mixing dangerously with his lust. 

This was his BEST friend’s wife, mother to his godchildren and for heaven’s sake, he was with Sakura and the image of broken and betrayed dark eyes made him seethe. 

His daughter…how could he betray her so, how could one second of contact…one genjutsu-filled image cast by the Hyuuga temptress-

And he stopped because he finally took note of his companion’s pale face and trembling hands. It was then he knew that she was innocent.


He said her maiden name out of habit, refusing to call out for fear that he would say her first name in the same way as in the dream…refusing to give in to the overwhelming desire of the strange vision…and yet his heart raced as soft lilac eyes looked up at him in fear, confusion laced through her expression and her small frame shaking with…guilt.

Curiosity overtook him, and without another word, he grabbed her slim wrist, pressing a calloused finger from his right hand to feel the pulse of just at the base of her thumb.

It was instant and stronger this time. They were pulled into a place existing only in the realms of possibility, the space between one letter and the next…a dream.

It was raining. They were outside, warm cloaks and apparel only slightly shielding them both as they made their way through the slushy mud trail, unkempt and hardly used. The vivid green of the forest was made all the more sharp, the droplets bouncing off every sharp corner and leaf and stone.

Hinata laughed, tipping her head back, her hood falling off to let loose her wildly cascading hair, the dark waves tumbling down her back like liquid silk. 

Sasuke thought she was beautiful…even as her tears mixed with the rain, and rolled down her flushed cheeks.

He didn’t ask her why she was crying. It could have been any number of things…the Hyuuga clan was fixed, Naruto had rejected her confession, her cousin had died only months ago…

He didn’t need to know why, only that as the tears rolled down and she danced in the rain, electricity crackling at her finger tips, he thought she finally looked free.

His grip tightened, and for all the reality that was waiting to crash down upon them, he brought up his bandages hand to grip her own tighter, to drown himself in the shared dream.

She did the same.

The moon loomed large and the snow continued to fall. Hinata stared in fear as the meteorites headed for Konoha in the distance. She lurched forward, cries ripping from her throat…

“Hanabi! Father!”

“Hinata!” Sasuke called desperately after her, for once struggling to keep up as she pushed chakra into her legs, her aura flaring and his hair standing on end at the sheer force of her energy.

He tackled her to the ground, lifting himself over her sprawled form. He grimaced as the searing heat of the meteorite blazed over them. He could smell the scent of singed hair and cloth.

It crashed just a few meters away, a steaming crater the size of a small house now in place where they had almost been.

Quickly he took off his cloak, beating out the flames and rolled her over to check for injuries, his one hand frantically patting to and fro.

She blinked blearily up at him, confusion and slight annoyance tinging her expression.

“WHY?! We have to go! They’re in trouble!” She struggled against his grip, ready to fly recklessly into battle.

“You fucking idiot.” He grit out, and pulled her into a tight and worried embrace. And he buried his nose in her hair, the scent of rain quelling the fear and his racing heart.

He laced his fingers with hers, there eyes looking into nothingness. They drew closer, unseeing.

“So he saved the world again.”

“You protected the village. You helped.”

“So did you.”

“I failed her, my sister.

She hugged herself tighter, her face smudged and the self-hatred so evident on her face made him understand.

"You got her back.”

“And you’ll leave again..” She whispered, her heart breaking.

Sasuke’s eyes widened, his next action clear and so perfectly logical, that he did it without a second thought.

“Come with me.”

“What are..you…”

“Exactly what I’m saying, come with me, Hinata.”

“But I…”

“Unless, there’s something you need to do here.” He said it gruffly, with little emotion, but Hinata smiled because she knew him too well. 


“…I guess, this is…goo-

"N-no! I meant yes, I will come with you!”

The blush on her face was adorable, and she realized he had been joking with her. She broke into laughter and he joined, a soft chuckling that was the most welcome noise in the world. It sounded like home.

