I have begun to unschool myself. More and more am I discovering my interests, what I like. What I want to do and the things that help me grow. I have always been creative, but lately it seems that I am more open for it all. I let it be. And I don’t judge.

I can’t wait for my high school ‘career’ to end. I will paint and draw. Maybe I will create an Etsy shop. I have no idea what I would sell. Probably a mix of all kinds of things. But I like that I have no idea yet. I look forward to making up a plan.

My dad lets me borrow his old 35 mm camera. So damn excited about that! I’m going to order some good films. And then I’m going to think about what/who/where I want to shoot. My friend and I were thinking about the festival we are going to in summer, but I doubt whether my dad agrees with that haha. We were also thinking about Paris… Great idea. Literally. I also want to learn how to use Photoshop. And my dad has some camera filters, which I can also borrow:)

So let the good, creative ideas come into my mind!