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B is for Better With You

Prompt: Comfort
Anonymous Prompt: Olicity + “I sleep better when I’m next to you.”
A/N: I’m combining this week’s prompt with a hurt/comfort prompt that has been marinating in my inbox for ages. Apparently I am incapable of writing pure fluff, because this turned into a pretty angsty AU. This story was initially inspired by the Jacin and Winter relationship from The Lunar Chronicles.
Word Count: 4.9k
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“Mr. Oliver?”

Raisa’s careful tone causes his stomach to fill with lead.

When he looks up from his desk, he doesn’t even have to ask her what she’s referring to. He can read the worry plain on her face, in her solemn, knowing look. It’s a quiet, secret language they’ve perfected over the years.  

She’s worse,” Raisa whispers to him in Russian. And if the pitiful look she’s giving him now is not enough to make panic flare up within his chest, the fact that she’s using Russian–to prevent listening ears from overhearing–is more than enough.

He swallows, trying–and failing–to repress the sudden, ugly worry ravaging its way through his heart. Worse.  Such a vague and agonizing word, one that tells him exactly nothing and yet conveys everything regarding the woman he loves in the other room. Is she worse than she was a few minutes ago or a few months ago? Is she worse than even his deepest, most twisted fears? Is she worse than ever and beyond rescuing?

Then again, when was the last time either of them was actually better after sundown? Nighttime remains more unpredictable than the day, darkness more oppressive than the light.

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anonymous asked:

Considering only 2 are on tour, that's not such an accomplishment. And I guess the question is - are you saying Niall's concerts are unsafe? I haven't heard that from anyone. The others write with women. Louis with a gay woman. And Harry's speeches can be seen as a PR manoeuvre as much as anything, particularly to combat the image his songs create. Niall didn't create that image so he doesn't need to do damage control.

Me saying Harry is creating safe spaces and the others are not doesn’t mean that the other concerts are unsafe. I haven’t said I believe Niall is creating an unsafe space just that he hasn’t gone out of his way to create a safe space on the stage the way that Harry has. Some could argue that Niall’s lyrics particularly in songs like Mirrors and Fire Away create a different kind of space, but that’s not what I’m referring to.

You’re right, we con’t have Liam or Louis on tour yet, so we don’t know what kind of environment they’ll inspire or contribute to.

I literally made a post today about Niall and Louis writing with women and Harry performing with women. None of that is a small thing, to me.

I do not believe Harry is doing what he’s doing as a PR maneuver. If you do, that’s up to you. But I don’t. I think Harry is a person reveling in the chance he has to be free on stage and inviting his audience to feel safe and be free if only for an hour and a half at a time. It doesn’t fit the “rockstar” image that his team is trying to create, in fact I’ve seen at least one review that thinks he’s too nice, and not gritty like real rock stars. So, I think he’d do fine in the press without waving flags.