They were mere inches from each other, and white searched black for meaning and possibility. Their heads tilted, the sharp, fresh scent of rain and lightening filling their senses and a heady feeling of fulfillment rushed through them. The compunction to touch, to feel, to see the possibilities pushed them forwards, ever so slowly…fingers gripping tightly to keep them anchored not to reality, but to a dream…a melancholy wish ringing with love and a connection so ridiculously deep, that it hurt to even think of breaking it…

Hinata’s eyes slid shut…Sasuke’s followed suit…but at the back of their haze rested a building pressure, a nagging pounding, a reminder of things they both cherished…

But still they drew closer and closer…

A rainy wedding day, a rushed ceremony, a warm kiss that tasted of sunlight and hope…

Shared moments of love and pain, lackadaisical walks through Konoha and wherever they wished…a freedom so nostalgic, that it ached to think of parting with it. 

Hands intertwined tightly as she screamed. Her body aching, every bone and every muscle tensed to bring home a gift.

And tiny fingers, a beautiful baby girl with dark hair and scrunched up eyes…

She was beautiful, everything they had ever dreamed of. Her name was-



Their eyes shot open, reality crashing down around them like meteorites through the clouds. Hinata’s eyes widened till all he could see was white…she was so close…so very close..

And the she screamed, falling over in her haste to put as much distance between them as possible.

She clutched the strands of her hair, her body shaking, her breath becoming quicker and more shallow…

“No..no..no..no…I love Naruto…Himawari…Bolt…”

She muttered it to herself and Sasuke ever the quick thinker, grabbed her shoulders, shaking the poor woman.

“Hinata! Snap out of it! ”

She gasped once and took a deep breath, slowly letting go of her lengthy hair.

“W-what just happened? What was that?! What did you do.."She trailed off, looking in fear at the man whom she had always only known as her husband’s best friend, his rival…that was all…so that future…had been…

"I did nothing” He whispered bitterly, now fully awake and confused as all hell. He ran an agitated hand through his hair, frowning.

They were interrupted by the sound of a door slamming, and the pitter patter of small feet rushing through the entry way.

“Mom, we’re home!” Cried her son, and she remembered the joy she felt on the day he was born…her baby boy…

“Mommy…we bought flowers!”

“Hmm. That’s weird, those are Dad’s shoes…DAD!?”

And Sasuke quickly separated himself from his host, smoothing down his clothes and quickly assuming his typical distant expression, showing nothing and giving away little.

Naruto showed up just a few minutes later, inviting Sasuke to stay for dinner with the largest grin on his face. And Sasuke declined, avoiding looking at the Hokage’s wife…guilt and some odd kind of nostalgic longing plaguing him.

He stepped out of the house, his daughter in tow. And as if to make it up to her, he smiled a rare smile, because she was precious little girl…and it would be hell or high water before he let his family fall apart due to some stupid weird magic dream.

But as they stepped out into the sunshine, he couldn’t help but miss the rain…

Hinata gazed after the two. Her children were in the back, surely up to no good  mischief. Just like their father…an affectionate smile crossed her face, but even as she told herself that nothing had happened and that it was a beautiful day…

She couldn’t help but miss the rain…and her fingers reached for the unseen possibility of what could have been.

» to the cuckoo, speak of this with my beloved

a survey of some forgotten or lesser known songstresses of 1930s to 1950s bombay cinema (as in everyone before the lata mangeshkar invasion and those who weren’t popular “alternatives” like shamshad begum, geeta dutt, and asha bhosle). please read the social politics behind this and in particular the disappearance of the muslim courtesan singer from films as nation-building ensues. 

