I’ve been spending a lot of time
trying to figure out
what living means.
Everyone seems so content
settling into this life
and I am so intent
on trying to feel alive.
Art gets me high,
music makes me fly,
and sunsets
can burn me to the core.
I always feel too much. 
But nothing is ever enough.
Everyone is always settling in
and I am always wanting more.
—  More, V.P.
Unsatisfied With Love.

I feel like sometimes I care too much; I love too much. And then in my head I expect the same from other people. I expect the people I love to love just as passionately, as intensely, as crazy, as emotionally, as deeply, as obsessively as I do. I expect them to need me as much as I do them. And there is where I am at fault, this is where I am creating my own tragedy. Because when people dont love like I do, when they dont express it like I do, when they dont need me as I do… I get hurt. I over think. And then I feel alone. I feel unloved. So in a way I create my own sorrow. I expect what no one can give me; so with that I will forever feel Unsatisfied With Love.