  1. “aankhiyan milake” zohrabai ambalewali (rattan, 1944)
  2. “dharak dharak” suraiya (singaar, 1949)
  3. “yeh pyaari pyaari” devika rani (janmabhoomi, 1936)
  4. “dheere dheere ae re badal” amirbai karnataki (kismet, 1943)
  5. “umeed unse kya thi” parul ghosh (basant, 1942)
  6. dil ko laga ke humne” uma devi (anokhi ada, 1948)
  7. “yaad rakhna chand taaron” meena kapoor (anokha pyar, 1948)
  8. “chori kahin khulay na” mukhtar begum (aurat ka pyar, 1933)
  9. “hai zalim tune pee hi nahin hai” naseem akhtar (nek parveen, 1946)
  10. “gori chali piya ke desh” zohrabai ambalewali, shamshad begum (shama, 1946)
  11. “papiha re” parul ghosh (kismet, 1943)
  12. “ghatta ghan gor gor” khursheed bano (tansen, 1943)
  13. “ae more saaware saiyan” suraiya (sanjog, 1943)
  14. “dilwale jal jal ke hi marjana” uma devi (natak, 1947)
  15. “aahen na bharin shikve na kiye” noor jahan, zohrabahi ambalewali, & kalyani (zeenat, 1945)
  16. “shayad woh ja rahe hain” zohrabai ambalewali (mela,1948)
  17. “more pardesi sajan” rajkumari (station master, 1942)
  18. “ae shama tu bata” suraiya (dastan,1950)
  19. “ae dard zara dam le” amirbai karnataki (zamana, 1938)
  20. “afsana likh rahi hoon” uma devi (dard,1947)
  21. “faasle bahar gaye ja” sitara devi & parul ghosh (najma, 1943)
  22. “chhun chhun ghungarwa” rajkumari & zohrabai ambalewali (mahal, 1949)
  23. “neend udd jaye teri” krishna bose, mubarak begum, & suman kalyanpur (juari, 1968)
  24. “sajana sanjh bhayee aan milo” sitara devi (roti, 1942)
  25. “kit gaye ho khewanahaar naiya dubati” saraswati devi (acchut kanya, 1936)
  26. “mere haath mein tere haath rahe” devika rani (karma, 1933)
  27. “hum haal-e-dil” mubarak begum (madhumati, 1958)
  28. “main woh haseen hoon” rajkumari (mahal, 1949)
  29. “ganga ki reti” sudha malhotra (mirza ghalib, 1954)

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I would usually think it unimportant and a random song/film he likes but when he put it in the context of where he learned about love that song choice "kehna hi kya" meaning (what can I say?) from the film Bombay is important. The film is about two people who can't be together because of their different religions and there families disapproving it but they fight against it and end up happily married with kids anyway. That song is about when they first see each other and it's love at first sight

could be totally random but with zayn I doubt anything ever is. And it isn’t the kind of film you “learn your moves for the ladies” or whatever they said. It’s a really painful but beautiful film and I think zayn knew they wouldn’t know what it’s about so he used that to his advantage 


I think this is all one ask. Forgive me if I’ve combined two different people’s asks. But thank you for sharing. That’s super interesting.  

I found an interpretation of the lyrics:

Gumsum gumsum gup chup, gumsum gup chup - 2
(Silent and secretive, silent and secretive)
Halchal halchal ho gayi teri, honth hai tere chup
(You are all shaken, your lips are silent)
Khalbal khalbal ho gayi teri, baithi hai tu gupchup
(You are all disturbed, you are sitting silently)
Pyaare pyaare chehre lekar dediya ishaara
(With your lovely face you’ve given us hints)
Dekha teri aankhon mein hai sapna koi pyaara
(We have seen that there is some sweet dream in your eyes)
Humse gori naa tu sharma, kehde humse zara - 2
(Don’t be shy of us, tell us a little)
Kehna hi kya yeh nain ek anjaan se jo mile
(What is there to say, my eyes met with a stranger)
Chalne lage mohabbat ke jaise yeh silsile
(As if a love story has started)
Armaan naye aise dil mein khile, jinko kabhi main naa jaanoon
(Wishes that I never knew before are blooming in my heart)
Voh humse, hum unse kabhi naa mile, kaise mile dil naa jaanoon 
(If he and I never met, I don’t know how our hearts would have met)
Ab kya kare, kya naam le, kaise unhe main pukaaroon
(What do I do now, what is his name, how can I call him?)
Kehna hi kya yeh nain ek anjaan se jo mile
(What is there to say, my eyes met with a stranger)
Chalne lage mohabbat ke jaise yeh silsile
(As if a love story has started)
Armaan naye aise dil mein khile, jinko kabhi main naa jaanoon
(Wishes that I never knew before are blooming in my heart)
Voh humse, hum unse kabhi naa mile, kaise mile dil naa jaanoon
(If he and I never met, I don’t know how our hearts would have met)
Ab kya kare, kya naam le, kaise unhe main pukaaroon
(What do I do now, what is his name, how can I call him?)
Pehli hi nazar mein kuch hum, kuch tum ho jaate hai yun gum
(At first sight him and I got a little lost)
Nainon se barse rim jhim, rim jhim humpe pyaar ka saavan
(A shower of love fell dripping from our eyes)
Sharm thodi thodi humko aaye to nazarein jhuk jaayen
(When I got a little shy my eyes turned downward)
Sitam thoda thoda humpe shok hawa bhi kar jaaye
(A breeze of wind also gave me a little torture)
Aisi chali, aanchal ude, dil mein ek toofaan uthe
(It blew such that my sari flew, a storm brewed in my heart)
Hum to lut gaye khade hi khade
(I was totally taken while standing)
Kehna hi kya yeh nain ek anjaan se jo mile
(What is there to say, my eyes met with a stranger)
Chalne lage mohabbat ke jaise yeh silsile
(As if a love story has started)
Armaan naye aise dil mein khile, jinko kabhi main naa jaanoon
(Wishes that I never knew before are blooming in my heart)
Voh humse, hum unse kabhi naa mile, kaise mile dil naa jaanoon
(If he and I never met, I don’t know how our hearts would have met)
Ab kya kare, kya naam le, kaise unhe main pukaaroon
(What do I do now, what is his name, how can I call him?)
Gumsum gumsum gup chup, gumsum gup chup - 2
(Silent and secretive, silent and secretive)
Halchal halchal ho gayi teri, honth hai tere chup
(You are all shaken, your lips are silent)
Khalbal khalbal ho gayi teri, baithi hai tu gupchup
(You are all disturbed, you are sitting silently)
Pyaare pyaare chehre lekar dediya ishaara
(With your lovely face you’ve given us hints)
Dekha teri aankhon mein hai sapna koi pyaara
(We have seen that there is some sweet dream in your eyes)
Humse gori naa tu sharma, kehde humse zara - 2
(Don’t be shy of us, tell us a little)
In honthon ne maanga sargam, sargam tu aur tera hi pyaar hai
(These lips asked for a song, the song is you and your love)
Aankhen dhoonde hai jisko har dam, har dam tu aur tera hi pyaar hai
(What my eyes search for at every moment is you and your love)
Mehfil mein bhi tanha hai dil aise, dil aise
(Even in a crowd my heart is alone like this)
Tujhko kho naa de, darrta hai yeh aise, yeh aise
(My heart fears losing you like this)
Aaj mili aisi khushi, jhoom uthi duniya yeh meri
(I got such happiness today, my whole world is dancing)
Tumko paaya to paayi zindagi
(When I found you I found life)
Kehna hi kya yeh nain ek anjaan se jo mile
(What is there to say, my eyes met with a stranger)
Chalne lage mohabbat ke jaise yeh silsile
(As if a love story has started)
Armaan naye aise dil mein khile, jinko kabhi main naa jaanoon
(Wishes that I never knew before are blooming in my heart)
Voh humse, hum unse kabhi naa mile, kaise mile dil naa jaanoon
(If he and I never met, I don’t know how our hearts would have met)
Ab kya kare, kya naam le, kaise unhe main pukaaroon
(What do I do now, what is his name, how can I call him?)
Kehna hi kya yeh nain ek anjaan se jo mile
(What is there to say, my eyes met with a stranger)
Chalne lage mohabbat ke jaise yeh silsile
(As if a love story has started)
Kehna hi kya
(What is there to say)


Zayn Malik, why are you like this?

Interesting it’s told from the perspective of falling in love with a man. Can this and “I figured it out” all from the same interview just be happenstance? I’m really thinking this was really all Zayn. Beautiful.

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What sound files? I haven't heard about either one, which is the one people don't say count??

Hello!Anon,let me show you

First,danadacuhy released these audios about Cullen/M!Inquisitor



These audios is called cut content which is why some people on BSN or Tumblr say it doesn’t count.(I believe you can learn how many fights between Cullen born str8 and Bi!Cullen through google it.)

Recently,someone released another unused audio about Cullen comment.


When some people heard this one,they say”omg!This is cute! so canon<3″

You can see why Bi!Cullen fans upset about this.